Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In an act of absurd self-mockery, the West exposed its hysterical egalitarianism, feminism and proclivity to feed money to lawyers by having Oscar-winning film director Roman Polanski, 76, arrested by Switzerland on the basis of a 31-year-old American warrant – for the ‘rape’ of a self-admitted boozy 13-year-old who had subsequently forgiven him (Sun, 28 ix) (after the payment of an undisclosed sum). Frédéric Mitterrand, the French culture minister, said the arrest was proof of the "frightening" side of America. Polanski, the director of ‘Chinatown’ and ‘Rosemary's Baby,’ had travelled to Switzerland to accept an award at the Zurich film festival. The event's organisers expressed "great consternation and shock" at his detention. Polanski, a Holocaust survivor had had his pregnant wife, the beautiful if not so brainy Sharon Tate, horrifically murdered by the psychotic and satanic Charles Manson’s ‘Family’ after ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ depicted a girl coming to believe she was giving birth to the son of Satan.

The French culture minister denounced the United States for the arrest of Polanski, saying it was a "terrible thing and very unfair." "Seeing him alone, imprisoned while he was heading to an event that was due to offer him praise and recognition is awful. He was trapped," Mitterrand said at a news conference. "In the same way there is a generous America that we like, there is also a scary America that has just shown its face." Mitterrand said French President Nicholas Sarkozy was paying close attention to the case and that the French consulate might try to visit with Polanski. "I'm offering my support to Polanski as a French citizen and as the minister for culture. Justice has been denied to him many times in his life, and beauty is something that he has brought though his films," he said, calling Polanski a "wonderful man" and "one of the greatest directors of all time. If the world of culture does not offer its support to Polanski, then that would mean there is no more culture in this country."

The feminoid hysterics of the American press and the Guardian kept up the pressure (30 ix) and the French Government soon keeled over (Daily Mail, 1 x) as did Tate Modern, which withdrew a thirty-year-old picture of a nude ten-year-old Brooke Shields from a planned photography exhibition (Daily Mail, 1 x ). But Debra Tate, the sister of Polanski's slain wife, Sharon Tate, joined TV celebrity Whoopi Goldberg and Hollywood supremos in brushing off her ex-brother-in-law's actions. "There's rape, and then there's rape," Tate said on America’s ‘Today’ show. "It was a consensual matter." In the Financial Times, columnist Christopher Caldwell made fun of the 119 Hollywood celebs who had defended RP’s ‘droit de seigneur’; but he admitted there might well be a case for leniency with regard to a 33-year-old offence (2 x)


After billion-dollar payouts to choirboy ‘victims’ of unfashionable paedophilia, the Roman Catholic Church announced that only about 3% of its priests were involved in such activities; and that this percentage was no higher than that found among Protestant and Jewish leaders; and that 85% of such cases were actually of ‘ephebophilia,’ i.e. of homosexuals who just happen to fancy chicken (lads of 11-17, apparently) (Guardian, 29 ix).

{Just why the Church wanted to play verbal games rather than concern itself with the straightforward question of how little harm was done by paedofumbling remained unclear; but, after years of yag success under NuLabour, obliging even b&b’s on the Isle of Skye to rent double beds to public sodomites, the temptation to identify as ‘just gay’ was evidently irresistible.}

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ten years after anthropologist Professor Jean Lafontaine* (U.London) had comprehensively put down the ideas of American social workers that children as young as six months were suffering ‘satanic ritual abuse,’ with as many as 20 ‘alters’ being used by perpetrators to block their ‘memories’ of abuse (which needed expensive and lengthy ‘recovery’ procedures), the hysteria was alive and well in Harley Street, with ‘experts’ charging £250-a-head for a conference of 100 on ‘dissociative identity disorder’ (as the always-suspect diagnosis of ‘multiple personality disorder’ had been renamed by the latest would-be therapists and their guru Valerie Sinason [Tavistock Clinic – where she was an early user of the bogus concept of ‘emotional intelligence’; Bowlby Centre; St George’s Hospital] who once reported that she had seen a baby being eaten on the internet) (Private Eye, 4 ix).

* Lafontaine had conducted a 3-year inquiry for the Department of Health into 84 cases of alleged satanic (today renamed ‘organized’) abuse, substantiating not a single case. The Daily Telegraph reported 22 iii 2002: “Prof La Fontaine's verdict on Valerie Sinason goes to the heart of the problem. "It's depressing to find someone who has a position at leading London hospitals who is so cut off from what research methodology is, and what rational evidence is," she says. When Miss Sinason announces that she has "clinical evidence" of infanticide and cannibalism, she means that her patients have told her stories about them. The implication is that, because the suffering of these people is real, their "memories" must be accurate.”


Daily Telegraph, 3 ix: “Psychologists have found that men with the highest IQ also have the healthiest sperm. The findings could explain why some of the world’s most intelligent men have so many female admirers, no matter their physical attractiveness. They also suggest that being smart and funny might have developed as a signal to women looking for a mate with healthy genes. The research, by the evolutionary psychologist Professor Geoffrey Miller of the University of New Mexico, centred around a study of 400 Vietnam War veterans who were put through extensive mental tests and were also asked to provide sperm samples. According to the test results, it was found that men who scored high on a battery of intelligence tests boasted high counts of healthy sperm. While low scorers tended to have fewer and more sickly sperm. Professor Miller,
who was speaking at a conference of the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour at Oxford University, believed that sperm quality was directly related to brain quality.


Gains of some 8.5 ‘crystallized’ IQ points were claimed in young adolescents (relative to controls given educational tutoring) who practised regularly with a ‘brain game’ (called Jungle Memory), said U.Stirling’s Dr Tracy Alloway at the British Science Festival in Guildford. Comparable gains were claimed in ‘working memory’, arithmetic and literacy but just which were more important or lasting got lost as Dr Alloway threw out to newshounds a more striking (but unevidenced) hypothesis that use of Twitter actually lowered mental ability while use of Facebook increased it (Times, 7 ix). However the bright and breezy Alloway, a senior researcher (but mercifully much slimmer- and younger-looking – pictured here) of ADHD, left no doubt at her website that she thought working memory (which she sometimes called ‘the new IQ’ for reasons obscure) was substantially negatively associated in children with delinquency and aggression. More in ‘Nature Precedings’ (sic) 2 ix.


In a surprising sock in the eye for paedohysteria, Times Higher, 10 ix, allowed Sarah Goode, a senior lecturer in health and community studies at the University of Winchester, to conclude that there was no clear consensus among academics on the harmfulness of adult sexual contacts with children (not, of course, including paedosadism – which necessarily attracted absolutely zero research in deference to tabloid sensibilities). Dr Goode especially noted the ‘tabloidophobia’ of many academics which led them to frown on empirical researches (such as those of David Evans and Richard Yuill in U. Glasgow).

{If only TH had been as quasi-robust in 1996/7!}


As failed Jimmy ‘Peanuts’ Iran-beaten ex-President Carter, 87, accused President Osama Hussein’s critics of being ‘racists,’ the world waited for any group of GOP stalwarts to come out and say ‘Yes, we sho’ are’ – as I had urged on ‘conservatives’ in 1996; but, instead, the son of the Senator who had called long-standing-socialist Barry Obarmy a liar, stepped forward piously to declare “there is not a racist bone in my father’s body,” so the victory of the anti-racist left, as seen in the USA 1997/8, seemed pro tem. complete. {Seizing on this Republican cowardice and lack of grip, Obarmy proposed to undertake talks with Iran about just how quickly the USA and its allies could capitulate and allow an Iranian nuclear armamenterium in the Middle East. Barry’s America proposed to rely on Russia to get things sorted – though Russia evidently backed anti-Semitic Shitite Iran against the SoLunnis of Saudi Arabia which America had long supported (even returning Bin Liner relatives to Saudi after 9/11 lest they perchance be torn limb from limb by irate Americans). Meanwhile, disaffected Iraqis managed to rocket the ‘ultra-safe’ Baghdad Green Zone while V-P Blockhead Biden was visiting, killing two and injuring five – showing all but the most batty US patriot that America’s way of fighting multiculti terror had been a disaster – and was perhaps a Vietnam waiting to materialize as the USA failed to kill its declared enemies (including the many traitors to be found in the mosques of the West).} {Shitite-SoLunni conflict also stirred – with scores of deaths – in Pakistan and the geocentrically crucial Yemen without Barry lifting a finger. And it soon turned out that Iran had long possessed not one but two nuclear plants producing uranium for a Shitite bomb.}


The well-known tendency of adolescent girls with runaway fathers to have early and promiscuous sex was traced yet more securely to genes by U.Oregon researcher Jane Mendle who found cousins had similar rates of sexual exuberance regardless of whether their fathers stayed around -- and being especially similar when their mothers were monozygotic twins (Economist, 17 ix).


A sympathetic consideration of the plight of conservatives on campus in the USA was provided by Mark Lilla, U. Columbia, in Chronicles of Higher Education, 18 ix: simply, after years of running scared of ‘liberal’-left accusations of slavery, colonialism, elitism, racism, male-chauvinism and homophobism, ‘conservatives’ had found it impossible to knit together conservatism’s other too-diverse and feeble strands of neocon interventionism, anti-Darwinism, anti-abortionism, gunsmithery and libertarianism and had thus been wiped out – with not a single conservative remaining on campus at U. Columbia.

{At the same time, the obeisance of Europe to Islam (after the mass male killings of World War I, Nazism and Communism had led to a need for imported semi-slave labour as well as loss of religious faith) was set out set out soberly and gently by Christopher Caldwell in Reflections on the Revolution in Europe which by the end admitted the race-realist proposition that ‘suicidal’ Europe would not be the same without Europeans – Wall Street Journal, 18 ix.}


Reporting research in London on 7,000 7-year-olds, psychogeneticist Robert Plomin confirmed the classic London School position that general intelligence is controlled by at least one hundred genes, each having but a very small effect (New Scientist, 19 ix). However a researcher in New York, Katherine Burdick, was due to claim to have found three genes accounting for 10% of g factor variance; and Plomin’s team had yet to look for the gene-gene interactions which probably accounted for more variance and for the specially high similarity IQ found among monozygotic twins.


After ten days of accusing his critics of ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ for querying his defence of super-fast ‘female’ runner Caster Semenya, the Black president of Athletics South Africa (ASA), Leonard Chuene, found the embarrassed Black South Africa’s Government (which had backed Chuene) calling for his sacking after ASA’s doctor revealed he had long advised Chuene that Semenya was a hermaphrodite, with both male and female characteristics.


No fans of multiculturalism, the bearded and bullet-toting wonders of the Taleban began turning on the blonde-haired and blue-eyed ‘Kalash’ people of north-west Pakistan who were apparently descended from Alexander the Great and had developed various ‘libertine’ practices like buying each other’s wives and letting a newly pubertal boy have his first sex with any woman he chose (Daily Telegraph, 21 ix).


Showing contempt equally for academic diversity and free speech, Students for a Democratic Society {yes, they’re still at it!} at U. North Carolina managed to pressure the chancellor to demand that a conservative biology professor, Elliot Cramer, cease acting as academic adviser to an anti-immigrant group (which would then have to close for having no academic adviser) (AmRen, 21 ix).


Details of the mighty efforts made c. 2001 to sell American-government-mandated mortgages to ‘subprime’ Blacks were given at AmRen, 22 ix. Some of the loans were apparently at ‘predatory’ rates of interest but were sold using enthusiastic and presentable Black salesmen at packed meetings as Blacks scrambled to avail themselves of taxpayer-funded largesse.


British paedohysterics (aka Sun newspaper, 22 ix; Daily Mail, 22 ix) were ‘outraged’ as legalization of sex from age 13 was urged on the BBC by Selwyn College Cambridge professor John Spencer – chiefly on the grounds that it was not clever social policy to give most bright adolescents lifetime blackmail threats for their pubescent explorations. Archetypally ultramontagne former Tory Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe said: "The proposition that the age of consent should be lowered is appalling.” {In 1996, I had ‘outraged’ Scottish sensibilities and got sacked (from E’bro’ LUni) by saying that sex at 12+ was not generally harmful so long as partners had above-average IQs. European countries including Austria, Bulgaria and Croatia set the age of consent at 14; and in Spain it was 13.}


In a rare take-up of Sailer/Brand/Townhall/MelaniePhillips/DennisSewell/NiallFerguson-theorizing (see previous, 2008) at a high level, the revered Liberal Party* Shadow Chancellor, Vincent Cable, 66, told the BBC’s top political interviewer Andrew Neil that the West’s financial crash of the previous year originated in (politically enforced) lending to Blacks and Hispanics in the USA (who would only be able to cope with their loans if property prices kept on rising).

* Notoriously, post-War, the party of wet idealists – of sartoriailly handicapped vegetarian peaceniks in beards and sandals – the Liberal Party was nationally respected for its relative honesty (if not for its self-righteousness) and for abjuring both rich Tory toffs and envious strike-prone Labour thugs. Though obese and tieless party members had caused embarrassment by sleeping through a conference speech by youthful leader Nick Clegg, there was no detracting from ‘Vince’ Cable having become a national treasure for passable realism about the credit crunch.


Although Britain and Libya had attracted international criticism for doing a deal to reunite the ‘Lockerbie bomber’ (whom many Lockerbians thought innocent) with his family in his medically-predicted last months in return for Britain getting lots of oil and selling the Libyans billions of pounds of armaments, and although Libya’s billion-pound payments in compensation to the Lockerbie victims (most of them American) were largely neglected by MSM, at least the Rome-Tripoli pact of May had delivered fruit: 757 African would-be immigrants to Italy had been returned across the Mediterranean by the end of August (South African Press Agency, 22 ix).


While liberal-leftists whined about French police closing the Calais ‘Jungle’ from which Afghanistani, Somalian and Eritrean young men and adolescents tried to get to Britain, the deportation by Angola of 2,500 Congolese for naughtiness went remarked only by the BNP,* 24 ix.

{Western White-guilt-mongers similarly forgot that Nigeria had unceremoniously kicked out 1M Ghanaians, shoving them on to boats when Nigeria had an economic downturn c. 1980.}

* The BNP leader Nick Griffin, a Barnet boy {like myself} and Cambridge graduate (graciously English Downing College, 2:2 and Boxing Blue) would stand a good chance in his forthcoming appearance on the BBC’s flagship ‘Question Time’ programme, predicted the Speccie’s new editor, Fraser Nelson -- not least because Britain’s political class had bowed to the ‘no platform’ nonsense of the Anti-Nazi League (et al.) and given itself no experience of debating with the BNP in the previous decade.


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Sunday, September 13, 2009


In a notable advance for modest race realism, the BBC invited British National Party leader, Nick Griffin MEP, to be one of the four panelists on one of its flagship hour-long weekly ‘Question Time’ TV programmes – forcing Labour to reconsider its long-held hysterical position that its members would not ‘share a platform’ with the BNP (Observer, 6 ix). The BBC further accepted (since the BNP had harvested a million votes at July’s EuroElection) that it would need to admit BNP members to its hallowed studios.

For its part, the BNP accepted that, to stay legal, it would need to allow Black and Asian members. {However, there was no sign of the right in general getting its act together for the upcoming first-past-the-post General Election: the Conservatives (even left-designated 'loony right' All Souls guru John Redwood) sided fully with Labour in rejecting health reform and educational selection; Conservatives and Liberals declined to agree a package of swingeing cuts in government spending and draconianism (in return for the Liberals being offered elements of PR);

UKIP planned to take a Westminster seat from gay creep Conservative Speaker John Bercow; the Libertarians declined to talk to possible allies; and even the BNP felt obliged to dissociate formally from the apparently too noisy English Defence League (which clashed with Muesli youf in Birmingham 4 ix, yielding 90+ arrests).}


Psychological realism achieved rare attention in the Sunday Telegraph (6 ix) as Emeritus Professor Robert Hare, of British Columbia, was wheeled out to say what most English prison psychologists had learned by 1968, that many (possibly all) treatments offered to early-release candidates in English prisons (e.g. behaviour therapy, anger management) were useless (or worse than useless) and merely ended giving psychopaths the latest jargon with which to whine about their victimhood (Alasdair Palmer, ‘We pay dearly for our belief that evil can be ‘treated’). {Whether Hare (or Palmer) drew eugenic conclusions was left unstated. Dr Hare’s website offered only an ongoing search for ‘early interventions’ and not-very-reassuring advice to psychopaths’ own victims (‘Don’t be taken in’).}

The allure and danger of sexy psychopaths were brought home to the media as the wife of Antioch’s child-abducting Papa Phillippe Garrido (see previous) turned out to have been a pretty and well-liked and devoted Mexican nursing aide (Sunday Telegraph, 6 ix). The pair’s abducted/adopted daughter and apparent sexual playmate, Jaycee, had appeared in glamorous poses on the business cards of Papa Phillippe’s printing firm – where he seemed a whacky God-botherer and dispensed the conventionally welcome advice (to callers such as child safety campaigner client Janice Gomes) that ‘children should never be allowed to walk to a bus stop by themselves.’


After two feral (White) brothers of 10 and 11, the victims of the usual violent father, alcoholic mother, socialism and social ‘services,’ were found to have grotesquely and gratuitously attacked and tortured two other children in the dismal area of Doncaster, Mayor Peter Davies, who apparently had not heard of eugenics, drew the obvious alternative conclusion. He said (Daily Mail, 5 ix): “We could all learn something about family values from the Taliban. …The one thing that can be said about the Taliban is that they do have an ordered society of some sort and that they don't have hundreds of cases of children under threat of abuse from violent parents as we do in Doncaster.”


As far-right groups (disowned by the holy anti-racist BNP) demonstrated in Birmingham and London against Islam, they found themselves outnumbered 100-1 by Mueslis and ‘anti-fascist’ leftists and much in need of police protection, British people (including Britain’s pathetic ‘feminists’) having long ago decided that Islamic practices of female- and child-slavery were just fine so long as Paki corner-shops kept running – and that a bit of Islamic executionism and homophobia wouldn’t come amiss after the years of rule by Fairy Blairy, Buggered Brown [supposedly on massive doses of powerful MAOI anti-depressants] and multiply-cheating sodomite Lord Handy Mandy of Rumba (culminating in little-known national war hero Alan Turing receiving a gratuitous pardon for sodomizing a 19-year-old several years after his code-cracking services in 1943 and fully two years before he finally committed suicide under the stress of his lying lifestyle).


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Sunday, September 06, 2009


As the story of California’s own ‘Papa Fritzl’ (see previous) unfolded, it turned out that Papa Phillip Garrido, 58, had been able, in 2009, to take his (life-time-imprisoned) daughters by snatched Jaycee (see previous) to a party in a local home without evoking any more comment than that they seemed somewhat shy and “robotic” – there were no resulting calls to social workers, doctors, teachers, priests or police. Apparently Phillip had snatched Jaycee because his wife, Nancy, had proved infertile and both he and Nancy believed he should become a father (News of the World, 30 viii).

Jaycee, looking much younger than her actual years and described by Garrido as his ‘daughter Allissa,’ was sometimes seen by visitors to the Garrido household (e.g. clients and a probation officer), often messy with printers’ ink because she worked as an art designer for her captors (Guardian, 30 viii), but invariably polite, good-natured and indeed “sunny” in disposition. The home had hundreds of books (mainly thrillers and science fiction, by e.g. Isaac Azimov); and books were supplied to the captives (mainly about cats, e.g. by Desmond Morris).

The reunion between Jaycee and her original family went “very well,” said experts (New York Daily News, 31 viii). Garrido’s own father, 87, readily agreed with journalists that his son, who had presided for 18 years over this apparently happy scene, had probably murdered prostitutes and was a sex addict (like the merry Thailand-holidaying Fritzl). In his youth, Papa Garrido (whose wooden domestic ‘prison’ fence had several holes) had been a drug-taker and had suffered brain damage in a bike crash and was inclined to expose himself.

‘Experts’ prophesied doom and gloom and the need for many years of expert therapy; but the stepfather of Jaycee said she and her daughters were ‘doing just fine’ given the situation and the girls being upset to hear their father had been jailed (Guardian, 31 viii). A family friend said that the “beautiful” Jaycee was also “smart” and wanted to be a model; and that her daughters, Starlet and Angel, were well turned out, clean and nice – not the dirty ‘jungle janes’ envisaged by the media (Guardian, 1 ix). A senior policeman said the rescued daughters were “intelligent kids” and could read and write but were somewhat naïve and lacking in knowledge of maths, history, geography and anything outside their hometown (like many American and British teenagers, it could be said….) (Sun, 2 ix).


As Britain’s airwaves were turned over to debating how Britain had come to make war on its German cousins for a second time, in September 1939 – thus bankrupting itself, losing its Empire (effectively to its American cousins), and seeing Europe half-overrun and otherwise infested by communism – it turned out that, even at the last moment, 25 August 1939, Hitler was still offering to PM Chamberlain’s Ambassador to Germany, Sir Nevile Henderson, Goering’s 1937 proposal that Britain should allow German dominion in eastern Europe and that Germany would “put all her resources at the disposal of the British Empire in the case of need” (William Rees-Mogg, Times, 31 viii).

Britain had problems with this in that Hitler had not proved a reliable negotiator and that Germany’s ability to support the British Empire was limited. Nevertheless, till the last moment, Chamberlain was pressing Britain’s new ally, Poland (as of March 1939), to let Germany annexe the 98%-German city of Danzig. The crucial problem was that Britain’s reluctance to insist that Poland make this reasonable concession to German nationalism. As it was, faced with Polish obstruction of the racial reunification of German people, Hitler made his infamous deal with Stalin and left Britain and France the miserable choice of honouring their promise to Poland while he invaded it (beginning with the bombardment of Polish positions around Danzig by the battleship Schleswig-Holstein).

Just why Hitler was so keen on his wider objective of rendering Germany and Europe free of Jews and the communism which they had made their speciality in Russia (till Stalin ousted them in the late 1930s) remained enduringly unclear in the absence of willingness by historians to discuss how the Germans of 1918 (including their Austrian supporter Hitler) discovered how American and British Jews had brought America into the Great War, ensuring the defeat of a Germany which had provided a kindly home to Jews escaping from Czarist Russia and Catholic Poland.

But top historian Andrew Roberts provided another possible clue at the Edinburgh Book Festival (31 viii), noting it was a Jewish-German officer who had nominated Hitler for the Iron Cross (First Class) – as the officer might well have wished to do so as to try to appease the 28-year-old Hitler after subjecting him to the homosexual rape which other writers had always suspected (e.g. Rhawn Joseph, 2000-2008). (Prior to the Great War, Hitler had lived with and been friendly with Jews in Vienna – and even complained of anti-Semitism.)


While big pro-heredity stories on intelligence get censored by MSM, small and specialist stories sometimes creep through the net. So it was with ‘Tigers have the lion’s share of brains,’ a p.12 side-item in the normally PeeCee-respecting Daily Telegraph, 3 ix. Apparently, tigers had 16% larger brains (relative to body weight) than did lions, leopards and jaguars; and, said the right-of-centre but dead-cowardly newspaper, “In evolutionary terms, brain size has usually been linked to intelligence.”

Wow, so might intelligence similarly differ among the human races, as envisaged for 100 years by the London School and expounded most particularly in recent years by Phil Rushton??!!.... (The orginal report came from zoologists at Oxford University led by Dr ‘Nobby’ Yamaguchi, 3 ix).

The Speccie added its own two penn’orth of realism, letting its humourist Rod Liddle reflect on a survey showing, conveniently for UKMSM, that Brits were the most unpopular tourists in Europe, and Irish the most popular, and noting we should all joyously seize such ‘occasional opportunities’ that we are given to be ‘racist’ (2 ix).

For the Conservatives, ex-leader Iain Duncan Smith (Daily Telegraph, 5 ix) threw in that ‘abused’ children “will by the age of three have smallers brains than their equivalent, functional counterparts” – though without noting that these small brains had most likely come to these sorry children by inheritance from their feral parents.


Mandela-subscribing Black politicians of South Africa went into hysterics as a White fairground worker successfully got asylum in Canada after an Ottawa court judged he had been the victim of seven racist attacks in Cape Town – where he had received several injuries and apparently been called a “settler” and “White dog” (Globe & Mail [Johannesburg], 2 ix).

{AmRen correspondents noted that SA police routinely ignored reports of even heinous crimes against Whites and Asians. As to hysteria about White asylum seeking, perhaps Blacks wanted Whites to stay for necklacing after the official politenesses of the 2010 World Cup were over – or for the cannibalization inflicted by a ‘British’ Black, Peter Bryan, who (though ‘supervised’ for his “atypical mental disorder”) fried with butter and ate the brains of one his friends (“very tasty”) and murdered another (Guardian, 3 ix).}

Faced with international outcry, Canada’s federal government announced it would take the rare step of appealing against the asylum decision (which had accepted the claim of Brandon Huntley, 31, that the SA government had shown ‘indifference or inability or unwillingness’ to protect him against racially motivsated assault) (The Star [Canada], 3 ix). Canada was wont to grant asylum to women complaining of their polygamous marriages and to homosexuals fearing persecution. In fact, half the world’s population was entitled to asylum in Canada so long as they could make across the oceans to Ottawa. There were on average 50 murders a day in South Africa, 150 rapes of women, 350 violent robberies, 40 car-jackings and 220 car thefts.


Thousands of Chinese troops with fixed bayonets were once more back on the streets of the north-western city of Urumchi (Urumqi, pop. 1.8M), the scene of 197 killings in July, as hundreds of Han reported being attacked by Muslim Uighurs using hypodermic needles (contents unknown), resulting in attacks on Uighurs by Han vigilantes, killing five (The State [South Carolina], 4 ix). A mob attack on a mosque was repelled.

Subsequently, Peking sacked Urumchi’s 59-year-old Communist boss and its police chief and sent in its own top security expert, Meng Jianzhu (New Zealand Radio, 6 ix). Another main complaint of Han Chinese was that Uighurs had not been disciplined for their July rioting even though 1,500 Muslims had been arrested.


As part of the commemorations of the opening of World War II, leading German historian Götz Ally said the alleged behaviour of British and French Black soldiers towards German women had been “no different to the Russian” practice of systematic rape in Berlin (Daily Telegraph, 5 ix). {Blacks serving with Free French forces had also got themselves a bad name for rape in 1944 Italy.}


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