Sunday, February 14, 2010


Britain’s useless ‘universities,’ long dedicated to suppressing the truth about IQ, race, educational streaming and (lack of) climate change awoke to find their funding cut by 5% (over a 4-year period) by their darling Labour Party (Guardian, 8 ii).

A doubling of student fees was also on the cards – perhaps provoking the remaining students to protest at the luniversities’ gutlessness and gormlessness on their occasional afternoons off from working as checkout operatives at Tescos.

Luniversities were also to be hit by a late-in-the-day move by Labour to reduce illiterate ‘students’ coming from the Indian subcontinent (together with their even more illiterate ‘wives’) to enrol and thus qualify for the 20 hours per week of Tesco work to which all such ‘students’ were entitled by Labour so long as they complained about racism and kept the NHS looking busy by their endless production of babies (most of whom would eventually vote Labour thanks to the left having shamelesly used the British welfare state to rescue immigrants from the horrors of their own idiotic countries).


After years of painfully slow progress, caused by unrealistic preoccupation with projective tests and neo-Freudian ‘defence mechanisms’ and endless over-general arguments about whether ‘opposites’ attract or repel, personology yielded promising-looking and high-charging online dating services (New York Times, 7 ii), apparently seeking to match as complementary applicants having complementary DNA, reflected in body odour (cf. CRB to Student, c. 2004, ‘Keep your pubic hair on!), and complementary levels of will vs affection (dominance vs submission), and to pair up people having similar levels of energy vs conscience (extraversion vs introversion).


A smooth-talking polygamous Iranian who had risen to the very top of the Metropolitan Police Force ooops Service (and of the racist but officially tolerated National Association of Black Police Officers) was jailed for four years after multiple allegations against him over ten years of fraud, whoring, lying, bullying and interference with the course of justice were accepted by a London court -- despite Commander Ali Dizaei having longstandingly bamboozled fellow cops (their cowardly brains addled by PeeCee) into accepting that all charges against him were necessarily ‘racist’ (Daily Telegraph, 9 ii).

Investigations into the immigrant’s case had cost taxpayers £10M – plus the £100K p.a. salary which the toerag jester ‘Commander’ had enjoyed. The slimy mega-costing disgraced Met chief banged on the door of his solitary jail cell in HMP Wandsworth, sobbing and begging to be moved as jeering lags threatened to batter him senseless.

A leisurely first step was taken towards dismissing the scoundrel was taken by pathetic ‘British’ ‘police’ as the Independent Police Complaints Commission passed a dossier of findings against the multiply cheating Dizyman to the Met's board of governors. A multi-million-pound report to the Met nailed the Iranian as “a criminal in uniform” (D.Torygraph, 13 ii). Such was the reward for the cowards and traitors at the Met who had gone along with twelve years of Macpherson[long gaga]-mandated PeeCee – all paid for by taxpayers, naturally. More here


Second-only to being a non-smoker, having a relatively high IQ was the most important predictor of avoiding heart disease (Daily Telegraph, 10 ii) – IQ even being ranked above having ‘healthy’ levels of blood pressure and physical exercise, perhaps because high-IQ people had more sensible diets involving scrambled eggs, celery, Vaughan Williams and Russian Standard vodka rather than chips, beans, Ferrero Roget and Buckfast ‘wine.’ More here


Times Higher (11 ii) provided a lengthy, vague and inconclusive disquisition and commentary on how academic freedom of speech had been largely abolished in the previous fifteen years – beginning with my own “notorious” and “unpleasant” case at the LUniversity of Edinburgh (which itself had destroyed all its records of its £100K proceedings against me, so as to put later ‘scholars’ easily off the scent).

The paper for Britain’s unfailingly ‘liberal’-left-authoritarian ‘academics’ mentioned the forthcoming book by Prof. Eric Barendt (at University College London, the academic home of the [failed] Detroit underpants bomber), though without dwelling expressly on Barendt’s measly conclusion that ‘academic freedom’ only applied to remarks that were acceptable to most of an academic’s colleagues.

However, the rambling discussion did find room for a succinct statement by Roy Harris, emeritus professor of general linguistics at Oxford, 78: "Academics are the chief enemies of academic freedom." Harris, who had been instrumental in establishing Academics For Academic Freedom (an unheard-of organization which had actually done nothing to defend race realists like Geoffrey Sampson, Frank Ellis, Armand Leroi, Satoshi Kanazawa or myself, or to achieve mainstream publication of the works of Art Jensen, Phil Rushton and Richard Lynn – it was instead chiefly concerned with lack of Government funding for the humanities), accused many in academia of being "plodders" who just wanted a quiet scholarly life and who did not see it as their duty to speak up on vital issues.


As Mexico descended into terminal drug gang warfare, with millions set to stream into the already-barely-English-speaking USA, I noted as follows to an American supporter: “How I long for the wreck of the Clintons and their toady Obarmy and his useless Harvard-socialist advisers! The present 'assault' in Afghanistan is the last straw: we let the Taliwogs run away and then we declare ‘victory’ and an outbreak of hearts'n'minds social work and ‘rebuilding’ of their mudflats for supposedly converted poppy growers! Such is the use of 15,000 troops who would have been better deployed clearing out the Hispanic scum and installing a decent dictator in Mexico.” {Not to mention that a million Haitians would also soon descend on Florida – once Haiti’s criminals had had time to commerce ‘international aid’ into dollars. For a model, see Le Camp des Saints. Always remember: YOU READ IT HERE FIRST.}


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Monday, February 08, 2010


In the aftermath of murder and mayhem in Jos, central Nigeria (see previous), one of Africa’s few respected figures, Nobelist Wole Soyinka, 76, told an audience in India that Britain was to blame for the attempted Detroit ‘underpants’ bombing (see previous) because it tolerated Islamists preaching the destruction of other faiths – just as it had allowed Karl Marx a seat at the British Museum.

Soyinka, the son of a Christian minister and with experience of Britain (as a student in Leeds and trainee playwright in London), told a journalist at the Jaipur Literary Festival that those who would not tolerate other faiths should be ‘put in rockets and fired into space’ (Daily Beast, 31 i;Daily Telegraph, 1 ii).

Soyinka, who liked to poke fun at the vainglorious, head-in-the-sand ways of the liberal-imperial mother country, said: "England is a cesspit. England is the breeding ground of fundamentalist ­Muslims. Its social logic is to allow all religions to preach openly. But this is illogic, because none of the other religions preach apocalyptic violence.”

{Soyinka said he preferred the situation in America where the ‘moderate’ Nation of Islam provided an ‘antidote’ to fundamentalism – apparently not noticing that NoI demanded a separate state, liberation from all taxes, and a ban on intermarriage and race mixing….}

Meanwhile, AlQaeda offered to train Nigerian Muslims to murder Christians.


As Britain embarked on discussing Labour’s (top-drawer) Hattie Harperson’s demands for more equality, Britain’s almost unfailingly cowardly MSM actually gave IQ a mention as being – unlike parental income -- the main causal factor in achieved adult SES differences (Sunday Telegraph, 31 i, Alasdair Palmer – though he did not dare cite any London School figure as providing the authority or evidence for his amply justifiable claim*).

* "For Keith Hope's study, As Others See Us (1985, Cambridge Univ. Press), a random sample of some 600 Scottish boys and an equal number of girls....who had been tested when they were 11 years old were followed up when they were 28.... The results are broadly similar to those of Jencks and others for the United States.... Sixty per cent of Scottish intergenerational social mobility is explained by IQ."

-- John RAVEN, 1986, American Journal of Education, pp. 396-399.


While the ‘Conservatives’ declined precipitately in British polls, as PR-man ‘leader’ Daft Dave Cameron was revealed as not having a coherent idea in his head, Monmouth MP David Davies (C) provided a flash of realism: speaking about a Muslim 14-year-old who had raped a girl, the daring but still ultra-polite lawmaker said, “there do seem to be some people in some communities who don’t respect women’s rights at all and who, if I may say, without necessarily saying that this is the case on this occasion, have imported into this country barbaric and mediaeval views about women…and that needs to be addressed.”


As if determined to compete with the American senator and presidential candidate John Edwards who had fathered a child by his (“crazy slut,” as he called her) campaign worker mistress while his wife was dying of cancer, English soccer captain John Terry got pregnant the promiscuous French lingerie model, Vanesa Perroncel, who had provided a son for Terry’s “best pal” team-mate Dale (or was it Dwight or Wayne?) Doodah (said to be “gutted” by the affair), thus making a laughing stock at once of Terry’s wife (who had been best friends with the model), daughters, team, sport and nation. Terry had told journalists of his “blissful” family life just weeks before his fling was exposed.

One of many jokes which appeared on the net: England manager Fabio Capello phoned Wayne Bridge and said: "JT's lost the captain's armband. Can you do me a favour and have a good look under your bed for it?" {JT was finally sacked as captain and was said to have paid £750,000 to silence Vanessa.}


Russia’s scorn for Western multiculturalism was put on display by Sky News (2 ii), which claimed that at least 71 people had been murdered in Russia in 2009 for ‘not looking Russian enough’ and that 2010 had opened with the knifing to death in a snowy Saint Petersburg street of a Ghanaian, Solomon Gvadjo, whose murder was videotaped and shown on the net by the ‘Slavic Union.’

Meantime, equally defying the piety of the West’s ignoracist idealists, in Toledo, Ohio, a Black 15-year-old assaulted (with a knife) and raped a 26-year-old White handicapped female in full public view of citizens who ‘intervened’ only to phone police, who turned up half-an-hour later (Mat Rodina, 30 i).

And Britain’s pie-eyed peecee universities were exposed as having descended into farce after pasty-faced and bespectacled Karl Woodgett, 37, who had been Registrar at the luniversities of Surrey and then Bath (till his arrest), was given a 9-month suspended jail sentence and 200 hours community service for providing numerous forged degree certificates to Black girls and their relatives in return for money in some cases (a ‘Master’s with Distinction in International Policy’ cost £1K) but more often for (consensual) opportunities (in hotels) to spank, cane and photo the girls’ botties (Times, 3 ii).

{The girls were most commonly from the Cameroons, giving the traditional Scottish cry of ‘Up the Cameroons!’ – used when England was playing the Cameroons at soccer – a whole new meaning….}


Another face of Muesli ‘holiday paradise’ Dubai, with its new phallic symbol, the 640-metre-high ‘Burj Khalifa’ tower, went on display as a petite wasp-waisted London Muslimme, 23, complained she had been jeered at by cops, quizzed about the sexual positions used with her British-Indian Muslim boyfriend, 44, probably raped unprotectedly by a waiter at a Dubai hotel after champagne had gone to her head, and finally banged up for weeks (sometimes in a room with 100 women sharing a single loo) till she withdrew her rape charges (Sun, 3 ii).


New writings appeared suggesting that North Korea, though ruined by Communism/Stalinism, had kept going for sixty years (and lately as a nearly-nuclear-armed state whose rockets could reach Hawaii), by the simple expedient of old-fashioned nationalism and racism (Wall Street Journal, 28 i).

Apparently, at least in all official and educational circles, Americans were described as “jackals” who had “paws” and “snouts” and who would never be able to change their “rapacious nature”; and stories of increasing intermarriage of South Koreans with Americans brought criticism of fellow Koreans for “diluting the purity of our race.”

But dire old-fashioned nationalism was quite as pronounced as racism (Slate, 1 ii, Christopher Hitchens): “North Korean women who return pregnant from China—the regime's main ally and protector—are forced to submit to abortions. Wall posters and banners depicting all Japanese as barbarians are only equaled by the ways in which Americans are caricatured as hook-nosed monsters.”


While realists remained curious as to why the yachtsmen of the Caribbean had not got conspicuously busy lifting Haitians (paying in food aid) to what Obama would have to ensure would be a warm welcome in Florida, greater signs of entrepreneurship surfaced in horror-story Malawi (formerly Nyasaland, long run into the ground by E.LU. graduate Dr Hastings Banda). £320m of British Government aid had evidently gone walkabout.

A helpful Times journalist (3 ii) said Malawi authorities thought it was likely not fraudulent; it was just that they couldn't identify what had become of it. An escaped E.LU. economics guru commented: “I remember the highly-regarded economist (Lord) P. T. Bauer, who once gave offence by saying that ‘foreign aid’ was money paid by poor people in rich countries for the benefit of rich people in poor countries.”


A fine review of the mighty anti-socialist St Petersburg-escapee authoress Ayn Rand was provided by Anthony Daniels in New Criterion (ii) – acknowledging her role as the lucky West’s earliest popular champion of anti-statism while remarking the formidable lack of both the elementary idealism and biological realism in her work that could ever have made her ideology the basis of a well-functioning hierarchy. Sadly for such a pro-rationality darling, she fell out with her chief disciple (and young lover), with her sister (who visited her from Moscow and went into stitches that the local New York chemist sold 26 types of toothpaste but couldn’t advise which was best), and with her pliant C-movie Alzheimers husband whose mental decline she unfailingly and loonily blamed on a lack of philosophy (she sent him to evening classes at age 75).


Having conspired in Labour’s policy of admitting all and sundry to vote Labour as third-world immigrants to Britain, wretched wrinkly senior ‘culture minister’ Ms Margaret Hodge, faced with losing her Westminster seat to BNP leader Nick Griffin, came out with a U-turn of denying unemployment benefits to immigrants until they had been in the country for….er…. perhaps six months (Sun, 4 ii).


Claims were rehearsed by academics, in line with Hans Eysenck’s 1995 prognostications, that mental afflictions such as mania, hyperactivity and excess libido were linked to creativity and even genius (Sun, 4 ii). The supercharged Byron, Oscar Wilde, Picasso, James Dean, Che Guevara and Kurt Cobain were the latest examples to be cited, e.g. by Trinity College Dublin professor Michael Fitzgerald. {The obsessionality, conscientiousness, conservatism and iron self-discipline of Napoleon, Yeats, Wittgenstein, Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Madonna did not interest the modern scholars.}


As murder rates in Mexico escalated way beyond those in New Orleans, the Observer concluded the violence was no longer strictly drug-related (7 ii). Rather, the Mexicans had apparently reverted to Red-Indian/Aztec type from which they half-originated and were killing simply to establish their own status in a society of ultimate savagery.


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Monday, February 01, 2010


A second review of The Cattell Controversy (see previous, RAYMOND CATTELL – A TRIBUTE, early January) appeared on the Occidental Observer website, together with nice pictures (i 2010). By Occidental Quarterly editor Kevin Lamb, the review rejected the 1997 attack on the 92-year-old psychometrician-psychologist’s ‘racism’ as a malicious ideological smear job by ‘axegrinding muckrakers and conspiracy mongers’ – while admitting that author Bill Tucker’s scholarship made the book an interesting and favourable account of much of Cattell’s acknowledgedly important and wide-ranging scientific work.

In particular, Lamb specially detailed Cattell’s equal official opposition to both racism and ignoracism -- even though Cattell was surely, if mutedly a race realist and what multiculti leftist like Steven Rose and Barry Mehler called a ‘scientific racist.’ {Questions which remained: How could Cattell have been so splendidly right – according to Tucker (and ‘peerless’ in his wide field according to the American Psychological Association) -- about every psychological topic he dealt with except race? Why did Cattell and his family decide not to fight his corner in 1997 – nor to fund, support or authorize a biography after Cattell’s 1998 death?}


A French Parliamentary Inquiry recommended banning the Muesli practice of female facial veiling in all public institutions, including public transport – but Mueslis would still be allowed to terrorize neighbours on the streets and in private firms, for such were the ‘human rights’ that Europe had decreed and France did not want any more than the hundreds nightly voitures flambĂ©es that it had already.

Adding fuel to the flames (as desired by her pseudo-rightist dwarf boss Sarkozy on the eve of regional elections), Nadine Morano, France’s secretary of state for the family, declared: "I expect a young Muslim, when he's French, to love his country, find a job, refrain from speaking slang, and to not wear his cap back-to-front." (Guardian, 28 i).


As tension continued high in Jos, central Nigeria (see previous), where 40,000 had been displaced from their homes by fighting and arson, 500 killed and 350 arrested, it transpired that the Muslim vs Christian conflict was underpinned by an ethnic Hausa vs Berom difference (Financial Times, 26 i). Nigeria had some 200 different ethnic groups.


Even the most realistic bit of environmentalism about IQ, the idea of the importance of breast feeding and omega-3 fatty acids (advocated in Chap. 4 of TgF so as to demonstrate catholicity of taste), ran into trouble as Southampton University researchers found no more link to child IQ than would be expected from mothers’ levels of intelligence and education (Daily Telegraph, 21 i) – though the researchers’ N was small and the study only ran for four years.

LONDON SCHOOL vs Intelligence and How to Get It

A fine, even blistering attack on the over-optimism of U. Michigan social psychologist Richard E. Nisbett (see previous) that the Black-White gap in IQ and educational attainment was published in VDare (25 i) by Phil Rushton – usefully including summaries of 21st-century studies to date of brain size, skin colour etc.


In a notable attack on the ‘human rights’ slily enacted and tyrannically enforced by the West’s ‘rainbow coalition’ of multiculti Marxists, the Government of Malawi put two homosexuals on trial for sodomy and false marriage – facing them with 14 years in prison if they were not stoned to death first by irate crowds (Sky News, 25 i). After a local minority rights group, The Centre For The Development of People (CEDEP) Malawi, came to the two yags’ assistance, a staff member was arrested on charges labelling CEDEP’s HIV educational materials as pornographic.

Again in Malawi, a woman accused of being a lesbian was driven out of her home by her own Member of Parliament (at the head of a mob). Strident yaggery had become a big issue in Malawi (and nearby Rwanda and Uganda) since 25% of ‘male’ yags were HIV-positive and American evangelical preachers had arrived to target homosexuality as ‘Satanic.’

{Although nancy boys had dominated Britain’s Labour Government since 1997 and enforced the criminalization of even anti-minority speech (not to mention discrimination against even flagrant shit-stirring yaggery by employers, hoteliers and landlords), whether they could long keep Blacks and Mueslis in their ‘underdog’ coalition looked dubious.}


England’s Court of Appeal cut the jail sentences on high-g graduate ‘racists’ (esp. anti-Semites who talked of the ‘Holohoax’) Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle (see previous) by a quarter (BBC, 29 i) – but even this concession was not enough to persuade Britain’s pathetic peecee MSM to release any of the amusing details of S&W’s engaging critiques of Jews, Mueslis and their traitorous White ‘British’ supporters.


Rutgers University, New Jersey, best known to readers here for housing critical Cattell scholar Bill Tucker (see previous), had to suspend one of its sororities, Sigma Gamma Rho, after six Black girls involved were arrested by police on charges of imprisoning and starving seven Black would-be members and beating them till they bled with 12” x 6” gold-foil-covered ‘paddles,’ resulting in one initiate checking in to the local hospital (AmRen, 29 i).


After a councillor of the Los Angeles County dormitory town of Santa Clarita, a homing place for ‘White flight’ escapees from the Blacks and Hispanics of L.A., had announced at an anti-immigration rally that he was a “proud racist,” other councillors in nearby areas were emboldened to say they wanted to live in “a Christian community” which did not go in for the beheading of errant wives that was thought to be all too common among Mueslis (as reported from New York) (Los Angeles Daily News, 30 i).


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