Monday, December 30, 2013


A pregnant Islamic convert, 37, with a mental age of 7, was deemed by judges to have given her Pek husband, 33, the right to stay in Britain in perpetuity, pursuing his ‘uman rights – and doubtless endless welfare benefits (D.Mail, 22 xii). {Yes, Britain was effectively being finished by its politicos and legal wallahs – all using the ideology that the world’s subnormals and chancers were welcome to sponge off the UK taxpayer so long as they voted Labour, gave work to lawyers and occasionally did a few years at slave wages before devoting themselves to enjoying British free education, the National Health Service, welfare benefits, housing benefits and old age pensions.}


In a quite unusual move against home-grown Muesli fanatics, HMG announced it was stripping citizenship from 20 enthusiasts who had gone to Syria to help AlQueerdo in the Solunni vs Shitite civil war – it was feared the loons would return to Britain with advanced skills in bomb-making etc (Indie, 23 xii). Bleatings promptly went up from ‘uman rights brigades – sometimes supported by the ‘Supreme Court’ {What dat?}; but there was little need to worry since press estimates were that some 500 ‘British’ Mueslis were already deployed in Syria with complete impunity.


Demonstrating the hatred that was intrinsic to Mohammedanism (thanks to polygamy, with its lifelong rivalry between half-siblings), the Solunnis of Syria engaged (according to a long-term friendly journalist) in beheading Christians, razing ‘deviant’ mosques and shrines and tombs, and smashing statues – including those of caliphs as well as of poets (Indie, 23 xii, Robert Fisk). They even cut down a 150-yr-old tree of which they thought locals had grown too fond. – Nothing could be allowed to interfere with devotion to Allah.


 The giant supermarket chain, the Jewish-owned (but lately unsuccessful since failing in sex appeal) Marks & Spencer announced it would not require Mueslis in 700 of its stores to sell pork or alcohol at its tills. The downmarket chain Asda, which did a lot of business in the Muesli capital of Bradford, also said it would “respect” its staff’s religious views {though not those of heterosexuals who didn’t want to serve homosexuals} (D.Mail, 23 xii). {Yes, the ‘minorities’, even when hating each other, had learned to stick together – not least with feminoids – so the left could take over Britain.}

‘LIBERALS’ [i.e. lefties without trade union money] DECLARE WAR ON ‘CONSERVATIVES’

 Britain’s LibDims opened up a massive breach with their Coalition partners in government by backing more immigration (of gypsies – though this word could not be spoken) and comparing the roundabout obscations of Daft Dave to the more straightforward warnings of Enoch Powell that there might be ‘rivers of blood’ as a result of Britain adulterating its population (with low-IQ and psychotic immigrants – though Enoch limited himself to complaining about Blecks and Peks.


Shirkers and third-world immigrants were being helped in their missions by UK local authorities:

{In truth, there was no way out of the EU and globalization (especially since America’s Bleck president had withdrawn in from its disasters on the world stage) – but at least we had 58 years of peace and passable prosperity, a luxury unknown to our 20th-century predecessors. (Nuclear weapons were of course a great help.) Britain only needed to make its traditional demand for a proper parliament – preferably speaking English [as Eurowallahs typically do anyway].}


 What wymmin could expect as Mueslis – invited by LibLabCons (in line with EU plans to destroy all nationalities) to take over Britain --  was nicely illustrated by a report from Afghooniland: a man had cut off his wife’s nose and lips because she refused to hand him her jewellery to pay for his drug habit (D.Mail, 25 xii). Despite twelve years of Ango-American soldiery (and thousands of Allied deaths), Afghooni prodiction of opium had increased – by 50% across 2012-13 (D.Mail, 25 xii). {Feminoids had chosen to link with – and succumb to -- the left and its minority groups, which had replaced the traditional working class. They would eventually pay a heavy price for their treachery.}



An unheard-of Conservative peer, Lord Hanningfield, was let off most of his prison sentence for fraud (as would likely happen to Labour’s high-PC Denis MacShane). The BNP recorded:

"A peer of the realm, who was sentenced to 9 months in prison in 2011 for falsely claiming £28,000 in parliamentary expenses, was released after serving only 9 weeks of his sentence. He must have the right friends in high places, who like him are not only corrupt but corruptible, to arrange for him to be let go after only serving 25% of his prison term.

This peer, Lord Hanningfield, Paul White to you and me, and Conservative leader of Essex County Council until 2010, regularly clocked in to the House of Lords to claim his daily attendance allowance of £300 only to leave again within 40 minutes, or sometimes less.

This corrupt little pervert justified his dishonesty by claiming that this was "normal practice" and that he knew of as many as 50 other peers that did the same. As most normal people know, Hanningfield, two wrongs (or 51 wrongs in your case) do not make a right. But of course you are a Conservative who has their innate ability of being unable to differentiate between right and wrong.

Hanningfield claimed he was a full time peer and needed this money for "entertaining, meeting people, employing people," and added that he needed to pay his electricity bill and buy food.

There is nothing "full time" about a 40-minute day, as we all know. And for the vast majority of us tax paying people, we do everything you do, Hanningfield, and for considerably less money. Only a corrupt, self-serving parasite could use normal everyday living costs to justify his dishonesty and greed."


As fighting with crowbars broke out in Calais between intending illegal immigrants  -- all trying to find a secret compartment in one of the cars or lorries organized (mainly by Egyptians) to smuggle 300 each week into the UK – the French sent a special deputation of 60 police to try to control the situation. The Mayoress of Calais came out blaming the problem on Britain’s absurdly generous welfare benefits – for which Britain’s ‘working class’ never expressed the slightest gratitude; though she also mentioned a British ‘No Borders’ outfit that was actually trying to assist illegal immigration – presumably because such entrants would rapidly be voting leftist (Daily Express, 25 xii). 

{It was certain that the ‘immigrant’ problems required a halving of the UK’s ‘welfare state’ – though the problem had been caused by Britain [because of its worldwide empire] madly granting entrance to the peoples of the Caribbean and to Pakistanis and their non-English-speaking relatives and then accepting the EU’s French-backed nation-destroying idea that the scum of Europe were welcome to turn up and join the spongeing operation.}


 While Europe celebrated Christmas with help of pious socialists like the new Argentinian Pope FranklyLoon (for he declined to countenance contraception for Blecks), the Archbishop of Canterbury Well-heeled and the inoffensive Queen Elizabeth II [devoted chiefly to her dogs and horses], the denizens of the world’s youngest country, South Sudan, fell to slaughtering each other along ethnic lines (Nuer vs Dinka), killing thousands (thrown into mass graves), forcing some 100K to flee their homes, and of course raping women despite 13K UN ‘peacekeepers’ (mainly from dirt-poor low-IQ countries like Rwanda and Nepal) being provided to ‘help’ (Guardian, 26 xii). 

Naturally, overfed and capaciously suited Black leaders and their retininues from Kenya and Ethiopia turned up in South Sudan for big dinners with Western delegates (including from Norway!) to ponder the genocidal killings (Guardian, 27 xii) – though doubtless without much mention of ethnicity. – The Dinka agreed (for they wanted a stop to fighting while they still hung on to South Sudan’s oil; but the naughty Nuer rebels did not.

    And, on Christmas Day alone, Iraq, which (run by the West for ten years) had equally failed to separate its (Arab) Solunnis and (relatively White) Shitites, clocked up a death toll of 37, many of them Christian, bringing the 2013 death toll from street attacks to 8K. {Western-inspired multiculturalism was proving a disaster unless it had a firm dictator like Madman Insane, Colonel Gadawful, KGB-man Putin, China’s leader Pong Ping Pi or the US press.}

    In the troubled Central African Republic, some 50 died in two days of fighting between Black Christians [now armed in response to previous attacks] and Mueslis. There was chaos and gruesome killings right by the presidential palace in   Bongo.


A row broke out between ‘Education’ Minister Michael Gove and X-factor inventor and star performer Simon Cowell (worth £200M), both calling each other “stupid” after Cowell had said that school qualifications were not a be-all-and-end-all – as in his own case (he only got two O-Levels) (D.Mail, 27 xii). In truth, however there was scant difference between the two top men, with Govey backing the rote learning installed by utopian environmentalists in Britain’s non-selective ‘schools’ and Cowell backing hard work and luck. Needless to say, the ‘argument’ involved no mention of the dread term IQ or of its relevance to deciding what type of schooling was suitable for individual kids.


 The full extent of Britain’s paedohysterical witch-hunt was as it was revealed (under the Freedom of Information Act) that fully 58K workers for the Church of England had been investigated for paedophilia each year. Even such groups as bell-ringers and flower-arrangers were targeted.


 Britain’s multiculti craziness in agreeing to accept gypsy immigrants from Eastern Europe was neatly illustrated by the Daily Mail (28 xii), which showed pictures of the squalid tenements in which the gypsies lived in Slovakia. Apparently the gypsies stole and sold anything of any value, like radiators and bathroom taps; and threw their rubbish out of the windows down below – where dogs would scavenge it -- rather than bother with bins. Naturally the Slovak gypsies claimed to be victims of race hatred, so they wanted to come to Britain or Germany (whose Nazis had killed scores of thousands of them, yet without the slightest protest from their native countries). {Hopefully when they got to the UK – probably in scores of thousands – their illiteracy and criminality would at last impress politicos with the folly of indiscriminate multiculturalism.}



Monday, December 23, 2013


 The inexorable march of despotic socialism was no better illustrated than by the collapse of marriage to near-African standards – with 50% of children being born without a known father. The left’s destruction of the family – long a bastion of human wisdom against Christianity and socialism – was detailed by Peter Hitchens, commenting on the Chancellor’s feeble effort to give married couples a taxbreak worth a measly £1 per week (Sunday Mail, 15 xii):

"One of this country’s finest legal minds, Baroness Hale of Richmond, now sits on our alleged Supreme Court as its Deputy President. But back in 1982, when she was just the barrister Brenda Hoggett, she wrote prophetically that the efforts of English law to make the sexes more equal had, in fact, destroyed most of the legal privileges of marriage. ‘Family law no longer makes any attempt to buttress the stability of marriage or any other union,’ she wrote. ‘Logically, we have reached a point at which, rather than discussing which remedies should now be extended to the unmarried, we should be considering whether the legal institution of marriage continues to serve any useful purposes.’

Well, of course, this is Britain and we never stare the truth in the face like that. We are still pretending. But if anyone really wants to save and revive marriage (and there’s not much time left), it is the law they need to look at, not the tax form.

Putting it simply, Englishmen realized that the costs of divorce would fall mainly on them, so they declined to get married in the first place. Thus the socialist dream was being realized (with no ‘conservative’ opposition): without the family, all would be creatures of the state."


 As MSM fawned on the dead Saint Nelson {How he goddat name?}, a sycophantic film, ‘A Long Revel in Lunacy’ or somesuch, attracted the critical attention of the BNP (16 xii):

"In 44 years of apartheid, 18,700 people were killed in politically related violence. This included soldiers, police, terrorists, civilians, necklace murders and rioters. However, after Mandela became president in 1994, an average of 25,000 people were murdered every year. Over 67,000 whites were murdered in South Africa since 1994, 3,000 of them farmers. Many fear that this film will incite further race hatred and targeting of whites for murder. Genocide Watch warns that South Africa is already in the genocidal process stage 6, targeting white Afrikaners for extermination."

   In the 1970s, even while facing terrorism, riots and engaged in a border war with the Cubans in Angola, the South African Rand was stronger than the US Dollar. In Mandela's first four years as president, the Rand lost 80% of its value and more than 2.8 million man-days were lost to strikes. The national debt doubled under Nelson Mandela's presidency."


It was not just bankers and bureaucrats who were being grossly over-remunerated for failure: even British schoolteachers who were being sacked for incompetence (a very rare event) were being dished at least £10K as ‘golden goodbyes’ (Daily Express, 16 xii). {Yes, the ‘welfare’ state had worked out how to look after its own.}


 Thamsanqa Jantjie, 34, last seen 'waving his hands aimlessly' for billions of worldwide viewers next to Barack Obama at the ceremony for Saint Nelson as he pretended to interpret the U.S. president's tribute to Mandela for deaf viewers, turned out to have faced charges of theft, rape and murder – but been let off after he convinced medics of his ‘schizophrenia’ (D.Mail, 17 xii) .

He was especially practised in the art of necklacing – of putting a tyre around a selected victim’s shoulders, filling it with petrol, then setting it alight. Just how a heavyweight and healthy-looking but ‘mad’ Bleck could have been allowed to embarrass America’s twice-chosen Bleck leader was a mystery – except in so far as White rule had been overthrown by Mandela and pals.

{Yes, Whitey had got some revenge. In Kansas bars, everyone was imitating the hilarious fake signing of Jantjie – as indeed I was in E’bro.}


Britain’s top tabloid (since The Sun secreted itself behind a paywall) took a cautious step towards CHOICE (& RESPONSIBILITY) by backing Coalition proposals to withdraw benefits for third and subsequent children). It remarked on (D.Mail, 17 xii):

"....that ugliest of spectacles – jobless parents posing proudly with their ever-expanding families, shamelessly exulting in their exploitation of taxpayers as their benefits increase with every new child."

{Just what the Mail  proposed to do about feckless  claimants of housing benefits, ‘free’ education, elf care and old-age pensions remained unclear.}


 Some 500++ died, 800 were injured and 16,000 displaced in Southern Sudan – the world’s youngest country -- as fighting broke out between historic Black rivals, the Nuer and the Dinka (Guardian, 18 xii). What began on Sunday 16 xii as an alleged coup attempt threatened to widen deep ethnic divisions in a country awash with weapons and still recovering from the devastating war that led to its secession from the North in 2011.

Just what the tribal fighting was about was beyond the capacity of Western newspapers to analyze – no doubt because mention of racial and ethnic differences had been tabooed. So serious was the situation that Britain’s Foreign Office begain evacuating UK citizens from the capital, Juba – the main centre of the violence.


The absence of Whites from the orgy of commemoration for Saint Nelson turned out to be partly explained by members of the (Afrikaans) Dutch Reformed Church not having been invited – contrary to the Saint’s principle of ‘inclusiveness’ (D.Mail, 18 xii). In full world view (though unremarked by the BBC), Bleck South Efrica was pretty plainly preparing for thievery and genocide of its remaining Whites.


As UK PM Daft Dave mimicked George W. Bush in telling troops in Afghaniland (who had seen 436 of their comrades die) that the twelve-year effort was ‘mission accomplished’ to support (useless) American policies of changing that mediaeval country to demakrazy, feminoidery and abstinence from opium (the Afghaniloons’ major source of satisfaction and export revenues).

Military historian Max Hastings sent this rubbish up in his D.Mail column (18 xii). {What America had failed to realize was that, when invading a country, you need some reliable allies – as Russia had when it took East Germany in 1945. – Wisely, Russia did not try to take Austria, the quiet heartland of fascism ooops conservatism.)


 The batty idealists of the West – led by Britain’s once-Tory-leader William Hague, who had effectively become a civil servant – admitted to a dinner for Solunnis that they had given up their foolish hopes of overthrowing Basher Assad, having come to realize {perhaps from reading this blog....} that displacing him would lead to even more chaos in Syria than they had already created for three years and to victory by AlQueerdoo (D.Mail, 19 xii).


 After fifty years of socialists (with some help from trendy conservatives) having conspired to destroy the family (giving Britain the highest rate of marriage breakdown in Europe), a senior judge, Sir Paul Coleridge, an expert in family matters, was reprimanded by his superiors for saying that he supported marriage (D.Mail, 19 xii).

{Not that he said benefits should be halved when a mother was not supplying a two-parent family! No, that would have got him the sack. As it was, he decided to take early retirement rather than put up with more nonsense from his socialistified state-loving legal high minds.}


 Despite a few thousand French and UN troops arriving in the Central African Republic, fighting in the multiculti state escalated, with Muslim and Christian militias running around unchecked, burning, raping and looting and forcing people to watch their relatives having their throats cut – one man lost two of his wives and ten children in this way (Guardian, 20 xii).

International busybodies ooops humanitarian outfits declared the country a “disaster.” The delusion of multiculturalism – foisted on Africa by Western bribery -- was never so cruelly exposed.


 As seven swarthy men (MSM dared not say whether they were Bleck, Pek or what) were jailed for running a prostitute ring of White teenage girls in Rochdale, police, social workers and schools (who had privately considered the girls were indeed prostitutes) were quick to plead that they needed more pay, more staff, more summer holidays etc (Classic FM, 20 xii). Any thought of bringing in the lash and deportation for pimps and rapists could not have been further from the officials’ minds: after all, such immigrants were a fine source of income – as they would be for years for prison guards.


 Though Britain had had twelve years (since 9/11) to bring its Muslims under control, the beheading with a meat cleaver of White fusilier Lee Rigby by two Black Mueslis (probably both paranoid) was greeted with open joy by several Mohammedan leaders – notably one Anjem Choudary (who was invited to star on the BBC’s top radio programme, ‘Today’) and an Omar Mahomet. The Blacks themselves were entirely unrepentant as they were sentenced to jail, saying they were “at war” with Britain (D.Mail, 20 xii). Needless to say, any thought of dealing with these psychopaths as traitors and hanging them never crossed the minds of Britain’s useless MPs and MSM.

{In the previous twenty years, the UK had given in not only to deranged Mueslis (who should have had a mosque blown up for each British death at their hands) but also to the IRA, Scotland’s Mr Fish (funding Scottie separationism from his executive’s coffers in Edinburgh) and the EU) – not to mention being humiliated in Afghooniland, Eyeraq and Syria. Only a blind dog could fail to recognize that Britain’s ‘leaders’ were spineless and stupid as well as deluded by environmentalism and egalitarianism.}


Even before Saint Nelson Mandela’s body was buried, his relatives (esp. ex-wives) came out fighting over his will and legacy – the fact of having the Saint as an ancestor evidently meant nothing to them, for they preferred the money.


(The 25-yr-old model is called Candice Swanepoel.)

Wowzer: The model is known for her insanely fabulous curves and jovial demeanor


Confirming the instinctive prejudices of most males, the value of the female breast was re-confirmed by Oxford University’s ‘National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit’ which found a 9% educational advantage for breastfed children (D.Mail, 21 xii) – in line with what was said in Chapter 3 of The g Factor (1996/2000).

Breast-feeding was linked to better achievement in all areas – but the advantages were strongest in communication, language and literacy, knowledge and understanding of the world and physical development. Breast-fed children also tended to get higher scores for personal, social and emotional development, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy and creative development. The results were controlled for SES and parental education and based on 5K children – a luxury unknown to 20th-century researchers who had anyhow come to the same conclusions.

Don’t  complain you don’t  get double measure at this blog!.....

X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger


 For the many ludicrous Westerners who didn’t understand what Muslim rule would be like, the AlQueedo takeover of northern Syria provided a visual aid: 8-year old children were flogged and adults beheaded after trials lasting just a few minutes (D.Mail, 21 xii). {In truth, Muslim rule would be jolly good for self-emaciated Europe – except that Russia and China would never tolerate it.)


 A research paper appearing in the academic journal Political Psychology re-affirmed (in line with the authors’ 2005 study) the genetic underpinnings of political beliefs, refuting critics who challenged previous research that linked politics with genetics. The new paper, “Genetic and Environmental Transmission of Political Orientations,” was the lead article in the December edition of the journal.

It was based upon a 2009 survey of nearly 600 sets of twins in their 50s and 60s, found through the Minnesota Twin Registry. “The data from the twin studies is strong enough now that if you don’t believe political attitudes and behaviors are genetically inherited, you can’t believe that breast cancer is genetically inherited and you can’t believe that addictions are genetically inherited,” said Kevin Smith, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln political scientist who co-authored the study (Medical Xpress, 16 xii).

{Needless to say, there was no mention of the 1977 work of Eysenck & Eaves in Nature which had already shown the genetic basis of political attitudes for any who were capable of listening.}


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Monday, December 16, 2013


France was on the brink of full-scale insurrection and bankruptcy after decades of selling out to immigrants and opening its borders to foreign trade, the leader of the French National Front told The Times (23 xi), warning that the country would be “put to fire and sword.” Marine Le Pen, 45, said that it would only take a spark to tip Europe’s second economic power into virtual civil war. The National Front was polling as the most popular political group in France for the first time in its history and had formed an alliance with Holland’s equally popular Mueslosceptic Geert Wilders.


The lovely (if slightly tubby) singerene, Joss Stone, 26, revealed she had bought no less than four dogs to protect her after she had been threatened by two Blacks who planned to kill her in her Devon home and take what they thought was a million pounds she kept in her safe (thankfully the lowlife crashed their car into a wall and were arrested by police – and jailed for their conspiracy) (D.Mail, 9 xii).

{Unlike Americans, Brits were not allowed guns – a measure taken in 1918 to dampen any revolutionary fervour in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution; but they were allowed, as a pet-loving nation, any vicious ooops protective dogs – such as ovcharkas -- which they could afford.}


 Fed up with hundreds of Ethiopians, Eritreans etc commandeering beach huts etc, the pudgy Mayoress of Calais decided to build the Blacks a £70K shelter (including running hot water) as they waited their chance to secrete themselves on a lorry on a Channel ferry to London (D.Mail, 9xii).

{So much for European solidarity! – Of course, Britain needed to make a contribution by denying its mega-generous benefits to those (or their spouses) who had paid no tax in ten years. Mass third-world immigration had given businessmen cheap labour and Labour cheap votes, but it spelled the end of the ‘welfare’ state.}


 In its death throes, Britain’s bloated government flew all four of its recent leaders (Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron) to S.Efrica to attend a four-hour ululation and subsequent junket ooops memorialisation of murderous Saint Mandela.

(The only major world leaders not to join in the peecee hysteria were HM Queen, Israeli leader Notanyahoo and President Putin; but the British effort was extraordinary while twenty Whites were being killed every day in S.Efrica by Black crooks – not to mention the forty women being raped daily.)

At the same time, Britain was tolerating two Bleck/Muesli murderers of a British soldier [‘soldiers’ of AlQueerdo], sheltering a loony Australian who had disrupted the Boat Race [he claimed Oz was ‘racist’....] and dishing out £500 to any gypsies who would shift their revolting caravans a few miles (in Exeter) to a state-sanctioned site.


Attractive Dumfries teacher of English, nicely configurated blonde Eppie Dawson, 27, was discovered by police having sex in her car with a 17-year-old dyslexic pupil (cops noticed condensation on the car’s windows) – and she was thought to have similarly entertained a string of teens, leading to the breakup of her marriage (D.Mail,11 xii). But an Edinburgh court sentenced her only to have her name on the sex offender register and to be banned from teaching for two years – so there was hope for boys ahead....


 Britain took another step towards ‘liberal’ happiness as its judges declined to deport the self-righteous Australian leftie wretch, one Trenton Oldfield, 37, who had disrupted the 2012 Boat Race (by swimming in the way of the fast-moving Oxford and Cambridge skiffs) (D.Mail, 11 xii). Oldfield – himself White -- told legal wallahs that Oz was a “passive-aggressive racist” society in which his half-Indian wife might be unhappy.

That novel and incomprehensible claim – for Oz was just as peecee as Britain -- was enough for m’learned friends who thus added him to the lengthening list of troublemakers who could not be removed, even in such a high-profile case.

    Britain’s wastebin status was confirmed as the Home Office admitted that each of its ‘Border Control’ staff was under instruction to dish out 45 stamped immigration visas daily (most recently to ‘Romanians’ and Ukrainians). Only 4% of applications were ever refused. {Yes, the process of replacing Britain’s ‘working class’ – now mainly living off welfare, drugs and dog-breeding – was continuing apace.}    One BNP supporter recorded (11 xii):

"I have done security on several building sites over the past years. I have seen every new flat equipped with cooker with split level ovens and extractor, dishwasher, fridge and even a built in microwave.

After going back a few weeks after the buildings were completed to see how things were progressing, I noticed not one single English voice and all on benefits and yet they all had cars less than two years old, mostly BMW and Mercedes and even an Audi TT (62 reg - about 45K in price) in the car park. I work, I'm single and live in cheap accommodation and even I can't afford a car like that!"


58% was the estimate of ‘nature’ on the results of English teenagers in GCSE exams – the simplest known to man. The familiar estimate was made from a study of 11K kids – a luxury unknown to Burt, Jensen and Eysenck but available at King’s College London thanks to Bob Plomin’s arse-licking ooops contacts with the Labour Party (Indie, 12 xii).

‘Experts’ were duly wheeled out to say identical twins might not have been so similar if they had been raised in different ‘cultures’ – flagrantly neglecting the likelihood that fraternal twins would have been even more dissimilar. Richard Garner, Education Editor of the Independent, who should have known better, described the findings as “a bombshell conclusion” and a cause of “outrage”.


Despite decades of peecee fawning on its aborigines, Australia discovered a pocket of some forty filthy, deformed and disabled abos living without electricity or running water – in New South Wales (Indie, 12 xii). They were the products of generations of incest, evidently tolerated or ignored by the Oz ‘government.’


 As the funeral of terrorist Saint Nelson Mandela was marred by a fat Black ‘sign reader’ delivering nothing but gibberish for the disabled-worshipping billions, the Black maintained he was schizophrenic and had been hearing voices and suffering hallucinations of angels visiting him (Guardian, 12 xii). His wages were not declared.


 After twenty years of politically convenient utopianism about ‘education,’ and as Britain plummeted to the bottom of European league tables, top eduwallah Sir Michael Wilshaw admitted (on Radio 4) that the Labour-supplied figures on the ‘success’ of the country’s schools were a fake. “We have been fooling ourselves,” he said.


 After a year of kow-towing to Muesli demands that boys and girls sit separately in lectures, British lunis got a wigging from Education Secretary Michael Gove (D.Mail, 13 xii). ‘Universities UK’ – an umbrella body representing Britain’s vastly overpaid university vice-chancellors –  had caused further controversy when its chief executive Nicola Dandridge said Muslim women were ‘comfortable’ being separated from men during talks by Islamic clerics on UK campuses.

Commenting on BBC Radio, she said colleges must ‘respect’ the views of extremists who want segregation during lectures.‘If people feel more comfortable about sitting separately, and that’s invariably the situation that will arise in these cases, then universities have to listen to those views,’ she had added.

Said Govey (an architect of free-from-socialism – but still officially non-selective schools): “We should not pander to extremism. Speakers who insist on segregating audiences should not be indulged by educators.”


 England’s lunatic ‘system’ of high fees but massive grants for students turned out to have left taxpayers with a £46B bill as students simply vanished – supposedly abroad -- without repaying their loans (D.Mail, 14 xii). A common ruse was for students to wangle qualifications (with the help of Muslim conmen), get their loans, then move to another luni and repeat the process.

Tiny Cyprus alone accounted for £15M of unpaid debts. {Talk about a has-been country – mainly from the obsessive egalitarian employment of mediocre-IQ (but of course leftist) civil servants and academics! No wonder Mr Putin and pals laugh!}
Not that the lunis were entirely alone: the UK’s Department of Welfare & Pensions was losing £1.2B to frauds annually – while only managing to jail 400 of the 30K cheats.


 As South Africa’s protracted eulogy to murderous Saint Mandela reached its official climax in a soccer stadium, it was plainly visible (to all but BBC ‘reporters’) that a third of the seats were empty (D.Telegraph, 10 xii). Doubtless unusual rainfall accounted for some of the problem (though most of the crowd had umbrellas); but a much worse embarrassment for the “rainbow nation” was that virtually no Whites showed up – doubtless hunkering down to defend themselves in their homes against the genocide of them that was likely to follow the Saint’s death.

    Another embarrassment for multicults was that the home of Black Archbishop was burgled (doubtless by Blacks) even while he was officiating at the memorial service.

    A shrewd summary of Mandela’s life (and likely eminence in the Communist Party) was provided by Robert Henderson: Living in a Madhouse, 8 xii


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Sunday, December 08, 2013


Helped by ‘uman rights outfits, two flagrant homosexuals provided the latest example of lib-left authoritarianism in Britain by suing a married couple of guesthouse owners in Devon who had not wanted to have them in their home (and get the nancyboys’ shit on their sheets) (D.Telegraph, 28 xi). The Supreme Court {What is this?...} found in favour of the bumboys, with whatever help of EU ‘law’, thus proclaiming a new principle, that people could not do what they liked in their own homes. {Yes, give yags and lefties an inch and they will take a mile ooops kilometre.}


 There was a prospect that anti-racist hysteria was reaching the end of its natural life as police accepted a call to an Edinburgh primary school to ‘investigate’ a historic mural (illustrating Alice in Wonderland) which had been observed to contain a golliwog (D.Telegraph, 19 xi); and, in Staffordshire, parents at another primary were told by headmistress that any of their 8-yr-old children who failed to attend a workshop on Islam (for which parents had to pay, at Staffordshire University {What dat?—Ed.}) would have their files marked with a “Racial Discrimination Note” which would stay in place for the rest of their schooldays (D.Telegraph, 22 xi).


The incompetence of UK authorities and its Coalition government (Home Secretary: Mad May of Maidenhead) was illustrated as efforts to return an ‘asylum seeker’ to Nigeria broke down (Indie, 2 xii). A private jet had been hired for the journey because the chancer had been starving himself and was in a fragile state; but Nigeria refused landing rights so the plane had to return to London. The flight thus cost £110K, bringing the total cost to taxpayers of dealing with the failed beggar to £200K. Lawyers promptly embarked on a process of claiming the Nigerian was mentally ill and had suffered racial discrimination, so the final cost looked likely to reach £.5M.


As scores of thousands of Ukrainians fought with police for a week in the capital, Kiev, it turned out that the real battle was between the (younger, ‘modernizing’) Germans of the west of the country and the (older, security-conscious) Russians of the east (Guardian + correspondents, 2 xii).

The Ukraine had many problems, like its dependence on Russian oil and the incompatibility of it 30km of railway lines with those of the West; but just what prevented it solving its internal problems by an east-west division (with Kiev as a mixing point, like Jerusalem)  was unclear – especially as separation was the alternative to looming civil war.

{Certainly Russia was quite unlikely to let the German Empire ooops EU take the whole of the Ukraine and thus bring the Fourth Reich’s ooops EU’s borders next to Russia.}

{A similar solution was right for Scotland, where the south-east was Anglo-Saxon and the north-west Celtic. This would make much more sense than separating the mongrel ‘nation’ of Scotland – 50% Irish in its largest city and hated by its northern oil-owning neighbours, the islanders of the Shetlands and Orkneys) from the source of its success (including debt repayment) for 300+ years, England.}


As Britain came to understand that the ‘Roma’ unleashed by Brussels would head especially for Sheffield and the Cathcart area of Glasgow, the leaders of sixteen German cities put in a plea to Mutti Merkel for more cash to help them cope with the expected 2014 invasion (BNP, 1 xii). In their letter to Chancellor Merkel, the German mayors said that Roma gypsies had no experience of Western standards and the “conventions of neighbourly co-existence.”


 There was a flicker of realism as UK Chancellor George Osborne said he might one day have to cut back the country’s welfare state (Indie, 2 xii) – which had made it known as a ‘paradise’ for third-worlders even though it had reduced educational achievement to third-world levels and was busy denying people access to GPs and killing grannies by denying them fluids (not to mention other important facilities).

However, Osborne’s vision was so limited that he could not announce a change to PAYFAIR, whereby people would simply get what they (or their relatives, friends or church) had paid (or insured) for. Nor, of course, did he explain his own failure to make significant welfare cuts in his three ludicrous years of high office.


The deluxe former ‘Apprentice’ star, Katie Hopkins [still looking a desirable 45], provided a little realism about  Scottieland, tweeting (D.Mail, 3 xii) : “Life expectancy in Scotland is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do anything to avoid working until retirement.”

Alas, her jest – the truth of which derived mainly from Glaswegian Irish males -- was broadcast just as a police helicopter somehow suddenly crashed down on a Celtic Glasgow pub [called ‘Clutha’], killing nine, so she had to express regret for poor timing. {Fortunately, England was able to help, lifting the ruined chopper at vast expense to Farnborough, Hampshire, for expert analysis of what had gone wrong.}


 Carrying on a set of U-turns (on payday loans, drinks for teens and cigarette packaging), PM Daft Dave popped up in Peking (together with 130 ‘businessman’ cronies, including several of his relatives) to rat on the Dalai Lama and kowtow to Chink premier ShePongPing. Apparently DD’s negotiations with Mutti Merkel had drawn a blank and, faced with Obarmy’s additional withdrawal of America from the world stage, DD reckoned the best option was to flog Britain to Communist China (already investing in new nuclear energy to keep Britain’s lights on and now keen to pay for a big share in the proposed HS2 London-to-Leeds railway, not caring that a tiny country Britain would get little benefit from trains flying at 220mph for a few minutes between stops but wanting to be ‘in’ on big government projects that could not be allowed to fail). This was the kind of backing that DD wanted.


A Downing Street report criticizing ‘multiculturalism,’ which apparently treated different ethnic groups as “separate and different,” was backed by Black and Jewish anti-racist goon Keith Vaz MP who hastened to tell the media that multiculturalism was “outdated” (D.Mail, 5 xii).

Instead (said the report and Daft Dave himself), people would have to ‘integrate,’ though just how this age-old version of happy multiculturalism could be realized was left unclear – HMG predictably said it would help by clamping down on Islamic and far-right extremism. The report came out after two decades of mounting evidence of White flight – of Whites segregating themselves as soon as they reasonably could from Blecks and Peks.


 On the verge of genocide, the Central African Republic, where the minority Mueslis had seized control of the government, was sent 400 troops by its one-time colonial master, France, so as to secure its airport from the increasingly violent extravagances of the population (Guardian, 6 xii). In 55 years of independence, the wretched Black country (life expectancy: 50) had done nothing to separate its Muslims and Christians – no doubt in deference to hilarious Western ideas that these groups could and should live harmoniously together.


Although Britain’s civil ‘servants’ were meant to be on short commons due to the UK’s supposed austerity programme, cops (who failed to patrol streets and pubs themselves) began offering £1K to snitches who would tell them of any drunken drivers (D.Mail, 6 xii).

In this way, police could spend more time in their overheated offices filling in forms about their glorious peecee work and ‘advising’ people in the east of England to ‘protect’ their homes from ‘devastating storms’ (which had killed only two but had given Scotrail an excuse for a day off).


As the BBC (and doubtless much of the rest of MSM) provided wall-to-wall coverage of the hardly unexpected death of South Efrica’s best-known murderer Saint Nelson {How he got that name?} Mandela, 93, at least columnist Rod Liddle threw water on the fire, saying NM was just ‘a famous nice black man who died’ (Spectator, 6 xii). But the Beeb’s countless hours of coverage made no mention of White flight, let alone of S.Efrica becoming the rape capital of the world.


 Britain was given a lesson in common sense by a female labour ministress of Romania, who explained Brits were workshy thanks to ‘benefits’ and that Romanians provided a splendid replacement (D.Mail, 7 xii). At the same time, a European justice minister pointed out that Britain’s being a magnet for immigrants was largely due to its extravagantly generous benefits (cash-in-hand, housing, health, education, pensions) that – under EU rules – had to be paid to all EU denizens who managed to get across the Channel (D.Telegraph, 6 xii).


Having been denied their own separate school district, the affluent White residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, began planning their own distinct city, segregated from poor Black northern areas (AmRen, 3 xii). The new city would have 107K inhabitants, be the fifth largest in the state and be called St George {a nice touch after 250 years of wasted American independence from the mainland....}. AmRen correspondents reckoned that Blacks would actually like to have their own area in which cops were not officious about rape and drugs.


 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II found a pretext for avoiding a long flight to Black-racist South Africa to venerate terrorist, murderer, Marxist and serial adulterer ‘Nelson’ Mandela (who had at last expired, thus letting the world begin to see what his country was really like – a hotbed of crime, corruption and Black racism), citing her advancing years (Sunday MaiI, 8 xii).

Many other world heads were scheduled to attend – especially world loser Obarmy and his socialist predecessor (inventor of the ‘subprime’ lending which finally crashed the West) Suckmacack Clinton. But HMQ preferred to despatch the sorry tampon-loving Prince Charles to play Britain’s part in two-week mourning for Murderer Mandela. {In fairness, at least MM’s transition to sainthood showed the 27 years of imprisonment could do some good....}


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Monday, December 02, 2013


French police reckoned they knew of 250 ‘Roma’ kids who were being sent out daily from Paris by their parents to pick pockets all over Europe. However, ‘uman rights meant that nothing could be done about such organized criminality. Some of the children had been arrested and then released hundreds of times (D.Mail, 24 xi).


Britain’s leading ‘anti-racist’ loon, Black shaven-headed Trevor Phillpot, who had made millions from Labour as he headed ‘equality’ exercises, admitted that Whites and third-world Blecks and Peks were segregating themselves, with Whites increasingly making for the countryside to escape the stupidity and criminality of politico-selected slave-Labour immigrants (D.Mail, 25 xi).

Pillock (by then working for the ‘think tank’ Demos) claimed Britain was in “race denial” – though in truth such denial applied only to politicos and MSM, whereas ordinary folk just got on with the business of escaping from the decisions which their lords and masters had made.


 Sheffield Council said that its leaflet for its 20K newly-arrived gypsies had been created in order to “ease tensions that existed within the city,” and explained how urinating, defecating, spitting and having sex in the street were not considered polite British manners. Further to this, the Council’s free  leaflet after months of racial trouble also gave new immigrants information on what benefits to claim and how to claim them, as well as how to access other White-provided services including healthcare and translators....


  Having decided in 1996 that they would not tolerate frank discussion of racial differences, Britain’s lunis took the next obvious step of kowtowing to underdog ‘sensitivity’ by agreeing that audiences at lectures could be gender-segregated – thus taking Britain a step back towards the days of 110 years ago when girls were not allowed to go to university at all (Guardian, 26 xi, Polly Toynbee).


  Fed up with its Mueslis (a murderous 1% of its population), Angola decreed closure of all its mosques – setting an example which its enfeebled post-Christian Western colonialists of its past were unlikely to follow (D. Mail, 26 xi).

The Angolan Ministress of Culture, Ms Rosa Cruz e Silva, described Islam as a “sect” incompatible with the Country’s customs and culture. She went on to say “The legalisation of Islam has not been approved by the Angolan Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Their mosques will be closed until further notice”. They were already being dismantled.

President Jose Edurado dos Santos said: ‘This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country.’ {Doubtless Angolan Mueslis would find their way to Britain for ‘uman rights, state-backed mosques and full benefits....

Anyhow, Islamofascists more immediately got their own back by proposing to reintroduce stoning of adulterers in Afghooniland, which the US and UK had tried to Westernize for twelve years at the expense of the lives and limbs of thousands of their soldiers.}


 Britain’s authoritarians took another step ‘forward’ as the country’s state-run National Elf Service hospitals announced they would ban all smoking on their premisses and arrange to fine any who disobeyed (D.Mail, 27 xi). {No wonder the size of ‘nurses’ had doubled in thirty years – changing them from trim, wasp-waisted figures in fetching brisk uniforms into fat old bags in soggy green dungarees (with whatever help from the lesbianization of the nursing ‘profession’).}


As Education Secretary Michael Gove tried to expand a Kent school by adding a streamed grammar-school-type unit, it transpired that Britain’s wretched politicos, having closed down most grammar schools, had actually made the building of new grammars *illegal* (D.Mail, 27 xi).

{So much for respect of CHOICE by the British public which had been happy to send some 35% of kids to grammars c. 1950. Subsequently, the destruction of the grammars created illiteracy and innumeracy (dragging Britain to the bottom of European league tables by 2013) and deprived lower-IQ kids of the practical education which they needed (resulting in increasing 2013 talk of the need for apprenticeships to make up for the loony-left educationalists’ deficiencies as they idealistically pretended that every schoolchild should proceed to university education).}


Ludicrous Whites in America allowed the practice of ‘knockout games’ [known in UK as ‘happy slapping’] to spread from New York to St Louis, Chicago and San Diego. The ‘games’, which involved random attacks by Blacks on Whites (especially Jews), aiming to knock them out with a single punch in surprise street encounters (D.Telegraph, 26 xi). Needless to say, there were no arrests, let alone invocation of America’s race hate laws to send suspects’ families for a taste of the Central African Republic.


The Israeli cabinet approved a proposal by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar, supported by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to raise from $1,500 to $3,500 the grant given to African migrants who agreed to leave the country. Money was also set aside to build a camp in the Negev desert through which new Black immigrants would have to pass (for medical and kindred checks) – on pain of being consigned to other camps where they would be under 24-hour detention (Haaretz, 25 xi).

{While Jews in the US had long tried to cosy up to Blacks as another ‘minority group’ which might help protect their own position, this was not the attitude of Israelis!}

    At the same time, Saudi Arabia managed to persuade Ethiopia to repatriate 50K Blacks with whom it was fed up (Yahoo! News, 26 xi). {Needless to say, the story went unreported in MSM. Even the West’s lefties did not want to take on an oil giant.}


 The elected Mayor of London stunned ‘Conservatives’ (not to mention Indie and Grauniad columnists) when giving the third annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture by pointing out {as has this blog -- often} that many ‘educational interventions’ were wasted since the recipients were “too stupid” to benefit from them and instead needed practical rather than academic education (D.Mail, 28 xi).

Boris specially pointed out that 16% of kids have IQs below 85. Bouncy Blond Boris called for a return of grammar schools, and was also bold enough, for good measure, to say he had big reservations about gypsy immigration.

{However, Boris – thought to be aiming for the Conservative leadership when PM Daft Dave crashed in 2015 -- had no plan for slashing the fantastical salaries arranged by Labour (in return for compliance with HMG) to be paid to bankers and bureaucrats. And – of Turkish origin himself – he had a soft spot for Mueslis [even urging Ramadan fasting on Westerners].}

{Needless to say, the IQ-outraged editorialists, columnists and correspondents of Britain’s peecee newspapers showed no sign whatever of having read anything by Burt, Eysenck or Jensen, let alone myself.}


After countless complaints of gypsies’ thieving, filth, fighting and noise, French police brought themselves to break up an encampent of 500 low-life across a suburban railway line, not far from the famous Gare du Nord railway station in Paris (D.Mail, 28 xi).

{Just where the ‘Roma’ would end up was unclear – but presumably soft-touch Britain would provide a handy destination and vast taxpayer-funded benefits. The French exercise showed just what could be done about low-IQ immigrants by a country that had Mutti Merkel behind it. All that was required was for Britain to limit its ‘benefits’ to what people had chosen and paid for – but this would outrage the low-life of Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester.}


 As three women were released by police from thirty years of Marxist/Maoist bullying in south London by an African woman and Indian man (who called himself Christ), it turned out that one of the collective’s ‘slaves,’ who somehow died falling from a seond-floor window in 1997 (after giving the cult £10K from her family fortune), had graduated in 1975 from Britain’s top leftist luni, the LSE, along with one Cherie Bliar (then Booth) who had gone on to ‘uman rights activities, 8-year occupancy of 10 Downing Street and to making herself a property magnate (D.Mail, 29 xi).


 In a surprising change of heart (or tongue) (perhaps sensing that the BBC had lost its 20-year multiculti campaign as 20% of people had turned to voting Ukip), Lord Patten told a Paris audience that there were “dark problems of globalisation,” notably the spread of crime across uncontrollable EU borders (of which there was much more coming to Britain from gypsies on January 1, 2014) (D.Mail, 30 xi). He even complained of immigration – a complaint never allowed among his BBC staff of the previous five years of his rule. {Perhaps this slimy traitor – who had presided over giving away Hong Kong -- was about to resign?}


  The (socialist) French government grew increasingly restive about the vast monies which financiers awarded themselves and persuaded the boss of Peugeot (state-funded) to part with a fraction of his £18M pension pot (D.Mail, 30 xi).

{What the politicos of France – just like those of Britain – did not understand was that the only things that frightened wankers were disgrace, bankruptcy, imprisonment and return of their egregious illicit assets (these arranged by Rev Bliar in return for their compliance with the great property boom that Suckmacock Clinton had initiated by compelling mortgages for Bleck down-and-outs).}


 Though the USA had to suffer the indignity of withdrawing from the Middle East (which it had so shamefully mismanaged since demanding to take it over in 1956) and of seeing its friends China and Japan edging towards armed conflict with jet aircrat (over two uninhabited and quite useless islands – a conflict which the US had had since 1945 to resolve), at least it had the consolation of Chinese ‘birth tourism’ rocketing to an all-time high of 10Kpa as ‘anchor children’ were born to Chinese mothers in the States so that such kids could benefit from American freedom, fresh air, lawabidingness and education – the plan often being to have these progeny stay in America till they finished at university (Time, 27 xi). California (with its many universities and settled Chinese community) was a specially favoured spot for mothers to give birth, for which parents often paid £25K to agencies in China.


 After 15 years of the Northern Irish ‘peace process’ which abolished democracy in the troubled province and installed the IRA and its ‘Catholics’ permanently in government, it turned out that one of the IRA’s factions had acquired advanced armour-penetrating mortars (well capable of bringing down helicopters) – almost certainly from the Talihoes of Pakiland (Indie, 1 xii).

Professor Richard English, a terrorism expert at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, said: "Given the capacity which seems to be emerging from the dissident republicans, it would be surprising if there were not more fatalities in the near future in Northern Ireland. The conditions are there for a sustained, occasionally very lethal, republican bombing campaign."


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