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As pickpocketing on the London Tube by ‘Romanians’ (i.e. gypsies) reached epidemic proportions, London ‘police’ felt obliged to put up bright-yellow signs in Romanian to warn the gyps that plainclothes police might possibly stop and question them and give them multi-million-taxpayer-funded lawyers to fight their cases (which would happily detain the gyps in the UK for years as the lucrative law merchants pursued their merry ways – doubtless resulting in the gyps having sprogs who would enforce their ‘uman rights for a lifetime) (Sunday Mail, 21 xii).

The bright yellow sign put up by the Metropolitan Police outside Covent Garden Underground station in Central London

{Yes, Paradise was well and truly open for business – like the £10K it must have cost to check translation, produce, distribute and affix advice in Romanian. – What? The cops thought gyps would be able to read it?! They were now as peecee-crazed as the UK’s politicos and pseudo-journalists.}


A record 17,500 people joined the latest in a string of demonstrations against Islam in Dresden, eastern Germany, celebrating the rise of their far-right populist movement by singing Christmas carols (Guardian, 23 xii). The march was organised by Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West – a group that had grown rapidly since its first protest in October.

    Politicians from all major parties were stunned by the emergence of the right-wing nationalists who vented their anger against what they considered a broken immigration and asylum system. About 4,500 counter-demonstrators marched through the city under the slogan “Dresden Nazi-free”, warning that there was no space for racism and xenophobia in the country that had unsuccessfully tried to spare Europe from communism, killing millions in the process.

    Most Pegida followers insisted they were not Nazis but patriots who worried about the “watering down” of their Christian-rooted culture and traditions. They often accused mainstream political parties of betraying them and the media of lying. Braving cold and wet weather, they gathered outside the historic Semperoper concert hall for their pre-Christmas recital. Police put their numbers at about 17,500, up from the previous high of 15,000 a week earlier.


Though Obarmy’s West had left most of the A/A world in a mess and could not even manage much of a slap for top tyrant, North Korea’s film-censoring Kim Il Pong, there was still some timely British cheer:

Now Mr Robin bob, bob, bobs in for Christmas pudding: Bird who visits grandmother's home up to 15 times a day gets festive treat

A robin who has visited a Gloucestershire grandmother up to 15 times a day has been given a festive treat -- a Christmas pudding tipped with holly (D.Mail, 24 xii).


 As Missouri cops (near combustious Ferguson, St Louis) shot a chap called Antonio dead after he had drawn a gun on them, their peecee rules did not allow them to release information as to his ‘ethnicity’. [He was actually an 18-yr-old Black]. This secrecy did not prevent hundreds of apparently-in-the-know Blecks from protesting vehemently, hurling bricks at cops – the West remaining officially uninformed of the good deeds done in its name (Yahoo News, 24 xii).

St. Louis County police recovered the deceased's man's handgun at the scene. They said they could not ‘confirm’ his ‘identity.’ {Wow! Could these peecee minions ‘confirm’ the Bleck oops person had a penis or his/her own set of teeth? What, actually, were these cops capable of ‘confirming’ to the taxpayers who employed them?}

    Further provoking de Blecks, a grand jury in Houston, after a year of taxpayer-fuelled investigation, decided not to indict a cop who shot dead a Black who (apparently a burglar, and wearing black hoodie) had charged at him as the cop attempted arrest.


 The LUniversity of Oxford, which had long paraded its leftism, anti-racism and anti-Thatcherism found itself targeted by a homeless Black thief who took mobile phones and handbags from St Catherine’s College, St Anthony’s College and what had for years been Oxford’s top academic college, St John’s [pictured], long a home to star Wittgenstininan scholars as well as to once to PM-to-be Tony Blair, saying it was much easier to steal from colleges than from private houses (D.Mail, 26 xii). Finally apprehended, the Black was sentenced to 2½ years in jail.


America – advised by bloggers such as this one – gave a fine black eye to North Korean tinpot tyrant Kim Il Pong who had persecuted Sony over a [third rate] film which had made fun of the crackpot Emmenthal-gorging dictator [an inheriting Commie monarch who had locked up a fifth of his own population] being assassinated: yes, the internet came into its own, giving far more publicity to ‘The Interview’ as the film was released ‘online’ than it would ever have received without Pong’s cack-handed intervention and {let’s be fair} President Obama’s strong objection to interference with basic US freedoms.


A fine compilation of UK peecee lunacy was provided in a Q&A from Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn (27 xii). An example:

39. A witness from Sierra Leone gave evidence for an hour at Inner London Crown Court before it became apparent:

a) She hadn’t taken the oath.

b) She wasn’t telling the truth.

c) She didn’t speak a word of English.

Yes, the Africanne had been allowed to drone on incomprehensibly for an hour in an English court before any of the assembled ‘lawyers’ (doubtless busy counting their £100-per-minute winnings) had felt able to mention they couldn’t understand a word.


 Our times have not always seen the greatest of advances – apart from in female appreciation of the waist-hip ratio (girls got to this a few years before scientists in the 1990s). The A/A world is on fire thanks to Western failure to control the Muslim birthrate; and the West has let itself be invaded by millions of Mueslis who will progress to civil war (hopefully first with their ancient ally Germany....) But there is progress thanks to scientific observation and experiment in medicine (Speccie, 26 xii, Fraser Nelson).

(If only the brain-addled socialist idiots of education could have been diverted from their sinecures long enough to look at a century of psychology and The g Factor (1996/2000) in which their elementary fact-avoidant mistake was exposed!)


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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Chrishmush!


‘Outraged’ protesters for depravity, used their freedom (which racists, elitists and sexists did not enjoy) to parade their naughtiness with a few score of (fully clothed) face-sitters strutting, well, sitting, their stuff on the manicured lawn outside the Mother of Parliaments. Telegraph, 12 xii:

"There are more than 200 people discussing female ejaculation and spanking. You can’t take more than a few steps without coming face-to-face with a whip, a mouth gag, or a black leather face mask. Some women are dressed in bikinis, lycra cat suits and fishnets. So are some of the men.

No, this is not a sexual fetish convention. It's the Houses of Parliament, where a porn protest is taking place.

The demonstrators have come together to take a stand against new rules introduced, last week, by the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014. They mean that a number of seemingly arbitrary sexual acts are now banned from paid-for porn watched online in Britain.

So face-sitting, spanking and female ejaculation will no longer be allowed. Neither will urologia (sexual acts involving urine), or penetration with the entire hand, or extremely large dildos.

Ally Jones, 25, a sexual health worker, sums it up: “These laws are rubbish and they’re hypocritical and misogynistic and ridiculous. I hate them so much.”

It’s the sexism – and absurdity – of the legal change that really bothers her:

“[The laws suggest] it’s fine for me to choke on a man’s [penis] but not OK for a man to have a vulva on his face. Natural bodily functions for women are illegal, but male bodily ejaculation seems fine. It doesn’t make sense.”

It is why she has come to protest outside the Old Palace Yard outside Parliament. The original idea was to stage an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for face-sitting, while protesting the porn laws at the same time. More than 1,000 people were promised to attend.

On the day, less than a quarter of that number turn up, and even less engage in the actual face-sitting. But just before 1pm, around 60 brave people do lie down on the cold pavement and let a friend/partner/stranger lower their backside on to their face.

It is a sight that any politician, glancing out of their office window, would probably never have seen before. There are rows of people (mainly men) lying on the ground, while others (mainly women) crouch over their faces. Some of those on the pavement simulate oral sex on the sitters."

Yes: not one of these ‘freedom-lovers’ could be bothered to learn about, read or defend The g Factor...


A titchy step in the direction of eugenics was taken as Britain’s Work’n’Pensions Secretaryperson Ian Dunkin Donut declared he would think about promising to think about promising to limit a little England’s child handouts to families [aka single parent mothers] of three or more babblies. IDS, an RC, was promptly pounced upon by heavyweight ugly fat lefty slag Polly Toynbee (Guardian, 16 xii) who wanted the ‘working class’ [aka drug-taking and -selling unemployables] to be able to breed like rabbits at taxpayers’ expense – though notorious conservatives Heath, Powell, Thatcher, Major, Portillo, Blair and Brown had hardly produced one extant child apiece.


 The Afghaniloon Tallyhoes paraded their insanity for Western delectation by gunning down 141, including 132 children, in a school in benighted Peshawar (Pakiland) (where the ‘authorities’ – of the army – already stretched every fibre to oblige mad Mueslis). The outrage was greeted in the pathetic West not by the razing of 141 mosques but by touching and quite useless sentiments that ‘our hearts go out to the families’ etc etc – not that the West showed the slightest concern for its own families, being more concerned with its own massive ‘welfare’-state artifice of grossly overpaid bankers, BBC bumboys and bureaucrats.


 A Libyan 'arms dealer' carrying order for £18million of ammunition, two British 'jihadis' and 17 illegal migrants... all found in one lorry leaving Dover!

Among those arrested was beardy-weirdie 'British jihadi' Simon Keeler, 43, of East London, who intended to 'flee the country with a fake passport as he planned to travel to Syria to fight {treacherously – but quite without British penalty} for the Islamic State'.

Such was the merry culmination of twenty years of Western ‘policy’ – dedicated to rooting out racists (not to mention sexists, homophobes, eugenicists, elitists and disablists) rather than mad Mueslis. Just which of the UK’s thousands of MPs and overfed officials proposed to resign was quite unclear.... {Of course, the answer from these traitorous vermin, if ever elicited, would be NONE – as they wished to enjoy their pecuniary perks till their final destruction of Britain had them relocate to Zimbabwe or a similar corrupt hellhole which would appreciate them.)


The hilarious state of the Pakistani ‘army’ – officially a big ally of America and China – was cruelly exposed as its ‘soldiers’ took a full eight hours to get control of a military school in which 132 teenagers and 9 staff were being gunned down by crackpot Tallyhoes (whom the ‘army’ had let loose for years – calling them ‘good Taliban’ -- in the hope these madmen would kill Hindus) (Guardian, 17 xii).

{Think of it! Eight hours! In a ‘military school’ where elite parents could have reasonably expected their kids to be safe! (Probably the parents paid plenty to get their kids places in this Peshawar school.) And the eight-hour process was assisted by most of the Tallyhoes wearing suicide vests and blowing themselves up!

Call this an army? And a ‘military school’? The Yanks and Chinks should have dissociated themselves from the cuntry years ago – and certainly when the West began trying to settle Afghoonistan in 2001. – Of course, the Tallyhoes had one big strength: they were happy with poppy growing, which lucrative trade the Western idealists madly opposed – when they could have run the NHS on a share of the profits.

Anyway, whatever the stupidities of Pak’s allies, the corrupt and callous cuntry’s ‘army’ was exposed as a busted flush run by Muesli compromisers who could not even bring themselves to shoot a child-slayer. No wonder Pekiland’s major trade was getting its hundreds of millions of illiterates into Bradford and Birmingham!

What a tragedy for a cuntry that had begun its independence (despite its mass-murderous start) under the passably civilized rule of the London lawyer Muhammed Ali Jinnah! Verily, wherever found, Mueslidom was a disaster (especially to its own aficionados) except in so far as it was fuelled by the West’s discovery and development of oil.


The extent of substitute slave labour for Britain’s once-working class was revealed in NHS figures: in 2013, fully 81% of new nurses for de Nashnul Elf ‘Service’, the UK’s nashnul treashure and replacement for religion, had come from Spain, Portugal and Pakistan  -- nice enough girls, surely, 7K of them, but barely able to speak a word of English, and their new jobs in Paradise involved them having to deal with Britoid dements and pill-rattling victims of socialism-contrived family breakdown who were doubtless not in the finest possession of their one-time faculties (Daily Mail, 17 xii).

Whether these – doubtless very nice – foreign gals would prove superior to the socialism-addled products of Britain’s ‘comprehensive schools’ was not to be put to any kind of experimental test: all that mattered was that the foreign gals would work for lower wages (and at least were perhaps not lesbian or kindred hate-filled feminoids).

Vastly overpaid British ‘ospital chiefs were flying to Spain and Portugal to find recruits because the recession there had led to high unemployment. A loophole in EUSSR legislation prevented the Nursing and Midwifery Council from checking the English of European nurses before they were registered for NHS work.

{Britain’s own nurses were so incompetent – as I can attest from experience – that they did not even know, at 50+, how to cook a Christmas turkey: they complained the bird was ‘too dry’ after they had failed to start the cooking with the bottom upwards. – But remember to have tough oven gloves when you turn the bird over before applying streaky bacon!}


In line with German war guilt and and demand for slave ooops mobile labour, gypsies hastened to infest Britain, especially in the Midlands region between Birmingham and Manchester where the police were so busy at their desks chasing 90-yr-olds for their paedophilic advances of the 1960s that the ‘Roma’ reckoned their own thieving, raping, defecating and littering would pass unnoticed.

Some schools reported thousand-fold surges in gypsy kids in just three years (requiring the taxpayers’ childminding services while their parents went begging) (D.Mail, 17 xii). In some cases, Roma parents were unaware of what they were expected to do for their children and had to be taken food-shopping by teachers to help them fill lunchboxes.

Even England’s useless ‘Ofsted’ bureaucrats warned that school budgets were being put under strain by the cost of extra provision. At one school in Derby, the number of Roma pupils rose from four to 99 – almost a third of its roll – in three years.


 As unprecedented numbers of A/A ‘refugees’ streamed into Euroland (doubtless hoping to beat barriers that would soon be imposed – when Germans got terminally fed up) even hoity-toity ‘liberals’ (usually experiencing A/As only as cheap-labour servants) got a bit worried. For example, the diplomats, lawyers and celebrities living on the priciest street in Germany’s wealthiest city weren’t thrilled about their new neighbours (Bloomberg, 17 xii).

Refugees fleeing war zones were moving into an empty office building around the corner from their lakefront road, Harvestehuder Weg, in Hamburg. The four-storey building being transformed by borough Mayor Torsten Sevecke sat on a leafy plot abutting a luxury development where apartments cost as much as 7 million euros ($9 million). Locals were sueing the city because they were worried their properties would lose value.

    “Where will these people buy their groceries? The cheaper supermarkets are far away,” said Barbara, a 70-year-old pensioner who had property in the area but spent most of the year in Spain. She asked that her last name not be published because it would be “embarrassing.” “I’d prefer if the government invests the money in a new building somewhere else.” Record numbers of refugees were arriving in Europe, roiling regional politics and leaving local officials struggling to provide shelter while managing their constituents’ unhappiness.

    Most ‘displaced people’ headed to Germany and Sweden, where lodgings were being created in any place there was space: in empty schools, campgrounds, a boat on the River Elbe, and even purpose-built aluminum crates that resembled shipping containers. In France and Italy, many ended up on the street. About 345,000 people applied for asylum in European Union nations in the first nine months of 2014, 23 percent more than a year earlier and the most since 2001. Germany, Sweden, France and Italy accounted for almost three-quarters of the total; Germany’s 113,000 exceeded the asylum applications in the U.S.

    On 15 xii, an estimated 15,000 people joined Pegida, or Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West, in a march through Dresden carrying banners bearing slogans such as “Zero tolerance towards criminal asylum seekers”, “Protect our homeland” and “Stop the Islamization”.


A treacherous moneygrubbing ‘uman rights lawyer who had spent ten years mendaciously accusing British soldiers of naughtiness towards Iraqis (whom the socialist swindler ‘represented’ at a cost to UK taxpayers of £31M)  was given the works in the Daily Mail (19 xii, Richard Littlejohn):

"Last year {the wretch, surnamed Shiner} told the BBC that 85 Afghans were being held unlawfully at a ‘secret’ facility, implying that this was Britain’s Guantanamo Bay.

Shiner knew perfectly well that this wasn’t true, since he had brought a case connected to the camp in open court in 2010.

That didn’t stop him claiming that the facility was ‘completely off the radar’ and unknown to Parliament, while adding sinisterly: ‘People will be wondering if these detainees are being treated humanely and in accordance with international law.’

Shiner now says he was referring to the period of time people had been detained before 2010. But there was no evidence that anyone was being mistreated in secret, so why try to plant the idea in people’s heads?

Needless to say, he found a willing accomplice in the BBC, which also echoed his false allegations about the abuse of Iraqis in a Panorama special.

What’s Shiner’s problem? Was he turned down by the Army Cadets when he was a boy and now feels the need to spend his entire life wreaking revenge?

Most people will find it nothing short of monstrous that our taxes, including those paid by serving military personnel and their families, are being used to pursue vindictive legal actions against blameless British soldiers putting their lives on the line thousands of miles away.

But this is simply part of the much wider human rights racket, a scandalous conspiracy by unscrupulous Left-wing lawyers designed to turn justice upside down.

Most of the actions brought by the human rights parasites are part of a concerted assault on our institutions, aimed at demolishing traditional notions of fair play and common decency.

Smug, self-regarding Shiner describes himself proudly as a socialist. He lists comedy among his interests, but appears to confuse wearing red spectacles with having a sense of humour.

He looks like the legal profession’s answer to Timmy Mallett.

Shiner may fancy himself as a comedian, but he’s having a laugh at our expense. Why should he be allowed to use public money to pursue malicious, mendacious claims made by foreign nationals?

As I’ve argued before, we could end this racket overnight if the law was changed so that the full cost of these unsuccessful cases had to be met by the lawyers who bring them.

Failing that, I’m sure those soldiers falsely accused by Shiner’s clients would be happy to form a firing squad."

g for Chrishmush!

 As a Winston Churchill painting fetched £1.8M, London’s Labour-loving (well, Labour-funded) expert on genetics (or somesuch) was induced out of her hidey-hole to say a word for g:

"What makes a Renaissance man?  A painting by Sir Winston Churchill has sold for £1.8m – so why are some people brilliant at everything?"

"If Churchill hadn’t been prime minister during World War Two, he would still be one of the most accomplished men of the past century. The great wartime leader {who saved Britain’s honour even if losing its Empire} won the Nobel Prize for Literature {with his history books} in 1953 and one of his paintings recently sold for £1.8m.

Polymaths – those who have expertise in many different areas – are known as Renaissance men, because so many all-round geniuses emerged in the period. The painter/ scientist/ philosopher/ engineer Leonardo da Vinci is the archetypal example – but what leads some people to be brilliant at everything? {Churchill was also an expert husband, father, builder, trainer of budgerigars and, of course, wine-taster.}

Geniuses are incredibly rare (some argue there are no more than one genius per million people), and it seems inconceivable that a brilliant physicist could also be a first-rate musician.

But Robert Plomin, professor of behavioural genetics at King’s College London, argues that those with exceptional intelligence tend to be brilliant in many areas, not just one. “If you’re smarter then you think more strategically, regardless of the role,” he says. “The idea is, if you're very smart then you play your cards better.”

Somebody who excels – whether in sports, music or the arts – tends to have above average IQ. And those who insist that they’re brilliant in just one subject aren’t simply being modest – they consider their other talents to be poor compared to their greatest achievement.

 “People will often say, ‘I’m good at this but no good at that’, but really what they mean is that they’re less relatively good at the other thing. Compared to everybody, they’re actually good in both,” said Labour-funded Plomin.

The stereotype of a scientist with no social skills or appreciation for the arts is nothing more than a myth. “A lot of people think that boffins are only good at one thing. I think that’s a bit of envy,” says Plomin. “People say, ‘They’re good at that but horrible human beings’, and that's generally not true.”

But although geniuses may have the potential to be brilliant in many ways, we can only measure performance, not abstract ability. The contemporary focus on specialisation means that modern geniuses aren’t encouraged to expand their knowledge in the same way as Renaissance men.

An Aesop’s fable tells the tale of a hedgehog who knows a lot about one little subject, and a fox who knows a little about a lot of subjects – academia today seems more receptive to hedgehogs than foxes, says Plomin.

“Nowadays the training is so specialised, they wouldn’t let you develop talent in other areas. But the big advances come from the foxes who know a little bit about a lot of things and can put two and two together, rather than the hedgehogs in the trenches who are burrowing away and trying to find out more and more about less,” he says.

Of course, most of us would love the chance to be a hedgehog and be considered a genius in our field. But if you’re already a hedgehog then it’s difficult not to wonder: how does the world look from the perspective of a fox?"

Santa as a welfare dependant

1. He has a serial record for breaking and entering

2. He uses various animals to pull his sleigh

3. He only works once a year

4. He's never actually been seen doing any work in his whole life

5. He drinks alcohol during working hours

6. He barely leaves his home for fear of being recognized

7. He wears the same, out-of-fashion clothes every day and never washes them

8. He uses loads of different names and aliases purely for his own gain!

9. He gets letters from a lot of people, all demanding that he owes them things!

10. He can get hold of all the latest designer gear but never pays a penny for it!

But now for something more patriotic

(D.Mail, 8 xii):  Our very own Eiffel Tower: 150 years young, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is an awesome tribute to British genius - and bloody-minded determination

"On Monday afternoon, 8 xii, thousands will turn out for a procession and a party, just as they did on this day 150 years ago, to salute what is not only one of Britain's most remarkable engineering triumphs of modern times. It is also a tribute to surely our greatest engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who designed it. Throughout its existence, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, 245 feet above the Avon Gorge linking Bristol with Somerset, has been wowing passers-by. Tonight, celebrations kicked off with a spectacular fireworks display above the 1,350ft bridge"

Yes, dear readers, I bin dere – stopping my motorbike (c. 1966) in the middle of the bridge and looking with some horror at the distance down (a distance through which a depressed mother and her newborn baby would plunge to their deaths in 2014). Never fear: even the worst Christmas presents have never tempted me to suicide, to which Old Pulteney scotch has always seemed pre-eminently preferable. Bottoms up!)

Even more patriotically, the young Prince:

17-month-old George shows off his guardsman jumper. Photograph: Ed Lane Fox/Getty Images


 Christmas brought the happy news that Britain’s ‘faith schools’ (mainly CofE) were twice as successful as the godless primary institutions set up by sixty-five years of socialist atheism (D.Mail, 12 xii). Sure, this might have been because brighter parents took the trouble to get their children into schools which valued knowledge, had discipline, and enjoyed the great rituals of Christianity [though the Whitsuntide arrival of the Holy Spirit had got played down in recent years].

But so what? The model of acknowledging the mystery of the origin of the universe and life, mind and soul and of acknowledging the importance of hope in love and marriage [for which Christians had struggled for 2K years against the strictures of their greedy churches – which wanted cash passed to themselves] was valued by high-g people and probably did their kids good.

Although the spineless ‘bishops,’ ‘ministers’ and politicos of the West had proved content to see the third world breed like rabbits and to see Christians ejected from Arabia and east Africa and imprisoned (fully a quarter of them) in North Korea (and probably China), ordinary people continued to acknowledge -- beyond the merry fripperies of Santa, the angel atop the tree, messageless Christmas cards, mince pies [not the Scots variety!] and Vladivar 100% -- that historically worked-out Christianity spoke for them in recognizing a woman’s devotion to her male baby [providing her a penis for multiple breeding, a solution to her ‘penis envy’ problem, as Freud explained] and her seeking out some generous sucker [Joseph] to protect and provide; and in recognizing a man’s wish to solve problems [Joseph wisely whisked Jesus away from Herod’s Israel to Egypt] but also to believe his own sufferings in life as he took on sclerotic authority were akin to those of Jesus himself [‘I did it my way’ was always the most popular karaoke song of Western imbibers].

Yes, though enfeebled by the bloody French and Russian revolutions and by the endless official French wish for revenge on the Germans [though most Frogs had actually happily collaborated with the Nazis], Christianity had just about survived as a kindly, psychologically realistic alternative to Jewish legalism, Hindu superstition, Buddhist nihilism, East Asian conformism and the grisly Mahometan death wish [deriving from loveless polygamy]; and indeed still provided – despite its ‘liberal’ idiocies – the only place in the world to which the wretched of the earth risked their lives and spent their families’ fortunes trying to immigrate.

Small wonder, then, that higher-g British parents sought access to faith schools! LONG LIVE REALISM – even if somewhat dimly perceived through bread-sauced turkey, brandy-buttered Xmas pud and renderings of ‘On the first day of Christmas’ and ‘Good King Wenceslas’ [as we’ll try to remember to contrive at South Clerk Street Mansions – visual aid follows]!

And, reminding us that China will soon become the world’s most Christian country, this nativity scene (just inside our front door) was contrived by delightful Chinese gals – one from Guangzhou [an art-loving venue, just north of Honkers, which hosted Shiou in 2014] and one from Taipei [mercifully separated by 200 miles of waterway and America’s Seventh Fleet from Chinkish communism and derivatives].


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Monday, December 15, 2014


Faced with thousands of A/As in Calais, waiting to hide in lorries bound for paradise Britain, France ‘demanded’ the EUSSR (extensively funded by UK taxpayers) pay £3M to convert a kiddies’ playground next to the port into a resource that would serve 700 meals daily, facetube connections and soft-loo-papered toilet facilities to help A/As as they waited for their chances to reach the land of hope and welfare which other EU countries provided only for subjects who had already made some contribution to their systems (Mail on Sunday, 7 xii, ‘Holiday camp for migrants’).

{As I recently explained to Mrs Margaret Gilmore, our ‘local’ East Edinburgh Labour MP – no-one in south Edinburgh (home to ex-Sir Fred the Shred) thinks they live in grotty east Edinburgh – ‘the Churchill/Beveridge/Attlee welfare state has reached the end of its natural life.’}

{I am known personally to three members of the House of Lords, and currently to four MPs (though anti-euro Labour deviant Austin Mitchell and ex-PM ‘saviour of the world’ Gordon Brown are about to retire) and constitutionalist guru Vernon Bogdanor (Oxford tutor of PM DD). – A fat lot of good it has done me!... Welfarism in Britain long ago replaced the Church of England and the male-headed family which the pathetic cheap-labour-seeking lesbianizing Church had failed to back.}


 After Claridge’s Hotel, in Mayfair, politely suggested a breastfeeding mudder should be discreet, and supplied a large napkin to that end, forty ugly fat-slag lesbos turned up (surely without husbandly advice) to parade their engorged mammaries, useless hairdos, pudgy fingers, splayed legs [contrary to Doctor Johnson’s advice] and greedy welfare-dependent sprogs (Mail on Sunday, 7 xii).

Yes, Britoid wymmin, having quite failed to resist the oppression – and, indeed, stoning – of their sisters under Islam were happy enough to make a nuisance of themselves to the kindly money-spinners of the West. (Claridge’s advised them they could always go to the Ritz.) A 2010 ‘Equality Act’ had made it unlawful for a business to discriminate against a breastfeeding woman. {So a man could half-undress and point to his own genitalia with similar impunity?...}

    The Speccie’s Melissa Kite put it well (6 xii):

"David Cameron and Justine Roberts of Mumsnet chorused tritely that Mr Farage was wrong to say anything at all about breastfeeding ever, because it was all perfectly ‘natural’. And so it is. But a whole range of bodily functions are natural. It doesn’t mean we should get to do them in the middle of Claridges.

The mother in question was ‘completely shocked and appalled.’ She knew the terms of the Equality Act. Oh yes. She said she didn’t understand why as a society we were offended by breastfeeding. Here’s the thing. We are not offended. What is being questioned, I think, is the putting on display of an act of intimacy."


A ‘humanitarian’ ‘photojournalist’ of British origin, but who had sacrificed his nationality to get an American passport, was beheaded – along with a similarly daft White South African – as he set about his self-chosen mission of detailing the poverty and squalour resulting for Arabs from fifty years of internecine Muesli fighting in Yemen – hardship already well known to any newspaper reader in the West, though not apparently to the yag-looking said photojournalist.


That Europe’s ancient left-right division – under which all parties became leftist and Mueslimified for lack of support from the lesbianized church and peecee-undermined cops – was being superseded by the division between tough-minded realists and tender-minded idealists was indicated as Europe’s ‘far right’ parties began to link up with Vladimir Putin’s effort to defend the White race.

In Paris, the Front Nationale confirmed that it had taken a whopping €9.4m (£7.4m) loan from the First Czech Russian bank in Moscow (Guardian, 9 xii). This loan was logical enough. The FN’s leader, Marine Le Pen, made no secret of her admiration for Putin; her party had links to senior Kremlin figures including Dmitry Rogozin, now Russia’s deputy prime minister, who in 2005 ran an anti-immigrant campaign under the slogan “Clean Up Moscow’s Trash”.

Le Pen defended her decision to take the Kremlin money, complaining that she had been refused access to capital in France: “What is scandalous here is that the French banks are not lending.” She also denied reports by the news website Mediapart, which broke the story, that the €9.4m was merely the first instalment of a bigger €40m loan.

The Russian money would fuel Marine Le Pen’s run for the French presidency in two years’ time. Nobody expected her to win, but the FN topped the polls in May’s European elections, winning an unprecedented 25% of the vote; Le Pen’s 25 new MEPs already formed a pro-Russian bloc inside the European parliament.


The moronic dream of Britain’s LibLabCons that every child could become, well, a sociologist, met its come-uppance as Britain had to hire bricklayers from Spain and Portugal and sandwichmakers from Hungary, on ten times the wages they could get in their homelands, to make up for Britain’s idealistic failure to train its schoolkids in skills which they could master (D.Mail, 9 xii).

An agency based in Warsaw claimed one of its firms, run by Conservative peer Lord Wolfson, had already taken on 7,000 Poles. UK Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith (who had an incomprehensible scheme for solving the problem) said the UK benefits system encouraged skills shortages by allowing British people to live comfortably without work.


 The peecee West, which had ostracized star geneticist James Watson for ‘racism’, received a resounding kick in the teeth as Watson’s despairing sale of his Nobel medal to fund more research was met by Russia’s richest man, mining tycoon and Apple investor Alisher Usmanov (also owner of London’s top football team, Arsenal), forking out $4M to Watson and then promptly giving him his medal back (Washington Post, 10 xii).

Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov says he was "distressed" that U.S. scientist James Watson had felt forced to sell his Nobel Prize gold medal

 "In my opinion, a situation in which an outstanding scientist has to sell a medal recognizing his achievements is unacceptable,” Usmanov said in a statement. “James Watson is one of the greatest biologists in the history of mankind and his award for the discovery of DNA structure must belong to him."

Mr Usmanov was worth $16B and believed that treatment of his father’s cancer had been assisted by Watson & Crick’s DNA discovery.

The Russian billionaire was well-known as a patron of the arts. One of his recent purchases at Sotheby’s was an art collection of the renowned Russian musicians Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya. In 2007, he bought it for $112M and gratuitously passed it to the Russian government. The unique collection is currently exhibited in the Konstantinov Palace in Saint Petersburg (Tass, 9 xii).

James Watson, 86, had previously endorsed the abortion of homosexual foetuses and concurred with conventional wisdom that darker-skinned people tended to have stronger sex drive; he also said he would have aborted his own son if he had been able to foretell the boy’s becoming – as he did -- schizophrenic.

In 2014 he {like this blog, q.v.} spoke favourably of Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance which frankly and engagingly acknowledged quite a number of evolutionarily based race differences.

    The left’s main line remained to denigrate Watson for his views on topics on which he was not ‘expert.’ But one Guardian correspondent pointed out (10 xii):

"Incidentally, is it morally flawed if an expert in the field of intelligence holds "racist" views on intelligence's distribution? I'm thinking particularly of Arthur Jensen, see some of his research here


 Inspired by the outdated welfarist and Nobel-pacifist mulatto Obarmy, America – helped by its politicos taking a prolonged Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Hogmanay break – embarked on a fulsome denigration of its own intelligence operatives who had tried – using non-scarring quasi-torture – to solve the riddles of 9/11.

Sparing no expense, a 500-page gummint-funded document from Senatorial busybodies provided lurid detail of CIA waterboarding, rectal feeding, prolonged nudity, shackling and sleep deprivation (which sadly got little nearer solving such questions as why three unannounced planes could fly undetected and unhindered to New York and Washington).  MSM agreed with Obarmy to denounce the country’s servants for a modest suspension of Muesli ‘uman rights.

Just why Mueslis were entitled to any rights at all when they were invaders whose shock troops – seldom criticized and never ostracized by imams -- granted no rights to Westerners (apart from mercifully quick beheadings) as a mystery (except for White politicos having got stuck with the peecee gimmicks on which they had relied for Muesli votes).

The Mail responded to America’s self-torture with photos of a yag being thrown off a building by Isis in northern Iraq – if not killed thereby, he would have been stoned to death in accordance with Koranic injunctions.}


 That the pimping of girls was no unique speciality of capitalist Whites was revealed by Africanseer’s late-arriving 5 vi 2012 report that scores of passably nubile Chinese girls had been imported to Nigeria for the delectation (costing $2.5K per night) of Black bigwigs.

Girls were bribed in the usual way with promises of jobs as secretaries etc. They were specially popular with Black males because of their tight vaginas – those of Black women having been unduly expanded and left unable to grip despite the use of alum stones to dry them out.


Having failed to persuade people that there were no race or sex differences, PeeCee turned its tyranny to new targets, condemning a Lady Jenkin, a health expert famed for her liberalism and moderation, who had dared to suggest that Britain’s ‘poor’ (well known for their addiction to 40p ciggies, stinky popcorn and Sky Sports licenses for their widescreen TVs) sadly lacked cooking skills and could do well to make porridge (normally costed at 4p per bowl) rather than tire themselves out visiting ‘food banks’ for past-sell-by-date tins of asparagus (D.Mail, 10 xii).

Detected in her ‘error’, Lady J dutifully grovelled to the loony tyrants who sought new worlds to conquer – thus having her cowardice hand Ukip another few hundred thousand votes. {The inability of what was left of Britain’s elite to speak freely – or even to speak the truth – would surely prove the end of these gutless peecee-indoctrinated swine who were almost as comical as PeeCee itself.}

    The Mail’s Quentin Letts, after reviewing some of the most egregious cases of PeeCee’s recent bullying, concluded:

"I could mention others: Tory MP Patrick Mercer for daring to say he had known some soldiers from ethnic minorities who were thick; Lord Young for saying we were comparatively well-off, despite austerity cuts; Andy Street, head of the department store John Lewis, for some jovial remarks about France being ‘sclerotic, hopeless and downbeat’, and many more. All were making perfectly justifiable remarks. Yet all swung on the gallows of the rolling-news cycle.

    The story by Hans Christian Andersen of the little boy who said the king was starkers is, at its root, a story about power and self-blinding loyalty. No ruler and no ruling caste is served well by people who chillingly try to suppress the truth. It is a fable that the false-moralising, shroud-waving, intolerant elite of modern Britain -- so quick to take politically-motivated offence on behalf of an entirely unfazed and unimpressed populus -- would do well to heed."


In an astonishing exercise of his smooth Etonian and Oxford gifts, PM DD popped down to Turkey to ask Dictator Doggin to prevent ‘British’ Mueslis (who should never have been hosted, let alone let loose by Britain) returning from their treacherous service to ‘Isis’ to kill as many British cops and off-duty soldiers as they could.

In exchange, DD would back Turkey for membership of the EUSSR, making it the biggest EU country and allowing it to export its millions of Mueslis, making a final mockery of DD’s stated objective of controlling third-world immigration to the UK. Was DD certifiable – as suggested by some Speccie correspondents (10 xii)?


 As Germany pursued its long-held ambition of consolidating its ‘zone of influence’ to its east, having the people of south-east Ukraine shivering in their cellars as they were bombarded at once by Berlin-backed and Moscow-backed forces, the Mail’s Peter Hitchens, a reluctant but realistic Germanophile, explained (10 xii) that the Ukraine was a corrupt, lawless and bankrupt – as well as vast – pseudo-state and thus ripe for the embrace of the EUSSR.

{Sadly, even the ‘right-wing’ PH could not appreciate that considerations of language and nationality were bound to tear the Ukraine apart in response to the EUSSR’s wanting to resume the Cold War with Russia – and indeed turn it hot.}


Britain’s time-wasting educational inspectors (of ‘Ofsted’ – short for ‘Office armchair instead of Education’....) admitted that two thirds of “bright” kids did not fulfil their potential because of boring lessons for dumbos and bad behaviour at Britain’s hopeless ‘comprehensive schools’ (D.Mail, 11 xii). Just how ‘brightness’ was measured could not be mentioned by Ofsted....


 An attempt to blast a top Ukip official as a ‘sex pest’ backfired as the accuser, a Mrs Bolter (a scarcely inexperienced mother of five, once Natasha Ahmed, currently divorced), turned out to have lied about her age (she was 39, not 35), her ‘top Oxford degree in PPE’ (she had never attended OU, said the university), her Oxford college (which she called Wadam instead of the more usual Sodom ooops Wadham), her ‘teacher training,’ her being thrown out of Labour for not paying her subs, and her flirtation with Mr Bird (which continued for months after the date which she later chose as revealing he was a political rapist – for Ukip certainly wanted a few good-looking female candidates who were the children of immigrants) (D.Mail, 11 xii).


 British politics (in which the elected parliamentarians had been sent on prolonged holiday as their hand-to-mouth leaders prepared themselves for re-election – which they would not get, following their years of multiculti madness and failure to impose English, debating, financial probity and voting on ‘Europe’) were briefly enlivened as the country’s officially top weekly telly discussion programme, ‘Question Time,’ chairpersoned by the ever-more-useless and peecee David Dimblebore, 94, managed to stage – in the safety of civilized grammar-schooled Canterbury -- something of a confrontation between the equally ignorant ‘right-wing’ ‘Poundshop Powell,’* beer-swilling Ukip leader Nigel Garage and the ‘left-wing’ multi-millionaire druggie, sex maniac and ‘comedian,’ ‘Chest-haired No-brain,’ Russell Brand [no relation] (Guardian, 13 xii).

These equally ‘anti-racist’ pop-populist performers managed to get members of the audience screaming at each other, thus disguising the fact that neither ‘politician’ could either see or seize the reasonable common ground of recruiting unemployed Blecks and Peks into a passably-funded Humanitarian Task Force for the A/A World that would do tremendous good and have fun suicide-bombing AlQueerdo, Eyesore and Yoko Haram before dying off.


 Britain’s passably popular ‘racist’ party had itself a Merry Little Christmas celebrating the decision by ‘Dirty’ Richard Desmond to give it £300K and to bring out his newspapers (Daily Express, Daily Porn, Weekly Porn etc) in favour of the OAP ooops Senior Citizen Party at the UK’s imminent 2015 (chaotic) General Election.

Further adding to Ukip’s credibility, the Daily Telegraph ‘revealed’ that cheery-chappy Ukip leader Nige Garage had twice corresponded with the only near-realist of British politics, the scholarly Enoch Powell – though Enoch had disdained the advance as he had by the 1980s committed himself to the Ulster Unonists, not realizing that they too (like the ‘Tories’) would betray him in return for dosh and gummint jobs from Revs Clinton and Blair.

* For genius (if IQ-ignorant) Enoch, see


Comments? Email Chris Brand. -- CV for Chris Brand. -- Some history.


Monday, December 08, 2014


 As Germany slapped down any attempt by Britain to control the inflow of gypsies to London (Germany already had its own ‘tented cities’ of Romanian slave labourers and did not want want more) and the UK’s feckless debt-increasing Chancellor showered the National Elf ‘Service’ with a further £25B for its overheated, chattering, tea-drinking lesbian nurses, at least the Mail (though bizarrely wanting to give Daft Dave “one more chance” – unlike most of its increasingly Ukip-backing readers) seemed to turn a crucial corner by acknowledging {together at last with this blog} that Britain’s non-contributory, irresponsible and fraudulent ‘welfare state’ (which had managed to destroy marriage, the only known producer of happiness and child health) would have to go (30 xi):

"For years our leaders have tried to avoid any fundamental consideration of our relationship with the European Union, or of our colossal, unaffordable and badly targeted welfare system.Now both require solutions, soon. Our benefits system, more or less unique in the EU, does not require contributions before it pays. Such a system is unsustainable in an age of open borders. Meanwhile, the migration issue has alerted millions, previously indifferent, to just how much this country is subject to EU laws over which we have little control."


In a large-scale study of nature vs nurture, Florida State University’s Kevin Beaver {an honourable successor to hereditarian luminary professor Glayde Whitney} found IQ impervious to parental efforts (Student Science, 24 xi, ‘IQ is in the genes’):

"....the team pored over information from a study of more than 15,000 U.S. middle- and high-school students. It’s called the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.

    Starting in the 1994-to-1995 school year, researchers had asked students a series of questions. For instance: How warm and loving are your parents? How much do you talk with them? How close do you feel to your parents? How much do you think they care about you? Students also were given a list of 10 activities. Then the questionnaire asked how many of those activities students had done with their parents in the previous week.

Did they play sports together? Go shopping? Talk with each other over dinner? Watch a movie together? Students also answered questions about how permissive their parents were. For example, did their parents let them choose their own friends, choose what to watch on TV or choose for themselves when to go to bed?

    The researchers then gave the students a test to gauge their IQ. Called a Picture Vocabulary Test, it asked the students to link words and images. Scores on this test have been linked repeatedly to IQ. Later in life, between the ages of 18 and 26, these people were tested again.

    Beaver’s group was especially interested in results from a group of about 220 students who had been adopted. The parents who raised them had not passed on any genes to them. So if there was a link between the students’ IQs and the way their parents raised them, the researchers should see it most clearly in the adopted students’ scores. But no such link emerged. Whether students reported their parents cared about them and did things with them — or reported that they did not — it had no impact on the their IQ. This means a person’s IQ is largely the result of the genes we inherit from our biological parents.


 Defying the century-long labours of Western Jews to promote multiculturalism and most other superficially idealistic causes, the Israeli Cabinet voted to legislate their country as essentially Jewish (D.Telegraph, 25 xi).  A bill approved in a bitterly divisive cabinet meeting would define Israel as "the nation-state of the Jewish people", enshrine Jewish law as the basis of the legal system and relegate Arabic from its current status as an official language. (Arabs were 20% of Israel’s population.) Arguments promptly broke out among top Jews; and Obarmy’s America said it would not like such realism.

{But if the USA withdrew military support from the world’s most successful mainly-Western state, Jews could always relocate to the empty desert of the Highlands of Scotland, from which they would provide a healthy counterbalance to the socialist welfare-seekers of Glasgow and Dundee.}


 Having converted themselves from agents of free speech, free inquiry and truth telling into money-grubbing bureaucracies obsessed with milking ‘research’ monies (for recycled ‘results’) out of the state quangos, Britain’s ‘universities’ found themselves spotted in their kindred strategy of dishing out marks for money to their undergrads. Universities found themselves accused of lowering standards after it was claimed students were gaining degrees despite skipping lectures and failing to do any private study.

A report from Which?, the prestigious consumer group, raised serious concerns over the value of higher education courses following the imposition of £9,000 annual tuition fees. The study, which was based on a series of large-scale surveys of students and recent graduates, found average workloads of under 30 hours a week – 25% less than the recommended level set in national guidelines (D.Telegraph, 23 xi). Fees for 3-yr degrees at most English universities had risen to £27K in 2014 – lunis seldom charging less than HMG’s prescribed maximum, allegedly ‘for fear of being thought to supply inferior education.’


Although the Wallabys could not manage to beat England at rugby (their impressively fast backs could not match the discipline and power of the English scrum), the Australian government -- effectively restoring the White Australia policy that had once nurtured the continent’s success despite abject conditions across all but its southern coastal regions -- had apparently been doing a good job of keeping out chancers from Afghooniland, Buggurma and kindred hellholes (Guardian, 1 xii):

"The government says its self-proclaimed “hardline” policies against boat arrivals are based on a humanitarian rationale, designed to stop drownings at sea, to “break the people smugglers’ business model”, and to protect Australia from “threats to its national security”. But more than 90% of those arriving by boat are found to be genuine refugees, requiring Australia’s protection. And their numbers – save for a significant spike in 2012 and 2013 – have generally been fewer than 1% of Australia’s total migrant intake.

    However, the policy on its most fundamental level is successful. Boats are no longer coming.

    Australia is one of only five jurisdictions in the world known to forcibly push asylum-seekers’ boats back to sea. Those that reach Australia are taken out of the country, held in prison-like camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, where instances of self-harm, disease and violent physical and sexual assault are common. The average length of detention is 426 days. Australia also incarcerates asylum-seeker children without charge. Currently, more than 600 are in detention."


As London’s shops mimicked the American tradition of stimulating trade three weeks before Christmas by offering a small number of grossly underpriced goods, scenes of wrestling, fighting, scratching and biting among jam-packed ‘shoppers’ were broadcast on TV. Although MSM generally and the BBC in particular declined to refer to the racial origins of the horrible scenes of greed (occurring even on Oxford Street), the Mail did a little better (1 xii, Peter McKay):

"....A bewildered old lady, asked what she thought, told the TV reporter she’d seen nothing like it, adding: ‘But I’m from Aberdeen.’

    I’m sure it’s not polite to say so, but it seemed to me only about one in ten in the seething tide were recognisably of Anglo-Saxon stock."


Despite years of yowling by feminoids (to the effect that all sex involving a male was rape), it turned out that Britain had kept its prosecution rate low (even then often failing to convince juries that sex was rape), and had managed twenty convictions annually of lying bitch ‘victims’ who were charged not as minor offenders but as criminals who ‘perverted the course of justice’ and deserved prison stretches.

One giggly blonde rape accuser, surnamed ‘de Freitas’ and doubtless egged on by bearded lesbians, had committed suicide rather than face trial for her perjury. Mesmerized American female lawyers and professors declared themselves shocked at British insistence on truth-telling before the law – apparently an exception in even the Western world (Guardian, 1 xii).


 The extent to which England’s skules and TV-bound bobbies had replaced the church and the family as agents of morality was declared as ‘a Bristol headteacher’ (name, age, sex and race concealed) was prepared to tell the Guardian that ‘services’ were “heaving” with petty and ancient accusations of ‘child abuse’ – not least from teenies who had facetubed nude photos of themselves to boyfriends who, on becoming ex-, duly distributed the pictures more widely.

Accusations of ‘looking’ – at girls or TV images of them – poured in and had to be seen to alarm and alert teachers. Of course, hanky-panky was not the least of the system’s self-chosen ‘problems’ (2 xii):

"One of the greatest strains on us now in school is a breakdown in race relations. Some parts of Bristol are very multicultural, but other areas – like mine – are steadfastly white and working class. There are EDL flags in windows. Racist language is common, along with sexism and homophobia. We are on a constant crusade to develop inclusivity and tolerance and to combat ingrained rage.

    Nearly 40% of our families have neither parent working; 15% have never worked; we have twice as many children on free school meals as those who pay. Most of our children have never been into the centre of Bristol, let alone been on a holiday. For many of these children, all of whose consciousness is post-2001, anyone different from them is a terrorist, an illegal immigrant, a job-stealer or a sex attacker."


 In a major shift of Western ‘thinking,’ America allowed, watched and welcomed Shitite Iran turning its F4 jets against the Solunnis of Isil in northern Arabia (Indie, 3 xii). For America to wake up to the fact there was a Muesli civil war going on, and that the USA had long backed the wrong side (the treacherous mediaeval princelings of Saudi, Qatar etc) was a serious breakthrough towards the Russian vision of supporting the Shitites of Syria and Iran as the best way to defend Europe from Muesli madness, and above all of breaking the Turko-Saudi Sunni spine.

Help also came from the Egyptian army which had managed to get the Muslim Brotherhood under control and set free anti-fanatic former dictator Hosni Mubarak. (Exemplifying its message to looneys, Egypt awarded death sentences to 118 fanatics who had managed to kill 11 policemen.

Needless to say, Western TV screens were full of caterwauling by fat Egyptian wives – the media folk still far gone in ‘Arab Spring’ nonsense and unable to realize that Western policy was, late in the day, shifting to target mad Solunnis and their cowardly billionaire backers.)


 The feeble nature of the EU’s ‘border controls’ was exposed as waves of thousands of A/As stormed the three 20’-foot high wire fences around the Spanish colonies in Africa of Melilla and Cueta, with scores of the ‘refugees’ managing to break through in a single day (Daily Mail, 4 xii). Evidently no-one dared say that these invaders of Europe were enemies and would be shot. (Or perhaps Germany regarded the exercise as some kind of IQ test which would select the very best rubbish for deployment in Europe’s – i.e. Germany’s -- factories?)


America’s Blacks, whippers-up and hangers-on were given fresh momentum in outrage as a Grand Jury in New York’s Staten Island [perhaps the USA’s nicest area] declined to prosecute the case of a 22-stone Black father-of-six who had struggled to resist being handcuffed by a White cop who finally got him in a headlock, killing him (Indie, 4 xii).

 The Black was apprehended for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. Unbeknown to the cop, he had a medical record of asthma and heart disease. Riots ooops protests were promptly planned in Washington by Black agitator Al Sharpton even though the US justice department said it was mounting a full investigation of the case, which followed a heavyweight Black robber being shot by a policeman in Missouri as he threatened the cop, calling the officer too “pussy” to use his gun.

{Just why most Blacks accepted largely-White medicine, education, policing and welfare was something of a mystery. It could be that, like South Africa’s Blacks, they preferred facilities run by higher-IQ Whites to any run by Blacks. Or it could be there was nowhere else to go because of Blacks’ reputation for destroying any area on which they got their hands – Africans specially noting that Afro-Americans, despite their relatively charmed lives, had never managed to take over a single US state.}


  That puritanical lesbian left-feminists’ persistent efforts  to link with Black-worshipping cultural Marxists had been a flop was manifested as the leading American lingerie firm ‘Victoria’s Secrets’ produced a Christmas display of bras, boobs, knickers, garters and stockings that would have been perfectly acceptable at the height of sexual liberation c.1970 (D.Mail, 4 xii, ‘How did 50 years of feminism end in this?’).


  The cultural Marxists, anti-racists and transgendered lesbians of Australia’s university sinecures got the shock of their lives as they were told by Queensman PM Tony Abbott – perhaps wanting to encourage a rebirth of Christian civilization -- that lunis would have their funding slashed by 20% and that students at theological colleges would in future be eligible for government funding to the tune of 5K Oz dollars p.a. per student.

Even colleges teaching the more weird and wonderful Catholic versions of birth control would be government-funded – though any reduction in birthrate was to be welcomed for export to the south Pacific whose natives would otherwise overwhelm the Workers’ Paradise as soon as they could get cash together for boats and bribes.


After a week in which a ‘major speech’ on immigration by PM DD had done nothing but try to sweep under the carpet the Coalition government’s abject failure to realize its promises to get a grip on modern immigration (chiefly by gypsies and benefit-seeking Bulgars), brave and largely isolated Labour MP Frank Field reiterated his concern that there were no plans for how to cope with dirt-poor immigrants ‘needs’ (for skules, ‘ospitaws etc), let alone for how to integrate them rather than have them turn Britain into a corrupt, murderous and ignorant country like one from which they came (BBCR4, 5 xii, 07:40).

Field’s effort was in response to the left-dominated ‘education’ racket deciding to offer kids ‘O’-level exams in Britain’s history of immigration (D.Telegraph, 1 xii) – a ‘history’ which would doubtless value the ‘contributions’ of Romans, Germans, Vikings, Danes, Normans, Huguenots, Dutch, Jews and Irish while drawing a veil over the negative contribution of Blecks and Peks who had dumped more immigrants in Britain of the previous fifty years than had arrived from Europe in the previous five thousand.

Meanwhile America furnished nightly demonstrations of the impossibility of coping with A/A’s as Blecks took time off from the benefit queues and food banks to march around several cities with coffins intended to remind White-guilty ‘liberals’ of their naughtiness in occasionally killing Bleck criminals who vigorously resisted being brought in for a lethally expensive White-funded process of court trial and multiple appeals.


Swedish politicos who had flooded the country with disaffected Syrians and kindred A/A’s took a hit as the ‘far right’ Sweden Democrats (on 13% in polls) used their influence to bring down the country’s new (‘moderate’, i.e. third-world-worshipping) government and precipitate fresh elections (Indie, 5 xii, p.1, ‘Forget everything you know about nice liberal Sweden – that country no longer exists,’ Emanuel Sidea):

"The Swedish way of politics has often been put forward as a role model for other countries. Almost everyone has heard about the Swedish model of fair wealth redistribution, proper budget policies, a welfare state with good benefits, and a large public sector. They've also probably heard of how all of this has been achieved through mature bipartisanship, and a visionary embrace of reform.

    But yesterday's collapse of the newly elected government is just the latest sign that Sweden has started to transform into a less functional {??}, more European-style country. After only three months of his party being in power, the Social Democrat Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has called a snap election to take place in March."

Yes, after a generation of Stockholm being overrun by Mueslis and turned into the rape capital of Europe by wishful thinkers and vote-getters, the worm was turning.


Dresden, the reconstructed powerhouse of Saxony, produced 7K demonstrators to protest Islamification. A mere 1K leftists turned out, though backed by 500 police to protect them from White patriots (The Local, 2 xii, photo of demo from River Elbe).

Dresden had seen successive demonstrations over what participants regarded as excessive influence of Islam in Germany and Europe. Marches were called by the so-called Pegida Alliance, an abbreviation of the German for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”.

    The issues of asylum seekers and Islam had fuelled tensions in a number of Germany’s cities during the 2014 autumn. Numerous demonstrations took place against what participants regarded as excessive influence on society by Islamic communities. Some protests specifically targeted the Salafist branch of Islam and bids by some members to introduce aspects of Sharia law in German cities.

Forty-five people, including 44 police officers, were injured in November in Cologne during clashes with right-wing groups marching under the banner “Hooligans against Salafists”. Growing activism against Islam had also translated into hostility towards asylum seekers in Germany, many of whom came from Islamic countries.

    In a November survey, researchers at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Berlin found that 42 percent of respondents believed that most asylum seekers arriving in Germany were not persecuted in their homeland."


  As America erupted in yet another spasm of cop-hating from riotous, criminal, unemployed, welfare-dependent Blacks, the ‘liberal’ Jewish New York Times declared itself unequivocally pro-rioter; but was promptly answered in the National Review 1 xii, Heather MacDonald):

"The Times serves up a good example of anti-cop propaganda when it confidently states that “many police officers see black men as expendable figures on the urban landscape, not quite human beings.” That will be news to the thousands of police officers who are the only people willing to put their lives on the line to protect innocent blacks from predation [mainly by other blacks]. Until the Times’ editors and reporters start patrolling dark stairwells in housing projects and running toward gang gunfire, their superior concern for black men will lack credibility."


 A self-proclaimedly “Eurocentric” firm, Ostara [apparently US-based], appeared on the publishing scene, especially promoting its Victory of the Mind [by philosopher-historian Thomas Martin] which apparently detailed how the West had succumbed to Africanism – presumably acknowledging how the bloodthirsty anti-German ‘revolutionaries’ of France [well, Paris] had repeatedly wrecked European culture

(with the help of demakratic politicos in Britain taxing their own country’s aristocracy to downfall by death duties, stripping the House of Lords of its powers in 1910, and finally killing their elite by putting them in the front line in two World Wars).


 Manchester’s top cop, Sir Peter Somebody, took to the airwaves to complain he was fed up with police having to adjudicate on the street as to which groups were more ‘extremist’ – Mueslis or Christians, racists or anti-racists, homophiles or homophobes, Jews or Palestinians etc (Guardian, 5 xii).

So should this job (which began to be imposed by LibLab ‘race hate’ laws from 1966) simply be abolished along with all efforts to control thought and speech? Not at all, opined Sir Peter! Rather, schools, colleges, firms, sports clubs and churches should establish their own thought-policing and thus spare cops to pursue their heavy desk-bound duties of prowling the internet for paedophilic images and prosecuting 80-yr-olds for ‘raping’ (aka having sex with) besotted female fans in the 1970s...


 As moto-neurone-diabled computerized genius cosmologist Stephen Hawking, 72, felt obliged to deliver himself of the time-honoured fear that robots might take over the world (Indie, 7 xii), it turned out he had neglected:

"that computers had no capacity to take in raw information – as in an inspection time test – and could only process data pre-digested and spoonfed them by humans in 10111001111100 formulae;

that computers necessarily had no consciousness because they had no idea of what was important (and thus needed memorizing – always the hallmark of consciousness), having no underpinning drives for love, death, sex and turkey dinners;

that ‘artificial intelligence’ was far less dangerous than natural stupidity – as seen in Africa, Arabia and the inner sancta of the dysgenic Catholic Church."


 Just as America was nudging itself belatedly towards a Shitite-sympatico policy in Crazyrabia, Britain, under the wisdom of nincompoop Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, decided to re-invent itself an east-of-Suez role (abandoned in 1971 in retreat from Aden) by showering brutal Bahrain with cash for a ‘naval base.’

The handout could not be used for British ships, since Britain had none (at least, not equipped with vital aircraft till 2020) but would help Bahrain’s ruling Solunni minority to continue oppressing the tinpot state’s Shitite majority – keeping even ‘dangerous’ medical doctors awake standing up for days on end and urinating into the mouths of any who could no longer stand (Indie, 7 xii, Patrick Cockburn).

{Just why Britain could not give a lecture denouncing murderous Islamism, pull out, and let the s*ds dismember each other was unclear. – After all, both Muesli factions would want to save and sell the oil that would hopefully be their last blessing from the West.}


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As the Thornberry affair (q.v.) sank in and Ukip looked able to take a good slice of Labour as well as Conservative votes, a new future seemed to beckon. Of course, both Britain’s big backers of third-world immigration and the ‘religion of peace’ that was busy taking scores of heads, genitals or other parts off weekly in the Middle East and north Africa rushed to stem the final haemorrhage of support from their already enfeebled parties.

But Labour’s demotion of Overweight Emily served only to give more publicity to her contemptuous photo of “remarkable” ‘white van man’ and his St George flags, and a further reminder that Hampstead-Jewish PPE graduate Millilitre had failed his ‘bacon butty’ test; and the Conservatives found the chairman of their influential and once-right-wing ’22 Committee’, one Charles Wheeler (evidently ‘modernized’ in line with Cameroonianship), met with a barrage of hostility as he was wheeled out to lambast Ukip in even the Mail on Sunday, once thought suitable for reading only by hardened populist Conservative C2s (23 xi).

No: times they were a-changin’. Red Ed Millilitre’s closest buddy (OE) had revealed – with her visual aid of the century – what had become steadily more obvious to political observers since 1970: that Labour was now the party of the Establishment, commanding the state machine (with its millions of jobs and inflated salaries) of ‘welfare’ Britain and subsuming what was left of the Church of England and the House of Lords to its piety, assisted when necessary by ‘uman rights mandates from Brussels, and always by ‘Conservative’ non-intellectualism and cowardice.

So what would be the role of Ukip? Why, if leader Farage could keep up his beer consumption, Ukip seemed all set to be the cavalier plebs of the century, with the energy of cage-fighting van man, a healthy determination not to be run by people who cannot even speak English (let alone make or enjoy a joke in the language), a preference for personally chosen rather than state charity, and hopefully with determination on freedom and even free speech near their core (once they could overcome their own trepidation about being called ‘racist’). )

     That Ukip was indeed most ‘in touch with the white working class’ was indicated by a YouGov/Times poll reporting 27% agreed, whereas only 21% said the same of Labour (D.Mail, 26 xi). Among white working class voters the gap was even wider: 29% thought Ukip best represented them, while just 20% thought Labour was most in tune with their lives.

     That contempt for the working class was well distributed among the Westminster elite was strikingly demonstrated as former Conservative minister and culture vulture David Mellor (sacked in 1992 for hanky-panky and anti-semitism), fatigued from Buck House drinkies for privy counsellors, inadvertently provided a five-minute foul-mouthed tirade addressed to his cabbie (who had somehow upset the great man – probably by failing to recognize him, and by not knowing the quickest route from the palace to a Belgravia restaurant) – the rant being secretly recorded by the cunning driver (D.Mail, 26 xi).


 Any wishing to understand British Ukip voting and the fury at third-world immigration that lay behind it could hardly do better than look at the 1990-2013 figures from the Office of National Statistics (reproduced by the Speccie’s editor, Fraser Nelson, in an incomprehensible attempt to defend Home Secretary Topwitch Theresa as having fractionally reduced non-European immigration – 24 xi). Beginning with a modest but already unwanted total of 75Kp.a. immigrants to the UK in the 1990s, Labour (as it took power from the uneducated, egalitarian, useless and adulterous ‘family man’ John Major) let immigration surge to around 250Kp.a., from which it showed no decline in Coalition years despite LibCon promises to get it back to 1990’s levels.

Thus, even with most politicos pledged against it, from immigration alone (forget about the increasing burden from Pek wives and sick sprogs [from cousin marriage] and illegal immigrants [which many preferred to be – to avoid taxation]), the UK was adding a city the size of Edinburgh every two years without the slightest effort from multiculti-worshipping politicos to provide the roads, drains, ‘ospitals and skules that would be necessary if London and the Midlands were not to become another Bangladesh.


As Britain’s LibLabCon politicos laboured to lie that they would ‘listen’ and plan to plan to plan to limit even low-IQ immigration, it turned out that they were dispensing not only £37 per week to every asylum seeker, £70 per week to any unemployed, free elf, edukashun and ‘ousing (not to mention legal aid for any complaints, and luxurious prisons) to any putting a foot on British soil, but a further £330 per week in ‘tax credits’ to any on lowish wages who claimed to have a couple of children (even if kept abroad) (D.Mail, 25 xi).

The thinktank Open Europe’s figures showed that in Spain, the average weekly take-home pay after tax for a single parent with two children was £362; in Poland it was £269 and in Bulgaria £149. In Britain, a worker on the minimum wage would earn £196, but that was increased by tax credits and other benefits to £527. It meant workers moving to the UK from Spain saw their earnings go up 45 per cent, from Poland by 95 per cent and from Bulgaria by a staggering 253 per cent. {Such was surely the end of Labour’s hopelessly unrealistic non-contributory ‘welfare state’.}

    Following a much touted ‘major speech’ to the House of Commons on immigration by Daft Dave, the Mail crisply observed that even the fabled short-term left-envisioned benefits of much immigration were non-existent once Labour’s tax credits etc for low-paid workers were recalled (29 xi):

DAVE’S big immigration speech was full of tributes to hard-working, highly qualified immigrants who ‘pay their taxes’ and ‘put into the system’. But the sad fact is that many Eastern Europeans take minimum wage jobs. A family of four with one parent in work will earn £196 a week, which is topped up to £527 by tax credits, child and housing benefits and more. Since no tax is paid on that take-home income of over £25,000, what are they ‘putting in’?


 Fresh from lampooning the hate-filled* lesbian-leftie single parent, calling herself ‘Jack,’ who wrote for the Guardian from her tiled kitchen cruelly to denounce PM Daft Dave for ever mentioning that his palsied and epileptic (dead-at-six) son had received good treatment from the NHS (such mentions, thought ‘Jack,’ being a prelude to making the NHS a proper insurance scheme – which DD had never shown the slightest sign of doing), the Mail’s Richard Littlejohn was ready for Christmas fun:

"Last week, I brought you news of how council killjoys had banned the annual Christmas parade in Poole, Dorset, and prevented a taxi driver in Barnsley wearing a white Santa beard for charity. Now officials in {anti-English, pro-Muslim} Dundee have gone a step further. Panicked by child protection considerations, kids are no longer allowed any contact with Father Christmas. Visits to Santa’s grotto have been replaced by, wait for it, a live link via Skype. Children are gathered in groups of up to ten, presumably because there’s safety in numbers, and can talk to Santa on the computer. A spokesman for the local shopping centre said the decision had been taken because some kids are frightened of Father Christmas. Well, that’s their story and they’re sticking to it. Meanwhile, Jimmy Savile remains dead."

* For a full presentation of leftist hatred, see Kerry Bolton’s (2013) The Psychotic Left – with CRB Foreword (q.v.). Modern British children’s ‘fear of Santa’ was probably due to fifty per cent of them growing up without a man in the house – thanks to determined socialist destruction of the nuclear family.


 After some two decades of suppressing free speech (about race, IQ, sex or handicap – not to mention paedophilia), British universities found they were  told by HMG to draw up codes of conduct which might help identify, suppress or even rusticate their more murderous Muslims (D.Mail, 25 xi). In a keynote speech worthy of any tinpot tyrant, Home Secretary Topwitch May said the threat to Britain from fanatics was ‘greater than it had ever been’ and warned an attack by extremists returning from Syria and Iraq was ‘highly likely’.

Such an injunction against ‘extremism’ in luniversities and most other institutions would prove perfectly welcome to academic zombies in so far as it would let them get rid of Muslims who called Jews ‘pigs’, women sexy and yags ‘diseased’ – so the notoriously Muesli-infested University of East London cancelled a rant by leading jihadist Abdoolally Fatah (officially citing the organizers’ proposed sex-segregation of the audience); but it would worry admin wallahs concerned with income streams from Qatar, Dubai, Saudi etc.

    At the same time, antisocial media such as FaceTube and YourSpace were told they must show ‘social responsibility’ by snooping and sneaking on anyone deemed later to have been a nuisance by HMG – a fate which these ‘media’ had long invited by allowing users to use their networks to communicate anonymously. {What a pity these institutional giants had not simply stood by free speech – by known individuals – in the first place!}


Did anyone ever wonder how Britain’s educational bureaucracy would cope with its late-in-the-day realization that skules in Muesli areas (Birmingham’s ‘Trojan Horses’ had reached press attention) were teaching the Koran, female subjugation, musicophobia and yagophobia at taxpayers’s expense? Would it say that parents could choose to spend their educational vouchers (of value according to taxes paid, divided by family size) as they wished? You must be joking!

PeeCee had an answer to every problem, and it never involved choice: so some six Mueslis skules were told to cut down on prayers and veiling; and, to parade even-handedness, a dozen Christian and Jewish schools in 99%-White rural areas were rapped on the knuckles and told to bring in imams to increase their ‘diversity.’

Claims of "political correctness" were rejected by Sir Michael Wilshaw, the fat, balded and overpaid chief inspector of skules, who insisted all schools had to be "realistic about the diverse society we now live in" (D.Telegraph, 25 xi).  Yes, a ‘British’ solution to a problem created by British politicians!


 Speculating that Labour’s money-grabber and brother-kicker Ed Milliltre’s unpopularity might not for nothing be focused on his difficulty in handling smoked pork (Indie, 27 xi),

‘Bacon Butty Ed’: months after the event, the incident that typified, for the right-wing media, Ed Miliband’s lack of ordinary blokeishness, is still highlighted

the interesting fact emerged that Jews in 7th-century Spain had deemed it circumspect to be seen eating pork and, so their kitchens would provide immediate signs of their integration, would strew dishes with little pieces of chopped ham – hence today’s serrano ham pasta bake. Shrewd Red Ed’s lofty Marxist-intellectual parents had evidently avoided this precaution; so not-so-truly-multiculti Ed’s ethnicity could occasionally be glimpsed and he was known to London cognoscenti as ‘The Beaker.’


 Having lost the official ‘war on terror’ (in Eyerak and Afghooniland), failed to bring Pakiland, Yemen and Saudi to heel, turned Libya and Syria into piles of rubble, allowed the rise of Isis, antagonized Russia, and failed to raze even a single mosque in response to Muesli atrocities, Peace Prize Nobelist Pres. Obarmy decided he must look to his ‘legacy’ and deploy the largest force available to him (the US military – 50% of the world’s armed force) – but secretly.

Obama made his “This year we will bring America’s longest war to a responsible end” statement in the White House Rose Garden, on television in June. The new extension of the Afghan war (just as British troops pulled out) was reportedly executed by a classified order (Guardian, 27 xi). Meanwhile, Obama was up there smiling next to his ‘retiring’ Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, talking about how “reluctant” he was to see him go.

The American president, like the one before him, was apparently reluctant to be upfront with the public about war. {Sensible Americans doubtless agreed. Familiar only with success – except against Canada – they had lost (with the help of fracking) that interest in the Middle East which had once inspired them to insist on taking the hell-hole over from Britain and France in 1956.

Even feminists – the main group protected from Islam by the West – did not want war, preferring to stick like leeches to the vote-wanting left as it ditched the Jews. So only secret war was tolerable against real rapists, beheaders, child abusers and their retinue of psychopathic chancers and religious maniacs. Mercifully, a few thousand Yanks and Brits could easily beat these scum, so long as the ignorant and half-hearted Obarmy stayed out of the way.}


Somali ‘culture’ decreed that men should pass their gals around to each other. Such, at least, was the hedonistic story that fourteen Somali pimps told to teenies as young as 13 (some ‘groomed’ from age 11) – as revealed in Bristol Crown Court where the men were sentenced to prison stretches ranging up to thirteen years (Independent, 28 xi).

Whether the girls had any other contact with Somalia was undeclared – as was their race [mainly White], which was kept hidden by Britain’s increasingly secret ‘justice’ system; but quite a few of them were willing believers – with the help of the “weed” [marijuana] given them as they were instructed to lie back and think of Somalia. The sluts were typically paid £30 per session; but some admitted quite enjoying their anthropology practicals as preferable to the “lonely” life of a UK ‘care home.’


As America faced substantial rioting in Ferguson (nr St Louis), involving scores of torched cars, wrecked buildings and arrests (and Blacks hurling bottles of urine at cops), President Obarmy (though given the thumbs-down in mid-term elections) pulled out all the stops on his organ: he blamed a (one-third-Black) Grand Jury’s decision not to prosecute a cop for shooting a heavyweight Black robber (who was charging him head-down and calling him a p*ssy) on the judicial system; to prevent Black madness yielding murder, he sent in 40K National Guardsmen (half the size of the British Army); and, providing reinforcement for any future Democrat president in a spot of bother, he granted ‘executive amnesty’ to 5M illegal Hispanic immigrants. The USA’s top ‘far right’ columnist, Pat Buchanan, did well to call Barry Hussein “a rogue” (VDare, 20 xi):

"Today, in 2014, after an influx of perhaps 50 million in 50 years, legal and illegal, no longer from Northwest Europe, or Europe at all, but Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, of every race, color, creed, culture and language we seem less a nation than some mammoth Mall of America. An economy, but not a country.

    Running in 2008, Obama said he intended to become a “transformational president.” With this decision, he succeeds. He has accelerated and ensured the remaking of America. Now when the wives and children of the illegals arrive, and their extended families apply for and receive visas, and bring their wives and children, we will become the Third World country of Obama’s dream, no more a Western nation. But then the community organizer [from Chicago] did not much like that old America."


 As Whites lost control of their (rebellious) country, a spectacular visual aid came from the once-lovely east-coast American city of Baltimore (MSN, 20 xi). Gang leaders ruled the Baltimore City Detention Center, using smuggled cellphones to direct crimes on the streets outside, dealing drugs and getting four guards pregnant, a prosecutor said at the opening of a major corruption trial involving dozens of officers and inmates.

Prosecutor Robert Harding said corrupt guards {presumably Black} allowed the state-run jail to become the undisputed turf of the Black Guerrilla Family, a gang led locally by a Black called Tayvon “Bulldog” White. White was indicted in 2013 along with 16 other inmates and 27 correctional officers, but agreed to cooperate and was expected to testify against the others. The indictment detailed how compliant guards helped BGF members smuggle drugs and cellphones -- crucial for conducting outside business -- into correctional facilities.

Just who was boss in the Baltimore jail became evident in a call “Bulldog” made to a friend in January 2013 while he was behind bars awaiting trial on an attempted murder charge, court papers showed. “This is my jail. You understand that,” White was recorded as saying. “I make every final call in this jail . . . everything come[sic] to me.”


  The plight of the race realist in the hysterical world of modern ‘science’ was dramatized as top geneticist James Watson announced he would sell his Nobel Prize medal (won in 1962 for his role in discovering the structure of DNA) and spend the proceeds on his own scientific operations (BBCR4, 29 xi, 07:25; Financial Times, 28 xi). Watson, 86, said his casual remark, to an apparently friendly Sunday Times journalist, linking race and intelligence, had led to him being largely stripped of honours and position and made a “pariah” among the younger generation of ‘scientists’ who held the purse strings and maintained media acceptability by wilful ignorance, lies and evasions {as instructed by their luniversities}.

In 2007, Watson had said African descent was “inherently” associated with low IQ. He subsequently became “an unperson,” he said: “Nobody wants to admit I exist.”

    It was thought the gold medal – the first to be sold by a living recipient Nobelist – would raise around $3M, some of which would go to fund work at the University of Chicago and Clare College, Cambridge, which had “looked after me,” and some to the purchase of a small painting by David Hockney. Like other race realists, Watson said he was “not racist in a conventional way.”

Preparing for the sale in New York, Christie’s called him “the greatest living scientist,” while feeling obliged to add that great scientists’ discoveries “transcended their human foibles.” Watson still possessed the original handwritten manuscript of The Double Helix, which he reckoned could raise a further $10M. He had been born in Chicago and made his DNA discoveries in Cambridge.

    {Following the deaths of Lee Willerman, Hans Eysenck, Glayde Whitney, Art Jensen and Phil Rushton across the previous two decades, Watson, Richard Lynn and I were the only known ‘scientific racists’ – though top psycholinguist and writer Steven Pinker had become a firm hereditarian and bitten the bullet on Jewish IQ superiority, and top scientific columnist Nicholas Wade had made a brave and scholarly fist of arguing for deep-seated race differences in Personality and Intelligence (A Troublesome Inheritance – q.v.). Watson had sometimes denied that the race-IQ link “had any basis in science”; but there was no sign of him having read The g Factor or IQ and the Wealth of Nations, and, anyhow, no-one took his protestations seriously.}


The West’s revolting plague of obesity, which had ‘required’ taxpayer-provided elf services (notably for ‘type II diabetes) to expand bed sizes and send cranes to lift fatties through their roofs (since they couldn’t get out of their own front doors), was firmly denounced by Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell (29 xi):

"Instead of encouraging a sense of victimhood, the NHS should confront the obese with the plain facts, born out by endless studies, that if you eat less and exercise more, you lose weight. And if they still won’t take responsibility for their own health, then how about asking them to pay towards the treatment of their symptoms, instead of asking us to fork out millions for gastric bands? I am aware that smokers and drinkers, whose ailments are similarly self-inflicted, cost the NHS billions, but at least they pay a disproportionate amount into the national coffers from the taxation on their vices. Not so the obese."

And what about druggies and dealers? Yes! Why not legalize them, tax them up to the hilt, and make them (or genuine insurance) pay for their ‘needs for rehab’ {as I have urged since 1968}?


 As Australia emerged from a week of disasters (hailstorm and flooding in Brisbane, a gifted young batsman killed by fast bowling in Sydney) our London cricket correspondent offered analysis and advice before the elf’n’safety killjoys could move in (, 28 xi):

"There is a very real danger of a knee-jerk health and safety reaction to the tragic death of the Australian batsman Phil Hughes emasculating cricket.  Hughes was hit on the back of the neck  trying to hook when playing for South Australia against New South Wales. He collapsed unconscious on the field and died two days later after suffering a bleed into the brain caused by the blow compressing an artery feeding the brain.

    Hughes was incredibly unlucky because death resulting from being hit by a cricket ball is very rare indeed. The last cricketer to die after being hit whilst playing first class cricket in England was George Summers in 1870, and he probably died unnecessarily because he refused to follow medical advice to rest after the blow. (Summers died four days after being hit on the head).

    In the 151 years since overarm bowling was legitimised in 1863 only one death in first class cricket in England occurred. For around 120 years of that time  helmets were not in use  – Helmets came into general use around 1980.  That  tells its own story: the risk of death from being hit by a cricket ball when batting is vanishingly small.

    Before  helmets arrived  good batsmen were adept at getting out of the way or proficient at hooking and pulling the fast short ball. In addition quick bowlers generally did not bounce tailenders. The consequence was very few batsmen  were hit on the head.

    .... Tragic as Phil Hughes’ death was the facts say there is no need to panic.  The risk of death or permanent serious disablement is minute in the case of cricket. Imposing rules such as no bouncers or developing helmets and other equipment so stiflingly protective that the physical fear factor is removed from the equation would emasculate it.  Sport needs an element of danger in it to have meaning. Let us keep it in the game of cricket."

Cricket was evidently a serious solution to multiculti problems, having helped keep the Blacks and Whites of South Africa from each other’s throats, allowed Pakistanis, Ceylonese and Hindus to vent their animosities with only the occasional bloodbath, and giving England a chance with Australia and New Zealand when rugby failed (as so often....). By contrast, the failure of Ireland, Wales and Scotland to adopt cricket had brought the UK to its knees, and Canada had long been far gone in PeeCee....


 PeeCee achieved the final objective of any tyranny – to achieve such concord with political rivals (and mastery of gobbledegook and meaningless promises) that there was no longer any point in MPs turning up in the House of Commons Chamber, except on spectacular occasions when their own remuneration was debated.

Doubtless such a visual aid had its unfair features (as maintained by the Spectator´s Isabel Hardman (29 xi) – e.g. MPs busying themselves elsewhere during non-decisive debates). But the truths were:

"that the Coalition HMG had no policies worthy of the name – having entirely failed to reduce state spending and the national debt, not to mention incoherent and murderous meddling with the Middle East and antagonizing Russia (not least with Prince Charles and Daft Dave likening Vladimir Putin to Hitler);

 that HMG had put MPs on holiday (from the Chamber) for half the year (because the Coalition parties could not agree on what legislation to seek);

 that 120 MPs were paid extra by HMG as office holders – i.e. they were 18th-century placemen who would never speak out;

 that HMG preferred to conduct its semblance of democratic debate by means of numberless quangos and ‘inquiries’ where HMG pulled the strings – rather than depute business to ‘the awkward squad’ of backbench MPs;

 that the PM was rarely seen in the Commons – unlike, say, Churchill, who regarded it as his business to be in the Chamber daily;

 that Parliament (including the upper House of Sycophants) had become broken as regarding its original function of subjecting government policy and issues of the day to scrutiny, debate and democratic control.


While British politicos, peecee journalists, priests and royals continued in their chosen habit of blindly ‘celebrating’ diversity, the employment market was more discriminating. A Dr Kebab of Bristol University used Office of National Statistics figures to trace ethnic differences in employability (Independent, 30 xi):

Of those in work, the researchers found only 23 per cent and 27 per cent of Muslim Bangladeshis and Muslim Pakistanis, respectively, had a salaried job. White British Jews had the highest rates, with 64 per cent in salaried jobs, followed by Hindu Indians and white Christian Irish on 53 and 51 per cent respectively. White British Christians, white British of no religion and black Christian Africans were all above 40 per cent.

Of course, Mueslis often had jobs in the ‘black economy’ of tax-evading Pek shops provided by their families. But an Indie correspondent added:

"I live in Istanbul, a Muslim city in a Muslim country. Let me tell you something, many businesses will not employ covered women or men with beards, they tend to work for companies who have religious backgrounds....often through choice. It is often the case that if a secular Turk, or foreigner, is available for a job, they'll get it before anyone with an obvious religious image. This is not a Western issue, it happens in Muslim countries as well."

Evidently the employment market realized that low-IQ x high-Psychoticism was an avoidable ‘challenge’ (aka bl**dy nuisance) even though the country’s eminences had knotted themselves into the religion of PeeCee.


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