Monday, October 29, 2012


  As the BBC admitted it had made some effort to cover up the frolics with weenies at its HQ by star turn Jimmy Savile (q.v.) and perhaps other performers (e.g. Gary Glitter – arrested 28 x), and to cover up the cover-up, it became clear that suspicions and recriminations were flying to and fro at the Corporation and could result in damages and compensation costing it as much as paedohysteria had cost the Roman Catholic Church.

{Extraordinary! For the Beeb had only needed to say ‘Yes, it was widely rumoured that JS got up to no good in the woodshed; but hanky-panky was never proved to any reasonable standard, not least because the girls involved never complained of anything either at the time or for decades afterwards – and may well have dined out on having taken the measure of JS’s not inconsiderable willy.’

Instead, in latter-day paedohysterical mode, the Beeb preferred denial – implicitly admitting that ‘damage’ may have been done to invited weenies.}

Compensation claims from some 300 ‘victims’ were expected as the hysteria gathered momentum; and still more claims would be forthcoming from 60-yr-olds whom JS had once visited in care homes and Broadmoor Special Hospital.


Further support for the northern (and relatively solvent) ex-nations leaving the German Empire ooops European Union came in a lead D.Torygraph letter from Tony Jones (Eastbury, Berkshire) (20 x) who specially counselled that Switzerland should be allowed to join a new White ooops Nordic grouping, and even that Germany itself could be allowed in {so long as it asked politely and dumped France}.


In a rare victory for free speech, the leftish tabloid Daily Mirror was ordered by the High Court to pay some £160K in compensation and legal costs to libelled comedian Frankie Boyle (q.v.) who claimed his jokes sending up Blecks, Pekis, Englesh, Gleswegiens etc were not actually ‘racist’ but only intended to parody the type of racist who normally made them (Daily Mail, 23 x).

{But what of the Daily Mirror’s right to free speech?... Still, it was nice to see England’s ferocious libel laws sparing jokes about race. The routinely foulmouthed [though only in parody?...] FB had not even needed to prove that the accusation of ‘racism’ had done him any tangible harm. -- Indeed, he expressly denied that the BBC’s top comic show, ‘Mock the Week,’ had sacked him for undue racism, saying he resigned as the Beeb increasingly declined to carry his gags....}


Britain’s loopy multiculti society was exposed as it emerged that English courts required no less than the use of 10K taxpayer-funded translators per month – and even then that 10% of demands for translation were not met, requiring delays in trials and still further fat fees for lawyakkers (D.Mail, 23 x). The most common demands were for translaters of Urdu [the comic language of Pakiland, still spoken after 50 years by Pek immigrants and their illiterate wives] and Polish [the equally incomprehensible language of many recent UK immigrants invited by the Labour Party].


As paedohysteria consumed those who had failed to stand up to it, and specially yielded a dismal fact-free performance before a House of Commons committee by top BBC boxwallah George Entwistle (£450Kpa), the Coalition Culture Secretary wrote to the Beeb to say it should pull its socks up and confess some 40-yr-old paedophilia or at least cover-ups, a letter which yielded a wounded reply from the Beeb that it already had three ‘investigations’ [the standard taxpayer-funded response to all bureaucratic incompetence] running and that HMG was invading holy ground by challenging the Beeb’s ‘independence’ (Sun, 24 x).

{Yes, having encouraged paedohysteric Esther Rantzen and failed to stand modestly and objectively by the unprovability of 40-yr-old paedophilic fumblings which had yielded on balance no conspicuous harm or even complaints, the taxpayer-funded Beeb (licence fee £140pa to own a TV) found itself on the run from the tabloids and now from an equally ‘concerned’ HMG, eager to prove itself in the national witch-hunting of philanthropist-surrealist Jimmy Savile – who most recently found himself accused posthumously of “sex with underage sub-normals”, necrophilia and bribery of cops by a top BBCR2 producer who had previously held his peace for at least a decade.}

      Paedohysteria infected even the Conservative Party as former Government children’s minister Tim Loughton accused his former boss, top Tory Education Minister Michael Gove, of having declined to rush through “vital” new rules to protect child stars on TV from the likes of Savile – the existing rules not having been changed since 1968 (Sun, 24 x).

      No wonder the Guardian’s wise and witty Michael White wrote (24 x):

"....Since the Savile allegations broke the stone-throwing mob has got completely out of hand. Charities are reporting a quadrupling of calls to register complaints of alleged child abuse. Ambulance-chasing lawyers with time on their hands are marshalling ever-more claimants to sue the BBC, the NHS {it runs Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville, two Savile playgrounds where he hugely entertained delighted patients} and anyone else they can screw a dime out of.


Racism, sexism and homophobism might have been virtually outlawed in NuToryLab Britain, but at least some discrimination by class was healthily alive and kicking as TV stripper (aka glamour model) Pauline Bailey, playing 27, and her 51-yr-old swain found their proposed £12K nuptial celebrations (involving thirty wedding guests) declined by ultra-posh Stoke Park Hotel, Buckinghamshire (its palatial building used in the Bond film ‘Goldfinger’)  – apparently because bust-flashing blonde Pauline (though apparently a medical graduette) and her ear- and eyebrow-studded bald engineer partner did not seem to be ‘our type of people’ (according to a discriminating administratress whose email to her boss was accidentally copied to applicant Pauline (Sun, 24 x).

Pauline (whose website claimed she enjoyed “all sexual positions”) said she was “devastated” to learn of the comment and rejection. {Though presumably she didn’t mind the free publicity in the Sun....}


Western policy of handing Afghastliland back to its denizens took a knock as Muesli Tallyhoes gave a demonstration of their bloodthirstiness and stupidity by having a suicide bomber kill forty members of their country’s elite (top cops, military, corrupt administrators and kindred Quislings) and injure sixty others as they streamed out of a mosque in Mammymania, Fartypants, northern Afghooniland, where they had been celebrating the holiday of HEidbanging (Guardian, 26 x).

      Meantime, the endless American presidential ‘election campaign’ at last fizzled out without either Barry or Mutt managing to discuss for ten seconds how America had lost control of the Middle East and was letting its Nato allies be invaded by illiterate Mueslis (and itself by illiterate Hispanics, adding daily to its vast stock of illiterate, drug-addicted, single-parenting Blacks). {Who would win? Why, Hussein Obarmy of course – for whom 98% of Blacks would vote, while many Whites would stay in their beds or bars rather than bother to vote for Moron ooops Mormon Mutt and his flip-flopping managerialese.}


A new book from Irish Kiwi psychometrician Jim Flynn constituted the clearest-yet admission that – as long urged on him by the late Phil Rushton – the C20 ‘IQ rise’ (discovered by Tuddenham in 1948 and subsequently adumbrated by Lynn and Flynn|) – had occurred only on some intended intelligence tests and not on plenty of others (New Republic, 25 x).

Notably, Are We Getting Smarter? concluded that people had not improved on such highly-g-loaded tests as Arithmetic and Vocabulary; instead, the chief gains had occurred in tests of ‘abstract reasoning’ [similarity detection] and ‘pattern recognition’ – perhaps reflecting a more scientific approach by testees (Flynn reasonably opined) (or greater test savviness, as I suggested in The g Factor, Chap.4).


A new and drastic step towards the supposedly multicultural Islamification of Britain was taken as Bedfordshire police arrested and searched for hours the homes, vehicles and persons of 53 members and allies of the virulently anti-Muesli English Defence League – one of whom had the day previously won the right to run in an election for Police & Crime Commissioner (and thus, if elected, to supervise Bedfordshire police) (full horrors at American Thinker, 26 x).

Just what heinous crimes the 53 would be charged with remained secret (like, increasingly, much of the work of the criminal justice system and the rest of the British ‘welfare’ state – secrecy largely aimed to cover up from just which racial and religious groups Britain’s problems really came); but the 53 had been planning a demonstration in Walthamstow, east London (which would presumably have antagonized Mueslis).


In 2010, it was the famously leftie London School of Econignoramics that was exposed as a good friend (and beneficiary) of Colonel Gaddafi. In 2012, it was the turn of the LUniversity of Bedforshire which hosted the country’s weakest students and had seconded its Vice-Chancellor ‘Leftie Les’ Ebdon to the Coalition so Liberals could bring Oxbridge similarly to its knees by compulsory ‘outreach’ schemes to ineducable/uneducated ‘school’children.

So guess which luni had made a pal of paedogroper Jimmy Savile (q.v.), giving him an honorary degree indeed? Yes it was LUBed which had to retract its honour as national paedohysteria raged – though whether it would manage to hang on to a tranche of JS’s cash remained secret.

(The problem of undue secrecy on the part of taxpayer-funded outfits had got markedly worse in 2012 as journalists felt they could no longer hack into phone calls and emails, or just bribe officials, for fear of pending state regulation – much advocated by the much-exposed Hugh Grant, Max Mosley etc and appealing to the many MPs whose wangling of their expense accounts had been exposed by the Daily Telegraph.)

RACE FOREWORD  As translation of John Randall Baker’s Race into Russian neared culmination in Moscow, I helped prepare a Foreword. It could begin thus:

‘Race’ is a masterly book about racial differences and their mainly genetic bases by a top Oxford biologist who had taken the trouble to master relevant history and psychology; yet it is effectively unknown and virtually banned in the West, having been withdrawn by Oxford University Press soon after its 1974 publication.

Baker was the first scholarly victim of Western ‘political correctness’ which was developed by the political left in the hope of protecting the West’s increasingly diverse ethnic groups which the left was introducing (as likewise of preventing criticism of other ‘minorities’ on the grounds of their sex, sexual orientation, gender indeterminacy, class [lack of] and physical or mental handicaps).

The political suppression of ‘Race’ by OUP and all other mainstream publishers was to be followed around 2000 by forcing all other Western academic race realists into mere mail-order or internet publication and even out of their university positions: eminent psychologists such as Canada’s Phil Rushton, Denmark’s Helmuth Nyborg, the USA’s Art Jensen and the UK’s Chris Brand and Richard Lynn were thus largely silenced by the bien pensants of the ‘liberal’-left.

But Baker’s remarkable case had led the way. Black superiorities at baseball, sprinting, boxing, erection angle, ejaculation distance and jumping could be venerated; but Black insufficiencies in science, medicine, engineering, literature, boat-racing, shooting, classical music, law-abidingness and indeed IQ could not be mentioned in polite circles – or, increasingly, in any circles at all as the left moved steadily to criminalize racist remarks, racial discussion and publication of the mere facts about Black, Mexican and Muslim limitations as ‘hate speech.’


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Monday, October 22, 2012


That the (minor, but still criminal and anti-paedohysterical) misdeeds of Jimmy Savile (q.v.) – even in Britain’s heartland of piety, the BBC -- had been kept quiet over a 50-yr period was attributed to England’s bizarrely severe repression of free speech by its sub-Western libel laws (Peter Hitchens, D.Mail, 13 x).

Apparently, as in so many other British scandals (like that of pension-fund raider, Mirror owner ‘Cptn Bob’ Maxwell), the truth was long suppressed by law (just like the truths of race realism): everyone knew, but no-one could speak.

Even BBC star paedohysteric Esther Rantzen was dragged down, accused of having unduly ‘tolerated’ paedophilic antics. {Hopefully the rapid progress of the paedohysterical firestorm at the BBC would eventually end restrictions on free speech together with assinine paedohysteria itself.}


American ‘Republicans’ – on tenterhooks as to whether their dull flip-flopper Mutt Romney could beat dull floundering Barry Hussein Obarmy – at least had a laugh as Britain declined to hand over computer-crazed Gary ‘Aspergers’ Mackinnon, 46, to face a possible 60 years with the Black sodomites of the USA’s jails.

Despite a lifetime of free treatment from the UK’s National Health Service, Mackinnon, IQ 150 and having done $760K-worth of damage to US Navy computers in his anti-Americanism-fuelled belief that they housed secret information about UFOs, was apparently incapable – even with taxpayer-funded lawyakker help -- of coping with a US court and topped off his ten years of legal argument (costing Britain itself millions) by throwing in the suggestiion that he might commit suicide if extradited.

Americans prepared for more years of amusement as the UK criminal justice system was itself thrown into confusion by every criminal (assisted by doting mama and wisely long-absent papa) claiming to have suicidal tendencies – and they breathed a sigh of relief at not having to lose still more millions of their own housing and trying Mackinnon and protecting him from himself (a task at which Brits could only hope their own pricey lawdiggers, shrinks and screws would quickly fail).

(American officials, however, were said to be “furious” at not getting their own job creation programme out of interrogating, arraigning, trying, appealing, imprisoning and protecting the daft Mackinnon.)


That the fond aspirations of peecee idealists remained widely unrealized was demonstrated as Serbian football fans made merry at the ‘English’ team sporting Black players (the Serbs’ chimpanzee imitations resulting in mass on-pitch fighting) and Serbian war hero Radovan Karadzik accused Bosnian Mueslis of genocide (for which he himself was on trial at The Hague).

Across the world, Nigerians, Malians and Congolese continued lively tribal fighting and stonings; and, as Chile met the Argentine at footie, Chilean fans sang a lewd terrace song, chanted in Spanish, including the diversity-unsympathetic line: “Argentinians, gays, they {the Brits}  took the Falklands off you because you are cowards.” {The taunting line came to light because the UK ambassador ‘tweeted’ it approvingly – but (he said) in error – to 10K fellow timewasters ooops twitterers (Sun, 17 x).}


Europe’s peecee politicians -- who had with complete race unrealism flooded ClubMed with cheap money (allowing it to tolerate tax evasion and useless state ‘employment’ and to give free bussing and pensions-at-50 to all), insisted on unrestricted immigration to meet employers’ needs and left-wing ideals, then (as the crash came) called belatedly for restraint – were answered by the 20th general strike in three years in Greece (where youth unemployment reached 50%), by leftists in Nazi uniforms taunting Germany’s potatohead Mutti Merkel, and by rightists swelling the ranks of the Patras Golden Dawn Party which pretty much tolerated beatings and house-trashings of Greece’s immigrants (from Pakiland, Bangaland, Eyeraq etc, by 2012 constituting 13% of the country’s inhabitants) and got poll ratings of 25% (Daily Mail, 18 x).

Yes, Greece was in riot mode, with MM requiring 7K extra police to guard her as she flew in for din-dins in Athens with the functionary she had assigned to find an answer to the country’s five years of growing economic groaning ooops hardship.

One Greek professor described Golden Dawn as making the UK’s BNP “look like Julie Andrews.” {As pointed out in TgF, Chap.4, multiculti illusions were particularly dependent on politicos managing to provide a continuingly prosperous ‘economy’ to prevent traditional animosities breaking out. But, bizarrely, multicults, in their ‘liberal’-leftism had thought they could do without religion, patriotism, eugenics and schools steering kids towards available work that was suited to their own levels of ability. Their only move to protect their loopy dogma had been to cancel free speech.*}

*My fellow Queensman, superstar comic Rowan Atkinson (‘Mr Bean’) still continued with his pro-free-speech efforts, especially mobilizing support against the ban on ‘insulting words and behaviour’ imposed by the Public Order Act of 1986 (passed by a Conservative government, under Mrs Thatcher indeed) – a ban which, when it suited them, the police and public prosecutors regularly extended to include criticism, sarcasm and jokes (Daily Mail, 18 x). Chances of success against the massed ranks of PeeCee? Zero!

(But perhaps top comedian Frankie Boyle would do better in his High Court action claiming that he only told ‘racist’ jokes to send up racists (and thus that the Daily Mirror had libelled him in calling him a racist) – for Britain’s libel laws were ridiculously strict and advantaged the suitor....)


As US campaigners Barry and Mutt sought to land a clinching ‘knock-out blow’ on each other in the dreary, idea-free 2-yr American presidential election campaign (made drearier by TV ‘debates’ that allowed no interventions, applause or derision), Mutt’s one hope was to pull the anti-Islamic rabbit out of the hat and condemn the economic and cultural unproductivity and incessant hatreds of Muslim lands – before everyone’s eyes turning Egypt et al into ever-more-raging hotbeds of antipathy to Jews, Christians, Sufis, Buddhists and other historic minorities and into civil war in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey between Solunnis, Shitites and Turds (admittedly egged on by Western – and Romney’s own – misguided support for the ‘Arab Spring’).

In such a matter, Mormon Mutt could speak from the heart and have a clear target in that Barry Hussein had won his Nobel Peace Prize by weeks of fawning on Mueslis when he was first elected and had declined three times to take opportunities to kill OK bin Liner (until finally prevailed upon by his exasperated Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton – herself seeking the Presidency in 2017 if she could tolerate enough facelifts).

If Mutt could not come out with Islamorealism even when mobs of kneeling Mueslis regularly blocked traffic in Zoo Yawk, it was hard to see circumstances in which any Western politician would ever do so – and thus the West could look forward to takeover by Islam and a swift end to the problems of crime, welfare dependency, adultery, fornication, drugs, homosexuality, pornography and teenage disobedience (though not perhaps of ‘paedophilia’ – a major entertainment in the Muslim world) with which the Western right had long wrestled unavailingly.

That Mutt could gain from blasting Mueslis was specially indicated as the American public took a keen interest in a 15-yr Pakistani girl, ‘Malala,’ who had been shot in the head by Tallyhoes for expressing a belief in education for girls. (The girl had been rushed to a Birmingham hospital for treatment.)

In Afghanistan, a 20-yr woman was killed with a knife by four men and her mother-in-law after refusing the latter’s demand that she take up prostitution (Fox News, 19 x). If Moron Mutt could not use these incidents to slam Obarmy and the Pak and Afghastly Muslim allies which he had for four years paid and courted, such feeble resistance as the right had ever shown to the Muesli invasion of the West could be finally pronounced dead.

In Britain, Christian campaigner Baroness Caroline Cox told the House of Lords that there were already 85 ‘religious councils’ (i.e. courts) functioning in the country to dispense Sharia law to devotees.

It was interesting that, in the first two presidential debates, Obarmy had made no attempt to ‘play the race card.’ Perhaps he appreciated that (as had been discussed thoughtfully at Hill Bizz (8 x)) that the pool of White guilt (and fear of charges of racism) had been substantially drained by the 2008 election of Obarmy.


Britain’s adored and vastly remunerated paedophile, Jimmy Savile (q.v.), found himself, though deceased at 84 in 2011, not just ‘assessed’ but, oh so more seriously, ‘investigated’ by cops for his fumblings and occasional ‘rapes’ – apparently involving 200 named ‘victims’ over six decades.

The celebrity-worshipping BBC (which equally rewarded with £15M annually the likes of car maniac Jeremy Clarkson and vulgar Jonathan Ross) was thrown into a tizzy.  In three weeks of hysteria, not a single ‘victim’ had claimed any more ‘damage’ than might have occurred from playground sweet-stealing. Indeed, most ‘victims’ had probably dined out for years on tales of their encounters with Savile.


A thorough analysis of the activities and (mainly Jewish and socialist) funding of the virulently ‘anti-racist,’ mega-rich, left attack dog ‘Southern Poverty Law Centre’ was provided by Capital Research Centre  – including info that the SPLC had put no less than 1,300 patriotic groups in America on its list of ‘hate speech’ propagators and that it paid its own staff most handsomely from its contributions from organizations terrified by its propaganda into buying into even more ‘White guilt’ than these wretches already felt.


Although Muesli (and Catholic) Bosnia had enjoyed fifteen years of peace by its separation from the (Orthodox) Serbs of (what became) Republika Srpska, cards were about to be thrown into the air by the misguided idealism of multiculti lunatics like UK ‘Liberal’ Paddy ‘Pantsdown’ Ashdown to the effect that the warring tribes should be compelled to re-unite (Private Eye, 19 x).


The dotty egalitarianism of Britoid educationists was not without its equivalent in France, where socialist President Hollande announced that he would ban children from being set or doing homework. Instead, all such exercises would occur only on school premises, in extended school hours, so ‘disadvantaged’ children (who sometimes had poor home facilities) would be able to keep up (Wall Street Journal, 15 x). 70% of French adults thought the wheeze ridiculous.


A nice tribute to ‘Newtonian’ Phil Rushton was published by Sovietologist Frank Ellis (who himself lost his academic job in Leeds through race-realist outspeaking) (American Renaissance, 15 x). Like a good number of subsequent correspondents, FE was specially taken with Phil’s r-K theorizing – though without mentioning that the Chinese, the Japanese and CofE vicars (for long England’s prefect class) had all bred like r-ish rabbits till Mao Tse Tung, condoms and the Pill came on the scene.


Hilarious hysteria mounted (especially at the BBC) over probes into who, in the 1970s, might ever have tolerated Sir Jim having (with some frequency – 200 ‘victims’ had ‘bravely’ come forward after forty years) put his hand up young girls’ skirts. In Britain’s logjammed politics where nothing could get done (about bankers’ and bureaucrats’ bonuses, failure to kill Mueslis, illiterate immigration, bog standard comprehensives, Eurostrangulation, lazy GPs, councils declining to clear rubbish, aid to nuclear-armed Pakiland and Hindhia etc), there was still room for incandescent rage about racism, elitism, chauvinism and paedophilia.

England’s newly peecee soccer organizers lashed themselves into a frenzy about Serbian fans making monkey noises at ‘English’ Black players, the Government’s Chief Whip had to resign after remonstrating with a ‘pleb’ cop who had arbitrarily closed a Downing Street gate on him, daily ‘researches’ issued forth denouncing the lack of wymmin at the top (without any mention of how few women had really high IQs), and the mistress (Eggwina Curry, once AgFood&Fish supremo) of a former Prime Minister (John Major, 8½) found herself attacked for having appointed Savile [q.v.] to prominent roles in child welfare and lunacy management (megaphilanthropist and kiddiefumbler JS actually had keys allowing him access to every cell in Broadmoor, England’s major ‘hospital’ for the violently deranged).

As such pathetic hysteria became the stuff of Britain’s daily news (journalists having nothing better to do without the help of phone hacking and bribing cops for stories), it was worth recalling more sensible days when the occasional limitations of Blacks, the lower orders, single-parent mothers and paedohysterics could be mentioned.

In 1976, a highly respected liberal body had told the Criminal Law Revision Committee: “Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult, result in no identifiable damage.... The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage. ....[The only evidence is] that children are harmed if, after a mutual relationship with an adult, they are exposed to the attentions of the police, press and court” (Daily Telegraph, 20 x).

Whence such common sense (anticipating my own in 1996)? Modern ‘liberals’ would doubtless swoon to learn it was the National Council for Civil Liberties [NCCL].


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Monday, October 15, 2012


 Allowing homosexuals to marry each other (as advocated by most Westminster politicians – whether blackmailed by gays or just out of PeeCee) would (ironically enough) open the door to legalizing polygamy – and then, why not, the rest of Sharia law – argued the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, addressing the otherwise lacklustre ‘Conservative’ annual conference in Birmingham (Daily Mail, 7 x). 

He also (forty years too late) pointed out that immigration control might be a good idea (though he did not advocate restrictions on third-world immigrants’ state-funded breeding, importation of illiterate Pak wives, and immunity to execution for treachery [Abdooalight Hamza(q.v.)]. 

{What a shame that the Christian churches had only recently recognized some importance for sex, romance and the family! – Till 1945 they had preferred monasteries and nunneries. Now, thanks to Christian half-heartedness, Britain was to be opened not just to yag ‘marriage’ and polygamy, but -- why not -- to polyandry, incestuous marriages and the unions with animals that – under socialism and the collapse of family life – many Brits found their mainstay? – It was just fortunate that Islam itself, as it came in, would be unlikely to tolerate more than cousin-on-cousin incest.}


After Labour’s leader ‘Red’ Ed Miliband (funded annually by some £6M of trade union money) claimed the mantle ‘One Nation’ for his party, using the term forty times in a vacuous conference speech in Manchester. Dominic Sandbrook pointed out that the long-used Tory phrase came from Britain’s only Jewish Prime Minister, the mountebank egoist and chancer (though a brilliant political tactician) Benjamin Disraeli (Sunday Mail, 7 x) who had had no hesitation in opposing free trade (and thus cheap bread) and extension of the franchise (‘to mediocres,’ as Dizzy called them, and in sending British troops to die needlessly in wars against the Zulus and Afghans. 

The blarney catchphrase had been dropped by the top-popularity and most long-term effective C20 politicians Clem Attlee (Lab.) and Maggie Thatcher (Con.), who both took the view that it was for the monarch to represent ‘One Nation’ while they got on with passing major bills favouring respectively, the war-weary fighting lower classes of 1945 against the idle rich, and the strivers against the union-organized skivers, strikers and sabbaticalled welfare-dependents of the 1970s.


Though the Conservative Party did not have the imagination to get some joy out of its forced marriage with the LibDems to back freedom across a wide range of issues (not least freedom from union bullying [the Libs got no cash from the unions] and from peecee speech codes), a fine defence of press freedom (from the statutory control wanted by improprietous and disgraced celebrities like Max Mosly and Hugh Grant) was furnished by Stephen Glover (Daily Mail, 8 x). 

{UK newspapers had already become much more boring since the closure of the News of the World for phone hacking and paying for police leaks to journalists.}


Educational selection in schools was supported by London Mayor, Olympics organizer, intellectual, comic and national treasure Boris ‘BoJo’ Johnson – support not heard from any senior ‘Conservative’ in the previous decade (Guardian, 9 x). Addressing an ultra-large party ‘fringe’ meeting after a day which had witnessed scenes of ‘Borismania’ as BJ arrived in Birmingham, “the blond mop” (as his fellow Etonian Prime Minister called him) said:

"Because I don't have jurisdiction over education in London I can say, without fear of causing any political plaster to fall off the ceiling, that I'm a strong believer in competitive education. What was the Olympics? It was a great pageant of competition. We were encouraging people to come first, second and third. We should be able to allow children to compete academically in my view in that way … I personally have no objection to selective admissions at some stage in a child's development. Where that stage is found – people object to 11, I can see problems with that. But at some stage – I have no problem." 

BoJo was also said to have joked to a fringe meeting that the “picaninnies” of Africa would be better off if they still had British rule. {The dismal and poorly attended party conference also got a little cheer from Chancellor Osborne saying he would let workers sell their employment rights and might withdraw housing benefit from under-25s who had never worked and had too many babies; but PM Cameron was allowed to just burble defensively about the economy in a 20-minute BBC interview which avoided all mention of bankers, trade unionists, libel lawyers*, ‘yuman rights lawyers, femininnies, ‘teachers,’ feckless mothers, illiterate immigrants, peecee police, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, North Korea, gypsies, Muslies etc (R4, 9 x, 08:10). – Oh, well, it was Daft Dave’s birthday! But, so encouraged by lack of criticism did he feel that he repeated his mind-numbing performance in his closing speech to his ‘Conservative’ conference.}

The Guardian (11 x) delightedly reproduced an anti-Boris article commissioned by the Daily Mail – in which Boris was vaguely accused (by military historian Max ‘Hitler’ Hastings) not only of countless infedelities but of proving untrustworthy with some un-named person’s wallet. Plainly the fightback by Britain’s dismal peecee pols (of both left and ‘right’) against the intellectually superior and far-more-amusing Boris (whose father had long helped the BNP) was beginning. 

{Though, IMHO, being editor of the Spectator was a better job than being PM in an EU-emasculated Britain, Boris – the grandson of Turkish sultans – had wanted to move on; and anyone who could restore the sanity of selection to Britain’s state ‘schools’ would do the country the biggest possible service. 

Moreover, Boris had enough persona [from his childhood days of coping with deafness], education and experience to knock Mussolini, Hitler, de Gaulle and Clinton into a cocked hat. His rapturous reception in Birmingham had plainly decided Daft Dave to let loose the dogs of war – sadly, not on peecee Marxites and wet fellow travellers but on his fellow Etonian. -- Brasenose vs Balliol! No contest! A modern Churchill (though yet to decide what to do about the oligarchy of wanksters ooops bankstas)!}


That Britain’s traditional underclass villains had been largely replaced by third-world rogues was confirmed as London’s Met admitted it had to arrest 200 “foreigners” every day. Said Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn (9 x), “Every time the Yard puts out one of its ‘Britain’s Most Wanted’ posters, at least 75 per cent of them have foreign names.” {‘Foreign names’ would of course include the second- and third-generation spawn of England’s 50-year experiment in low-grade ‘diversity.’}


As hysterical accusations against star comic Jimmy Savile (q.v.) spread to embrace a dozen other celebs who might have used JS’s dressing room at the BBC to grope or ‘rape’ besotted weenies in the 1970s, or failed (as apparently did leading paedohysteric Esther Rantzen) to report JS’s 60-yr career of weenie abuse, one of the first Black womyn judges in England was hilariously arrested (though allowed bail) (Sun, 10 x). In 2006, Briscoe, then 49, the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, had published a best-selling memoir detailing ‘abuse’ she allegedly suffered as a child; but her mother branded the story lies and sued for libel.


As one Matthew Woods was jailed for twelve weeks for a (presumably horrid, but certainly unrepeatable-by-MSM) joke on FaceTwitTube about apparent ‘victim of paedophilia’* April Jones (5, near Aberystwyth, Wales), MW having pleaded guilty on legal advice, even the wretched Guardian – which had done as little for free speech as the Liberal Party for forty years – began to ponder whether UK legislation against ‘offensive speech’ might have gone over the top (10 x). 

A Times correspondent counselled: “...sending him to prison is the start of a dangerous and slippery slope towards the erosion of free speech” (10 x) – though of course the erosion had begun with Labour’s ‘race hate speech’ legislation of 1966. {Mueslis, of course, were somehow exempted from the application of such postmodern ‘law’ which had been steadily destroying the basis of Western civilization**....}

* April may equally have been the victim of paedohysteria: once a child gets upset at groping and threatens to ‘tell my dad’, the molester – in the tabloid- and femininnie-fuelled climate of paedohysteria (and the legally paramount word of the child) -- only has a choice between a lengthy jail sentence (and complete social ruin) and a chance of getting away with murder. (After a million-pound week of searching by police and neighbours, April’s body was thought to have been washed out to sea in a flood-swollen river.)

** Even ‘academic freedom,’ though a key ingredient of national free speech, had been so magicked away by the left that Prof. Eric Barendt (UCL) could – in eighteen months -- not find any but myself willing to discuss his modest defence of it.


The Western/Jewish policy of getting Mueslis to fight each other in Syria so that Sunnis would eventually beg Israel and Saudi to launch air strikes on Iran made progress as Syria and Turkey began daily exchanges of shelling and the Syrian ‘rebels’ (who had had Shitite President Assad on the defensive) were deprived of weapons in divisions of strategy between Saudi and Qatar (Guardian, 11 x), meaning the Syrian civil war could long continue. 

There was progress too in destabilizing Iran, where the local currency, the shit, had fallen 80% against the dollar in a year, thus making more sensible Iranians furious with their country’s mad mullahs. A sudden boost for US Presidential candidate Mutt Romney in American polls also made US intervention more likely, thus giving Israel the local Nato shield which it craved. America sent 150 troops to its Sunni ally [ho-ho, like Pakiland?] Jordan to encourage it to foment the increasingly bloody Syrian Sunni vs Shitite contest.


As mass entertainer and megaphilanthropist of the 1980s, Jimmy Savile (q.v.), d.2011, attracted attack from at least 120 old bags who claimed he had once ‘inappropriately’ groped or ‘raped’ them, other BBC celebrities of the past found themselves in the firing line. One was star TV game show host ‘Hughie’ Green. But the most publicly named was the massively popular sweet-natured and much-loved John Peel, d.2004, who found himself accused of a 3-month affair – which led to a pregnancy and abortion when he was 30 -- with a 15-yr-old, then an attractive girl who liked to pose in hotpants (Daily Mail, 12 x),

Younger days: Jane Nevin (aged 17) says she was 'in awe' of Radio 1 DJ John Peel, then 30, and that they would go to his London BBC studio or backstage at concerts to make love

Today a 59-yr-old Mrs Jane Nevin. Presumably advised to seek compensation from the BBC (thus from HMG and taxpayers), told the Daily Mail that she had been just one of scores of weenies having sex with DJs on BBC premises. But she was gracious enough to admit:
‘He [Peel] must have known I was still at school. But he didn’t ask and I didn’t tell him. At the time I was just so happy to be on his arm. I was young and he was famous. All I cared about was that I could make all my school friends jealous.I was insecure and impressionable. I suppose I used him for his fame and he used me for sex.’

Late DJ: Peel had unprotected sex with the teenager shortly after boasting on-air that he had been suffering from a venereal disease

D.Mail:  It echoes Peel’s own admission that he received sexual favours from young fans, once quipping: ‘Well, of course, I didn’t ask for ID.’

The DJ ran a Schoolgirl Of The Year competition on his long-running late-night Radio 1 Show and once complained that American virgins ‘would do anything but s*** you’. Mrs Nevin met Peel when she was invited backstage at a Black Sabbath concert in central London. She was hoping to meet the band, including Ozzy Osbourne, but instead caught the eye of Peel.

She said: ‘He came over and started talking to me. I was totally in awe of John. I adored his long hair and beard and he talked so intensely about music. After that night, we would meet up about once a week. If we had sex, we never went to his place. It would always be in his studio or backstage at the Roundhouse in Camden. I loved the status of knocking around with him. He would invite me to gigs and I would follow him around like a lapdog. I don’t know if sex was expected but I went along with it willingly. Looking back, it was terribly wrong and I was perhaps manipulated. But it was a different era.’

Jane had apparently taken over after Peel had fallen out with a wife whom he had married in America when she herself was age 15. (Apparently the bride had lied about her age.)

The BBC said it would reconsider its naming of the entrance hall to its new headquarters after Peel (Guardian, 12 x).

The millions of devotees of John Peel were due for a shock as paedohysteria raged. And, having bankrupted the Catholic Church, would paedocomposeeking oldies bankrupt the left-bastion Beeb too? As 60 ‘victims’ of Savilian molestation came forward, the Sun reckoned the bill to the BBC might be £15M (14 x). {The hysteria (which had started as I was sacked by E.LU. for urging clemency for paedophile Nobelist Carleton Gajdusek) could only be stopped by someone powerful standing up to it (my own effort having proved to little avail – except to cost E.Uni £100K).}

Other (un-named) BBC celebs (plus named ‘Hughie’ Green) were also being accused of 45-yrs-past 4-second gropings of weenies. {Would the name of bachelor PM Ted Heath – master organist, choir conductor and ocean-going yachtsman – soon be in the frame? Would any Conservatives defend their former leader? Some hope! The fire of paedohysteria which had first torched choirmasters and akelas then gone on to ruin sports coaches and Catholic priests had by 2012 reached top comics and celebrities and the left’s darling BBC and the child abuse industry itself. Only the Mueslis – determined to defend Mahomet – would be fireproof and able to save something of the crackpot West from itself.}


Parents who involved themselves in their offsprings’ education were much more important than ‘good quality’ schools, reported researcher Dr Toby Parcel from North Carolina State University (from a survey of 11K pupils) (D.Mail, 12 x). {Naturally, [the unlikely-named] Doc Parcel attributed his effect to environment rather than to genes – or even to the GxE product from parents providing richer educational support for children who seemed to be doing well at school (see TgF, Chap.3).}


A handy account of the favouritism to Blacks, and unfairness to Whites, meted out by the USA’s criminal justice system (under which Blacks could rape Whites with considerable impunity, and certainly not be charged with racism) was provided in Mugged:  Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. The fact that the author was an attractive woman in her '50s, Ann Coulter, a cross-wearing blonde White who wrote occasionally for the New York Times, perhaps held out the prospect that the book might actually get reviewed, read and not depublished. (If AC believed Blacks had a low IQ or special propensity to violence, she kept this firmly to herself and just concentrated her fire on manifest unfairness on the part of America’s cowardly ‘authorities.’)


L-R: Rushton, Nyborg, Flynn, Lynn, Kanazawa

A generous tribute to r-K theorist Phil Rushton (q.v.), along with a 2007 picture of him at a conference with other ‘hated race scientists’ (plus Kiwi-Irish IQ-rise man Jim Flynn), was published in by evopsychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. The unfailingly good-humoured and diplomatic J-PR had retreated into quiet academic life in the previous fifteen years – whether because of illness, threats from his university, MSM blackballing, lack of interest in his widely distributed abridged version of Race, Evolution & Behavior, the limitations of r-K theorizing (which implied the ‘best’ thing in life was to be a tall, silent and long-lived tree), attempted reading and mastery of The g Factor or concentration on his Pioneer Fund work was not clear. 

But it was not true (though asserted in London Free Press [Ontario] that J-PR’s ideas were going to ‘die with him’ (4 x): to say this was to neglect the forthcoming publication of John Baker’s Race in Moscow – and keen Moscow interest in publishing the writings of Richard Lynn and myself.


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Monday, October 08, 2012


 The previous detail of emeritus race realist Richard Lynn, whose intellectual life began, like my own, with his first big job (in his case in Dublin, trying to work out what was wrong with the Irish economy of 1965), could be nicely complemented {I discover} by an internet interview with him in 2011, discussing his life, here. (My own 2012 review of RL on Jewry (and its four sub-races, of differing IQ) was still published  here.)

Richard zoomed to score in the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph (30 ix), Independent (1 x – including a picture of a cucumber as a visual aid) and Times Higher (4 x, p. 2) with a confirmation (from internet data on er*ct p*nises, reproduced in the academic journal PAID) of Phil Rushton’s 1980’s reportage of a B>W>A difference in average p*nile length (e.g. 7.1” in the Republic of Congo vs 3.8” in Korea).

Brits as usual had little to cheer about in this stiff brian vs brain competition, especially since the newspapers left the brain and IQ unmentioned*; but at least their manly members (5.5”) were longer than those of the French (5.3”) and Americans (5.1”). EPLs in China and India were around 4”. PLs were sometimes thought to have shortened as escaping Africans encountered cold weather – notably in the Ice Age and the Himalayas – and needed to increase brain size so as to organize fire, alcohol, clothing and buildings and reduce brian size to cut the risks of frostbite to long penises ooops Doctor Johnsons.

*The Daily Mail (1 x, 3pm), to its credit, did manage at least to mention that Richard held ‘controversial views on racial and national intelligence’ – though it spared sensitive race-slumping readers detail of what these views were.


Fifteen years after sacking me for insufficient anti-racism, femininnery, egalitarianism, deference and paedohysteria, the University of Edinburgh hit rock bottom in a national poll of the UK’s 125 universities as to ‘teaching quality’ (Sunday Times, 30 ix) – its students complaining that its staff were ill-informed, lazy and inattentive. In overall academic quality, E.LU. came 39th – way behind its modern Scottish rival, St Andrews, which came in the UK’s top five, along with Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and Durham.

(In an ‘international survey of universities’ general strengths by Times Higher (4 x), E.U. managed to stay in the top thirty – probably because its ‘citation count’ included past work like mine and that of my 82-yr old pal Peter ‘Boson’ Higgs [which his own Department, Theoretical Physics, had banished from its library till journalists turned up asking for it].)


 As West-hating, Islam-preaching ‘Hook’-handed Hamza’s lawyers yet again, after his eight years in prison, managed to delay his deportation to face trial for terrorism in the USA, it turned out that most of his nine sons had clocked up serious criminal convictions and jail terms. The Taxpayers’ Alliance calculated that Hamza had cost demented Britain £3M in welfare, housing and legal benefits(Sunday Times, 30 ix) – a figure to which a further £2M could properly be added for handling the criminality of his sons (and doubtless other relatives).


As the UK’s top paedo ooops TV performer, national treasure Sir Jimmy Savile (q.v.), was publicly accused on ITV, a year after his death at age 84, of hand-up-skirt antics and perhaps some of what today passes as ‘rape’ with underage girls (in his lap in his Rolls Royce and at BBC HQ) in the 1970s, he got some posthumous revenge as leading paedohysterics set about accusing each other for not having exposed him at the time (Guardian, 1 x).

In particular, Britain’s top paedohysteric, the Childline founder Esther Rantzen, who worked at the BBC at the same time as Savile (and was pictured in happy proximity with him), said that the TV industry had “blocked its ears” to claims about the former ‘Jim'll Fix It’ host at the height of his fame.

The Beeb, which itself participated fully in condemnation of and shrieks for punishment of paedophilia, no matter how harmless, was goaded to reply that Saint Esther’s accusation was “malicious.”

(The celebrated jester and philanthropist Savile, who had begun his working life as a coalminer, had probably been an industrial-scale weenie-worshipper – his likely activities at an orphanage in Jersey documented in the TgF Newsletter – but was also astonishingly generous and widely loved as well as comic [and a member of the high-IQ society Mensa].)

Embittered battling over trivia had also been foisted by PeeCee on demented Britain’s multi-billion-pound organizing Football Association, where the soccer loons felt obliged to fine England captain and superstar John Terry £250K for calling a spade a spade. Enraged – for he had already been cleared by a court of law (which agreed he had probably only repeated the spade’s own words) – top-of-the-tree Terry announced he would no longer play for England.

(Though the FA had felt it must take Terry’s ‘racism’ so seriously as to shoot itself in the foot, it had not been bothered by the far more serious – to most people – dereliction that Terry had had an affair with the wife of a team-mate.)


  The corruption of the political class of Europe – which had already had to put up with the antics of noisy bunga-bunga Berlusconi in Italy and the yaggery (including shit-eating) of top British politicians – was remarkably instantiated as disgraced French chimpanzee, ex-IMF bosswallah Dominique Strauss-Kahn (q.v.), deserted by his long-saintly multi-millionaire wife and facing countless accusations of sexual intimidation and purchase of girls in New York and Lille, was called by the (German-appointed) Athens regime to ‘advise’ on Greek financial chaos and promptly popped off to a nightclub till 5am with a mystery blonde (Daily Mail, 1 x).

At the same time, it turned out that Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi had probably been killed not by enthusiastic compatriots advocating ‘Arab Spring’ but by France’s intelligence services, determined that Gadawfu should not be able to blab about his many links to lascivious dwarf Jewish French President Sarkozy.


The injustices and plain inefficiencies of American universities’ 50-yr-long attempts to equalize Black and White outcomes by ‘affirmative action’ (i.e. ‘positive’ discrimination, or ‘affirmative racism’) were (suprisingly) admitted in The Atlantic (2 x) – which said Black students were the chief sufferers thanks to being admitted to courses with which they struggled and from which they then dropped out.


Details of the most successful jihad of modern times, the 1967 slaughter and starvation by Hausa Muslims in Nigeria of 2-3M Christian Ibos in the south of the country, were provided for (doubtless shocked) Guardian readers by distinguished Nigerian intellectual Chinua Achebe (3 x, ‘The genocidal Biafran war still haunts Nigeria’*).

The (admittedly sincere and serious) efforts of HMG to preserve multiculti Nigeria and its flow of oil (which came chiefly from rebellious Biafra) had been unavailing for the Biafrans, who had languished in semi-starvation for decades after the civil war had officially ended – all unremarked by the West and the United Nations.

* “.... if the diabolical disregard for human life seen during the war was not due to the northern military elite's jihadist or genocidal obsession, then why were there more small arms used on Biafran soil than during the entire second world war? Why were there 100,000 casualties on the much larger Nigerian side compared with more than 2 million – mainly children – Biafrans killed?”


British lunis were embarked on a wholesale demolition of their 200-yr-old classification of students (by final exams) as First, Second, or Third, it leaked out (Daily Telegraph, 3 x). This ‘elitism’ was to be replaced by the provision of ‘course transcripts’ showing how well their collected illiterates (from a ‘diversity’ of backgrounds – so staff could continue to enjoy their pay) did at knitting, French cooking, soc.anth., etc. – though even marks in these ‘subjects’ would probably enable the more statistically minded to calculate a g factor.


The previous week bore away both the London School’s Pioneer Fund Director Phil Rushton and the Marxist Jewish historian Eric Hobsbawm. These were grievous losses to both of their sides.

Helpful summaries of J-PR’s life and achievements was provided by Helmuth Nyborg, Steve Sailer and American Renaissance (which Phil often addressed) here, here, here and here -- together with some discussion of knowledgeable Hobsbawm (who nevertheless played down Communism’s crimes, if not all of its failures, till his dying day).

The journal Personality & Individual Differences was preparing a celebratory issue for Phil, including a substantial academic review by Art Jensen (though ignoring the work of the Edinburgh group on IQ, speed, age and the limits of r-K theory).

Race, Evolution & Behavior was a terrific book – a fine propaganda complement to John Baker’s Race. It was great that some fifty of us were able to save Phil’s job – a correspondence with his Principal yet to be published (though Bill Summers, Kansas, is working on it).

Whether Phil deployed Pioneer cash wisely has yet to be seen – personally I thought it imperative to encourage youthful talent (or otherwise to spend on public relations – since neither Phil, Art Jensen, Richard Lynn nor I could get mainstream publication), but Phil understandably preferred to back only people already published in academic journals. My own last review of Phil’s work (rejecting – with respect -- his unitary r-K theory of personality) had been published in Personality and Individual Differences 19, 3, 411-413, 1995 – available as an email attachment from me if desired; but Phil continued to defend a ‘general factor of personality’ [supposedly differing from g and strangely having survival value] to the end (e.g. PAID, 2012).

Perhaps the last of Phil’s impressive achievements was for R, E & B to be translated into Russian and published in Moscow by Vladimir Avdeyev. The last public tribute to his work while he lived was provided here this week (noting that Richard Lynn had confirmed Phil’s claims about race x p*nile length – a confirmation promptly registered in the presses of Nigeria, Ghana, India and Korea).

{Getting IQ itself known in the mystic East was a bigger problem which Hans Eysenck, Phil, Richard and I had never cracked – even though, in TgF, I had put the likely Chinese IQ up to 110, at least for the young, and especially mentioned the work of the Edinburgh Structural Psychometrics Group’s star student (a Peking professor), Yuxin Zhang, and had later arranged a translation of the abbreviated R, E & B into Mandarin.

Just a few days ago, I met Taiwan’s eminent-looking Representative [i.e. ambassador] to Scotland over drinks [in Edinburgh City’s gloriously woodworked Council Chamber] and found he had never heard of the high East Asian IQ, let alone how it came about from eastwards-escaping Africans crossing the Himalayas – over thousands of years -- during the Ice Age.}

I met Phil some five times – at least in Edinburgh (where he came to my Newington home for drinks one night while he was attending a conference), in London (twice) to celebrate Hans Eysenck’s 80th birthday and at a Galton Institute conference which I ran, in New York (in a smart club [Metropolitan?] across the road from the Sherman Monument, where we both addressed a Pioneer-funded conference) and in Cleveland, Ohio (where we both addressed an up-market academic conference under the auspices of the journal Intelligence).

(We might also have met c.1950 on the beach at Bournemouth – where Phil was born in the same year as me, 1943, and where my London family sometimes holidayed.)

What I recall best (along with his perspicacity and quick good humour and resemblance to Cary Grant) was his then-singular (among psychologists) respect for nationalism – whereas I was more inclined to back the British Empire and kindred operations (even Russia, which was keeping its Muslims in place -- if not those of Afghanistan).

Perhaps Phil will be proved right (as often pondered in this blog) – though it was Nato and the European Union (both of which I backed) which had mercifully kept Western peace through his lifetime and mine till 2012.

      Accounts of Phil’s life provide nothing about his marriages and two children (who survive him); but Southern belle and eugenicist Marian van Court (e.g. 2009) for some while held a candle for him.

      Phil’s death left only Richard Lynn and myself as academics who acknowledged being ‘scientific racists.’ RIP.


A new continent of opportunity for the ‘child abuse’ industry opened up as London’s Metropolitan Police and the BBC agreed to launch posthumous ‘investigations’ into the likely hanky-panky with weenies in the 1970s of the Beeb’s star and much-loved (especially by children) performer, the long-silver-haired, cigar- and Rolls Royce-sporting jester Jimmy Savile (q.v.). Having driven many adult men out of teaching, coaching and general child support lest they be accused of paedophilia, paedohysterics had now established history as a new playground – with public burnings of Alice in Wonderland to be expected once state-funded ‘enquiries’ without any proper evidence or defence were countenanced.


 According to top Scots RC cleric John Deighan (parliamentary officer of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland), Christians were facing “increasing levels of hostility” from leftists for both their opposition to homosexuality and their opposition to Islam – even though Islam was best known for its determination to kill homosexuals (‘throw them off the cliff!’) as well as Jews.

Apparently both Islam and yaggery needed to be supported (Jews had dropped out of the left’s Pantheon as the left searched for votes); and Christians who said otherwise were “Nazis,” “bigots,” and, of course, “racists” (Daily Telegraph, 3 x, p7, ‘Christian children ‘derided as Nazis’’).

{With all its opponents thus labelled – with broad agreement among MSM and the cowardly political class -- as ‘bigots’ etc, the left had the world at its feet (unless perchance a lately invigorated Governor Romney could manage a last-ditch rallying of the White vote).}


Murderous loony Muesli, one-eyed hook-handed Abdoogotalight Hamza, after eight years of genteel treatment from HMG, with widescreen TV, internet connection and after-shave service, had his appeal (that he was a lunatic thanks to stress, imprisonment, discrimination and Alzheimers) against extradition to the USA (on terror charges) finally rejected, after eight years of job-creation for UK oomanrights lawyers, rejected by England’s batty ‘judicial system’ – thus ridding Britain of the fat goon, though doubtless leaving the country with an ongoing multi-million p.a. ‘welfare’ bill for Brit-hating Jew-baiting Col.Hamza’s seven wives and 33 children.

      As loony Hooky was flown off (in a special plane) to meet US justice (normally involving being buggered by well-hung Black jailbirds) it turned out the American lawyers too had entirely mastered the business of job creation for themselves: though Hooky’s extradition had been demanded by US authorities for ten years, HitloHamza’s ‘pre-trial inquiries’ were scheduled to take a year, followed by a trial which would take a leisurely three years, followed doubtless by endless appeals, only halted by his possible demise. {Let’s hope the more psychopathic Bleck prisoners would really fancy him – though he certainly looked too gross, beardy, oily and smelly for paedophiles to enjoy.}


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Monday, October 01, 2012


As a million-pound enquiry in Rochdale, Lancashire, confirmed what had been obvious to the courts for months, that girls of 13-20 had regularly been paid (peanuts – well, sweets, fags and vodka) for group sex while formally listed on the books of social workers, BBCR4 devoted half an hour of its prime time to rehearsing (endlessly) how said social workers – who had tended to reckon the girls were prostitutes engaged in consensual sex – were themselves “responsible for” the “abuse” of girls (typically from chaotic homes and illiterate with the help of years of socialism) whom they had “betrayed.”

Only once in the leisurely half-hour of blether was it mentioned that all of the nine men convicted of “statutory rape” and occasional threats against the girls’ relatives were of Pakistani origin. The men (like other Paks in Bradford and Oldham) had usually picked the girls up from school gates at 3pm {such was the short day of the British ‘teacher’) – though sometimes contacting them on their mobile phones to ask if they could leave school a bit earlier.

The same avoidance of mentioning the involvement of Pakis was seen nationwide on BBC1’s star programme ‘Question Time’ (27 ix). Five panellists plus peecee chairwallah David Dimbleby, assembled in Brighton (where ‘Liberals’ heard their ceaselessly miserable leader Nick Clegg, sing ‘I’m so, so sorry’ for introducing £9Kpa tuition fees in lunis to pay for the many illiterates given luni entrance by Labour), were asked to explain why Rochdale authorities had done nothing in eight years to control the tens of thousands of ‘rapes’ and kindred ‘abuse’ of local prostitutes ooops young women. Any word of police and social workers being reluctant to imperil their careers by letting it leak out that the disgraceful sex trade had been organized by Pakistanis? Not a dicky bird!

There was more British paedohysteria – dominating the front pages of the tabloids -- as pretty 15½-yr-old Megan Stammers, of Eastbourne, eloped to France with her (White) maths teacher, 30. The Sun threw itself into advertising in France to find the couple (who had been on public hand-holding terms for six months) (27 ix); but the French police said they had no intention of arresting the teacher since the age of consent in France was 15 and they had received no complaint of Megan being kidnapped. The pair were defended by the first-ever star British female TV newsgirl, Anne Diamond (now 58), who said “So what?” (Daily Mail, 27 ix).

{After a week, the French responded to a ‘European Arrest Warrant’ and picked up the couple for repatriation to face UK paedohysteria – already due another relaunch as ITV paraded ten wymmin making paedophilic accusations against Britain’s top deceased comic Jimmy Savile (q.v.).}


The true tyranny of modern liberalism was exposed as the Labour Party announced it would three-line-whip its Westminster MPs to vote to legalize gay marriage (Evening Standard, London, 27 ix) – even though 40 of these MPs were Catholic and others were Muslim. {Would the cultural Marxists also bring in polygamous marriage – or face the growing wrath of Mueslis (who would soon prove conservatives’ strongest supporters – so long as the right kept taxation low)?}

Welcome for ‘diversity’ was also distinctly lacking at Silverado High School, Los Angeles, where a riotous two days of playground fighting occurred between Black and Latino youth, requiring police to use pepper spray and a helicopter to break up crowds (CBS, 28 ix). Hispanic Lee Baca, the sheriff in LA county, wrote in the Los Angeles Times that southern California was in the middle of a race war between its racial minorities.

Ditto in France where a mob of poor whites kicked out scores of gypsies from an illegal camp and burned their ‘caravans.’ The French government was said to be working on a plan to deport all of France’s 150K ‘Romanian’ vagrants (Daily Telegraph, 29 ix).


Despite a half century of America showering money on minority education and on the mixing of racial groups, multiculturalism was just not happening, reported the leftist Huffington Post (27 ix). By 2011, minorities accounted for nearly half of the population of school pupils in America, and would likely become the majority within the next decade or two, but recent studies showed that students across the country were still largely learning in segregated environments—along both racial and economic lines.

According to a new analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education, an overwhelming majority of Latino and black pupils studied in racially isolated classrooms: 80 percent of Latino students and 74 percent of Black students were in schools where the majority of students were not White. More specifically, 43 percent of Latinos and 38 percent of Blacks attended “intensely segregated schools” where White students comprised 10 percent or less of the student body. White pupils, on the other hand, tended to attend schools where about 75 percent of their peers were White. ....

To reverse the trend of what researchers called “resegregation” {brought about by ‘welfare’-funded minority overbreeding and White flight} the report offered suggestions for compulsion, like implementing laws that would oblige integration and re-authorizing regulations to commandeer integration. The USA’s colossal waste of money had doubtless been job-creative for minority teachers but it had not achieved any improvement in minority levels of educational attainment in the previous thirty years.



Coleraine, 25 ii 78
Dear Chris – Delighted with the news of the expected new arrival, both for yourselves and, as one of the few extant old fashioned eugenicists, for the good of the race. A propos the latter, I am still plugging the high IQ of Orientals – am sending the latest shot. Tom Kellaghan [Edinburgh Ph.D.; psychologist and researcher at St Patrick’s College, Dublin] sent me his standardisation of the DAT [Differential Ability Test] and the Irish high V[ocabulary] and low S[patial] is apparently substantial. It is remarkable. Have you thought of doing the calculations in detail? I would publish the results in my little journal Mankind Quarterly if you wanted. It would make an interesting paper....

William Shockley [microchip discoverer and Nobelist] came to stay and lecture here last week. Rather a formidable guest. The students let him speak but it was a somewhat tense occasion. Come and stay if you are up this way {I was in Dublin at the time}. Yours, Richard.

Edinburgh, 7vii78
Dear Richard, My apologies for the delay: most unEysenckian of me, I realize, to be less than a 100% efficient correspondent. Thank you for your congratulations [on the birth of Katharine Jane] and, I’m sure, your sympathy. It’s quite brought out the environmentalist in me: I try to stuff my poor potato-addicted colleen with proteins and vitamins; I ‘stimulate’ the baby so much that the closing of her nursery (alias my study) door has become a conditioned stimulus for the cessation of bawling. Still, I’ll settle complacently to watching her ‘development’ shortly, I imagine.

The only good reason for delaying was to let you have something hot from the presses on coronaries. But as you’ll see [in an enclosure], I got nowhere fast on that one -- apart from re-venting my concern at your treatment of psychosis as a low-anxiety condition. (My own current hunch is that P[sychoticism] has a U-shaped relation on ‘Introversion + ½Neuroticism’ – at least in chimpanzees (see Buirski et al, 78, Anim.Behav.).) I trust you’ll take the liberty of correcting anything I’ve got socio-politically wrong in these matters.

Thinking of which: I had not realized that you were still waiting for a firm ‘yes’ on the Festschrift thing. Ye, certainly: I’ll have a go. Won’t you let me know more editorial detail as to length, content you’d like to see included, and degree to which the chapter should serve as a beginner’s guide?

Thank you for your advice about ‘IQ & Mental Speed’. No, in fact they [Brit.J.Psychol.] did not obect to what you cutely call my honesty as to the ‘apparently serendipitous’ (it certainly was not!) collection of subjects. I promised [Mike] Anderson [author of the M.A. thesis] I’d try it out on AmJMntDfc some time; but for the moment it still languishes in my growing collection of unpublishable Fascist papers – from which I select [enclosed] the latest example for your delectation.

I’ve at last got the right article from Hart – he initially sent me something about Irish delinquents (mean IQ 75). So many thanks for your help on that one. I wonder, how did The Master [HJE] ever come to read the piece in IrishJP?...? (see THES 27ix74 p15). This episode confirms my view that citing references today serves the same function as the ancient Scottish dominie’s use of the Scriptures: it gives an air of combative authority to one’s prognostications, but one can rely on no-one ever checking.

Glad to see you coming out in The Times. Those who doubt whether Whitehall could ever manage to recruit a hangman if the laws were changed have not far to look? Do you know Nigel Walker’s chap 12 in his (1971) Crimes, Courts and Figures? Personally, I’m inclined to think that deterrents provide an excellent rationalization for those who don’t feel like committing crimes anyway. But I’d love to see more of Ehrlich if you’ve got a convenient summary.

Once more, all the best. [Irish sources say] you’re a Hoot. Won’t you trip to Edinburgh some time, now that we’re static for the next twenty years? Cheers – Chris.

Coleraine, 4. X. 78
Dear Chris, Many thanks for your letter. I was glad to see John Raven’s struggles with the SSRC [Social Science Research Council] – it is always reassuring to see one is not the only person they mess about! Also, I was pleased to see your rejoinder to the Frenchmen {see “the easy demolition of Maurice Schiff and Richard Lewontin by Brand”}. They have a curious result – it is difficult to believe the French professional classes are more stupid than the English, though a possibility.

I have a vacant lectureship. Do you know of anyone good who might like to come here? {I replied suggesting my ex-student and ‘demonstrator’ colleague, the bright and genial (and musical) Jurek Kirakowski – though he finally ended up happily in U.Cork.}

Do come + stay if you are visiting your inlaws, who I presume live here {in Ireland}. I am considering going to the NATO conference on intelligence in York in July. Possibly see you there? {Where indeed we met – together with Art Jensen, Hans Eysenck, Sandra Scarr, Robert Sternberg and a lissome ginger-haired American girl whose name now escapes me.} As ever, Richard.

Edinburgh, 20v79
Dear Richard, I was so glad to see that you are to star at the NATO Conference. I hope that means that you will be in attendance for quite a while. Since the cast seems to indicate a fully elitist show, and since the emergence of our back-dated pay-rise has allowed my bank manager to grant me a new suit, I’m planning to make a meal of the thing and stay throughout.

As to academic matters, I will try to forget all the niggles that I once raised about your ‘IQ in the British Isles’ in order to demonstrate my impartiality for BJSCP; and I’ll look to you in in hope of some continuation of that encouragement for my ‘mental speed’ stuff which helped yield the enclosed paper. But, if there is any sign of discussion flagging in the aftermath of your pre-emptive paper, I will of course ask you some question about whether IQ tests are not unduly contaminated with spatial abilities that are wanting in people like the Blacks, the Irish and myself. I’m sure I can rely on you to reciprocate by posing some answerable question; or, if I am under attack, to mention, as you once did so generously, that a little too much honesty was my big mistake....

I mustn’t blether on – though, of course, I feel very cheated by the BPS Bulletin not letting me include my Irish stuff amidst my forthcoming defences of g; and I do feel mystified and apprehensive that no-one else seems to be reporting IQ-IT corrrelations. Maybe what I take to be my Revelation will be widely spoken of as nothing more that the Wisdom of the Ages by the time I appear at the fag-end of the Conference.

Of course, I take it there must be some question mark as to whether the Conference ever begins. In view of [Michael] Billig’s recent attack on Eysenck and Jensen (see ANTHROPOLOGICAL ISSUES – enclosed), I imagine there will be busloads of heroes of the class war. (What a good thing it is a NATO conference, do I hear anyone say? Well, yes, in particular, it is a good thing that there will be a large number of American visitors.) Personally, I must say I hope that Eysenck will shortly take the trouble to explain how The Beacon [a far-right magazine] obtained what looks passably like an interview with him; and to dissociate himself from the Australian psychology lecturer who once sabbaticalled at the Maudsley and who now writes unfunny pieces to the effect that ‘semitism is the cause of anti-semitism.’

As for Mankind Quarterly – about which I asked you once before – is this a case of academics moving successfully to improve and take over what might otherwise have been a silly rag; or have those who have written for it simply not known of its connections with the Nordic League? ....One hopes that Personality and Individual Differences will shortly be providing a more prestigious outlet for respectable elitist thought than can magazines edited by Continentals.

I was pleased to see the appearance of Osborne et al’s Human Variations: the title was just what I needed for reading lists; and I was duly rewarded for my trouble by finding that you had a paper in it. (Can you spare a photocopy? But, more importantly, won’t you let me know in future when you’re appearing in books and journals on which I can so easily justify the spending of taxpayers’ money?)

That Noble fellow is obviously a Grand Old One; but fancy his co-editors allowing him to do his stuff about how the Blacks got a better deal in the South! You might be surprised at me reading such a paper in the first place. But I’m trying to prepare for old age and to work out some better answers for our brighter students who keep on signing up with mysterious para-Christian faiths and asking me ‘whether I don’t believe in Evil’ and so forth....

I came across a nice observation for you the other day. George Combe, like yourself, found the French to be less mad than the Brits and the Norwegians: the figures for mental illness (regrettably, as Combe confesses, confounded with idiocy – especially in Scotland, where he thought there was too much in-breeding altogether) are given in Vol II of his A Systerm of Phrenology, of which a 5th, revised edition was published in 1853 by Maclachland and Stewart in Edinburgh. (The empirical observations follow a large section on ‘National Character and Development of the Brain’ in which, amongst other gems, it turns out that emancipation of the Blacks need give no cause for alarm because of the Negro’s submissiveness, intelligence and susceptibility to the kindly emotions. – It was the American Indians who needed watching, as far as Combe could cranioscopically ascertain.)

Also, something of which you can probably make mincemeat if you’re still interested: New Society this week says that one Klemke (’79 Law & Society Rv) has found that punishment is associated with a worse re-conviction rate than is non-detection; but, for NS, religious belief in such propositions is probably expected – at least, they don’t bother to explain how or whether Klemke controlled for the possibility that it is the worst offenders who get caught and punished.

(Personally, I quite agree with Klemke: I’m sure non-conviction for my adolescent misdeeds has had a most salutary effect of obliging me to go on defending an apparently spotless reputation. But psychology, I acknowledge, is not about the likes of me except for restless souls like Don Bannister {an early subjectivist, relativist, ‘postmodern’ clinical psychologist of those days}.

(Thinking of freakery, I’ve been intrigued to find that Ms Ryan – whom I’m scheduled to attack in the BPS Bulletin has disappeared without trace from both The King’s College and the Department of Medical Sociology at Cambridge. Cambridge has a very bad record of letting young people over-indulge in idealism, I’m sure you’d agree. A Ferranti businessman told me last week that Cambridge colleges even invite lots of businessmen to dinner, so convinced are they in their optimism about human nature. Thank heavens that the brooding Sir Keith [Joseph] and the hard-faced Queen Margaret [Thatcher] are there to control these Cambridge chaps in the Cabinet!)

Well, I’m sorry to have so far exceeded the normal requirements for demonstrating bonhomie or even warm personal regard. I’ll look forward to seeing you soon – and it occurs to me to say, lest the proposition is remotely of interest to you, that you’d be most welcome to stay with us in Edinburgh if you wished to extend your visit to the Mainland. ....All the very best – Chris.

P.S. Science is still sitting on my reply to Schiff et al. on ‘Genetic endowment and socio-economic status.’ Or maybe they dismissed it long ago – for the last communication I had from them was addressed to Edinburgh, West Germany.

Coleraine, 4th June, 1979
Dear Chris – Many thanks for your letter together with cryptic and pithy notes which I read, as always, with much enjoyment – not least your percipient comments on the subtle implications lurking beneath the Japanese IQ result {that the Japanese IQ had not only increased but long been ahead of IQ in the West}. I was delighted to see you will be at York and have nothing but admiration for your stamina in planning to stay the whole week. I am afraid I am feeling altogether too fragile for this and so plan to make only a fleeting appearance. I am not quite sure when I shall be arriving, it could be as late as lunch on the day of our papers. If not before, I hope to see you then – can we try to meet either in the bar, if there is one, or outside the refectory on that day.

In answer to some of your points:
I can’t help you on the present whereabouts of Ms. Ryan, though I’m glad to hear she has vanished from King’s (my own college, inappropriately enough). MQ has I think now passed into more discreet, if not necessarily more respectable hands. While it was admittedly a bit over the top on certain occasions, I do think it had a legitimate role in keeping the hereditarian case alive throughout the dark days of the environmentalist hegemony in the 1960s. If a racialist whipping boy is wanted, surely the best candidate is Raymond Cattell’s proposals in [his] Beyondism for “phasing out” some of the least intelligent races? I am surprised Ray has received so little stick for these remarkably frank proposals. {For the ‘stick’ Cattell eventually got (as, in 1997, he was deprived of his Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Psychological Association), see the 2010 review of William TUCKER, The Cattell Controversy}

Have you seen HJE’s Structure & Measurement of Intelligence? Apart from its general excellence, there is a short discussion of his analysis of intelligence into mental speed, persistence and error-checking (he modestly compares this to splitting the atom). I thought perhaps this might be a useful framework into which you might place your own results on speed – this would no doubt facilitate an appearance in the new J.P.I.D. {the journal HJE had set up at Pergamon in response to the Beloff-inspired BPS smashing up Brit.J.soc.clin.Psychol., eventually PAID, Personality & Individual Differences}.

My most recent work has been a paper on the social ecology of intelligence in France [showing IQ higher in the capital, as in other countries], which I have sent to G.Stephenson for the B.J.S.C.P. However, now that I no longer have friends at court I am not hopeful of the outcome. Did I ever thank you for your kind support in helping me into the journal in the past and if not can I do so belatedly now? Yours ever – Richard.


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