Thursday, November 24, 2005


Adoptees into rich families don't do as well scholastically as the biological kids of those families, Britain's Funday Times (renowned for its hostility to star hereditarian Sir Cyril Burt) reported. A more comprehensible summary of the new work by economists appeared in The Australian (7 xi) - though still without making clear whether the early (pre-adoption) environments of today's adoptees in the West could have been quite as disastrous as their genes.


After sixteen nights of rioting and thousands of car-torchings on French streets, Paris was in a state of `lockdown', the disturbances had spread to the centre of France's third city, Lyons, requiring tear gas to be fired, and there had been petrol bomb attacks on a mosque (Independent, 13 xi) and also on two churches (these latter attacks being unreported by France's self-censored press). The French policy of `assimilation' without deporting those who failed to integrate by marriage or employment was painfully exposed; but at the same time the `authoritarian-socialist' link-up of Muslims and Leftists predicted by me for the last year (e.g. in American Renaissance and in my review of Occidentalism at Amazon Books) looked all too likely to come about. Having first failed to oppose Hitlerism pre-1939 and then to oppose Stalinism post-1945, the Left seemed now to be wanting a top role in Islamifying Europe, starting with France.

{By the night of 12/13 xi, the Muslim madness spread to Belgium (29 cars torched) and Holland (where Muslim psychotics had previously concentrated on murdering critics of Muslim immigration, starting with eminent politician Pim Fortuyn in 2003) (4 cars torched).}

{France's National Front's blonde darling, M. Le Pen's daughter, 37, averred there were 1,000 areas in La R‚publique where cops dared not go - and the Gouvernement itself admitted that the figure of no-go areas might be as high as 150. Apparently, France was letting itself become a larger-scale Northern Ireland (where people have found their own territorial solutions to `the troubles' since the politicians have proved useless). How pitiful that the West's central regimes of America, Britain and France have not conferred with each other about how to confront half-Black Muslim madness before it is too late!

Only Australia was putting up a firm response -- doubtless assisted by East Asian countries who certainly don't want Muslim madness to spread to them - and have numerous laws in place to prevent unintegrated riff-raff immigration. Perhaps the East is the new West as France finally destroys itself after a miserable 220-year period of failure as a nation, its numerous useless effort to fight Germany having culminated in its obscure reality-denying verbosities of postmodernism?}

{After the clashes in Lyons, the first such attacks on police in a French city centre since 1968, it was announced that France's notoriously proactive paramilitary force, the CRS, would be garrisoned in 17 hotspots - and would not be spending their time playing soccer with local youf.}


Race-specific medicines, first discussed in TgF NewsLetters nine years ago, got their first mention on the Beeb's flagship channel, Radio 4. {If things go according to form in the battle for truth against PeeCee, these `controversial' new drugs - admitted by the Beeb to provoke "hysteria" in some quarters [Prof. Steve Jones, Prof Steve Rose?] - will get mentioned on Radio 4's classic soap opera `The Archers' by 2015 and get on the telly by 2020..}


After France `returned to normal' (according to the BBC - only 100 voitures flamb‚es per night by 20 xi), it turned out that there was one `philosophe' with 1968 leftist credentials who had changed his mind a bit about the Black/Arab underclass - though even he did not dare to use the term IQ (AmRen, 23 xi).

{My French Correspondent tells me that fully 50% of the rioters were Black, the rest being better described as Beurs [Frenchified Arabs].}


In an amazing victory for common sense and liberty, Swansea Crown Court ruled that a female drama student binge drinker who could not actually remember whether she had given consent to sex was not entitled to proceed with her rape allegation against handsome fellow student Ryairi Dougal (Sun, 24 xi). Predictable hysteria broke out among media folk at the BBC etc.


At a time in British politics when no-one would dare call anyone a Nigger, Paki or Frog (even if the target were indeed a Negro, a Pakistani or a Frenchman), it suddenly became publicly fashionable to call British politicians "political pygmies." UK ex-Ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, dished out the treatment in his memoirs to Labour Deputy Leader John Prescott and to UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw; and in Scotland the same abuse proved popular with Members of the Scottish Parliament for reference to Scotland's egotistic First Minister Jack McConnell. One wonders, has someone been reading what I wrote for October's American Renaissance of the genetic work of Bruce Lahn and colleagues in Chicago linking certain human genetic variations to larger brain size (see above, 30 x)?..

"[Lahn et al.] estimated that one genetic variation (`microcephalin haplogroup D' - O.K., let's call it V1) had spread since its appearance in humans of 40,000BC to some 70% of humans; and it was more common in Europe, Asia, South America and Latin America than in Black Africa. It was especially infrequent (3%) in Congo pygmies, whom Black Africans commonly regard as markedly intellectually inferior to themselves."


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Saturday, November 12, 2005


After two weeks of French Arab-Africans rioting, and without a mention of IQ or intelligence in the media, Steve Sailer easily supplied the answer: here. The truth is that most societies (apart from Britain at the time it was at loggerheads with America) fancy ‘slave’ labour; and low-IQ slaves can be controlled by heavy religion – as was the lot of Blacks in the U.S.A; but once the religious brakes come off, the ‘Whites’ flee (as from Rome c. 300) and the riff-raff take over. All this is being mimicked today as Dutch and Danes apply furiously to emigrate to Australia and New Zealand.


Support for affairs between pupils and teachers came from Sheffield University education lecturer Pat Sikes, 49, who had fallen for her own husband-to-be, a 22-year old teacher, on her very first day in high school at age 14 (Independent, 11 xi). Sikes’ research estimated that there were 1,500 such harmless or positively beneficial pupil-teacher affairs in English schools beginning every year.

{Scores of other experts sympathetic to adult-child liaisons are listed here, where it is suggested that the age of consent should be a Mental Age of 15. In 1997, Edinburgh University sacked me for outraging the Scottish media by saying that, on average, paedophilia did little harm.}

{Meanwhile, pop star Gary Glitter, 61, was carrying on paedophiling with two delightfully trim pony-tailed under-age girls in a Vietnamese seaside resort who called themselves his wives, and also enjoying a third 19-year-old Asian beauty – though as ever with the censorious News of the Screws on his case (13 xi), resulting in him facing a firing squad for three incidents of under-age consensual sex (at £5-50 a throw) and the alleged rape of a 12-year old. Vietnamese police asked for a leisurely four months to study Gary Glitter’s sexual relations with Vietnamese women, which he freely admitted had been extensive.

And the equally hounded supposed paedophile Arthur C. Clarke – normally seen in the tabloids being served by a bevy of nubile boys at his beach-house home -- was given Ceylon’s top national honour, the Sri Lanka-bhimanya, for his services to science and technology.}

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


As Rev. Blair became increasingly involved in complementing his draconian provision of Political Correctness with demands for ‘Respect’ (for others, apparently) (involving petty and incoherent legal restrictions on gambling, smoking and drinking in trains and ‘name and shame’ routines to advertise state schools having high weenager pregnancy rates), it became increasingly clear that the way forward for the Conservatives was to stress their commitment to freedom, and in particular to choice, and especially to announce a commitment to help young people avoid early criminal records (or later blackmail threats) by decriminalizing drugs, lowering the age of sexual consent and insisting that all state schools allow all pupils a choice of school class for at least 50% of the day. Coupled with a commitment to support two-parent families, births to undergraduettes, a statute of limitations forbidding prosecution more than two years after an offence and kicking out unintegrated asylum seekers of low IQ, national liberalism would have [re-]arrived – with a realistic formula for a free Britain. {But, as it was, the preference of wonderboy Conservative leadership contender David Cameron remained that he only wanted to discuss policy behind closed doors with his 'Notting Hill' fan club.}


In a hilarious send-up of the generation-long ambitions alike of France’s revolutionaries, republicans and reactionaries to ignore genetic and IQ problems and pretend to ‘integrate’ 5.5 million Muslims into French society, North-African youths from un-policed ghettos in some ten Paris suburbs rioted in neighbouring White areas nightly for a week, e.g. resulting in hundreds of burned-out cars (250 in one night alone), buses and trains being stopped and stoned, the setting ablaze of a primary school, a car dealership and a shopping centre, the fire-bombing of a police station, cancellation of holidays for top ministers of France’s centrist government, and talk of the need for a curfew in the French capital. {So much for France’s attempt to placate Muslims by not helping to depose Iraq’s dictator Madman Insane!}

{By an eighth night, the disturbances had spread to some twenty Paris-region towns and 143 arrests had been made. To that date, 28,000 cars had been torched in urban France in 2005, said Le Monde. Among 20- to 24-year-olds living in French suburbs whose residents are predominantly Muslim, the jobless rate during the 1999 census was 37.2 percent for men, compared with the national average of 22.5 percent – Bloomberg, 3 xi.

The descendants of North African parents in France came to call themselves Beurs (Beur means Arab) around 1980, stressing their ‘cultural bi-identity,’ and there were self-announced Beur novelists; but today Beur has become a term of abuse.} {The troubles had started when, most unusually, a White woman living on the fringe of an Afro-Arab ghetto took the trouble to report the vandalization of a car. As police arrived, two Beur boys sought refuge in an electricity substation where they promptly died from electrocution, sparking anger among the wretched Muslims of the earth.}

{As disturbances spread to Dijon [5 cars burned], Marseilles [11 cars burned], Trappes [to the west of Paris – 27 buses destroyed] and Normandy, Lille and Toulouse the ludicrous and divided but unfailingly peecee-mouthing French ‘government’ pronounced the rioting to be ‘organized’, as if to excuse its own lack of organization of immigration policy re mad Muslims of mean IQ 90. On the eighth night of rioting, 519 cars were torched. France's anti-immigrant National Front leader, Jean-Marie Le Pen, 77, said "France is under attack from hordes of foreigners"; but by and large the right kept quiet, waiting for France to see for itself the failure of its political elite’s policies of the past generation.

Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy, who had been thought to favour affirmative racism ooops action, had called the Beurs “scum” and said they should be “water-hosed,” thus allowing leftists and pinkoes and President Chirac to blame him personally for most of the rioting…. By contrast, his opponent for the 2007 Presidential Election, the lofty Dominique de Villepin, favoured total ‘colour-blindness.’ – Both gents would soon find that their lack of attention to genetic differences and the sheer intractable unintegratability of many Bleck youf would cost them and their country dear.

On the evening of 4th November, 900 cars were burned across France and 250 arrests were made. Le Figaro ran a strong editorial that blamed decades of “uncontrolled immigration” for the unrest. To use the army was problematic since France had let it become 23% Muslim. Just why France continued paying out welfare benefits in Beur areas remained unclear. Police trade union officials spoke freely of “civil war” spreading to all Muslim ghettos. In a tenth night of rioting, as batty French politicians and the media called for more sensitivity, welfarism and giving mad Muslims the vote, 1,300 cars were burned out and 350 arrests were made. Just when the French authorities would start killing Muslim loons was not explained – no more than the American and British troops in Iraq explained their own apparent inactivity.

“The government has set up plenty of agencies to help these youngsters find a job, but they don't want to work,'' said Claudine Carrer, a 66-year-old retired secretary from Aulnay-sous-Bois, where rioters had burnt a Renault showroom and a car rental business. ``They want to live off unemployment benefits. The government should send in the army, the foreign legion, dig up all the drugs and the weapons these people hide.''

However, as curfews were discussed and 1,500 gendarme reservists called up, it seemed more likely that French politicos would do a deal with French mullahs to restore the classic mediaeval ‘millet’ system whereby Muslims would control their own areas in return for restraining their forces from pestering surrounding areas, at least for the time being. Eventually, on November 8th, the ludicrous ‘interior minister’ said he was ‘allowing’ local mayors to declare curfews and states of emergency in their areas – but he would not admit that France (afflicted by then nightly by rioting in some 300 locations) had a problem as a whole, traceable to its years of Catholicism, revolutionism, anti-Semitism, anti-Germanism, anti-Americanism, communism, existentialism, postmodernism and lack of race realism.}


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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Britain's NuLabour Government's plan to criminalize `incitement to religious hatred' was soundly condemned in the lead editorial in the Sunday Times (16 x) - the paper siding with top comic Rowan Atkinson (The Queen's College, Oxford) and saying the proposed Terror Bill "must be stopped" by the House of Lords. {What a pity the paper had not been as firm over the past forty years in opposing anti-race-hate legislation!}


It turned out that South Korea's top young soccer player, Park Chu-yung had an IQ of 150 which had led his parents and teachers to try divert him into teaching - but he stuck to his guns, as to Christianity (Seoul Times, 18 x). {Soccer players are notorious for their mediocre IQs, but that doesn't mean that IQ conveys no advantages at all at the world's slowest and most mixed-footed sport.}


The term `race realism' - coined in the kitchen of 71 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh, in 1996, showed increasing signs of catching on as it was used in the neocon American magazine Slate (17 x) against loyalists of the London School - said to be throwbacks to Victorian Galtonianism, of which they would all in fact have been very proud.


New Zealand's incoming Labour Government appointed as its Foreign Secretary a man called Winston Peters, a nationalist who was determined to cut down on immigration, especially by Muslims, in return for wheeling his troops behind Labour on other issues. How could he dare to be so non-peecee? Ans.: He was a Maori, so thus had saint status to say just what he liked.


How far are you from the dreaded paedophilia? No as far as you think! It's not just that H.M. Queen fell in love with the 8-year-older Prince Philip when she was a minor. In October, it turned out that national singer-sensation busty Charlotte Church had a window-cleaner uncle, 37, placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for hanky-panky with girls of 9-to-12 (Sun, 22 x).


Top British artiste, the ugly-faced but well-figured multi-millionaire, Tracey Emin, 35, claimed she had been much `abused' by an auntie when she was a child - and that her own father had also been `abused.' None of this had stopped her going on to become Britain's best-known female drunk, exhibitionist and exponent of French post-modernism.


My 1997 rival in debate at Cambridge University, balded and frequently liquored Old Testament prophet Darkest Howe, came up against spunky NY-Jewish comedienne Joan Rivers, 70 (but looking 35). After Darcus had droned on about his desertion of his four wives and seven children being only in accordance with the `narrative' of Blecks experiencing White racism, Joan told him she was "so bored of race" and fed up with hearing such goonish bleck excuses for failure to take personal responsibility. Darkest promptly accused Joan of failing to acknowledge the bleck experience of White racism, but NY Joan immediately went ape at this apparent accusation of `racism' and demanded from the "sonofabitch" ex-Panther -- and eventually obtained -- an apology. Darcus slunk off from the BBC studio with his tail between his legs.


New work from Chicago University linking genes governing brain size to human evolutionary stages and to race (Blecks vs the rest -- see Diary, September) was publicized in a fine article for National Review by the splendid John Derbyshire and for American Renaissance (print edition) by myself.


As the latest part of Prime Minister Blair's "pivotal" New Labour educational reforms, a White Paper faced down Old Labour opposition and said state schools would in future be free to select their pupils as they wished - so long as they did not select by IQ or expel any children for laziness or naughtiness.. {A fine article by top columnist Alice Thompson detailed how the destruction of most of Britain's grammar schools by Labour (abetted by feeble Tories who allowed the Left the education system as its playground while Mrs Thatcher put the economy right) had resulted in many of today's top jobs being occupied by the products of private schools (Daily Telegraph, 25 x)}.

Even the Labour Cabinet drew about a third of its members from the private education sector though most leading Labourites conveniently forgot to mention their schooling in Who's Who.. As Alice Thompson said: "..when Labour scrapped the grammar schools, it turned the country back into a class-ridden society, where the children of the rich had a huge advantage. The comprehensives, if they had been properly streamed, might have worked; but instead they went for the lowest common denominator. No-one was allowed to be challenged; no-one could fail. Exam results were fudged and school discipline fell apart." (The delightful Alice Thomson is associate editor, columnist, and interviewer for the Daily Telegraph. Born in 1967, she is also restaurant critic for The Spectator. She was named Alice after her great-great-grandmother Alice Todd, for whom Alice Springs, Australia, is also named). -- So where was she when The g Factor was being de-published?...}


During the publication and discussion of H.M.G.'s White Paper, it transpired that the newly `independent' state schools would indeed be unable to use selection by ability; and, worse, that they would be obliged to have their intake from across all ability levels (dumbos would be bused in free from poor-postcode areas to the better schools) and be obliged to provide special `tutoring' for any children who failed to keep up. However, there was one concession to The g Factor": Within the school, grouping of pupils by ability band would be "encouraged" - though schools would be at liberty to reject such encouragement (as many of their socialistic staff of the 21st century would doubtless demand). In response to this 90%-horror story, the Educational Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph (26 x), John Clare, advised parents living in nice areas near nice schools to fake low on H.M.G.'s `banding' test so as to win a coveted place by apparent mediocrity. So much for neosocialist provision of `freedom'!


Determined to maintain its ten-year-long position as the leading university opposing free speech and backing peecee multiculturalism, Edinburgh University bowed to its students (as it had done in 1996 when silencing my occasional emission of home truths about race, IQ, feminism and paedophilia) and said it would clear all donated copies of the Holy Bible from its halls of residence so as to ensure "that all students from all faiths feel at home in their university accommodation." {Instead, the famous Gideon Bibles - left historically in hotel and guest-house bedrooms all over the country - would presumably be replaced with a list of phone numbers and websites for the Samaritans, the Funky Buddha Club and al'Qaeda..}


After years of multicultural piety, immigration, and increasing Muslim criminality, the Danish police charged six Muslims with the murder of a girl of whose boyfriend the Muslimofascists had disapproved; and the Danish Prime Minister refused to meet moaning Muslims who did not like press criticism of them, telling them he had neither any power to control Denmark's free press nor any wish to control it.


The hopeless American President Rev George Dubya `God told me to do it' Bush, having utterly failed to control PeeCee or immigration, had his Supreme Court nominee, his own personal lawyer Harriet Miers, rejected by Republicans after it was revealed she had voted, when president of the Texas bar, for racial quotas and sex set-asides (Washington Post, 22 x).


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