Sunday, June 23, 2013


The holier-than-thou peecee BBC, which had long previously abandoned realism about race, sex and IQ, found its glossy new London HQ (costing £1B – in a multi-million-pound overspend) infested not only with mice (which it had apparently brought with it from its previous building) but with pooh pong (because the lower floors were at a lower level than the Thames, so effluent sometimes flooded back through the latrines, creating filthy conditions for staff) (Sun, 17 vi).

{Sadly, the colossal bill for all this incompetence would doubtless come out of the pockets of (compulsory) licence-fee payers rather than the multi-million-pound handouts to leftist programme-makers.}


 As PM Daft Dave and Foreign Secretary Halfwit Hague reiterated their preference for keeping Syria’s civil war going by arming the ‘rebels’ and getting American boots on the ground (as probably much desired by Jews), Russia’s Vladimir Putin (newly acknowledged  as lover of super-leggy gymnaste Alina Kabayeva, 30; in 10, Downing Street en route to a nice G8 multi-million-pound freebie on the leafy banks of lovely Loch Erne, near Enniskillen, County Fermanagh) pointed out that Basher Assad’s occasional limited use of chemical weapons was amply matched in inhumanity by Syria’s Solunnis tearing out the hearts of their Shitite enemies and eating them on TV.

    In ethnically divided Iraq, Solunnis manifested their 1,400yr antipathy to their fellow Mueslis with a string of car bomb attacks, killing dozens and bringing the number of Shitites killed in the previous month to around a thousand (Guardian, 17 vi).

    President Putin soon found support for the reasonable indifference to the Solunnis urged in this blog for two years. Boris Johnson denounced the jihad-accepting Solunnis as “maniacs” and even the officially moderate Archbishop Oilwellby and DPM Nice Nick urged caution before letting the ‘rebels’ loose with even more arms than they already had from Saudi and Catarrh.

    In what threatened to be a major widening of S vs S strife, some Arab states, like Kuwait, began expelling Shitites – who promptly headed for Lebanon to link up with Hizbollah.

The ‘British’ Syrian community also divided along S vs S lines, with fear and loathing increasingly seen (Guardian, 18 vi).

{Britain would doubtless provide a great playground for S vs S stuff – what with police being busy investigating ‘race hate speech’, kiddieporn ‘looking’, policemen who put their hands round the throat of a drunken teenager, the use of hard [i.e. normal] cricket balls, and the 50-yr-old ‘abusive’ gropings of celebrities [which had caused no demonstrable or even mentionable harm] [but in 2013 gave ‘victims’ a chance of mega-‘compensation’ from the BBC].}


The latest horror of India’s 65 years of independence saw monsoon rains in the north sweep away scores of villages, destroying major buildings constructed to Indian standards, killing 70, losing 500, and leaving 10K pilgrims standed on a mountainside (D. Mail, 18 vi).


The advance of mad Mueslis – much helped by the West’s lunatic ‘Arab Spring’ – was instantiated for all who could learn in Egypt’s new [Islam-obedient] president putting in charge of lovely Luxor [on the Nile] a thug who had in 1997 {just two years after I was in Luxor} the killing in the Temple of Hatshepsut of 62, including 58 foreigners (D. Mail, 18 vi). {The citizens of Luxor would be furious, for their livelihoods depended very largely on the tourist trade.}


Though it was Liberals and the BBC (and its celebrities) who were most in the news for adultery, sodomy, shit-eating, hands-on-knees etc, the Labour Party got a slice of ancient action as the 1970s Bishop of Stepney (S. London),. ‘Father’ Trevor Huddleston [long a mainstay of CND and anti-apartheid activism] was revealed to have had a penchant for sitting boys in his lap and fondling their posteriors (Private Eye, 14 vi). Happily, in those far-off liberal days, Huddlestone was not prosecuted for ‘abusive inappropriate touching’ etc but was just sent off to end his days as Archbishop of the Indian Ocean.


 As if it were not enough that the high heidjuns of the BBC and NHS had for a decade paid hundreds of themselves million-pound annual handouts in ‘pay’ plus bonuses and expenses, it transpired that they had forked out further mega-millions to gag possible whistleblowers who might otherwise expose all the fun being had in their outfits (euthanasia, paedophilia, ‘rape’ etc).

{Just why the bureaucrats could not rely on the criminal law to protect their outrageous taxpayer-funded outfits from malicious criticism was unclear. Of course, individual staff and ‘victims of paedophilia’ required protection – but any disclosure of their names or identities by a ‘whistleblower’ could be dealt with by civil law. Why the need for colossal gagging bribes? – Except to protect the fatcats who had grown superabundantly rich out of the taxpayer as propagandists for Labour?


Britain’s military history of fighting the French, Spanish, Dutch, Americans Germans, Italians and (occasionally) Turks and Russians was brought to an abrupt end by its own newly created ‘Supreme Court’ ruling that the country’s armed forces could be sued and even prosecuted by relatives unhappy that their wee darlings had died because of “poor equipment or negligence” (D. Telegraph, 20 vi, ‘Soldiers’ families can sue MoD over deaths’).

As usual, since Labour had introduced the ‘uman rights (but no duties) agenda, there was no appreciation that young service personnel joined up for love of money, country and the prospect of killing (unmentionable as this was in peecee times); and that, in Britain, soldiers were in any case all entirely free to leave if they disliked their armour, gumboots, commanding officers, breakfasts, rum rations etc. Never had it been more clear that Queensman Jeremy Bentham had been so insightful: ‘uman rights were “nonsense on stilts.”

    That Barry Hussein Obarmy shared this recognition of Britain’s demise was made starkly clear as Chancellor George Osborne became an international laughing stock when President Obama confused him three times (i.e. without correction by his aides) with a 1970’s Black soul singer of the same surname and addressed him as “Jeffrey.”

This blunder exposed a deeper truth: the view of Obama’s administration that British politicians were pygmies and that Britain could be disregarded. The U.S. president made this abundantly clear at the pointless G8 country-house dinner-dance ooops summit in Enniskillen, where he couldn’t recall his own speech when there was a teleprompter breakdown.


 Busty tennis champ Serena Williams, in London for Wimbledon, with straightened hair and in pink, dramatically illustrated feminism’s strangulation of free speech as she was hounded by journalists to say she was “deeply sorry” for having told Rolling Stone magazine that a 16-yr-old raped (in Ohio) while virtually unconscious by two youths (a Black and a White) should not have taken so much to drink – and had thrown in for good measure that the girl was “lucky” the attack (which the boys gleefully videoed) had been no worse (D. Telegraph, 20 vi, ‘Apology after remarks made in interview provoke outcry’).


 After years of painstaking work by journalists, the Government admitted that NHS staff had covered up (and even destroyed the records of) the mysterious deaths of some sixteen babies in a maternity ward in 2009 (D. Mail, 21 vi). Abandoning its struggle to disguise NHS incompetence and crime, the Ministry of Health released names and photos of several of the puffy middle-aged ‘high-powered’ windbags involved, admitted they had been paid the usual gargantuan salaries (£250Kpa) and threatened to remove their pension pots.

{This raised the question: If pensions could be rescinded for naughtiness, just what had the NHS been doing issuing scores of gagging bribes (some as high as £500K) to possible whistleblowers?}

Never before had the revolting nature of the Blaireaucracy, with its vastly overpaid functionaries in hospitals, ‘schools,’ luniversities, copshops, welfare etc, been so starkly admitted – and there were likely many more names of ghastly Labourite staff that could come out.   A Mail correspondent reminded:

"Friedrich August von Hayek the economist wrote in his book, "The Road to Serfdom" published March 1944 that Government oppression is inevitable under Socialism. He stated that Socialism undermines freedom and the incentives to produce so much that shortages and severe discontent are unavoidable and repression is the inevitable response by the Government. A failing health service is just one of the many signs that the UK and much of the EU is on the slippery slope to oppression and serfdom."


New research involving 29 luniversities in the UK found that at least 10% of female undergraduettes paid for their ‘studies’ by escorting, pole dancing, lap dancing or straight prostitution (Independent, 21 vi). The researchers (from Kingston and Leeds) reckoned such extracurricular activities brought in at least £355Mpa to UK lunis – doubtless helping keep open departments of ‘social anthropology’ where gals could ‘study’ pictures of naked savages and desensitize themselves to male desire while piously professing feminism and anti-racism.


 France looked likely to have a popular good-looking blonde successor to Joan of Arc as the politicos of Brussels and Paris removed immunity from prosecution of FN MEP Marine Le Pen, who had likened the Muesli invasion of France to that of the Nazis {though the latter invasion was much smaller, more limited and more reasonable} (D. Telegraph, 19 vi).

An imprisoned Marine might provide French Whites with their last wake-up call before the savagery and irrationality of the Middle East overwhelmed them completely – though Frogs tended to prefer their illusion that all would see the delights of pseudo-liberty, equality, democracy and Frenchness if given long enough to live in French slums.


In an astonishing revolt from realism and her usual good sense, Germany’s Angela Merkel decided to have an argument with Russia’s Vladimir Putin (with whom she had seemed to get on perfectly well in Co. Fermanagh three days previously). With whatever encouragement from her advisers, Grossmutti Merkel demanded that Russia return the many hundreds of art treasures ‘stolen’ in 1945 as Russia, after four years of colossally sacrificial struggle, broke through to Berlin and won its Great Patriotic War.

VP was prompt in his reply: the pictures, far from being ‘stolen,’ had been “purchased with the blood of Russian soldiers” – as was indeed the case. Apparently Germany had become infected with the lawyer-funding spirit of paedohysterics, Jews and Palestinians: that decisions of fifty years previously should be reversed. {Many of Russia’s ‘stolen’ paintings had themselves been stolen from Moscow by Napoleon, then stolen in turn from Paris by the Nazis.}


A helpful summary of the tribulations of democracy around the world was provided by historian Max Hastings – responding especially to the mass disaffection of Turks and Brazilians with the governments which they themselves had only recently elected (D. Mail, 22 vi). MH properly stressed that demakrazy was worthless without free speech {effectively abolished by PeeCee in America and Britain} and without control of corruption {lost in Britain – where worthless gobbledegook-speaking functionaries could inflate their pickings and keep their misdeeds secret by invoking ‘Human Rights’ and the ‘Data Protection’ legislation}.

However, MH was not so bold as to say that democracies needed recognized elites having intellectual eminence and long-term commitment to their country – as had happened in Britain until the emasculation of the House of Lords in 1910.


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Monday, June 17, 2013


The lying ways of Britain’s mega-rich political elite were dramatically displayed as ‘mobility tsar’ James Caan – a big British-Pakistani entrepreneur appointed by DPM Nice Nick with a government-granted budget of £100Mpa, supposedly to give the underprivileged a leg up – was found by journos to have given jobs to no less than six members of his own family while officially and hypocritically counselling – in line with socialist philosophy of stamping out the family -- that parents should not try to arrange employment for their children (Sunday Mail, 9 vi).

{Likewise, notoriously, Labour fanatics like obese Black Diane Abbottibadbad publicly decried educational selection while paying from their handsome incomes (£5K per talk, plus drinks and dinner, was standard for such mid-ranking names of LibLabConnery) to send their own sprogs to private schools.}


 Several British universities (including Imperial College London) announced that their efforts to recruit ‘disadvantaged’ students had been a flop – with the selected beneficiaries of affirmativism dropping out of courses early or ending with low-quality degrees (Sunday Times, 9 vi).

In reply, HMG’s equality tsar ‘Prof’ Les Ebdonbridge announced he would arrange to bribe unis to take hopeless students, perhaps at a rate of £1Kpa per each such discriminatory admission. Amusingly, the unis said they did relatively well with students from poor parents – it was kids from state schools who proved impossible. {Needless to say, in all such goings-on of national debate, IQ was never mentioned.}


So-called liberals who had quite failed to defend free speech and expression for fifty years – waving through prosecutions and sackings for even the slightest hint of racism, sexism, anti-yaggery, eugenicism, lack of paedohysteria etc – worked themselves into a lather as a young American ‘whistleblower’ ‘revealed’ what everyone of any sense already thought 100% likely: that the US and UK governments spied on their subjects’ phone calls, emails, twitters etc (a process lately enhanced by a US system called Prism which automated matters and made vast amounts of personal data available to spooks at the press of a button).

{In truth, few would complain if government snooping were used only to assist the detection and prosecution of crime and the intrusions of national enemies; but, thanks to ‘liberal’ laziness and worship of minorities, internet messages could of themselves provide bases for prosecution.

Hopefully, as frenzied debate continued, ‘liberals’ would work out that it was not surveillance that was a problem, but the use that could be made of it thanks to peecee hysteria and its reclassification of opinion and creation as ‘racist’ if not paedophilic thought-crimes.}


The religio-racial Solunni vs Shitite furies unleashed by the ignorant West not only yielded millions of displaced Syrians (and 95K dead) and started returning Lebanon to its grievous days of civil war but also claimed hundreds of Iraqi lives in a single week (D. Mail, 11 vi) (adding to the 2K killed there in the previous two months).

Since the West had largely left the joint, which it had wrecked by multicultural stupidity, no-one could be sure what was going on; but journalists thought most of the attacks bore the hallmarks of al-Queerdo (Solunni – and backed by madman Hague in Syria) as they tried to fight back against the West-demanded democrazy which had imposed on them rule by Iraq’s rural Shitites.

In Afghooniland, Tallyhoes (Solunni) beheaded three 10-yr-old boys for ‘spying’ and accepting food from police for their families.

Meantime, multicult-blethering mid-East ‘peace envoy’ Rev Bliar was nowhere in sight – presumably enjoying his rich pickings in the comfort of a deluxe Qatar hotel. The bill for the West ‘helping’ Iraq was $1Trillion; in addition, the West was paying for the feeding, medication and tenting of the millions of Mueslis who had set about each other’s ears in Syria (destroying most city-centre accommodation in the ethnic blaze).

    In its wish to preserve multicultural pretences by not mentioning that there was a Muesli civil war going on, the West was assisted by Mueslis themselves, who did not like to admit the flare-up between southern Arab beardies and northern smoothskins who occasionally read a book.


 Scores of greedy London pin-striped lawyers – fattened for years by Labour and its Human Rights industry – descended on Parliament to wail about the slightest prospect of a reduction in England’s legal aid bill. The beady-eyed bleating fatcats had decided this was a clear red line in the sand which could not be crossed lest their countless other perks and overpayments (for defending asylum seekers, foreign criminals, unwed mothers, convicted prisoners etc) were put at risk – but {like myself} the Daily Mail’s Quentin Letts was properly unimpressed (12 vi).


An unprecedented admission was made to Parliament by England’s school inspectors (under the umbrella of HMG’s OFSTED – the Office for Standards in Education) of what everyone else had known for decades: that brighter children were ill-served by ‘comprehensive’ schools. These non-schools failed to stretch able kids, failed to keep them up to the educational levels achieved by pupils abroad, and in many cases, shamefully, could not even identify who were the brighter children, said a new report (Daily Telegraph, 13 vi; BBC, 13 vi).

The OFSTED findings (from a study of 41 state ‘schools’) were promptly condemned as “ideological” by teachers’ unions. {The problem had been set out and solved in Chapter 4 of The g Factor. Presumably the bureaucratic toads – who had gone along with egalitarian claptrap since the politicians’ destruction of the grammar schools around 1980 – had been let loose to leap about a little by the new Education Minister, Michael Gove.}


   As bloated mega-paid ‘Sir’ David Nicholson (q.v.) (called “shifty” and “incompetent” by the Sun) claimed he knew of only one payment to silence a potential NHS whistleblower, 52 other cases promptly came to light – though not from those journalists already imprisoned (by Britain’s Levisohnian enthusiasts) for phone hacking or lightly bribing officials of the UK’s state ‘services’ (Daily Mail, 13 vi).

Detectably, £250M had been squeezed out of taxpayers c.2012 to seal the lips of retiring hospital staff who would have known how some 2K patients died prematurely (probably at the hands of nursing personnel who scarcely spoke a word of English) – some patients died in their own p*ss and sh*t after pathetically trying to drink the water from ward flower vases since staff were too busy on their tea breaks, iPhones, FaceTubes etc.

{Just how Britain’s largest employer had decided on massive bribery of possible whistleblowers – rather than just relying on the law to prosecute malicious or other breaches of trust – was unclear; but the new practice was in line with the increasing use of vast ‘pension pots’ with which to bribe inconvenient employees to leave when authorities desired.

Thirty years after the destruction of the grammar schools, the stupidity, incompetence, dishonesty and venality of Britain’s ‘officials’ plainly knew no bounds. And now the Levisohn process – funded by self-righteousness-attempting sex perverts Max Mosley and Hugh Grant -- was further silencing the newspapers.}


In his latest book, The Silence of Animals, my old pal John Gray reckoned the world’s problems could not be blamed on poverty, disease, conservatism or America. However, JG, while correctly reckoning there was nothing to be done about ‘the environment’ (so beloved of his latter-day lefty friends), did blame the world’s problems largely on an excess of people – a matter that was rectifiable, not least with the help of eugenics. {Not that JG could bring himself to discuss the distinctive problems of Africa and the Indian sub-continent!...}


As invading ‘Romanians’ and ‘Bulgarians’ took occupation of top-notch Hyde Park and Park Lane, turning these classic London venues into shanty towns without a word of complaint from Westminster’s politicos who were happy to turn Britain into a dump for Eurotrash so as to ensure their own mega-lucrative retirement jobs in Brussels, a rare word of race realism came from the Mail (Richard Littlejohn, 14 vi):

"We are told many of those who have come to Britain, especially Roma gypsies, have suffered harassment at home. Ever thought there might be a reason for that? Far from bringing ‘vital skills,’ the Park Lane squatters have been linked to pick-pocketing, aggressive begging and scamming tourists.  Why should shopkeepers, who pay a king's ransom in business rates, have to put up with itinerant Romanians sleeping in their doorways and using public spaces as a toilet?  Why should the hard-pressed police be forced to fight a daily war of attrition against a foreign criminal underclass which shouldn't be here in the first place? What other capital city would allow a world-class park and tourist attraction to be turned into a transit camp?"



Despite having fed, medicated and tented half of Syria’s mad Mueslis for two years (as they destroyed their towns in ethnic civil war), and having decided to help Saudi and Qatar arm the losing Syrian Solunnis so they could keep the carnage going, the West, led by President Barry Hussein Obarmarx, announced it would start taking in scores of thousands of Solunni refugees. An American Renaissance correspondent replied (13 vi):

"Well, that clinches it. This government and country IS TOTALLY NUTS. Great idea! Let's take in "refugees" from Syria. How many will be embracing our western culture, and how many will be doing what so many of the other Islamic "refugees" have tried to do here once they were in and free to ponder, plot, and perform their jihadist acts? Pure and simple, our rulers in Washington are nothing less than traitors.

Yes: under globalized multiculturalism, whole countries were now what firms and trade unions had been in the past – mere playthings for politicos to manipulate as they built their own globalized careers."


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Monday, June 10, 2013


That Britain’s elite had given up trying to run the socialist-‘liberal’ country of welfare dependents was put on display as the newly appointed boss (‘Director General’) of the peecee-pooftah BBC, on a handout of £425Kpa popped off for a 10-day awaybreak within six weeks of taking ‘office’ (which required him mainly to have fun scouring the Beeb’s records of the 1970s for evidence of minor hankypanky between celebs and enthusiastic teenagerettes).

‘Lord’ Hall, as cheerful-chappy Tony was styled thanks to Labour patronage, had already delayed the beginning of his directorial sinecure because he had been on another holiday (D.Mail, 3 vi).

(There was apparently nothing for Tony to do about recouping the £100M of licence-payers’ money which the Beeb had thrown down the toilet in pursuit of a mad ‘IT’ scheme to make the Beeb’s archives accessible to staff who couldn’t be bothered to visit them – partly because they had been moved to a dump in Salford (a low-life area outside Manchester) at the cost of a bribe of £25K each, on top of their bloated multi-K salaries.)

    Likewise, PM Daft Dave, hearing that a British soldier had been mown down and had his head cut off in a central London street, popped off to Spain with his SamCam, where he was photoed sipping a coffee and with an ice-cold beer awaiting at his elbow.

The Labour Party had entirely given up on policy – except for proposing to fleece fifty thousand rich pensioners of their £200 winter fuel allowance (a discriminatory operation of class war which would cost the bureaucracy more than it ‘saved’).

Even Ukip’s ‘right-wing’ Nigel Farage had nothing to say about the London horror – apparently for fear that anything he said would be taken to prove he was a ‘loon.’

Parliament went happily along with the big boys, granting itself holidays for more than half the year – a trend set by Rev Bliar but plainly encouraged by Daft Dave and enabling parliamentarians to triple their official incomes by ‘working’ for firms and lobby groups (a trade so lucrative that four were suspended by their parties pending investigations in June).

    HM Queen herself could not be troubled to celebrate on the day of June 2, sixty years after she had been crowned {with myself in attendance on a stagecoach, dressed as a cowboy}. Whether she could be bothered to veto legislation for yag marriage which would violate her Coronation oath to defend the historic truths of Christianity remained to be seen.


After two years of big dinners to indicate support for the al-Qaeda-backed Solunni ‘rebels’ of Syria, the loopies of Britain (William Hague), France (Francois Hollande) and the USA (Billary Clinton) had the satisfaction of seeing the ‘rebels’ start fighting (and dying in some numbers at the hands of) Hezbollah Shitite backers of Basher Assad inside Lebanon itself.

Whether this extension of the Shitite-Solunni holy war was welcome to the Jews was not entirely clear; but they promptly stepped in to bomb Hezbollah sites in Lebanon for fear that advanced Russian weaponry was finding its way into Shitite (and thus pro-Iranian) hands.


Though affirmatively appointed Cabinet minister in charge of equality ishoos by Daft Dave and Nice Nick, Black Helen Grant just could not cut the mustard. Andrew Pierce (D. Mail, 3 vi):

"Much interest during the last ministerial reshuffle was devoted to the appointment of Helen Grant, the black daughter of a single parent who was brought up on a council estate. She was given the equalities brief in the culture department — and with it, the poisoned chalice of getting the Government’s gay marriage policy into law. But with the controversial legalisation due before the Lords this week, responsibility for the Bill has been taken away from Ms Grant and given to Sports Minister {!} Hugh Robertson.

I am told the decision was based on 51-year-old Grant’s nervous performances in the Commons. Ms Grant replaced Ann Widdecombe as Tory MP for Maidstone in Kent and was one of David Cameron’s notorious A-list parliamentary candidates who were chosen to try to ensure more female, gay and ethnic candidates in winnable seats. As one colleague says: ‘Helen is nice but was over-promoted — another nail in the coffin of Dave’s A-list.’


After 15 years of backing multicultilunacy, ex-PM multi-billionaire Rev Blair astonishingly declared there was “a problem at the heart of [Mohammedanism]” – but whether it was chauvinism, polygamy, anti-Semitism, rigidity, veiled women (disguising their moustaches and obesity), civil war, lack of books or lack of drink he did not say.


Edinburgh University, which had always been in the top five UK universities in the 27 years of employing me (but then spent £100K to get rid of me for outspeaking [on race, sex, IQ and paedohysteria] and handily lost all its records of the process of its whizzing through taxpayers’ cash), fell to nineteenth in the UK university league tables (ranking altogether 119 unis) organized by its own favourite newspaper, the Guardian (4 vi).  It was even overtaken by its own local rival, ex-poly Heriot-Watt University (18); and Glasgow (21) and Strathclyde (26) were not far behind.

The table (based mainly on ratings of student satisfaction with teaching) was headed up (as usual) by Cambridge, Oxford, the LSE, St Andrews (which had overtaken E.LU. in the late-1990s, soon after I was sacked), UCL and Durham.

    By 2013, wretched E.LU. had fallen to 46th in Times Higher’s (research- and reputation-based) rating of world universities – overtaken by the Australian National University and the University of Peking (Guardian Datablog, iii).

    In happy contrast, I became the only academic to have his Top Twenty paintings set out (with full visual aids) – published in Taiwan under the inspirational title Hero by Natalia S. Y. Fang.


While British politicos whinged that they could not deport low life (notably Muesli treason preacher Ham&JamChowdray) ‘because of human rights legislation dictated from Strasbourg,’ it turned out that French had in the past year closed dozens of ‘Roma’ gypsy camps (typically with the help of bulldozers) and deported about a thousand of France’s 15K gypsies in France back to Romania and Bulgaria (Daily Mail, 6 vi).

{Of course, gutless lawyer-infested  England could not even manage to avoid paying £20M as a first instalment of compensation to vicious Kenyan [Mau Mau] terrorists of sixty years ago, or to evict its own student squatters, let alone control and/or get rid of its gypsy saints.}


The gross incompetence (or holiday spirit) of modern peecee Britain was exposed as the NHS turned out to have been employing a jailbird robber to run its admin in Brent; ‘Sir’ David Nicolson (q.v.) – given £300Mpa by Labour but responsible for perhaps 12K premature deaths in mid-Staffordshire hospitals – was put on TV to parade his antiquated suit and tie, his bald head, his obsessive interest in “my career” and “my breakfast,” and his gross Cockney accent; and the failure to ban the burkha (and hoodie) led to an Oxford Street raid on the jewellery department of Selfridges which, with the help of big axes and sledgehammers, netted the thieves £1M (Sun, 7 vi).

British PM Daft Dave stayed out of the way (together with Parliament itself) for most of the time, DD’s wife ‘SamCam’ quipping that she regarded it as her main job to get him out of No.10 Downing Street still sane – a task in which she may have run out of luck, for DD was as keen as his loony Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to make war on Basher Assad and Russia. (DD preferred foreign jollies to the awkward home tasks of cutting bankers and bureaucrats down to size.)

    And why could Brits no longer see a doctor? A Coalition health minister offered a new explanation (further to Labour having bribed GPs as propagandists by sparing them from having to visit council housing schemes at nights): most medical students and young doctors were female (with whatever pressure from ‘feminism’) but, after their lengthy and expensive training, they wanted babies so could only work half-time – and doubtless in due course they would want early early retirement to cope with grandmotherhood.


 Top BBC presenter (of ‘Crimewatch,’ for 22 years) Nick Ross stunned his colleagues and others of peecee persuasion by coming out with such gems as:

Rape isn’t always rape
Muggers are more likely to be black
Colleagues and I did look at images of child abuse
There are huge parallels between the mood in the Muslim community [today] and  Northern Ireland during the Troubles
Fondling girls’ t*ts at the BBC was a part of life
Women, like men, should get the sack when they hit a certain age

Ross had been early-retired by the pious Beeb at 59, in 2007, but he had written a book, Crime: How to Solve It. And Why so much of what we’re told is Wrong, which he had come out to publicize at the Telegraph’s Hay-on-Wye Book Festival.

He said that the first person to ‘get’ his realistic thesis was the Blairite Labour politician David Miliband – who had lately given up hope of Labour and vamoosed to New York; but Ross did get a half-generous reception from the Torygraph’s Cristina Odone (6 vi).

Ross complained some had even vilified him by comparing him to paranoid New Age conspiracy theorist David Icke – providing a glimpse of what modern realists had to put up with.

    Stateside, it turned out that pretty Judge Edith Jones of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had shocked hypersensitives at the University of Pennsylvania law school on Feb. 20 by saying Blacks had a “predisposition” to crime – especially to heinous violence (American Renaissance, 6 vi).


Rowing back against the ‘Conservative’ agreement with Labour to destroy England’s five thousand grammar schools (only 164 remained after forty years of all-party equality-worship), Peter Hitchens (Sunday Mail, 9 vi) blamed this “certifiable” lunacy for the “dim, greedy stupidity of much of modern Britain.”

Like Chapter 4 of The g Factor, he recommended the German model of selection by ability and talent. {Even PH was not brave enough to mention IQ; but he did condemn the “ludicrous” Sutton Trust, the half-hearted socialist-rotted outfit (an ‘educational charity’) which had decided that, since a return to educational selection by intelligence was impossible, the best way to counter selection-for-school-places-by-parental-money would be to award places by lottery.}


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Monday, June 03, 2013


 The BBC’s former star Crimewatch presenter – now turned academic – Nick Ross, drew blood from hysterical feminists (and their lawyer fee-seeker supporters) by saying most women who claimed some kind of victimhood for ‘unwilling’ sex did not regard themselves as having been raped (Sunday Mail, 26 v).

In more than a half of the cases regarded by feminoids and legal hangers-on as rape, the woman herself acknowledged substantial responsibility in that she had been drunk, had been with her boyfriend or had invited the man back at night to her flat, or all three. {No wonder juries so often refused to convict!}


Observing after a 43-yr career as legal eagle in Sheffield that he had often had to deal with the grandchildren of people he had convicted (or defended) many years previously, Recorder Alan Goldrick estimated that many such families each cost the state £250K (not to mention the expense to their victims) and that it would have been more kind and effective to take the children from the parents and have them adopted at birth – he did not consider eugenics (Sunday Mail, 26 v). Predictable outrage was forthcoming from socialist rent-seekers.


 Women were relatively hopeless at parking cars, especially if the reverse gear had to be used. So said figures from Scottish driving licence authorities (Daily Mail, 27 v). By contrast, men were more likely to ignore information from mirrors....


Confronted with the question of how to stop ‘hate preachers’ (like Ham&JamChowMeany who had radicalized Black soldier-beheader Adopoopydoopy at Greenwich ‘University’), the great’n’good of the Britoid media quickly decided not to hang-draw-and-quarter them for treason or even to deport them to mid-Sahara as a concession but instead to try to keep them off the airwaves  -- while granting them full internet propaganda facilities and £25Kpa in housing and welfare benefits.

{In 1939, mild-mannered English teachers were put in the cooler for even just speaking a little German – quite regardless of ‘hate’ content. But by 2013 the British political class had learned that tireless compromise with Islam was best for the country’s multi-millionaires – by then essential to LibLabCon funding since few ordinary mortals would spend a penny on pious peecee parties.}


As all the dictators ooops presidents of the Organization of African Unity met in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, they decided to whine about European racism and thus coughed up the previously unheard figure that 99.9% of those wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and genocide were Black leaders (BBC World Service, 27 v, 16:20). In all cases, the request for ICC prosecution had been made by African politicians themselves.


 The brave Muesli-persecuted Somali-Dutch friend of the murdered Theo van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (the second wife of top British historian Niall Ferguson and newly a naturalized US citizen), was given a column in the Wall Street Journal to say what other Western commentators feared to mention: that there was an important link (if not one of identity) between Mohammedanism and violence (27 v).

{Here is not the place to detail how Europe had thrice almost fallen to Islam (as it took Constantinople, almost took Vienna, and only failed in its alliance with Hitler because thwarted by the rough-and-ready mass deportations organized by Stalin); nor to reflect further on the Muesli-on-Muesli slaughter unleashed in the Middle East as America lost the grip which it had seemed to want to impose at the time of Suez.

But it is worth reflecting that, whereas Judaism had been reconstructed by St Paul and Catholicism had been reformed by Luther, Islam had benefited from no serious change in 1,400 years – its only serious tension being that between Sunnis and Shiites as to who Mohammed had grandfathered.

Perhaps – faced with Western stupidity – Russian help would enable the Syrian Shitites to an ideological ascendancy against the more-crazed Solunnis in this struggle. But a modernizing prophet of stature would be required. Would it be Syria’s Londonized President Basher Assad – helped additionally by nuclear-capable Iran?...}


Research by Michael Melnick et al. at Rochester University, NY, found impressive correlations of around .60 between intelligence (ranging from IQ 75 to 140) and the ability to stay focussed on a small moving foreground object while ignoring the distraction of bigger objects moving in the background (published in Current Biology  -- see EurekAlert, 23 v; Sci-News, 27 v).

This was almost the first confirmation* and extension in a decade of the idea (advanced by Galton and Spearman and fleshed out in Inspection Time (IT) work) that IQ had a relatively simple basis in efficiency of information intake, even of sensory information.

* Confirmation of Brand's claim of a specially high IT/IQ correlation in the lower-IQ range had been provided in Tucker-Drob, 2009, Developmental Psychology (Wapedia, April 2011:


 Two carloads of Blacks sped into Edinburgh at 1a.m. on Sunday, 26 v, crashing into each other and yielding one Black shot dead and dumped on the road through a nice quiet and leafy southern suburb (Willowbrae – where Blacks were unknown) before the other Blacks made their escape.

Apparently the deaded Bleck had a strong connection (via his faader) to E’bugger’s Central Mosque and was probably being pursued from England (an onlooker said the murdering Blacks had English accents) because he owed a drugs bill.

{Nothing daunted, the SNP said it would continue with its policy of welcoming immigrants to Scotland – so long as they were not White English.}


 “I wish I could put him down like a dog,” said a brave 53-yr-old mother of her 10-yr-old son who had hyperactivity (‘ADHD’) and an IQ of 20 (Daily Mail, 29 v). For ignorant idealists, she provided details: of how the boy fought with her and shat his clothes daily while being constantly clinging and demanding. The Essex mum (herself diagnosed hyperactive at 43) had learned the hard way, from her three other hyperactive children, that the problem was genetic. Needless to say, the various fathers had b*ggered off. Like many a Britoid, she just wished the state would institutionalize the creature.

{Thanks to the systematic disinformation provided by UK media, she had not heard the word ‘sterilization,’ let alone of how a decent Roman father would have despatched such an offspring and buried it in his garden.}


To my surprise, my musings here had got through to my fellow Old Elizabethans (from Queen Elizabeth’s Boys’ Grammar School, Barnet, c. 1958) (2012-13). A kindly James Cowen found the posts “astounding”; but one Gerry Hunt [who I recall as a rather large, noisy and ignoramic blond boy] found them “offensive if not repulsive.”

Still, it was nice to gather I still had some remembered connection with my old school – which had furnished some of my earliest sexual contacts [for we had a swimming pool on which girls were keen] and fuelled and enabled a desire to understand the horrors of C20, and thus to learn German and frequently hitch-hike to that lovely country (re-created, of course, by a superb post-1945 constitution-building British effort which was, alas, never made in Britain itself).


While the West (at least, Britain, France and America) busied itself at big dinners with vague (and incomprehensible) promises that it might one day send arms to al-Qaeda in Syria so it could prolong the Solunni-Shitite civil war (which had already killed 100K and displaced 2M), Russia promptly shipped highest-grade anti-aircraft artillery to Basher Assad so he could repel “hotheads” (like UK Foreign Secretary Hague) and China busted cybernetically the details of Australia’s still-in-the-making £500M spy HQ and of the latest U.S. designs for combat aircraft, ships and missile defences vital for Europe (D. Mail, 30 v).


‘English’ footie, long tarnished by supposedly superstar but in fact unreliable Blacks, reached a new low of degradation as it could not manage better than a 1-1 draw at Wembley with the Holy Republic of Oireland, having appointed as its captain one Black Ashley Cole known best for his sleaze, immorality and greed – he liked nothing better than complaining about his £3Mpa wages, about his convictions for speeding, about his loyal wife Cheryl (who divorced him in 2010 after he had a string of affairs), about the Football Association (whom he called “a bunch of tw*ts”) and about those who disliked him vomiting on their carpets (D. Mail, 30 v, Leo McKinstry).


While top UK journalist and think-tanker David Goodhart was denied a slot at the Telegraph’s ‘elite’ Hay-on-Wye Festival to present his critique of British immigration policy (D. Mail, 29 v), UKIP leader Nigel Farage prepared for a full-blown appeal* to the Old Labour voters who (along with their children) had suffered most from peecee politicians’ reckless 50-year flooding of Britain with third-world slave workers who could hardly speak a word of English, required council housing and welfare because of their ‘needs’ and bred like rabbits with their imported wives, overwhelming schools and health facilities.

*In a film produced by my one-time Oxford housemate, Channel 4’s Linda McDougall, the wife of Labour MP Austin Mitchell who had sacrificed his career for the sake of his anti-EU opinions. The film would show on June 2nd.


The crackpot ignoracist West, after three years of stimulating the ‘Arab Spring’ (and thereby killing 100K in Syria alone as well as losing control of Libya and Egypt), got its answers as Russia announced it would send high-grade S-300 anti-aircraft rockets (probably manned by Russian troops so as to deter Israel attack) to its Shitite ally, Basher Assad, who promptly embarked on more bombardment of what was left of Syria’s cities.

The British media were specially shocked at the sudden killing of a “British” jihadist, AliBallyPoopyBanana, “from London” who – having linked up with Solunni al-Qaeda -- was riddled (together with pals) and perished in a hail of fire from Basher’s militia (D.Mail, 1 vi; 1 vi, Dominic Sandbrook). In Nato ally Turkey, Western lunacy bore fruit in a ‘Turkish Spring’ which saw rioters occupy the centres of capital Ankara and Istanbul for three days, driving out police.

Meantime, MSM admitted not only that Lebanon’s ‘Hizbollah’ fighters were Shitite but – for the first time – that the ‘Hamas’ fighters of the Gaza Strip were Solunni, explaining why the two groups could not unite to pursue their officially favoured objective of exterminating the Jews.


The future task of family-backing national liberals in Scotland was made dramatically clear as the ‘Parliament’ of bonnie socialist Jockland solemnly legislated to provide a social worker for every child – thus ensuring proper levels of political correctness, incomprehensibility of speech, anti-Englishness, footba’ mania and carbon emissions in all children, as well as an extra £138Mpa spent on the left’s beloved bureaucrats D.Telegraph, 30 v).


According to the Observer, poll support for Ukip had reached 22% -- putting the English nationalists on level pegging with ‘Conservatives.’ The Observer was dismayed (2 vi):

"Political disengagement feeds the extreme right. Today, even as voters have become more complex, individualistic, pluralistic and self-determining, party politics has atrophied. Therein lies an exciting challenge – and a real and profound danger."

Yes, even the empiricism-respecting (if left-wing) Observer could only attribute 22% support to “disengagement” – anything rather than admit that British people were seizing the opportunity to back a 20-year-old electable-looking party (with an iconic good-humoured, pub-going leader) which spoke the truths about ‘immigration’ that metrosexuals (cowed by the far left) had long dismissed as ‘racism.’


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