Monday, February 27, 2012


The USA, which had so long vaunted itself as able to ‘integrate’ the ‘huddled masses’ which it had so generously invited to its once freedom-loving shores, found that its competitive democracy had been undermined. Simply, the ‘GOP’ Republicans could no longer find enough White votes to give them even a chance in the November 2012 election against even the war-losing and economically incompetent (half-)Black socialist President Obarmy. Chron, 15 ii:
Memo to Republicans: There are not enough old, angry white people to win a national election.

Apparently Republicans are unaware of a new science called demographics that has been developed over the last several decades.

The modest inroads the Republicans had made with African-Americans in the Bush years have pretty much dissolved with their relentless personal attacks on President Obama. Latinos, who Bush had very effectively wooed, are running for the Democratic hills and away from the vitriolic Republican anti-immigration rhetoric. And the roughly 2.5 million Muslims in the U.S., who had historically heavily supported the Republican Party, are now leaning towards the Democrats because of the demonization of their faith by many Republican candidates.

Here is the problem if you are trying to win a national election. As of the 2010 census, only 63 percent of the U.S. population is white. If you have written off 37 percent of the population, you have to get nearly 80 percent of the white vote to win an election.

The reality is not quite that bad because whites tend to vote in much higher percentages than other groups. [But] in fact, the only group on which Republicans can reliably count on are older white voters. The polling does show that this group is highly agitated and motivated, meaning they are more likely to show up to vote or participate in a caucus. However, regardless of how motivated they are, there are simply not enough of them to win.

And here is the other thing the demographics show. Based on the trends, there is virtually no chance Republicans, with their current agenda, will ever be competitive in a national election again.

Whites, who already are a minority in four states, will lose their majority status in the nation by around 2040. During that same time the percentage of Americans who are Latino or Asian will nearly double.

The failure of Republicans to defend FREEDOM – in matters of sex and drugs and speech as well as guns – had undermined their ancient party’s ability to cross divides, leaving them in the hands of the declining number of White religious maniacs who did not even accept Darwin, let alone Galton and Jensen.

(A leading GOP candidate was actually a Moron who believed Jesus had visited America and that his underpants gave him magic powers.

That America was simultaneously mesmerized [‘Linsanity’] by a nice Taiwan-parented basketballer [Jeremy Lin] who attributed his success to Jesus was very charming – but quite unlikely to save the country from the socialistic/welfaristic demands of its imported Blacks, illegal Latinos, remaining Red Indians and incoming Mueslis. Only a renewed and robust concern for FREEDOM could save America – and the GOP.)


In a rearguard action against homosexualist advances of the previous decade, Education Minister Michael Gove pronounced that, despite UK ‘equality’ legislation, faith schools could teach what they liked about sex – e.g., in the case of Lancashire Catholic schools, that "the homosexual act is disordered, much like contraceptive sex between heterosexuals. Both acts are directed against God's natural purpose for sex – babies and bonding" (Observer, 19 ii).


With the help of their half-sibling-rivalrous Muslim religion, Solunnis and Shitites continued to blow up scores of each other weekly in Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Pakistan – but the egalitarian/similitarian-besotted West could not bring itself to recognize that these vicious groups needed separating (as ordinary Caffs and Prods had, despite loony governmental-elite idealism, gradually achieved for themselves by hundreds of miles of walls and barbed wire in Ulster).


In the latest (happy) twist of government ‘policy’, it turned out that London councils, having failed to stop their denizens rioting, vomiting, steaming, hazing and robbing, would no longer be obliged to house them near relatives, friends, schools or indeed Londoners, but could instead find cheaper accommodation for them – e.g. 230 miles away, in Hull (Observer, 19 ii). {Just how the far-from-up-market residents of largely-White Hull would react to the apartheid-type, largely-Black influx remained to be seen....}


As two heavyweight boxers ran amok in Munich, fighting with each other and occasional spectators for five minutes outside the ring, the fight ending with one being arrested by police, MSM blithely, in its familiar peecee way, said the undisciplined brutes were “British” – but photography showed one of these ‘Britons’ to be Black and the other to be Arab and/or Black (and sporting an Afro haircut) (Sun, 20 ii).

Another “Briton,” said the Grauniad (20 ii), went on trial in Kenya for bomb-making (on behalf of the Somali terrorists, al-Kebabs). Hailing from Newham, south-east London, this “Briton” had managed to acquire the English-sounding surname of Grant (if along with a dubious Christian name of Jermaine) but he was plainly – once photos could be seen – of substantial (and pretty repugnant) negritude. (He had been ‘radicalized’ in Feltham Borstal, where Mueslis provided – as in so many English jails – the most effective gang ooops support group.)


As Scotland’s ‘First Minister,’ Mr Fishpaste (the first British politico to denounce TgF), insisted on putting separatism on the UK agenda during a time of vast economic crisis and the threat of nuclear war in the Middle East destroying the West’s oil, did this blog agree with him? Generally, I favour the separation/segregation of groups that plainly don’t get on (as above, passim). But I am also an elitist, believing people should preferably seek the highest-IQ government that they can.

So what was the answer in the case of England and Scotland? Well, clearly the Westminster Parliament was vastly superior to anything that Scotland had been able to produce (in its Euro-style boring ‘Parliament’ at Holyrood, full of ghastly fat lezzies and kindred with time on their hands).

But what if Scotland did not agree? Well, there was actually no such thing as Scotland: if this ‘country’ chose out of pseudo-Celtic veneration of statism to break its 300-yr link with the individualistic England which its own top philosopher [David Hume] had so admired, it would soon divide into its own component parts (Aberdonian Prods, Edinburgh multicults, Borders English, Glasgow Irish, Glasgow Prods, Highland&Island Celts and rustics, Shelty oilowners etc.) ‘Scotland’ would never even agree on what was its capital.

Splitism requires a genuine ethnic basis, as well as a failure to agree on the importance of the kind of IQ and conviviality found at Westminster. Mere hostility to England and capitalism would hardly suffice – when it was Scotland’s banks that had needed most rescuing, when Scots politicos (esp. Salmon) had done nothing to reject the multiculturalism that had caused the bubble and crash, and when a breakup of the Union would require repayment of the £.5M which England had paid in 1707 to settle ancient differences (with compound interest, equalling £100B in 2012). More anon.


As the Leveson Inquiry droned on in London, with celebrities paid to whinge about ‘press intrusions’ on their precious private lives (without facing cross examination or even the presentation of contrary views), the Coalition Government’s only functioning Minister (battling Britain’s leftist educational establishment to introduce ‘academy’ schools where headmasters could sack staff and even expel .3% of pupils annually [though not select them in the first place]) came forward to warn against endless assaults on press freedom (Sun, 22 ii) – for, though MSM was pretty cravenly peecee, it offered more occasional words of truth about race, crime and IQ than were ever forthcoming from politicians, prelates, quangocrats or latter-day civil ‘servants.’


That the UK was being deserted by its capital city was revealed in figures showing 65% of births in London of 2010 involved a foreign-born parent (Sun, 22 ii), compared to 20% for areas outside the immigrant- and w*nker- ooops b*nker-infested city of casino socialists. In the London boroughs of Newham, Brent and Westminster, the volume of at-least-half-foreign births reached fully 82%. Campaign group MigrationWatch said the "extraordinary" statistics showed London had been "changed beyond recognition".


Eleven men went on trial for ‘grooming,’ repeatedly inebriating and raping young White teenagerettes in Rochdale (near multiculti Manchester) – all of the men hailing from Pakistan (Sun, 22 ii). Girls as young as 13 would be multiply raped even while they were vomiting cheap vodka. Most of the girls were the products of the UK ‘welfare state’ of single parenthood. One girl told police how, after she was befriended via a kebab shop, a "massive circle" of Pakistani men ended up with her phone number.


Although the LUniversity of Edinburgh claimed to have destroyed all records of the Brand Affair (and indeed of myself – employed as a lecturer and high-citation-earner at E.LU. for 27 years), a relatively detailed (if entirely leftist, and giving no link to The g Factor) account of my travails with E.LU. appeared here (last updated August, 2011) -- supplementing the more academic/abstract account in Prof Eric Barendt’s (2010) Academic Freedom.

A more appreciative internet message was here, i 2010). You can read all about the g factor, the original source of biorealism in psychology here and that the Liberal Galton (having got his controversial cousin [Darwin] buried in Westminster Abbey) spent his last days smoking pot (admittedly also compiling anti-democratic quotations from Shakespeare).


Having failed since at least 1996 to stand up for reasonable discrimination and free expression, the demi-gods of soccer found themselves hauled into Downing Street by Daft Dave and told to hire more Blecks and yags, especially as managers, and to punish racist and anti-sodomite chanting by the White crowds for whom football stadia had provided – amidst ever-spreading peecee hysteria – the only place where their true feelings could be safely voiced.


Modern leftism – which had failed to control (or even to propose how to control) Britain’s casino bankers* -- provided a fine visual aid of itself as the the Labour MP for Falkirk, Scotland, was hauled out of a House of Commons bar, handcuffed and arrested by five police after he (allegedly) head-butted a Conservative MP and proceeded on to a fight with other Tories and a Labour whip in which fists flew (Sun, 23 ii).

The Labourite, Eric Joyce, 51, had become the first MP to claim as much as £200K in parliamentary expenses; and he had resigned as Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary when he failed to provide a breath test after a road accident.

After the Westminster brawl, the Labour Party showed its confidence in its once-elevated member by suspending him.... Joyce had quit the Army in 1999 amid controversy over his outspoken claims of snobbery, sexism and racism in the forces. Joyce, whose marriage had broken down, was detained by police for 24 hours – in the first 12 of which he was still too drunk to be able to answer questions. (Another Labour MP had been jailed c.2005 for setting light to curtains in Edinburgh’s glorious Prestonfield House Hotel after being refused more drink.)

*Nor had the useless Left even found a way of stopping the endless telephone barrage of British homes, day and night, by ‘firms’ using computers and Srindopakeshi staff who could scarcely speak English. (The obvious way was to oblige British Telecomms to charge 50P for the first 5 seconds of any call, that charge to be cancelled if the call went on for a further 5 seconds – the recipient having failed to say ‘S*d off!’ {And you hadn’t thought I had a future in admin?! Wow, with this proposal I could get even Ed Miliband into the premiership!})

Britain’s nationalized ‘Royal Bonk of Scotland’ w*nkers declared a £2B loss in 2011 but gave themselves a £1B “bonus” to complement their already egregious “salaries.” Labour – content to have fun with ‘wicked’ Tory reforms to the blessed National Health Service (stupendously dull plans which merely transferred powers from hospital managers to already super-rich and lazy GPs) – evidently had no idea as to how to cut the bonkers down to size (as Mrs Thatcher had done for the equally overbearing miners and steelmakers of 1980). Apparently it had not thought of banning organizations from having any internal pay ratios as high as 30-1.


The Argentine, where popularly elected politicos threatened new war in the Falkland Islands against Britain (despite having lost 650 of its young men as well as its national honour in 1982), suffered one of the world’s worst train crashes as a packed commuter train in Buenos Aires ploughed into station buffers, killing at least 51 and injuring 700. The 1956 Japanese-made trains had come equipped with ‘dead man pedals’ but these and other safety devices had been de-activated by the Argies because they caused ‘trouble and delays’ (Sun, 23 ii).


While the British media devoted itself to deploring the death of (?lesbian) one-eyed Sunday Times journalista Marie Colvin in Syria, the Sulunni vs Shitite slaying of 50 Baghdadis (Guardian, 23 ii) (despite ten years of US and UK effort) had to take a back seat – the continuing peecee idea being that there were no intrinsic ethnic conflicts in the Middle East, let alone that MSM and loony Western pols had unleashed such conflicts by backing the ‘Arab Spring’ and that journalistas were ill-advised to participate without full body armour. (Ms Colville was killed while trying to retrieve her shoes, which she had taken off in deference to Muesli tradition.)


The failure of Britain’s ‘Asians’ to integrate was demonstrated by the Daily Telegraph, which found (and filmed) clinics in England where doctorettes with south-Asian names [“Dr Prabha Sivaraman,” “Dr Raj Mohan”] would authorize abortions for (mainly Srindopakeshi) pregnant females who had found to their distress that they were carrying a daughter.

Although MSM was reluctant to mention the racial element, Pak-originated London journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown allowed herself to do so (Daily Mail, 24 ii), especially noting that “In some countries, harrowing though it may be to consider, villagers have been known to put a newborn girl in a pot and bury her alive, or toss her into a well, or feed her mercury to kill her off.”

Amusingly, the West’s Left and feminasties had for a generation accepted ‘Asian’ ways even though they were illegal and even though leftists and feminoids officially deplored even demonstrably eugenic practices as ‘Nazi’ (for any eugenics would reduce the number of left-voting, dependent clients of socialism).


As eleven Pakistanis went on trial in Manchester for grooming, inebriating and having sex with under-16 White girls, a mob of 200 White youths made trouble for curry shops in Rochester (smashing windows, bricking police) where several of the accused had been employed – shouting “Paedos out!”, “Rapists!” and “We want rid!”


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Monday, February 20, 2012


A study by the property website Rightmove found that people in Carlisle, Cumbria [aka Cumberland], were the happiest in England, while those living in east London were the least content with their surroundings (D. Telegraph, 14 ii, Murray Wardrop). Researchers assessed towns on how residents felt about their area, the size and condition of homes, neighbourliness and safety levels.

Carlisle scored highest, followed by other largely-White places like York, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Chester and Llandudno. The only southern towns in the Top Ten were the White locations of Norwich, Dorchester and Exeter. By contrast, nine of the ten lowest scoring towns and cities were in the south, according to the survey. All the east London districts (largely Black-infested) were classed with the lowest scores, followed by Ilford, south-east London, Luton and Romford. Pakistani-invaded Oldham was the only northern town in the bottom ten of the website's Happy At Home Index.

Top 10 happiest places: (All very White and English):

1. Carlisle 2. York {‡, I can personally testify; surely England’s most charming and convenient city, even if its motorboat-packed River Ouse did not quite rival Edinburgh’s Firth of Forth} 3. Huddersfield 4. Harrogate 5. Chester {‡) 6. Llandudno 7. Norwich {‡} 8. Derby 9. Dorchester 10. Exeter {‡}.

Top 10 unhappiest places: (All heavily settled by Black and Srindopakeshi immigrants):

1. East London 2. Ilford 3. South-east London 4. Luton 5. Romford 6. Oldham 7. Enfield {which just 30 years previously had leading young Conservative Michael Portillo as its MP} 8. North London {where I grew up, then an entirely peaceful if dull area where many people had their own gardens and children could get to grammar school in Barnet} 9. West London 10. Harrow.


Supporting this blog’s reservations about gummint-selected dumbing-downer Egalephrenic ‘Prof’ ‘Les’ Ebdon (q.v.) (‘U.Bedfordshire’, aka Luton Poly), an unwonted pro-IQ surprise arrived in the Daily Telegraph Letters column, from a Dr Adrian Crisp of Cambridgeshire (consultant rheumatologist, Fellow of Churchill College).
Vince Cable and Les Ebdon (report, 9 ii) are convinced that there is a pool of social disadvantaged students deprived of places at top universities. But it is clear that genetic inheritance is the main determinant of behaviour and intellect.

Universities must identify bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and already strive to do so with vigorous access schemes. But this number is likely to be small. Any policy to punish universities for failing to admit some arbitrary quota from the disadvantaged is an ignorant vendetta.

Well had Brand, Constales and Kane recorded (2004, q.v.): “Universities also had to ignore intelligence: they risked serious criticism in the 1990's if they failed to represent 'minorities' pro rata in their ranks; and they repeatedly sought fresh admissions criteria which might enable them to admit more non-White and state-school applicants even when to do so would accelerate their already fast-declining academic standards. Any doubts about programmes of 'affirmative action' were denounced as 'racist' -- thus inhibiting sensible discussion.”

Brian Binley, a Conservative member of the Commons business select committee, condemned PM Cameron for failing to stop Prof Ebdon’s appointment (D. Telegraph, 19 ii). He said: “Prof Ebdon is likely to do serious and lasting damage to some of our best universities.”

{Buck-toothed Ebephrenic was to have the power to fine any luni £.5M per year if it failed to produce evidence of ‘widening access.’ – English lunis were going to need all the tricks of fiddling figures that had to be deployed by soap factories under Russian communism.}


The cold snap gripping Europe {but not Atlantic-breezed Scotland} forced Green-loving Germany, which in 2011 had decided to abandon nuclear power, to restart several reactors taken off line (Berlin’s Handelsblatt, 9 ii). The cold-related surge in electricity demand prompted pious Germany's network operators to call upon nuclear power plants that had been left in reserve as a "preventative measure.”


Discussing the death of Bradford headmaster Ray Honeyford (persecuted in the 1980s after he had criticized Pakistani families for sending their kids for long periods to Pakiland, undermining their education), the Telegraph’s Alasdair Palmer observed (11 ii):
The highest levels of segregation recorded anywhere in the UK are those between Indians and Pakistanis in towns in the north of England. Those towns also exhibit a markedly higher degree of segregation between blacks and Asians than between whites and blacks. This suggests that the explanation for the division is not white racism, but rather the lack of a common culture that would allow different groups to share anything significant. The isolation of communities helps to perpetuate beliefs and practices that are opposed to British values.

But ministers, judges, and officials are reluctant to insist that the first condition of British citizenship for any immigrant should be to adopt British values – such as speaking English, accepting all citizens’ equal rights, and recognising that the only procedure for deciding on legitimate political authority is free elections to Parliament.

As we dither on this, multiculturalism continues its divisive work. And it will soon be too late to do anything about it: Britain will have permanently fractured into factions united by nothing except mutual incomprehension and antipathy.


As no less than 169 London cops participated in dawn raids to terrorize five Sun journalists and their families and scour for hours under floorboards and in children’s beds for evidence of police having been bought the occasional drink, the Observer’s Nick Cohen and the Mail’s Richard Littlejohn shared respected columnist and ex-Sun editor Trevor Kavanagh’s alarm at the latest excess against writers who had only engaged in time-honoured practices in pursuit of the truth (Spectator, 13 ii).
Apparently, Britain had already fallen to 28th in the international league table of Press Freedom {and would surely be lower in any league of Academic Freedom since the efforts of Edinburgh LUniversity in 1996-8}.

The problem for the hacks had begun when proprietor Rupert Murdoch decided to throw them to the wolves rather than stand by the longstanding traditions of investigative journalism {cf. E.LU deciding – without so much as a word with me – to cancel the rights of a 53-yr academic, employed by them for 26 years, to make realistic comments about race, IQ, sex and paedophilia}.

At the same time, new hysteria broke out about ‘racism in football’ – after on-pitch swearing by the England captain at a Black player -- resulting in the resignation of England’s manager Fabio Capello {who would hopefully sue for constructive dismissal and cost the Football Association millions}. {Stamping out ‘racism’ in soccer had become important to the English authorities since football grounds were the only remaining places where Whites could express public disgust at the tidal wave of third-world immigration unleashed by the British elite since its failure at Suez in 1956.}

The cowardly political correctness of London’s Metropolitan Police was put on full display after its Iranian-born superintendent, Ali Baba Dizaei, was jailed for a second time for corruption – having bullied his way for ten years at the Met using his presidency of the National Black Police Association to accuse anyone who stood in his way of ‘racism’ (Daily Mail, 15 ii).


The fifth wife of Abottybadbad-deaded Islamist loon Bin Laden, Amal, 29 (and one knee shattered during the Abottybadbad raid), told her brother that hubby Bin Fartin had become “filled with regrets” about the life he had chosen for himself and his progeny in his declining years (Sunday Times, 12 ii).

According to luscious mother-of-three Amal, Bin Finished-wid-Terror had urged his kids to go to university in America or Europe and to live peacefully rather than pursue jihad. “You have to study,” Bin Finished had told them. “Live in peace and don’t do what I am doing or what I have done.”

In keeping with Bin Dun-wid-Terror’s wish for his children to be well educated, a child psychologist and a teacher turned one room in the Pak-funded Abottybadbad hideout into a classroom with a whiteboard (thereby introducing Nuffield College technology of 1968 and making a smarter impression than Bin Liner’s tatty bedroom where he had been found by US Seals watch a small telly in his woolly cap).


While PM Daft Dave Cameron began the battle with the SNP’s Alex Salmon in Edinburgh by sounding the retreat (offering ‘devo-max’ to Scotland if only it would keep housing Trident), the Falkland Islanders dealt more firmly with lefty Hollywood Jewish-Catholic actor Sean Penn, who had backed Argie claims to the 200-mile distant (and by 2012 oil-rich) islands (settled by Britain since 1833 as its prize for its 1820 liberation of the Argentine from Spain) with a fine display of Union Jack-waving patriotism in a convoy of their 4x4s (Sun, 17 ii) and a fine slogo: FALK U, SEAN!!


The three ‘far right’ nationalist groups in the European Parliament (BNP, FN, Jobbik) agreed to come into alliance, thus having sufficient MEPs to bring in £200Kpa from Strasbourg and being likely to agree a common platform at the 2014 elections (The Parliament, 16 ii).

(The inevitable ‘outrage’ from other parties ensued; but passable subscription to ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ was a condition of winning the funding. Whether any eugenic thinking would be allowed was not known.)


Guardianistas were shocked to their cotton socks as columnist Jonathan Freedland (advertising a new novel of his own) chose to remind them of the great lefties/progressives of the past who had supported eugenics: George Bernard Shaw, the Webbs, John Maynard Keynes (Director of the Eugenics Society, 1937-1944), feminist icon Marie Stopes, stellar LSE professor Harold Laski, welfare-state guru Wm Beveridge etc. (18 ii) (cf. my ‘Psychosocial Engineering’, begun 1985).

Freedland even claimed the leading publications Manchester Guardian [as it then was] and New Statesman had been pack leaders for the cause. In reply, swooning modern lefties could only reply that many of 1900-45 had backed eugenics, like Churchill and many US states. But Churchill was as much a Liberal as a Conservative; and US enthusiasm for eugenics was largely Democrat in inspiration. The truth was that it was only the churches that had pulled back from direct eugenics – preferring the solution of single-sex locked wards in mental hospitals.... (For more: TgF, Chap.3.)

FREUD x JUNG x Sabina

To help readers trying to decide whether to see the new film ‘A Dangerous Method’ (with Keira Knightley as the much-spanked, neurotic, intelligent and delightful Sabina; directed by David Cronenberg), I can offer a summary of the real-life story:
"Sabina Spielrein had developed a number of mental symptoms by the age of 14. Eventually, at the age of 19, she was brought by her wealthy parents from Russia to Zurich for treatment at the Burgholzli Sanitorium. There, during the year 1904-5, she became one of the first patients of Dr Carl Gustav Jung. She was probably the first patient upon whom he used the new psychoanalytic method pioneered by Freud.

Jung treated her in the hospital, and when she improved he continued to see her as an outpatient for many years. He apparently fell in love with her....and she became his mistress while still his patient.... Jung found her quite intelligent and encouraged her to take up medical studies, which she did, eventually qualifying in psychiatry and psychoanalysis.

When her parents learned of the affair, they pressured Jung to break off the treatment. Jung apparently sought Freud's advice as to what to do. Freud advised that the treatment be ended. This interlude probably was one source of the developing split between Freud and Jung."

Lowell J. RUBIN, 1991, in J.Offerman-Zuckerberg,
Politics and Psychology. New York : Plenum.

{It is always amusing how the media and entertainment industries are quite deliberately twenty – when not a hundred -- years behind the times. They do not like to face how their own ‘right on’ leftism/lesbianism/egalitarianism/multiculturalism has wrecked the modern world – culminating in enforced lending to ‘subprimes’ and the resulting economic bubble and crash.

Perhaps they would by 2016 catch up with TgF and the suppression of the book, its author and all discussion and records of the case by Wiley DePublisher and the LUniversity of Edinburgh.... Wow, they might even admit (as Saint Richard Dawkins was last week forced to do on Radio 4) that Darwin’s great work had been titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life....}


A youngish Black female former member of a London Black gang admitted to the Observer that many Black girls freely and knowingly put themselves at risk of rape in order to have the status of belonging to a gang (19 ii).


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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Further to my review of The Chosen People (``The Race' - persecutions past, present and future,' q.v.), I noticed another review, by Bob Williams, here. It gave helpful detail from Richard's book for the many who would not be likely to purchase it -- including the Jewish origins of Woody Allen, Douglas Fairbanks, Hedy Lamarr, Tony Curtis, Jack Benny and Judy Garland and the vast over-representation of Jews in psychiatry, philosophy and Hollywood. Perhaps surprisingly {at least, I don't myself recall this bit}, Lynn was supposed to have thought that Israel's Jews would finally seek shelter in Russia

Another review, by Byron Roth, had appeared in AmRen, xi 2011 - stressing Jews' tendency for `getting on' rather than `getting real.' Apparently, Richard had noted that, in 1990, American Film magazine had reported that the CEOs of fully eight of the USA'S top ten entertainment companies were Jewish.

An AmRen correspondent noted: "It is ironic to see how South African Jews rallied against apartheid only to see the Black populace turn on them. Apartheid was put in place to keep the normally warring Black tribes from killing each other and destroying civil society. Despite apartheid, there was a larg influx of blacks INTO South Africa. South African Blacks were generally well-fed and prosperous. Look at the situation now, with Black "freedom". It is Whites (and Jews) that are marginalized now. To all you supporters of the elimination of apartheid -- how does it feel?"

Another sample of Lynn's own thinking on the Jewish question was available in his 2008 review of Jon Entine's Abraham's Children here (PDF).


Facing criticism for awarding a œ10B jet fighter contract to France rather than Britain (q.v.), India put up a fine display of insouciance about the British bribe ooops gift of œ1.2B to its wretched overbred dysgenic people (Sun, 6 ii). Indian finance minister Pranab Mukherjee insisted his country did not need UK aid. Demonstrating his command of English, and giving Britain the happy chance to recoup the money, he said: "It is a peanut in our total development exercises." {If only Britain itself had such sensible government ministers, instead of loopy sh*t-eating Liberals and cock-eyed wet-panted Conservatives!}


In view of the new sensationalist film treatment (`A Dangerous Method') of the hysterical Sabina Spielrein's relationship with Freud and Jung, the following may be of interest.

"Sabina Spielrein had developed a number of mental symptoms by the age of 14. Eventually, at the age of 19, she was brought by her wealthy parents from Russia to Zurich for treatment at the Burgholzli Sanitorium. There, during the year 1904-5, she became one of the first patients of Dr Carl Gustav Jung. She was probably the first patient upon whom he used the new psychoanalytic method pioneered by Freud. Jung treated her in the hospital, and when she improved he continued to see her as an outpatient for many years. He apparently fell in love with her....and she became his mistress while still his patient.... Jung found her quite intelligent and encouraged her to take up medical studies, which she did, eventually qualifying in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. When her parents learned of the affair, they pressured Jung to break off the treatment. Jung apparently sought Freud's advice as to what to do. Freud advised that the treatment be ended. This interlude probably was one source of the developing split between Freud and Jung." -- Lowell J. RUBIN, 1991, in J. Offerman-Zuckerberg, Politics and Psychology. New York : Plenum.


Arizona's Supreme Court shocked America's liberals by ruling that a city council candidate with limited English language skills could be kept off the ballot paper in the largely bilingual town of San Luis on the Mexico border (Reuters, 7 ii). Though the would-be candidate, a woman, had been born in `Yuma,' Arizona, she had moved to Mehio when she was young and spent much of her childhood there. She returned to Arizona for the last three years of high school, eventually graduating from Yuma's public `Kofa' High School. {Where does America find these names?... And the examiners to `graduate' pupils with `limited English'?... Still, marvellous for AZ eventually to take a stand!}


The over-mechanized American version of football (in the British Commonwealth called rugby football) was given a lift by female initiative.

Tessa Barrera of the LA Temptations during Lingerie Football League's Bowl IIX


The entire teaching staff was suspended at `Miramonte' Elementary School in Los Angeles, where two teachers were arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing children. The Los Angeles school superintendent, announced the extraordinary move, telling parents that replacement teachers would be taking over classrooms and psychiatric social workers would be placed with each class to help students and staff. Miramonte teacher Mark Berndt had been charged with committing lewd acts on 23 children, while another teacher had been arrested, suspected of abusing two girls in his classroom. Berndt, who had worked successfully at the school for 32 years, abused children of ages six to 10 between 2005 and 2010, it was alleged. The acts cited by authorities included blindfolding children in a classroom and feeding them his semen in what children were told was a `tasting game.' Pupils' results in public exams and tests of general knowledge were not forthcoming.


The UK Coalition's loopy LibDim Business Secretary, Vince Cable, was put down by an influential Commons committee over the appointment of a new `university access tsar' (cf. Guardian, 8 ii). Cable had endorsed Prof `Les' Ebdon, an advocate of new `universities' and a critic of higher fees, for the role of director of the `higher education access watchdog' - the `Office for Fair Access.' Les, vice-chancellor of `Bedfordshire University' (previously a lecturer at Sheffield Poly and v-c at LUniversity of Luton) and `chair' of a lobby group for new universities called Million+, wanted to impose large fines on universities that did not take sufficient numbers of cretinous ooops disadvantaged students. He also advocated what he himself called a "nuclear option" of forbidding England's lunis from charging maximum fees of œ9,000 a year to students so stupid as to attend the lunis' propaganda classes in peecee multiculturalism. Britain's top twenty research universities (cf. the Russell Group) had apparently squeaked a little at the proposed new influx of morons.

In December 2010, a study of 65 countries had shown that, after a generation of `comprehensive' (mis)education, the UK had slipped down world education rankings in maths, reading and science, and, at its new position of 25th, had been overtaken by Poland and Norway. The study, compiled by the left-respected Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, revealed that the UK's reputation as one of the world's best for education had been well and truly lost and thus triggered `liberal'-leftist demands for `million+' access to lunis regardless of educational level achieved. {So much for 1996 New Labour's promise of `Education! Education! Education!' - welcomed in The g Factor but never implemented thanks to the feeble PM Rev Blair being unwilling to stand up for selection against what were by then the left's massed cohorts in the `education' system.}


"Extreme caution" was apparently needed in reading Richard Lynn's latest (admittedly) "systematic" hereditarian effort (q.v.), at least according to Times Higher reviewer Moses Zeidner (educationist at U.Haifa) (9 ii). Rather than accept Richard's thesis that the IQ 110 of Ashkenazi (northern-European-sieved) Jews IQ resulted from a thousand years of Crusader-Catholic-Orthodox persecution weeding out weaker brethren, Zeidner preferred to believe that it was living among Arabs of "fewer educational resources" that reduced the IQs of Mizrahi (Oriental) Jews to 86 - as well as giving them the aggressive/"authoritarian" ways that had eventually helped the Balfour- and Hitler-inspired state of Israel to survive for 60 years.

Nor did Zeidner take seriously the warning in my own review that Jewish multiculturalism had fatally undermined Jews' own hard-won position in the Anglosphere.* Nicely enough, Zeidner listed several of the `IQ psychologists' (Wilhelm Stern, David Wechsler, Alan Kaufman, Howie Gardner, Bab Sternberg) who had contributed so much to C20 discussions of intelligence without getting a mention in Lynn's "intriguing but highly contentious book"; but, however strangely...., Zeidner didn't mention the half-Jewish top hereditarians, Art Jensen and Hans Eysenck.

* From American-Jewish intellectual and campaigner, David Horowitz, 9 ii: "Anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred are not only tolerated in our universities, they are in vogue. The atmosphere on campus today recalls that of Germany in the 1930s when Hitler was laying the groundwork for the Holocaust. Muslim students are allowed to intimidate Jewish students. They are allowed to bring Islamist preachers of hate on to campuses with unapologetically vile messages that would cause the KKK to blush."


Coming Apart, the new book by the London School's top sociologist, Charles Murray (Harvard, MIT and co-author of The Bell Curve), reached dizzying bookseller heights in the USA. Its message? The economic problems of America's working class were largely its own fault, stemming from factors like the presence of a lot of lazy men and morally loose women who had kids out of wedlock (Chronicle of Higher Education, 9 ii, Peter Schmidt). Moreover, Murray argued [`Palin with bar graphs'], because of Americans' growing tendency to pair up with the similarly educated [assortative mating], working-class children were increasingly genetically predisposed to be on the dim side.

Hardly an original thesis; but not one often seen in print in peecee days. Alas, the diagnosis of `laziness' was itself pretty lazy - for just about anyone would be `lazy' in a benefit-dishing society, not least in one whose anti-elitist, anti-racist demakrazy had brought to power a Black socialist who was unlikely to be toppled except by a Moron. And the diagnosis of `moral laxity' looked harsh when Murray could not commit himself even to sterilization in Africa, let alone in the Black hellholes of Detroit and Philadelphia.


The moral laxity of the women (presumably Black) and `social workers' (race unknown) of North London's ghastly borough of `Haringey' (which had allowed the torture and killing of multi-social-worker-visited `Baby P') was exposed thanks to the Freedom of Information Act: ten children were found to have been starved, unwashed and covered with lice for seven years - an outcome of anti-racist unwillingness either to sterilize incompetent women or to provide the most elementary supervision of their resulting progeny (cf. Sun, 10 ii).

(After years of socialist/'anti-racist' bungling, the wretched mother was arrested; but it took more years before the Sun could tell the story; and the mother had still to be tried and imprisoned, in what would doubtless prove a multi-million money-fest for lawyers, ooman rights whingers, bureaucrats and prison guards.)


Making it absurd to criticize the West's `loose women,' the UK's Coalition-led Parliament, having given up on controlling either Euro[`human rights'] fanatics or the bankstas, decreed itself an 11-day half-term holiday (on top of the 12 week holiday which it had enjoyed in the last six months of 2011). Not content with that official holiday, all but 14 MPs bunked off early, leaving the Commons virtually deserted during a debate about the failed, starving, Muesli-infested and piratical state of Somalia (Sun, 10 ii).

(The 11 days were apparently necessary to cover the whole period of the various half-term holidays declared by all the various British `state' schools. MPs, paid œ80Kpa by the taxpayer, needed to be at home to do childminding because their `wives' were out working....)


UK `immigration authorities' (doubtless Pak-staffed thanks to White-politico-led `positive discrimination' programmes) had allowed a deaf 11-yr Pak girl (told she was an orphan) to join a 60+ couple of Paks in a Manchester semi where she was locked in a toiletless cellar, provided unpaid labour and was repeatedly raped for a decade - it was alleged in a Manchester court (Sun, 10 ii).

{No wonder the rest of the West had got a bit `lax'! Charles Murray needed to think how, why and by whom West-destroying `laxity' was being tolerated and indeed encouraged. Had he heard of socialism and its latter-day offshoot of multiculturalism? And dared he denounce them?}


As incomprehensible but honourable soccer manager (for England), Fabio Capello, resigned in sympathy with (adulterous) pal (Captain) John Terry, accused of calling a spade a spade, it transpired that the temporary replacement manager also faced charges of `racism' (Sun, 10 ii). {Hilarious! Perhaps the massed ranks of English soccer hooligans would manage to stand up for free speech when Britain's luniversities had proved themselves incapable?...}


You didn't hear of 47 men going on trial in Liverpool Crown Court for paedophilic practices with White girls of 11-15-years-old - and quite a few gang rapes of weenies being involved? Well, no, you didn't, for Britain's peecee media imposed a news blackout - the men in question all being Mueslis (AmRen/British National Party, 10 ii).

English footy captain John Terry could have his name constantly blackened by MSM for an (alleged) `racist' jibe on the soccer field at a Black opponent (a process resulting in the resignation of Terry's loyal friend, England manager Fabio Capello); but the egregious case of 47 (alleged) Muslim perverts stayed unmentioned - despite scores of people protesting in BNP-organized demonstrations.


Signifying the failure of the USA's post-Suez effort to control the Middle East (in the course of which Afghaniland, Eyeraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Pakiland, Libya, north-Sudan, Somalia and Lebanon had been lost), Iran's scruffy wind-cheatered, shaded and pathetically bearded spokesperson AhLastMahDinnaJacket told a cheering crowd of closely monitored goons that Persia was on the verge of getting The Bomb and being able to wipe out Israel, intimidate Saudi, and put Russia in control of the West's oil supplies.

{Congratulations, multiculti-America - which (having perennially failed to back Britain) had also failed in Vietnam, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela and the Argentine!}


Comments? Email Chris Brand. -- CV for Chris Brand. -- Some history.


Monday, February 06, 2012


I was glad to find the (sensationally thoughtful....) 2003 multi-authored chapter on intelligence ([English] Brand, [Belgian] Constales & [American] Kane), ‘Why ignore the g factor? – Historical considerations’ (q.v.) (a chapter which, like The g Factor, could not be mentioned in the ever-more-boring articles by produced Western academic psychologists), got cited (its Abstract being fully reprinted) in an up-to-date summary of intelligence theorizing here (17 i 2012).

Another website, 17 ii 2011, had – as I googled -- kindly referred to the chapter as providing “a nice summary of the g affair.” The chapter also got cited as Nature/Heredity/The Genetics Society (2012) at last released my (pungent) 2003 review of the burblingly pro-‘GxE interaction’ book, The Intelligent Genome.

A review at ‘NeoEugenics’ specially picked out the following paragraph from the chapter:
"When an appeal to [GxE] 'interactionism' is thought too risky or over-used, the second refuge is in the work of James Flynn (e.g. 1984) telling of the secular rise in IQ-test scoring that was first noticed in 1948. Unfortunately for this notion, these test-score gains are greatest on sub-tests of copying skill [Coding or Digit Symbol] that are relatively poor measures of g (Rushton 1999); and no-one has ever explained them or been able to speed them up.

Flynn himself had hoped that Black test scores might be rising as fast as those of Whites once did; and Hunt (1999) still thought the Black-White gap was 'clearly decreasing' and had already declined to 0.8 SD units (i.e. 12 IQ points). However, Murray (1999) reported National Longitudinal Survey of Youth data from the previous generation showing no closing of the racial gap in fluid g; Nyborg & Jensen (2000) found a highly significant (p<0.00001) Black-White difference of 1.174 in psychometric g in a sample with an N of 4,037; and in 2000 the U.S. federal Department of Education said the Black-White gap in reading had actually been increasing through the 1990s — leaving the average Black 17-year-old of 2000 reading only about as well as the average White 13-year-old. Statewide achievement testing in New York State in 2002 found large race differences persisting that could not readily be attributed to the socio-economic backgrounds of pupils (Hartocollis 2002)."


Having failed to support Tunisia’s president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Libya’s Colonel Gadaffi, Western liberals (including most politicos) found they had drawn the short straw as [London opthalmologist] President Assad of Syria stood up to Syria’s own ‘Arab Spring’ rebels, killing a few dozen of his rebellious Sunni citizens daily in attacks on their homes (Sunday Mail, 29 i) and bringing ever closer the time when the hate-filled unseparated ethnic Muslim sects of the Middle East would embark on Shitite vs Solunni civil war which might finally teach multi-culti-loving America what the Muslie world was like. (The French, devoted to égalité as the official basis of their failed state [kicked out of Vietnam, Algeria and Rwanda and invaded by 6M Mueslis], were probably incapable of learning.)


As banking chief Stephen Hester (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford; CEO of the bankrupt Royal Bank of Scotland; hobbies gardening and hunting) was bullied into waiving £1M of his likely 2011 income of around £12M, Britain’s press and politicos, having drawn first blood, turned to thinking of which other contracts could be broken by media pressure (Guardian, 30 i). Anything rather than get Britain’s useless economists (or even PR types) to discuss on air whether the salaries and bonuses of Hester and others were justifiable! Anything rather than explore the psychology of Glaswegian ‘Sir’ ‘Fred the Shred’ Goodwin who had wrecked RBS but declined to give up his knighthood (awarded by Labour for “services to banking”)! Anything rather than – after four years of indecision – telling the banks, their shareholders and customers that they would not again be bailed out by nationalization and that they must cut down the banks’ sizes/monopolies so they were no longer ‘too big to fail’! The inability of the chattering classes to be either academic or practical was only to be expected from ‘liberal’-leftist goons who – despite a century of compelling London School evidence -- could not even accept the g factor.


It transpired that Britain was giving £11B to ‘support’ warlord-torn Somalia (with only patchy government since 1991*), where the average woman had four children (Sun, 30 i). (Evidently piracy was as profitable as it had been to Britain in Elizabeth I’s days – combined with heart-wrenching production of wide-eyed infants on TV to keep Western ‘aid’ flowing. But was Britain getting any decent supply of slave labour out of its extravagant investment? It seemed unlikely, since many Somalis – using the beachhead established in the UK by enterprising emigrants -- had taken the trouble to kit themselves out with British passports to be ready if ‘aid’ dried up.)

Britain also continued to lavish aid on multi-child India even though that wretchedly poor, smelly, pot-holed but nuclear-armed country had its own space programme.

*Somalia’s government received £69M annually from the UK – enabling it to keep 75 pirates in cells built for 4, in the rare event that it caught any pirates (Sun, 31 i).


A jury in Canada – the world’s most holy, pacific, multicultural and boring country -- found three members (parents and son) of an Afghan Muslim family guilty of drowning no less than three teenage sisters and another woman in what the judge described as "cold-blooded, shameful murders" resulting from a "twisted concept of honour" (Guardian, 30 i). The verdicts concluded a case that shocked innocent Canadians (who had never listened to Phil Rushton). Prosecutors said the defendants killed the three teenage sisters – locking them into a car which they pushed into a canal -- because the girls had ‘dishonoured’ the family by defying its strict rules on dress (no shown cleavage), dating Christians, socialising (i.e. drinking) and using the internet. {So much for multiculturalists’ dreams of ‘integration’!}


As the Black Tottenham MP, David Lammy, bravely attributed the rioting of August, 2011, to Britain’s ‘liberals’ having legally forbidden parents to smack their children (lest they leave a mark), he was promptly jumped on by a dreadlocked Black (or half-Black) Guardianista, ‘Dreda Say Mitchell’ (30 i) – but the columniste had evidently not read my own effort in this field, as below. Needless to say, the cruelty of career wymmin leaving their kids without any mothering at all for ten hours per day was not mentioned by feminoid ‘Dreda.’
Review of Milburn & Conrad (1996), followed by references on the long-term results of the use of corporal punishment by parents

New realism in social psychology: Michael A. Milburn and Sheree D. Conrad, 1996, The Politics of Denial, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press. pp. x + 292. ISBN 0-262-13330-X.

This book’s message is nothing less than that spanking is the root cause of anything that a modern psychologist is likely to call evil. According to the authors, social environmentalism no longer requires any “overly elaborate or implausible argument” (p. 4). Supposedly, spanking is an abuse that on its own leads to delinquency, crime, drug addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, political authoritarianism, torture, war, genocide, wife-beating and, of course, further “child abuse.” Occasionally, the authors allow it would be a “gross oversimplification” to conclude that spanking produces “conservatives who hold punitive political attitudes” (p. 10); nevertheless, this is the very proposition which draws them like a magnet. Though conventional and unrelenting in its politics, this book is an unwonted piece of realism in today’s social psychology. Liberal-left post-modernists who can believe Milburn and Conrad’s thesis will kick themselves for their fifteen-year flirtation with the vagaries of hermeneuticism.

Can M&C be believed? First, can they establish what most psychologists would certainly suspect, that families in which spanking is regularly practised are likely to house quite a wide range of psychological problems? If so, can they demonstrate that the link between physical punishment and pathology remains even when statistical allowance is made for other possible causal factors such as low intelligence, low social class or high Psychoticism? In short, is there distinct evidence that spanking is actually causal to any of its down-market correlates?

Milburn & Conrad show occasional concern with answering causal questions. Mainly, however, they make immediate propaganda with whatever correlations come to hand (plus anecdotes about US Republican politicians having their hides tanned in childhood and perhaps later). On the particular, long-standing issue of the relation between physical punishment and naughtiness, the classic 1950’s evidence of Bandura and Walters and of the Cambridge-Somerville Project is wheeled in for a sentence or three, together with half-a-dozen other studies (none conducted in the 1990’s, and several only mentioned as references, not explained or discussed). Yet these studies show only that naughty boys are spanked more often, not the direction of causation between naughtiness and being spanked. Inviting considerable suspicion as to how the research literature was trawled, Sears’ (1961) classic report of there being no relation at all between spanking and later naughtiness in his 160 middle-class children goes unmentioned. The authors’ crusading determination stops them undertaking the scientific job of asking just whether, when, and where spanking is harmful — or, just possibly, helpful.

Pursuing their own condemnatory purposes, M&C make no effort to distinguish between gratuitous physical abuse, rule-governed corporal punishment, high parental standards, and tightness of parental supervision. The last three of these variables are well known to be largely independent of each other, and the first is probably independent too. Yet this book often runs them all together in flagrant pursuit of evidence that is congenial to the authors. Nor is any systematic effort made to distinguish between spanking (with an open hand or a soft object on the bottom or hand, causing no tissue damage) and beating (hitting with a closed fist or hard object with intent to damage). Still more annoying, conventional evidence does not matter much to M&C’s thesis anyway: those hypothetical victims who deny ‘abuse’ and say they actually loved their parents are written off whenever necessary as ‘in denial’ -- as is anyone who has never been ‘in therapy’ (p. 64).

Even the reader who sympathizes with M&C’s shameless biases is due for disappointment. At the very outset of the book’s coverage of supposedly spanking-induced right-wing authoritarianism (RWA), the authors crash into the barriers that constrain normal academic argument. In their own research, it was only males who showed the desired result — that those who reported having been spanked as children were “slightly more conservative.” Spanked females were actually more liberal and humanistic — requiring instant invocation by M&C of a version of the ‘denial’ argument. [Females are supposedly socialized by their mothers to ‘deny their anger’ at abuse and thus to turn their anger into friendship.... Two references (dated 1966 and 1989) are provided.] That the authors’ theory fits only 50% of the population, and then only “slightly”, will dampen the spirits of all but the wildest supporters of the child abuse industry.

What is there for readers who stay the course? Alas, worse is in store. By p. 117 — with the book far advanced as a hymn-sheet for left-of-Clinton Democrats — the authors are moved to spend two pages spelling out the ‘significant correlations’ between childhood spanking and adult RWA in 1,175 adults. The grisly attitudinal sequelae of parental punitivity take up almost a page: in summary, ‘Young people need discipline’, ‘Everything changes so quickly’, ‘The old days were better’, ‘Sex criminals should be whipped’, ‘Growing boys should have a few fist fights’, ‘Militias are OK’, ‘War is OK’, ‘Police beatings are OK’, ‘Death threats against some politicians are well deserved’, etc. As so often, M&C offer no matching control for IQ or income. Yet they hardly need to do so. For what were the ‘significant correlations’? The reader who turns to the Appendix will find they range from .04 to .15 around a median of .07. If this is the best that the new realists can do, it is small wonder that left-ish social psychologists of the 1980’s took to constructivism!

How could M&C have landed themselves in such a pickle? Their own frequent accusation against the right is that of ‘denial.’ However, over the years, it has increasingly seemed that the ‘liberal’-left have not even bothered to read what they themselves wish so fervently to deny. For example, arch-environmentalists Maurice Schiff and Richard Lewontin can hardly have read a word of Hans Eysenck or Arthur Jensen (Brand, 1987). In 1996, the leading critic of IQ testing, Leon Kamin, declared that he had no intention of trying to read my own de-published — but freely available — book, The g Factor. And Phil Rushton (1997) observes that Stephen Jay Gould’s ‘revision’ of The Mismeasure of Man shows no sign of Gould’s having read even key articles in Intelligence by Jensen and John Carroll. In the case of M&C, these authors simply cannot have read the APA-prize-winning work of Bob Altemeyer (1988) even though they use Altemeyer’s own scales. In painstaking and systematic researches with his Canadian undergraduates (thus partly controlling for socio-economic and IQ differences) Altemeyer found his data to be largely unsupportive of the idea that parental violence or chastisement had any connection with a child’s later RWA score. On Altemeyer’s measures (including assessment of fantasies, so as to avoid social desirability response set), right-wing authoritarians were not even higher in ‘aggression.’

Rather, what Altemeyer found central to RWA psychology was the rejection of homosexuality. Such rejection presumably reflects a mixture of genes and individual developmental choices (cf. Badcock, 1994; Sulloway, 1996). The fifty-year-old ‘redirected aggression’ yarn of Theodore Adorno and the rest of the Frankfurt School in psychology has simply little or nothing to do with RWA. Unpleasant, low-social-class fathers have more violent and unhappy children not because they beat them but because (a) they supplied the children with their own poor genes, and (b) their behaviour suggested to the child that paternal investment was likely to be restricted. In response to such parental offerings, children make dramatic but divergent responses: some mimic parental RWA to solicit investment, while others seek a peace with the world via feminization and homosexuality. Spanking itself does not predict the route that will be taken. Such horror-charged development will be all too common until parents are made legally responsible for the full costs of the upbringing of their children, including the costs of providing criminal justice in adolescence. But excessive parental chastisement will have no more link to authoritarianism than to humanitarianism — as, indeed, in M&C’s own research.

As environment-realists, M&C are thus a flop. This is because they are too hysterical to look at the facts and appreciate the involvement of individual (genetically guided) choices. Indeed, pace M&C, the children of heavy-handed fathers might possibly have benefited from even more beating than they in fact received — if only it had been administered by higher-IQ parents in a spirit of proper punishment rather than out of drunken impulse or sheer brutality. Hereditarians can certainly take much consolation from M&C’s failure to prove their case. The only proper caveat about ridiculing this book is that any comparable volume from typical pro-spankers would probably be still worse.


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Publication reference for the above:

BRAND, Chris (1997). ‘New realism in social psychology.’ Personality & Individual Differences 23, 2, 61-2.

Key research references for pro-spankers and anti-spankers

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As Stephen Hester, the Labour-appointed boss of the bankrupt ‘Royal Bank of Scotland’ (82% owned i.e. bailed out by the British taxpayer after the follies of Glasgow-council-house-originating ‘Sir’ Fred the Shred Goodwin), part-obliged the irate British public by handing back his £1M bonus for 2011 (a grand 8% of his income for a state-supported casino never-fail gambling job that could be done by a monkey* – as was said by an economics expert on BBC Radio 4, 30 i, 22:40), it turned out that Britain’s Labour-loving, Labour-appointed luni vice-chancellors had been allowed to clock up annual salaries as high as £404K (Guardian, 31 i) (for smiling at mums and dads, looking prosperously fat, writing occasional small peecee paragraphs in luni brochures, and sacking discomfiting race-realist lecturers) – salaries three times as high as that of the Prime Minister, so valuable were their v-c services in selling Labour government to the public (especially to student dupes given paid ‘sabbaticals’ to run ‘student unions’).
*The job essentially involved pressing a button marked GAMBLE and enjoying the resulting banana; if no banana arrived, the monkey pressed GOVERNMENT and got its banana that way.


Disappointed readers of this blog who felt there was not enough sex in it could be referred for entertainment to my offerings at BBC h2g2: [The ‘individual psychology’ of Alfred Adler] [Review of Erich Fromm’s Art of Loving] [Famous Bastards in History] [What went wrong with conservatism? -- A review of José Ortega y Gasset] [Liberating the Future from the Past – re eugenics] [Sex and the Twenty-first Century])

As to what the future held, readers could see the Sun’s story on 1 ii of a Winchester court being told of the abduction by her siblings of a Muslim girl seen kissing a White boy – the girl’s hair was hacked off and she was threatened that she would have her head bashed in with a hammer. Equally promisingly for evo-Freudian accounts of sex, a blind Birmingham girl of 25 fell pregnant by a lame 65-yr-old retired lorry driver who was promptly thrown out by his own daughter from the council house which they had shared (Sun, 1 ii).


After 45 years of egalitarian Labour and its client minions destroying British education at every level (apart from the richer Oxbridge colleges), British employers openly told journalists that they were advertising jobs (from nurse to porter) in Romania because young Romanians had better job-relevant skills, work habits, comprehensible English, dressing sense and table manners (e.g. Sunday Times, 30 i).

Labour-honoured ‘Sir’ Fred Goodwin (RBS) had his knighthood revoked – the first to suffer this fate since the downfall of once-Labour-loved dictators Benito Mussolini, Nicolae Ceausescu and Robert Mugabe and Cambridge University spy Antony Blunt.

(Never fear for the cheeky-chappy Glaswegian [venerated by the SNP as well as Labour] who had cost Britain £45B: he still had a £6,500-per-week pension on which to fall back!) Fat, balded, bespectacled, piggy-eyed and swaggering Labour-appointed CEO Stephen Hester (RBS) felt obliged by media pressure to give up his Labour-arranged £1M ‘bonus’ for 2011 – during which RBS shares had halved in value. (But he was left with an estimated £11M income for the year.) Other Labour-backed bankstas in Tory sights were Sir Victor Blank and Sir James Crosby who could be stripped of their knighthoods for their roles in the merger of Lloyds and HBOS at the height of the financial crisis (Guardian, 2 ii). One Tory said:

"These guys [Goodwin et al.] were on the last helicopter out of Saigon while we were taking it up the chuff from Ho Chi Minh. So we are going after them. There should be more – Sir Victor Blank and Sir James Crosby. Victor Blank agreed to take over HBOS as a favour to Gordon Brown. There will be an FSA report on that next year. It won't be the same plane crash of awfulness that was RBS. But it will still be pretty bad."

{What was most extraordinary in all this was the failure of the wretched wankstas to produce a single tame academic ‘economist’ or at least PR snake to provide the slightest justification for their bloated remuneration. – But, of course, no one dared address the origin of the financial bubble, which was in unmentionable multicult-enforced lending under Presidents Sackmacack Clinton and Dazed Dubya Bush to ‘subprime’ Blecks and Spics (q.v., passim).}

The UK Coalition Government decided to ditch fully 3,050 Labour-introduced and state-examined school ‘courses’ (aka ‘Mickey Mouse courses’) – such as Countryside Skills, Hair Services and Nail Technology (Sun, 1 ii, ‘End of the daft class’) – since they had proved of no value in getting jobs for kids, as well as being academically worthless. {The reason? E.g.: hairdressers needed trainees who could converse about politics, footie and the monarchy – requiring passable intelligence and diplomacy; whereas most strictly hairdressing skills could be taught in a shop in a day.}

The Labour habit of dishing out ‘international aid’ in dysgenic policies for space-programmed India etc. (a habit ludicrously continued by the UK’s Coalition Government) was exposed as worthless as India gave a £13B contract for jet aircraft to France. The French ‘Rafale’ plane had been out-performed in all tests by the mainly-made-in-Britain ‘Eurofighter’; but the French subsidized the cost of their aircraft rather than wasting money on India’s peasants (a £1.2B British programme which evidently impressed money-mad Indian politicos not a bit). (Likewise Britain’s £1.4B aid over several years to Pakiland made no impression, for even an ultra-diplomatic Nato report concluded what realists had known for years: that the Pak Army (which governed the wretched country) supported the Taleban Mueslis against Americans, Brits and women in Afghaniland.)


The year-old ‘Arab Spring’, beloved of Western MSM and politicos wishing to drape themselves in idealism, progressed in Egypt’s Port Said to killing 74 (and injuring 1,000) in five minutes by suffocation as footie-mad Muesli Brothers / Mubarak supporters / Mubarak opponents (‘ultras’) / Egyptian police (it was not clear which) ignited a blaze at the Cairo footie stadium in response to violence, panic and murderous stampede as fleeing Cairo ‘ultra’ fans were crushed at Port Said into a corridor when attacked by knife-, club- and rock-wielding enthusiasts for Mubarak, allegedly let loose and even encouraged by police (Guardian, 2 ii).

Shaken ex-Tottenham midfielder Willy-Wally said: "Egyptian football has a bad reputation for hooliganism but this was sheer butchery." Ghastly Wally, who had made 34 appearances for Spurs between 2006 and 2009, said: "The match was full of tension with insults exchanged between both sets of fans. There was nothing unlucky about all this — it was all premeditated. Our squad decided to stay inside afterwards. Within minutes police and doctors came in with wounded people and some dead.” "It was hell,” said Ghaly, “the worst experience of my life. It was just a match for us but we got caught up in a war."

Meantime 350 Papua New Guineans were tipped into the Pacific as their ship capsized, from whatever incompetence. However dysgenically, 150 PNGers were rescued by the Australian navy; but there would have been many who wished they had been spared by the paedophilic attentions of America’s Nobelist Carlton Gajdusek who had, er, singlehandedly, rescued 50 PNG kids c.1990 to the relative safety of his Washington home (q.v.)....


The UK Coalition immigration minister, Damian Green, encouragingly claimed that ministers {which?...} wanted or said they wished if possible, possibly, if only the Guardian weren’t too cross, to move to a more highly selective policy under which only the right kind of migrants are allowed to enter Britain (Guardian, 2 ii). Apparently, new immigrants would need to earn more than £31K p.a. (after being in GB for five years) {or be married to a similarly average-earning or propertied and taxpaying UK citizen?....}

{How would any of this be checked? At what expense?} {Alas for out-of-touch Damian, UK employers wanted well-behaved slave labour at £9K p.a. and would certainly find it by hook or crook from abroad, the ‘Conservatives’ having conspired with Labour to demolish the disciplines of Britain’s one-time schools, to allow 3 million Britoids to live on the dole oops jobseekers’ allowance, and (after 50 years of the sanctified National ‘Health’ [aka Death] Service) to allow a further 3 million to register as state-beneficiaries of ‘disablement.‘}


Ten years after invading Afghanistan to evict the Taleban and al-Qaeda and instal feminism, education, toilets and demakrazy, America began to learn from returning soldiers of the true nature of the country (Law Enforcement Examiner, ii). Evidently, the major forms of entertainment for men, especially the Pashtuns of the south, were – as for centuries -- paedophilia (with pre-pubescents) and pederasty (with post-pubescents) – making up for the lack of opportunity for fornication with females.

Boys were given as gifts or purchased at dance halls (where they dressed as girls, with bells on their ankles). To have such a boy was a major source of prestige among Pashtun warriors. Sodomy was frequent, but the boys would also be educated by their masters.

Sex with male minors was deemed compatible with Islam since no love was involved (as indeed in much of the rest of Afghani life). Amusingly, the main opponents of ‘boy play’ in Afghaniland were the Taleban.... (and, of course, OK Bin Liner was finally found watching videos at the military heart [Obottybadbad] of the great US ally, Pakistan....).


It was not just the West that was fed up with dullard immigration (Mexicans to America, Mueslis to Europe): Daily Telegraph, 2 ii, David Eimer:

"A giant locust looms menacingly over the Hong Kong skyline in the full-page ad in the Apple Daily, while the text underneath it rails against the so-called "birth tourists", the mainland Chinese mothers who come to Hong Kong in increasing numbers to have their babies.

In Hong Kong, "locust" is a derogatory term for immigrants and tourists from China and the ad has struck a chord amongst residents so dissatisfied with their mainland compatriots that, 15 years after Hong Kong ceased to be a British colony, more than twice as many people identify themselves as citizens of Hong Kong rather than of China.

The Apple Daily advert, which was paid for by Hong Kong's leading web portal, appeared on Thursday and "strongly demands" an end to the "unlimited infiltration of mainland Chinese couples into Hong Kong".

The children of mainland parents born in Hong Kong are entitled to residency and so many mothers are now coming to Hong Kong to give birth that both hospitals and schools are over-subscribed.

Last month, thousands of pregnant women took to the streets to protest at the way public services are being squeezed by the influx of mainlanders.

Earlier this week, Hong Kong's government bowed to anger over the issue and cut the quota of mainland mothers allowed to give birth each year from 10,000 to 3,400. Next year, they may be barred completely.

But "birth tourists" are just one of the many reasons for the increasingly bitter war of words between Hong Kong's 7 million residents and the 1.3 billion people in China. Hong Kongers resent the way mainland immigrants have pushed up property prices and regard tourists from China as uncouth.

In turn, mainlanders view Hong Kongers as overly superior and patronising.

When a video of locals arguing with Chinese tourists who were eating on the Hong Kong subway went viral last week, a Peking University professor lambasted Hong Kongers as "b-------", "thieves" and "dogs of British imperialists".

A vast cultural divide continues to separate Hong Kong, which prides itself on its legitimate entrepreneurial energy, independent legal system and freedom of speech, from the corrupt economic free-for-all and repressive rule that characterises the communist-run mainland.

Re-unification in 1997 after 155 years as a British colony was supposed to draw Hong Kong close into the embrace of the motherland. But a University of Hong Kong survey in December revealed that the number of Hong Kong residents identifying themselves as Chinese had sunk to a 12-year low.


Manically beaming and stubbly top ‘Liberal Democrat’ Chris Huhne, a something-or-other [‘Secretary for No Nuclear Energy and Climate Change (some hope!)’] in Daft Dave Cameron’s pseudo-Conservative UK Coalition Cabinet, was charged by the Crown Prosecution Service, along with his toothy, bespectacled and wrinkled ‘economist’ wife (and mother of three by him) Vicky Price (whom he had dumped in favour of an even more ghastly fat and frumpy bisexual), with perverting the course of justice – having allegedly persuaded his Vicky (in the days when they still got on) to take speeding points for him (by claiming she had been in the driving seat after Luhny had been pulled over by police) (Sun, 3 ii).

LibDim Huhne thus joined a long line of top ‘Liberals’ guilty of sodomy (Jeremy Thorpe, Simon Hughes), adultery (Paddy ‘Pantsdown’), shit-eating (Mark ‘Eatem’ Oaten), alcoholism (comic Charles ‘Mine’s a triple’ Kennedy), somnolence (Sir ‘Mong’ Campbell), Euroland infatuation (‘Nice’ billionaire Nick Clegg – also traitor to his young supporters re student fees) and fraudulence (econowallah David Laws – also queer).

{‘Liberal’ they were. ‘National Liberal’ they were not – for the original Liberal, the great Lord Palmerston, had largely limited himself to fornication with the wenches of Queen Victoria’s Windsor Castle; and the mighty Lloyd George’s distractions from his war-winning duties had at least only been with skirt!}

{Britain’s ‘Liberals’ of C20 had become chiefly ‘socialists without money’ – having failed to cultivate trade union support (and being dependent on one or two tax-dodging billionaires), but appealing to the soppier shit-eater-tolerant [or just-plain–ignorant] middle classes.} Mr Luhne said he would contest all charges – presumably on the basis that the main police evidence came simply from his embittered wife.


While most Labour-grown-and-fed Britoid wankstas continued to fail to surrender their multi-million-pound ‘bonuses’ (for greed, recklessness, belief in Black subprime lenders and general stupidity [including rank ignorance of the ‘derivatives’ in which they were insouciantly gambling]), the subsidiary remaining firms of C21 capitalism continued to bombard UK homeowners with telephone calls (several per day, sometimes at 9am and 9pm) to illustrate the downside of capitalism.

Equally loonily, the post brought me a Royal Bank of Scotland bank statement from Bangor (north-west Wales) and a notification of state pension increase (an amazing 7.5% for no obvious, let alone stated reason) from Belfast (Northern Ireland).*

Likewise, over the past few years, my (exceedingly simple) tax affairs had been dealt with not just from Edinburgh (‘Haymarket Yards’) but from Glagow (Cumbernauld), Stirling, Falkirk, Galashiels, Bradford, Newcastle, Leicester, Ipswich, Liverpool and one or two other immemorable places (Bootle – my records show). Presumably one could expect subsequent communications to come from Bombay ooops Mumbai....

At the same time, police in Gwent (south-east Wales) had to pay a 73-yr-old retired businessman £28K for having bashed in (with fifteen blows of a baton) the window of his £60K Range Rover when he failed to stop sufficiently promptly for their liking (he had not worn a seatbelt – fined £235) – the incident (which included one cop trying – unsuccessfully -- to kick in the RR windscreen) had been filmed from the policemen’s own car and ended up going viral on YouTube) (Sun, 3 ii).

The council of Meriden, Essex, which had spent £8M to evict gypsies from an illegal site, ordered further lawyer-enriching action to evict villagers who had themselves set up camp at the site to make sure the gypsies did not return (Sun, 3 ii).

HMG was to spend £8M on a national Happiness Index dreamt up by ‘economists’ who had no idea that ‘happiness’ was largely determined by genetic levels of (non-)neuroticism.

The House of Commons’ ‘Strangers’ Bar’ withdrew from sale a top-quality Staffordshire beer, ‘Top Totty,’ after a gigantic-jawed, piggy-eyed, big-eared, grey-haired Labour MP, E.LU. graduette and divorcée Kate Green, 51, complained that a “half naked” [i.e. bikini-clad] bunny girl [as known and loved since 1965] was used in the beer’s advertising, making it “offensive to women” (D.Telegraph, 3 ii).

* The bureaucrats also included an apology for ‘any distress caused’ [presumably to relatives] if their missive arrived when I was already dead – a matter on which it should have been possible for them to check in national records since about 1801.


In a refreshing change from Black accusations against Whites, grievance-led Blacks mounted a major campaign against “racist” Korean businesses in Dallas, Texas (AmRen, 31 i). The South Korean government rushed its ambassador to the city to urge the Korean community there to remain calm and not to stoke the fire. Dallas had the largest Korean-American community in the state of Texas, with about 1,000 businesses there owned by Koreans.


Parisians were given a visual aid re Bleckness as peecee police reluctantly released “sensitive” photos (after enquiries by a magazine) of a Negro wanted for raping and stabbing numerous White, adolescent, blonde, blue-eyed girls – having first ascertained (by questioning) that they were Christian and of French nationality (Libertarian Republican, 16 i).


A remarkable tribute to the waist-hip-ratio (WHR) principle (discovered by girls c. 1750 and by scientists c. 1995) was provided by ‘human hourglass’ Romanian Iona Spangenberg, 30, discovered (and married) by a nice German businessman. Iona’s waist was a mere 20” despite eating a healthy three square meals a day; just 5’6” tall, her hip circumference was 32” and her bust 30” – and she had generous lips and a nice smile. A natural Victorian girl, if a tad anorexic, she had not been appreciated in Communist and poverty-stricken Romania where fatness was valued as a sign of being able to get through the winter (in a country where temperatures descended to an alarming -30C in 2012, while Scotland basked in Atlantic breezes).

For another example of the genre, readers could see Amy Johnson, 21, the latest sensation in Bollywood.


The West, having spent all its money on Bosnia, Afghaniland, Eyeraq and wankstas, found it had no spare dosh with which to bring down Pres. Assad of Syria – especially as Syria, like Iran, was backed by Russian and China which regarded the Shitites as a more reliable source of oil than the Saudi and Qatari Solunnis who could at any moment be undermined by loopy Western enthusiasm for the ‘Arab Spring.’


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