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Echoing the latest news of African upheavals (q.v. – Mediterranean, Durban), ‘right-wing’ Mail columnist Peter Hitchens drew attention to how Colonel Gaddafi had once warned Europe of what the future held. But even PH admitted he dared not {for fear of upsetting his journalistic colleagues or editor?} repeat the full extent of Gadawfu’s anxieties Thankfully, these had been indicated in the Sunday Express (4 ix 2010):

"In his farewell speech in Rome, the 67-year-old dictator said: “Italy needs to convince her European allies to accept this Libyan proposal: five billion euros to Libya to stop illegal immigration. Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration; it could turn into Africa.

“We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point. At the moment there is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe and we don’t know what will happen.

“What w)ill be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry uneducated Africans?

“We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or if it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion. We have to imagine that this could happen, but before it does we need to work together.”


An invigoration of the UK’s madcap General Election beckoned as long-delayed non-peecee thinking was plainly required by the dramatic escalation of the A/A invasion of Europe (itself triggered by the West’s disastrous idealism in its ill-considered fomentation of the ‘Arab Spring’). Predictably, White politicos, bishops and humanitarian relief artists were at first tongue-tied by their delusional egalitarianism and mesmerized by the USA’s failure over forty years to shield itself from the South American tide that would make North America majority-Spanish by 2050.

But Ukip’s leader Nigel Farage (after partly blaming PM Daft Dave and President Shorty Sarkozy for the mess) did manage to squeak out that the saints* of the Med should be towed back whence they came; so ideas of creating a few well-run colonies could not be far behind -- funded by Nigerian petrodollars (in return for weaponry with which to fight Boko Haram), staffed by Chinese (in return for minerals) and providing a refuge for discontented A/As.

    A/As themselves could be pretty straightforward about what was needed. Bayin Keflemekal, a 30-year-old Eritrean nurse, told the Guardian (20 iv) that the brutality of the dictatorship at home, and the failure of neighbouring countries and international organisations to provide Eritreans with a safe haven, would continue to drive his countrymen to make the same trip. “If the government won’t help us, if UNHCR won’t help us, if no one can help us, then the only option is to go to the smugglers,” said Keflemekal.

And, in the absence of the West re-supplying colonization,** traffickers were happy to continue their service: said one Ahmed as he smilingly drank coffee in Mediterranean sunshine on the day after 800 drowned, “We go to extreme lengths to make the trip worthwhile and with as little tragedy as possible.”

* Camp of the Saints was available on Amazon. – Quite brave of them! A 2011 comment at Amazon: “If any intelligent person were to ask me to recommend two novels written in my lifetime (1943 on to now), I would without hesitation suggest Orwell's 1984 and this book by Raspail. Orwell was right. Raspail was right. If you don't believe Raspail, come to Miami, where I live. The number of Latin American and West Indian immigrants living in Miami in 1943 was less than 1 per cent. Today the number is 90 per cent.

I was lucky to have chosen Spanish to study when I was 12, because that is now the dominant language here. The whole city has been turned into one vast slum in which not one word of English is spoken. This is not a rant, it is a simple statement of facts.

Yes, I know, only a "racist" would mention such facts even if they are true. And that is ultimately Raspail's point, that everyone who objects to a relatively sudden tidal wave of immigrants is silenced by the accusation of "racism." I have lived this novel, I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears.”

** Egypt could provide an obvious location – under its new dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi a natural centre for refugees from Muslim/alQueerdo persecution and needing the investment that a grateful pro-Western Nigeria would supply and the copious slave labour available from Eritrea, Syria and probably soon Libya....

Such a policy would be similar to Australian PM Tony Abbott’s naval ring of steel which redirected would-be migrants (e.g. from Indonesia’s 13K islands) away from Oz (to other islands having rudimentary facilities but at least preventing any boat people drowning in 18 months of the policy).

The policy may seem short on idealism, but it is a model of moderation compared to the allusion of the Sun’s Katie Hopkins (q.v.) to the possibility of sending helicopter gunships to deal with the “cockroaches” of the Med – a reference yielding a predictable crop of complaints from the United Nations, Black lawyers etc.


Britain’s star chess champion, Nigel Short, 49, explained the 49-1 under-representation of women among world grandmasters as being due to their relatively poor “logical thinking.” Responding to the challenge, chessmistresses said Short’s “sexism” showed at least that men were no more intelligent than women; but Short rejoined that the response lacked logic since he had only referred to special “hard-wired” abilities – just as women had more “emotional intelligence” and men were better at parking cars (Daily Mail, 20 iv; Daily Telegraph, 20 iv).

{Whether NS was aware of the greater range of male IQs helping explain the achievement difference, or of legendarily greater male ‘field independence’ [linked to powers of analysis, rationality and deduction -- TgF, Chap 1], was unknown.}


The recent MIT/Harvard research linking parental affluence and child grey brain matter (reported by Kim Noble – q.v.)  did not show or even look for a causal effect of income on brain anatomy, recorded Bioscience Technology (17 iv): contrary to the excited reports in most papers, “This study did not explore possible reasons for these differences in brain anatomy.”


 Though Jews had been the inventors and first supporters of multiculturalism, by 2014 Jews themselves, though comprising only 2% of America’s population, were the victims, according to FBI statistics, of over 60% of all hate crimes committed in the U.S. (Freedom Center, 21 iv). Yes, even in America, which had relatively few Muslims and many Jews, the left had ditched its first favoured minority in favour of a much less literate and civilized minority whose pals beheaded Christians, Jews, Yazidis, Kurds and each other in the Middle East but who commanded a fast-growing share of votes.


Thanks to the authorities of Tennessee, American Renaissance held a nice two-day conference of its polite be-suited middle-aged men of race-realistic persuasion.

 For better or worse, the 200 attending did not trouble themselves with the Hispanic takeover of the USA, the Muslim takeover of Europe or the low-IQ/low-literacy takeover of the West’s public institutions; nor did they conspicuously count America’s blessings in being a vast country in which apartheid could largely reign, assisted by the ready availability of guns.

Perhaps this was as good as it got, and only Europe would have to seek Russian help in keeping the third world at bay? But the lack of consideration of how PeeCee might be replaced by a more jovial religion did not disturb the conferencers as they properly celebrated the pathetically non-curvaceous appearance and conspicuous lack of diversity of their rivals of the Southern Poverty Law Center (below).


 As the cavalier mass killings of a thousand A/As by Mediterranean people traffickers forced immigration into the consciousness of Euroland’s purblind leaders – so much so that they planned to fly to somewhere nice in Switzerland for a dinner about it – Ukip’s Nigel Farage said Britain should only admit Christian boat people (and let the Royal Navy tow the Med’s A/As to the kindly mercies of their fellow Solunnis and Shitites in seaworthy vessels supplied by UK taxpayers) (Politics, 22 iv).

 He was quickly joined by others in his party, one of whom, Peter Endean, who was standing for Ukip in Plymouth, re-tweeted an image of rescued migrants with the caption: "Labour's new floating voters. Coming to a country near you soon." ‘Asylum seekers’ were arriving across the Med at a rate of five hundred per day plus corpses; and ‘humanitarian’ caterwauling crescendoed in multiculti-propagandized Europe to bring in every wretched victim of A/A barbarism that pie-eyed charities could discover* and bring to the attention of traitorous politicos.

A handy summary of the situation and of the need to stop the miserable trade by knocking out the ‘boat’-building that had become the key economic activity of north-east Africa was provided at ‘See migration for what it is – invasion.’ Boat-busting by the 28 nations of Euroland should take just a couple of days of bi-plane activity – though EUSSR leaders would first need the usual diet of dinners and high-jinks for themselves and their retinues.

* The United Nations’ “special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants,” François Crépau, not content with saying the West should take in millions from zones of war, civil war, jihadist beheadings, Muesli mayhem etc, also defended “economic migrants”, many of whom sought to come to Europe from sub-Saharan Africa.

They were “people who may not be in need of protection but are desperate for a future because there’s no job for them anywhere near their country,” said Crépau (Guardian, 23 iv), articulating the pious aspirations of Western elites (themselves protected in their leafy suburbs and palatial ghettoes from the less salubrious features of mass immigration). {Just why the poor and wretched of the A/A world did not seek refuge in Saudi, Egypt, Nigeria or Brazil was too impolitic to ask}


The extent and funding of Muesli power-grabbing in Britain was exposed as the election to mayoralty in Tower Hamlets [aka Bow], east London, of Bangladeshi Luftur Rahman  was declared invalid by the Electoral Commission due to LR’s use of bribery, personation and intimidation – all covered by his alleging ‘racism’ against any who challenged him.

The £1M cost of the trial fell largely on taxpayers, but LR himself would have to fork out at least £250K and he was banned from subsequent candidacy; though he had enjoyed the support of leading leftist Ken Livingstone and the President of the Trade Union Congress, he was under consideration for criminal charges from the Metropolitan Police (which had itself been bizarrely slow to act) (Daily Mail, 23 iv). LR had sent threats to voters’ mobile phones (and even of death to children of competitors), had faked postal ballots, had an army of deceased persons registered as ‘ghost’ voters, and had unlawfully persuaded mosques to make proclamations backing his campaign.

    The Commission declared: “By setting out to break the rules and going to extraordinary lengths to win last May's mayoral election, Lutfur Rahman and his allies robbed the people of Tower Hamlets of the free and fair election they deserved and betrayed everyone in our community who trusted and voted for him.” The judge added that the case “starkly demonstrated what happens when those in authority are afraid to confront wrongdoing for fear of allegations of racism and Islamophobia”; and he warned of “postal voting factories” and thousands of ballots being sold across Britain.

He noticed that when there was not even the slightest justification for an accusation of racism, Rahman and his cronies would accuse their opponents of “dog-whistle politics” instead. By these means, anything and everything an opponent said could be turned into coded racism, even when the racism was only in the mind of the accuser (Observer, 26 iv).

    LR had been Britain’s first Muslim mayor – in office in Tower Hamlets from 2010. One of Mr Rahman's aides, Alibor Choudhury, was also found guilty of corrupt and illegal practices.

    The Telegraph, which (24 iv, backing its star newshound Andrew Gilligan) had taken the lead in exposing Left/Muesli corruption, reckoned LR’s fraudulence the tip of an iceberg and opined “Rotten boroughs still exist in modern Britain – and they are often dominated by the Left.  . . . .Political correctness. . . .has facilitated injustice.  . . . .[There has been] devastating institutional failure.”

    {This blog’s London correspondent wrote: “Tower Hamlets is the perfect example of  the way immigrants acting en masse try to place themselves above the law and the craven refusal of the authorities to act against clear abuses by ethnic/racial minorities in Britain. The result of the reluctance of those in authority to prevent ethnic/racial minorities from engaging in criminal behaviour is an ever-growing arrogance and ambition of  such groups to create enclaves within England (and to a lesser extent the rest of Britain) which are effectively foreign settlements.

This behaviour is particularly pronounced in areas dominated by Muslims. It is not that difficult to foresee a time in the not too distant future when areas such as Tower Hamlets are so much under the control of  Muslims that Sharia law, de facto or official, will be applied within the dominated area.}


Enlivening the UK’s uninspired* (yet still baffling) General Election campaigning, PM Daft Dave relieved himself on air of verbal support for footie club West Ham – an amazing mistake [he called it a “brain fade”] given that only weeks earlier he had announced himself to be an Aston Villa fan.**

Similarly economical with the truth was Labour’s Red Ed Mililitre who blamed Cameron “in part” for the drowned boat people in the Med – without mentioning the boat builders, the people smugglers, the illegal migrants themselves, the failure of the EU to patrol its borders and his and his own party’s support for the overthrow of Libya’s Col. Gadawfu which had led to that country’s being bombed by France and Britain (with American hardware) and disintegrating into warring tribal factions.

For her part, SNP leader Scotweiler Sturgeon said the timing of any further referendum on breaking up Yukay would be a matter of her “gut feeling”, then ‘clarified’ this as meaning “of what the Scottish people want” (D. Telegraph, 25 iv, p.1).

*Except in Bonnie Jockland, where the Glasgow Irish – no longer loyal to their paedophile priests -- had come into keen agreement that the Clottish Nastyalist Party could extract more money from Westminster than Scottish Labour had ever managed. Because of PeeCee, racial and ethnic differences were generally unmentionable – especially being White, Black, Jewish, Pakistani or English; but it was OK to be Scottish, proud, anti-English chauvinist and skint.

**Cameron subsequently told reporters (Observer, 26 iv): “I had what [Green leader] Natalie Bennett described as a brain fade [when she could not calculate the cost of her housing programme]. I’m a Villa fan… I must have been overcome by something… this morning. But there we are, these things sometimes happen when you are on the stump.” But former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, an Arsenal fan, prophesied: “This has to cost Cameron the election, surely? How can anyone ‘forget’ which football team they support?”


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For the centenary of the beginning (24 iv 1915) of the Ottoman Turks ravishing the world’s first officially Christian state, Armenia, killing 1.5M and driving further millions to flight (especially to Russia and the USA), the Pope celebrated mass in the Armenian rite and told assembled Armenian bishops in the Sistine Chapel that what had happened to their countrymen across  the closing years of WWI had indeed been what many Christian leaders and writers* and some twenty countries had long claimed: the modern world’s first genocide** (assisted by gas chambers imported from Germany).

Armenia, in 2015 a landlocked country of just 3M, also received a visit from the famous Armenian-grandfathered Californian ‘reality TV’ starlet and lingerie model, the dazzlingly derrièred Kim Kardashian (Guardian, 13 iv).

Armenians had long been better known for their intellectual (e.g. chess-playing), businesslike and conservative tendencies. The Thames Advertiser of 6 vi 1877 said they were not much good as mere “workmen”; but it recalled the Turkish adage that ‘It takes two Turks to swindle a Greek, two Greeks to swindle a Jew, and two Jews to swindle an Armenian.’

Still, whatever the Armenian virtuosities, they were likely to become better known thanks to KK. The only country actively supporting Armenia was Russia, which maintained a military base in the north of the mountainous country to protect it from its Muslim neighbours (Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan).

* Simon Heffer, International Business Times, 13 iv 2015:
It is well documented that the Ottoman government released brutal criminals from prison in late 1914 especially to form squads to go into Armenian territory and slaughter those who lived there. The trained killers were told the Armenians had collaborated with the Russians to defeat Turkey.

Armenian intellectuals were rounded up and tortured before being executed – the extraction of toenails and fingernails followed by blinding was commonplace. There were mass deportations, killings and forced starvation. Thousands of bodies were dumped in ravines and live infants were thrown on to rocks. It was as if Hitler found this template.

** ‘Genocide’ is the killing of accessible members of a human group having characteristics believed not readily alterable. Raphael Lemkin, in his work Axis Rule in Occupied Europe (1944), coined the term "genocide" by combining Greek genos (γένος), "race, people" and Latin cīdere "to kill".

{Thus the term should strictly not be used by postmodern leftists – since they do not believe in the existence of races....}

Large-scale genocides of the twentieth century were conducted by the Nazis, Pol Pot’s communists and the Rwandans. Substantial proportions of Sunnis and perhaps Shi-ites in the Arabian/African world favour genocide of Jews and perhaps of Christians, Kurds, Yazidis and each other. Turks maintain their 1915-22 killing, hounding and torturing of Armenians were reciprocal acts of war.


The Italian navy announced that, as its latest contribution to the Muslim invasion of Europe ooops to humanitarian compassion and unburdening of Eurotaxpayers’ pots of gold, it had rescued some 10K African/Arabians ‘in trouble’ on the Mediterranean in the course of just 5 days (BBC Radio4, 13 iv, 14:00; Guardian, 14 iv). Despite rescue efforts, one boat alone, as it sank, consigned 400 A/As to a watery grave when they spotted a commercial ship and all surged to one side in hope of being the first to be rescued.

Traffickers sometime fired on rescue vessels so as to reclaim the boats from which they had dumped their human cargo. More commonly, they telephoned the Italians to provide precise details of where they would sink their charges. In cases where their boats were clapped out, they would send them heading for Italy without sufficient fuel for a return journey.

Sometimes they left their boats, sending them on autopilot towards the Italian coast. Asylum seekers also poured into the E.U. via Bulgaria at the rate of 500 per day.

{Even such tactics as unloading Mueslis into the drink had become increasingly favoured by people-smugglers of the Mediterranean as a way of getting their charges past Euroland’s border ‘controls.’ A/As typically waited in heinous conditions for a month in Libya for their chance to board a leaky rustbucket and get picked up by Whitey. Naturally, there had not been much of a word out of Euroland’s peecee ‘politicians’ and MSM – with commentators in Britain sticking close to their country’s madcap yet still boring General Election. It was as if Camp of the Saints (q.v.; 1973) had never been written. Certainly it had not been read by those who were going to have to cope with the invasion.}

    Eventually UNHCR, Amnesty, Médecins sans Frontières, Save the Children etc. intervened to demand the EU revise the policy of rescue for which 22 of its 28 members had voted – though of course the super-humanitarians actually wanted to increase the numbers of A/As getting to the West. MSF actually announced it was hiring its own speedboat to assist would-be immigrants.

Germany had stopped returning migrants to their landing points in Greece and Italy – apparently it wanted more slave labour. {Amusingly, A/As and Western lefties had long sought an end to colonial rule. Now, in 2015, they A/As their lives and limbs and their families’ fortunes to live within Whitey’s warm embrace.}


 Though scorned by card-carrying leftists as depressive and drunken racists, White mercenaries from South Africa turned out to be the most effective defence against Nigeria’s ‘Boko Haram’ ([Western] Education is Forbidden) Mueslis who had – according to UNICEF -- got some 800K Black children (some as young as 4) on the run from village to village to avoid death, amputations, repeated rape and slavery (Guardian, 14 iv).

Though the mercenaries tended to be elderly remnants of SA’s apartheid regime, they maintained good relations with the Black soldiers under them and were much admired for their professionalism in flushing out and despatching Black terrorists – the job for which apartheid had selected and trained them. They needed payment from oil-rich Nigeria since they and their families faced unemployment and prosecution back in what they called ‘racist’ Black SA.


 Nine school officials in Atlanta, Georgia, were sentenced to prison following convictions for participating in an exam score-boosting scandal (BBC News [US & Canada], 15 iv). All were Black, like their pupils – as far as published pictures showed (for MSM was under a self-denying ordinance not to mention Blackness in association with naughtiness).

Judge Jerry Baxter called the case "the sickest thing that's ever happened in this town". Three of the educationists convicted received 20-year sentences, far harsher than the penalties asked for by the state – reflecting the court’s disgust at rank dishonesty on the part of publicly paid teachers.

Evidence of cheating to help retain school grants by suggesting teaching had improved backward children (as required by peecee politicos) was uncovered at 44 schools, with nearly 180 officials involved. The state-led investigation shocked Atlanta when it discovered that officials at the city-run schools had encouraged teachers to change students' answers in order to feign educational progress.

Those given 20-year sentences would serve 7 years behind bars and 13 years on probation. Protesters against the sentences gathered at a Baptist church to seek revenge.


Despite the contributions of evolutionary scientists Richard Dawkins, Bruce Lahn, Satoshi Kanazawa and Nicholas Wade (q.v.) to backing London School postulation of deep-seated race differences in intelligence, fond argument persisted in the form of a London [Hornsey] Marxist’s Black Brain, White Brain (Gavin Evans, 2015, Thistle Press).

Unfortunately, the particular points made by this anti-apartheid activist, lately ‘teaching at Birkbeck College,’ were trivial (a few cave paintings in Durban, a claim of IQ involving a “network” of genetic factors [cf. TgF Chap 3], some IQ differences in widely separated twins [known to Burt by 1950], and IQ rises [hotly disputed – TgF Chap 4]); but the effort provided an up-to-date reminder of hereditarian thinking while offering amusement by its singular failure to take on the central claims and evidence of race realists from Jensen and Eysenck onwards.


  Though the principal beneficiaries of two generations of Western fawning on  ‘cultural’ minorities, Muslim Arabs spectacularly upped their blood-lusty ways of C21 by tossing at least twelve African Christians to their deaths in the Mediterranean as fights over religion broke out on boats taking invaders to Shangri-la multiculti Europe which would not even beat the twenty perpetrators which the Italian borderwallahs managed to arrest; and, in Durban and Johannesburg [in the ‘Rainbow Nation’], busloads of Zulus obeyed their King Goodwill Zwelithini, who had called foreigners “lice” and said they should “pack their bags and go,” in killing six Blacks from other African countries, injuring 300 other foreigners, fighting with police,* smashing up shops (some of them Chinese) and putting 5K targets of their xenophobia to flight (BBC World Service, 17 iv, 14:10).

Asking foreigners to leave (Daily Mail, 17 iv, ‘South Africa descends to a new apartheid’)

 {As with ‘genocide’ (q.v.), talk of ‘xenophobia’ carried the implication of there being distinct groups whose differences involved identity and were tribal or racial in nature....}

* Riot police charged gangs of looters — and the Congolese, Mozambican and Zimbabwean nationals standing up to them — with guns, tear gas, water cannons that fired blue ink and stun grenades. Taking aim from around street corners, spraying rubber bullets and arresting 74 members of a machete-waving crowd, they managed to push back the battle lines a street at a time.


Though the g factor and intelligence itself had become scarcely mentionable in the peecee West (and certainly not by cognibabblers), Chinese academics remained more traditional and, when Wuhan Institute of Bioengineering came to light as having built a mile-long imitation of the Great Wall of China as a tourist attraction, one Weibo user complained, “I can’t believe a university has such a low IQ” (Daily Telegraph, 17 iv).


 France would blow a new Є100M over three years to impress and occupy anti-racists, said French (but Spanish-born) PM Manuel Valls (Guardian, 18 iv). The lolly would be spent on fast-tracking homophobes etc through the criminal justice system for retribution, on internet high jinks (‘social media’) and on getting schoolchildren to snitch to teachers on overheard racist jokes and generalizations.


 The tyrants of Britain’s Home Office, Crown Persecution Service and the Conservative Party (and hangers-on) were slapped down by London juries which declined to convict so many scribblers of corrupting police that the CPS dropped all its remaining 20 prosecutions. Sun hacks had rewarded cops who had come forward with suppressed stories, e.g. of a schoolchild being attacked in a London classroom by a fox – an attack deemed unreportable lest Greens be upset.

Wanting revenge on journalists for their exposure of parliamentary expense fiddles and Sir Oswald Mosley’s sexual predilections for Nazi-themed bondage, the powers-that-be mounted an attack which involved dawn raids, years on bail, the closure of the News of the World and a £50M bill for taxpayers and the frivolously accused.

But juries at the Central Criminal Court, the ‘Old Bailey,’ – to which the CPS had thought fit to proceed with such trivia – thought the press rewards to (admittedly insubordinate) bobbies did not reach any standard of criminality given that they were plainly in the public interest and what the public would have wanted.

So there was still the occasional chink of light despite HMG and its minions moving heaven and earth to suppress free speech and criticism of the po-faced and peecee mighty. Thanks to juries, the four years of the CPS hounding 29 journalists with its ‘Operation Elveden’ had yielded only 2 convictions (Guardian, 18 iv).

    A further exposure of prosecution mania – this time driven by shrieking feminoidism – was provided as another London jury, at Blackfriars Crown Court, cleared a 34-yr-old graduate, technical co-ordinator Adam Leheup, of ‘raping’ a 25-yr-old woman. The pair had met through a dating app on the internet, got through two bottles of wine at a bijou bar on the Embankment, proceeded to the woman’s flat in Camden in the small hours of the morning, canoodled and undressed for massage, when penetration occurred, then fallen asleep after the woman asked to stop.

The jury was unimpressed by the woman apparently having said ‘No!’ at various points through the hours of intimacy, preferring to accept Leheup’s account that she had been pleasantly responsive and confirmed his experience that “Girls say no but they don’t mean it.” Leheup certainly had a claim to experience since, when meeting the 25-yr-old, he was wooing no less than 35 women online and having regular sex with six of them.

    The tyrannical (female-led) CPS had also found itself berated by a (female) Warwickshire Crown Court judge when she had to handle a charge of ‘rape’ against an 18-yr-old male who, when 17, had had sex with a drunken girl in a car park. The girl was 15 at the time, but within weeks of her 16th birthday; and CCTV footage showed she enjoyed the experience and went off together with the boy for a coffee afterwards. Awarding a conditional discharge, the judge said a case like this, of sex between teenagers, should never have been brought before a crown court.


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As White British distaste for third-world – and especially for gypsy and Muesli – immigration remained undiminished (with 60% of Whites thinking there was a ‘culture clash’, 15% voting UKIP, and even a few score risking turning out for a noisy Pegida [Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification of the West] confrontation with A-NL/UAF ‘anti-racists’ and anarchists in Whitehall, the Observer’s Kenan Malik provided the latest leftist account of what had gone wrong despite PeeCee’s take-over of the British establishment and suppression of virtually all dissent (5 iv).

Yes, the problems of multicultidom were to be blamed not on stupidity, criminality, hysteria or psychoticism but on Western authorities themselves:

".... [following] the influential 2000 Parekh report on multiculturalism, the authorities attempted to manage diversity by putting people into particular ethnic and cultural boxes, defining individual needs by virtue of the boxes into which people were put, and using those boxes to shape public policy. They treated minority communities as if each were a distinct, homogenous whole, each composed of people all speaking with a single voice, each defined by a singular view of culture and faith. The most conservative figures often came to be accepted as the authentic voices of minority groups.

    The consequence has been to create a more parochial sense of identity. And for a small group of Muslims, tribalism has led them to find their identity and an authentic Islam in Islamism. The attraction of jihadism to some Muslims is an issue that needs confronting. But it does not reveal a problem with Muslim integration as such, or with too much immigration.

    The problem of is not one of too much immigration or diversity. It lies, rather, in the impact of the policies enacted to manage diversity."

That some 60% of third-world immigrants maintained their own religion, language, music, dress code, cuisine, drug regime, misogyny, authoritarianism and sex habits (including female circumcision and cousin marriage) without the slightest insistence or labelling by White “authorities” had evidently escaped KM’s attention.

Even more astonishingly, KM forgot that, since 9/11, Mueslis worldwide had provided televised evidence of the bloodthirstiness (not least towards each other) which had distinguished their religion since its inception. As Ayaan Hirsi Ali said, “"Violence in the name of religion is endemic in the Muslim world today, from Afghanistan to Tunisia, from Yemen to Syria and Iraq."


 Blowing Western multiculti illusions apart, the conquering Iran-backed Shitites of Iraq declined to make much distinction between the Sunnis of ISIS/Daesh and the Sunnis who just wanted a quiet life (Guardian, 5 iv). Sunnis who wanted to return to their homes in battle-scarred areas of Iraq were subjected to intrusive vetting at the hands of militias and security forces, and suffered regular discrimination from officials in Baghdad.

Said one Sunni: “The sheikhs who come to see me from Anbar tell me regularly of the abuse at checkpoints. It is insufferable.” In Baghdad’s Sunni enclave of Adhamiyeh, Sheikh Mustafa, an imam in the Abu Hanefah mosque (a central institution of Sunni learning in Iraq) said discrimination against Sunni residents and refugees was now a “very big problem”. “No [Sunni new arrival] can now live in Baghdad without a guarantor,” he said. “And that guarantor must say that this person is not a member of Daesh [Isis]. We cannot let this get out of control here. If another sectarian war is going to happen, Baghdad will be a pool of blood.”

American academic Juan Cole told the Guardian: “Arabs today are like brothers and enemies at the same time. Each subgroup brandishes its religious or ethnic identity to confront the other subgroup in a futile war, in which all will lose … In short, the fall of Arabism as a unifying identity will mark the start of a series of civil wars among brothers. And once those wars start, nobody knows when or how they will end.”

Meantime, the West continued with its knickers in a twist, bombing to help Shitites in Iraq and arming Saudi Solunnis to fight Shitites in Yemen.


 While Mueslis mounted orgies of killing and destruction in their own lands (Iraq, Syria and Yemen being the latest) and orgies of pimping White teenies in the British Midlands, all funded by Western aid and welfare (since the poor Arabs had money only for guns and tanks....), UK politicos continued to take their ease – not closing a single mosque, cancelling a single traitor’s citizenship or demanding the speaking of English, and actually hob-nobbing with the Islamofascists of ‘MEND’ [‘Muslims for Engagement and Development’] who offered for a fee or somesuch to swing parliamentary elections in Muesli areas of London and Bradford (Sunday Telegraph, 5 iv, Andrew Gilligan).

MEND reckoned it could deliver some twenty seats to selected candidates as a result of Muesli ghettoes concentrating votes. Building a block of Muesli MPs would be further assisted by the standard practice of the BBC using its vast compulsory licence fee income to denounce critics of the Muesli take-over of Britain as ‘racist.’


Blogstar Sun-signed and Oz-bound Katie Hopkins (q.v.), who had criticized the sexual shenanigans of Britain’s Pakistanis, urged keeping dry eyes about Alzheimers, to which she said she would find suicide preferable (Daily Telegraph, 8 iv). After all, she queried, what was the point of continuing one’s life if one did not know one was living it?


 As the followers of The Prophet continued to disgrace themselves by their disgusting murderous brutality in Arabia, the big players Saudi, Turkey and Egypt had top-level discussions. Yet despite these Solunnis agreeing with the Shitites of Iran and Iraq that the over-enthusiastic psychopaths of ISIS had to be squashed, uncertainty and carnage lay ahead for years. The Week, 4 iv:

"A lot of the Gulf countries feel they are being thrown under the bus," said Mishaal Al Gergawi, a commentator in the United Arab Emirates. Saudi King Salman recently met with the presidents of Egypt and Turkey, the two Sunni states with the most military muscle, to discuss uniting against the Iranian threat. The new Great Game, it appears, has just begun — and years of chaos and violent conflict appear inevitable."

In the 20th century, each state had its ‘one-man show,'" said Uzi Rabi, an expert on the region at Tel Aviv University. "We are on a journey to an unknown chapter in the Middle East.''


 Sex offending is written in the genes, an unprecedented study showed, with the brothers and fathers of men convicted of sex crimes being almost five times more likely to commit a rape or sexual assault than ordinary men of similar age and family relationships (Daily Telegraph, 9 iv, Sarah Knapton [Science Editor]; Internat.J.Epidemiology, 9 iv). Researchers at Oxford University and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden said around 40 per cent of the risk of committing a sex crime was straightforwardly genetic, with the remaining 60 per cent down to personal factors [‘unshared’—e.g. birth order, individual appearance, choice of friends] and environmental factors [such as being abused as a child, upbringing, wealth and education].

Said Professor Seena Fazel, of Oxford University’s Department of Psychiatry, “What we have found is high-quality evidence from a large population study that genetic factors have a substantial influence on an increased risk of being convicted of sexual offences.”

The study analysed data from all 21,566 men convicted for sex crimes in Sweden between 1973 and 2009. Being only a paternal half-brother of a sex criminal – so the two did not usually live together -- did little to decrease either risk (from the rate of 0.5% among men in the general population) or similarity with half-siblings. The researchers suggested that genes linked to increased impulsivity, egotism and decreased intellectual ability could be responsible.

    The idea that sexual offending tends to be clustered in families was not new, but typically had been put down to a “cycle of abuse” -- an idea that had probably been given too much weight, the authors argued. Instead, they said, the similarity between relatives was mostly explained by genetics (Guardian, 9 iv).

    In February it had emerged that Jimmy Savile’s brother Jonny had also molested women at a mental health home.

    {For distinction between genetic effects that are straightforwardly additive, multiplicative [epistatic], environmentally interactive and environmentally covariational, see TgF Chapter 3.}


A new but little remarked inspection time estimate, using the exposure time needed for a subject to identify a colour, turned out to have yielded a substantial correlation with IQ – even in a study of Belfast university students having an average IQ of 114 and a restricted IQ range [standard deviation] of 8: C. McCrory, C. Cooper, Overlap between visual inspection time tasks and general intelligence, Learning and Individual Differences 17 (2007) 187–192; Elsevier. The authors’ summary follows.

"The stimulus display duration required for subjects to accurately compare the length of two line lengths (known as Inspection Time: IT), reliably correlates around 0.5 with general intelligence. It is not clear, however, if this correlation reflects general “speed  of processing”, or some other element of the task. There is a consequent need for new experimental paradigms. We describe a novel IT task where participants viewed a sequence of eight briefly-presented coincident coloured circles, the first of which was presented for a variable duration. Participants reported the colour of the first circle. The threshold for perceiving this colour correlated 0.37 and 0.38 (pb0.05) with two conventional IT tasks within a sample of 75 students. It also correlated significantly with scores on a timed measure of the Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (r= −0.39, p<0 .01="" p="">
{Traditionally, correlations between IT and IQ are higher in subjects of mediocre and lower intelligence -- TgF Chapter 2. And the present authors’ low range of their bright subjects would have further limited the extent of their correlation. So this study provides good confirmation of the generallity of the IT-IQ relation – and thus of the key involvement of ‘speed of intake’ in intelligence.}


‘Revolutionary’ France which had given house-room to 7M Mueslis from whom it had endured welfare demands, nightly car burnings, the murder of journalists and Jews and constant threats to its soldiery, found that even its supply to ISIS of 50% of the West-dwelling Mahometans who had gone to Syria to back jihad was not enough to dissuade fun-loving fanatics from closing down its Paris-based World Service [TV5M] broadcasting for a day and e.g. replacing scheduled programmes with caliphate propaganda (Daily Mail, 10 iv).

{Still, British politicos continued to rest in their beds ooops busy theselves with a general election campaign involving no parliamentary-style debating, no established facts, no jokes and certainly no mention of any foreign country or of the hundreds of A/As crossing the Mediterraean daily to get into Western Europe. What studied insouciance ooops PeeCee!}


 Two of Denmark’s major political parties, the Social Democrats and the Danish People’s Party, started a pre-election race by competing to have the toughest stance on immigration and asylum issues (AmRen, 7 iv). Large posters of a smiling PM Thorning-Schmidt (SD) addressing all newcomers with the words “If you come to Denmark, you should work” appeared, pasted along bike lanes and on buses all over the Copenhagen area.

Analysts said this message was in line with the SD’s traditional ethos of all contributing to society to the best of their abilities before claiming any entitlements. But the hard-line Danish DPP hit back with a demand that asylum seekers in Denmark should only be granted ‘family re-union’ (to bring in illiterate A/A first-cousin arranged wives) once after being granted permanent residency in Denmark (i.e. after 5 years).


Interviewed about his new book Magna Carta, Britain’s top BBC-presentable ‘right-wing’ constitutional historian, the council-house-born, homosexual and doubly club-footed David Starkey, 70, was happy to ponder on questions of ability (Daily Telegraph, 11 iv) – though without mentioning the 110-year old g factor which Spearman and Burt had discovered.

On ‘geek’ Hampstead-dwelling Labour leader Red Ed Mililitre:
“Miliband is a man of high ambition and low talent – the worst possible combination. His whole language at the moment is ‘soak the rich, hate the rich.’ It’s snide, it’s mean-spirited and, of course, it defies the truth that economies depend on the intelligent, the entrepreneurial, those who were created with money. One may not like it, one may disapprove of it, but all the nice things that we want come essentially from their abilities.”

On race and racism: “The term ‘racist’ has become totally without meaning. I think there are cultural differences, there are all sorts of differences. It’s very odd, isn’t it? We’re on the one hand told there are no genetic differences between races and yet on the other hand it is very striking how different -- more or less -- racial groups seem to perform athletically, intellectually, commercially, whatever. Who knows? I don’t know. I’m not a geneticist.”

On wymmin: “I just recognise gender differences. We are biologically different, and in many ways we’re emotionally different. Of course we are. And it’s rather a good thing. There’s overwhelming psychological evidence. It’s not for nothing that on the whole women have not been soldiers. The genders are different. And the whole thing is not just the result of wicked gender grooming. It’s not simply societal. It is the result of biology.

Obviously. I think that the evidence suggests that there are different distributions of intelligence between men and women -- that women tend to cluster more around the mean, men are either very, very bright or very thick.”

Top statesman, Singapore leader Lee Kuan Yew (q.v.) had also picked up some London School ideas:

“The bell curve is a fact of life. The blacks on average score 85 per cent on IQ and it is accurate, nothing to do with culture. The whites score on average 100. Asians score more … the Bell Curve authors put it at least 10 points higher. These are realities that, if you do not accept them, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and results cannot follow.”
– Lee Kuan Yew: The Man & His Ideas, 1997

{LKY resembled Enoch Powell (q.v.) in having won a double-starred First at Cambridge. Like David Starkey, LKY had graduated from Fitzwilliam College – set up in 1869 to help boys from poorer backgrounds. Starkey went on to become a Fellow of the college – his rise to distinction providing some justification for his view that people having mental and physical handicaps should not bellyache about being ‘victims.’}


 In a week when star BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman had queried why males should be over-represented 4-to-1 in teams of students coming forward to compete in the TV quiz ‘University Challenge’, the Boat Race(s) crews of (victorious) Oxford and (defeated) Cambridge showed the women rowers needing 2½ more minutes than the men to complete the Putney-to-Mortlake course. (For the first time, the male and female teams had raced on the Thames on the same day, with the same weather conditions and before the same crowd of cheering onlookers.)


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Monday, April 06, 2015


After local Labour MP Simon Danczuk raised a Pakistani flag over Rochdale town hall as an act of ‘community cohesion’ in an area where eight Paks had been jailed for grooming, drugging, exploiting and prostituting White girls, the Sun’s columnist Katie Hopkins {see below} complained it was “outrageous” and promptly found herself reported to police by SD for “inciting racial hatred” (Guardian, 30 iii).

    The MP had proudly posted a photo of himself on Twitter with two men of Pakistani origin at the flag-raising ceremony. This infuriated Hopkins, who replied with a photograph of eight of the men convicted for offences connected to child exploitation. Above the image, she wrote: “Are these your friends too ‪@SimonDanczuk? Is this why you are raising the Pakistani flag in Rochdale? 77 years inside.”

Another post Danczuk reported to the police said: “Your Pakistani friends saw young white girls as fair game when they abused them. Do NOT lecture me on community cohesion, fool.”

A further tweet from KH said: “Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion. It is inflammatory. ‪@SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.” But SD was prepared to use the multiculti left’s suppressive and punitive armoury even in a case where paedohysteria would usually have been required.

    A Guardian correspondent noted: The same people who call for someone who makes an insensitive remark to be arrested are the same people who support those who say burning poppies is a "right to free expression." I do not wish to silence any voice, whether of those who revel in being offended, who burn flags, or who draw cartoons. The moment someone is dragged away for something that they have said then the age of words has died and a new, more dangerous, era has started.


Not to be spared paedohysteria was the UK’s most spectacular twentieth-century politician, Enoch Powell (1912-1998),  whose wife, daughters, friends and race-realist supporters learned that Britain’s modern Cassandra had been denounced to police on a double-hearsay claim dating back to 1980 that he had once enjoyed a little ‘satanic child abuse.’ His biographer, Simon Heffer, recorded his own outrage both at the allegation and at its having been relayed by bishops of Enoch’s beloved Church of England (Daily Mail, 30 iii):

These post-Savile accusations bring to mind the hysteria surrounding allegations of satanic abuse in the late 1980s and early 1990s, including notorious cases in Rochdale and the Orkneys that involved social workers and police forcibly removing children from their homes in dawn raids {to ‘spare’ them from their sex- and witch-obsessed parents}.

This was not the first time that Powell had been treated by ‘liberal’-leftists to smears that were just too good to be false: in 1998, the BBC had claimed that the scourge of mass immigration had hypocritically visited the West Indies in 1953 to begin recruiting cheap Black labour for the NHS – a falsehood for which the Beeb eventually issued an apology.


 New claims for a causal effect of parental income on child intelligence issued from the leftist hotbed of  Columbia University (Guardian, 31 iii; Nature Neuroscience). The researchers, led by Professorette Kim Noble, scanned the brains of more than 1,000 children aged three to 20 years old and, “after taking genetic factors into account,” found that the surface area of the children’s cerebral cortex tended to larger as family income rose.

The surface area of the cerebral cortex was typically 6% larger in children from familes with an income greater than $150,000 (£101,000), when compared to families earning $25,000 (£17,000) or less.

{However, even if genetic factors had indeed been controlled for, a 6% extra brainpower seemed small beer for a 600% greater supply of parental cash. Prof. Kim planned to look next at causation by experimentally dishing taxpayer dollars randomly to lucky mothers.}  See also here


 High hopes entertained by environmentalistic idealists were dashed as ten employees of a recruitment company that aimed to get people back into work were proved to have fraudulently claimed nearly £300,000 from taxpayers (Guardian, 31 iii). The staff members – most having foreign names -- worked for Action 4 Employment (A4e), which was contracted by HMG to help people “from difficult backgrounds” gain the necessary training and skills.

The staff made up scores of files, forged signatures and falsely claimed they had helped 167 people find jobs, enabling the fraudsters to hit targets and get bonuses. Some staff even falsified documents, using the names of their own family members; while others offered bribes in the form of vouchers to get people to fill out bogus forms.

Sentencing began in criminal courts in Reading and Oxford. Altogether, A4E, which was headed until the fraud came to light by PM Daft Dave’s ‘back-to-work tsar,’ Emma Harrison, had lifted millions of pounds from the public purse. The crimes came to light as an A4E employee blew the whistle on the scam.

    At the same time, nursery places for infants were found to have no improving effect on educational level by age 5 or subsequently (Daily Telegraph, 31 iii – research by Institute for Fiscal Studies). £1B had been spent annually by Labour on ‘free’ nursery places – taking the percentage of infants registered from 37% to 88% across 1997-2007; but, despite fond hopes of achieving a ‘double dividend’ of improving school readiness and getting womyn out to work, only the latter objective was achieved

I remember my mother, the day that we met,
A thing I shall never entirely forget;
And I toy with the fancy that, young as I am,
I should know her again if we met in a tram.
But mother is happy in turning a crank
That increases the balance in somebody's bank;
And I feel satisfaction that mother is free
From the sinister task of attending to me.

                                      The Song of Education


 That mentions of the likely homosexuality (whether or not ‘repressed’) of GermanWings Airbus mass murderer Andreas Lubitz had to be handled with the utmost ‘sensitively’ (for fear of yag wrath) was indicated by their remaining minimal in MSM – and non-existent in the Guardian.

Instead of pursuing AL’s trawling of the dark side of the internet for gay porn, MSM preferred speculation that Lubitz suffered prolonged ‘depression,’ ‘burn-out,’ ‘retinal detachment,’ ‘suicidal tendencies,’ ‘obsessions,’ ‘psychopathy,’ ‘mania,’ ‘narcissism’ and ‘psychosomatic issues’ as well as bad reports of his temper from two on-off girlfriends (one of whom had somehow got pregnant).

By contrast, internetters freely explained that AL had been nicknamed ‘Tomato Andi’ by his fellow pilot-trainee colleagues from his preparatory months as a flight attendant; and that yags used ‘tomato’ for a presumed queer who was ‘fruit’ mistaken as a vegetable.


A joyous time of feel-good peace and harmony was arranged for Britain by HMG and MSM throughout Christianity’s great Festival by the simple expedients of ignoring all world problems (the agonies of Arabia, Africa, Ukraine etc. supposedly being the distant work of not-true-Muslims and Russian fascists, and emphatically not attributable to race-unrealistic Western interventions), emptying Parliament for five months, holding televised non-debates which ignored such topics as the transformation of the country into one of agrammatical, Cockney-accented, mumbling, iPad-addicted, tieless pseudo-graduates who lived on bankers’ casino gambling, low-wage immigration, ‘free’ elf care and borrowing – they hoped -- from the next generation that Paks, gyps and welfare-dependents would breed.

To fill the time, a General Election was scheduled for May 7 in which punters would vote in complete chaos as to whether they were selecting (or deselecting) a party, a PM, an MP, a UK or a EUSSR from multi-candidate lists in a first-past-the-post system.

Happily, the confusion was fuelled by Belgian chocolate, French nougat and by British-Empire hot cross buns being on sale for six weeks prior to Good Friday; and the pasta-scoffing Pope of homosexualised (though officially paedohysterical) Welfarianity was to provide inspiration for Britain’s fatties by slimming down his increasingly upholstered figure in line with his quacks’ requirements that he diet and exercise.

    With such tomfoolery to hand, the stultifying effect of PeeCee on British comedy and academia could be set aside, along with HMG having spent £50M prosecuting – unsuccessfully, thank heaven (juries refused to convict) – ten London journalists who had done nothing more than provide drinks and pocket money for officials who were all too willing to blab about their contacts with high heidjuns on the country’s merry-go-round.

Along with abolishing council housing, re-introducing payment for medical prescriptions and having all official business and schoolteaching conducted in English – moves which would, after lively discussion, solve Britain’s main voter-perceived problems of national bankruptcy, failing elf services and third-world immigration – killing off PeeCee would, by re-liberating Britain in the year of Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary, immediately improve the nation; but, a low-neuroticism folk, Brits would probably prefer the chaos that their electoral system was likely to multiply – a preference likely to persist so long as HMG and MSM provided a shield against reality-checking and the French managed to stop all but a handful of ISIL aficionados from crossing the Channel.

    Still, killing off the pseudo-religion of PeeCee probably could be done. Christianity might be a bit of a mixed bag despite having love trumping law at its centre: it was an accretion over hundreds of years of stories convenient to the Church and Constantine and even to the Jews themselves (eager to prove to the Romans that they had not demanded the crucifixion of an entirely innocent man – e.g. Ray/Brand 06).

But Christianity had something for everyone: equal rights for socialist improvers (‘consider the lily....’); stability and hierarchy for conservatives (‘render to Caesar....’); respect and nurturance for old and young; sex for heteros and homos (despite Church suppression of Jesus’ involvements with memory-storehouse girlfriend Mary and with next-to-naked boys, and its thousand-year discouragement of marriage itself; worship of the male firstborn allowed for women; and men allowed their most popular karaoke sentiment, ‘I did it my way,’ contemplating the tortures that Jesus (or his Judas-arranged stand-in) had suffered. Compared to such attractions and psychological insights, the illiberalism of boring PeeCee would surely not outrun the tyrannies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.


  Showing more concern for the future of Christian civilization than did Election-besotted Brits, hundreds of Australians turned out in seven cities (especially Melbourne) to back the anti-Islamic ‘Reclaim Australia’ movement – an exercise involving shouting and spitting between them and supporters of ‘No Room for Racism,’ the two sides separated by mounted police (The Age [Victoria], 4 iv).


 Australia seemed likely to get its favourite glam model idol, Sun ‘trollumniste’ Katie Hopkins {q.v.},

 for several months as she took part in the country’s Celebrity Big Brother. KH had worked up a lucrative line for herself as a ‘controversial’ figure by poking fun at fatties and depressives; and her pointing {as above} to the links between Rochdale, child abuse and Pakistanis achieved more vindication as a ‘Briton’ caught on his way to Syria along with young children turned out to be the son of a Muslim Labour councillor for Rochdale (Guardian, 4 iv)


  The head-shaven Coalition minister and Conservative leader-in-waiting, Sajid Javid, a 46-yr-old banker who had risen via U.Exeter, condemned the unacceptable ‘culture’ of ‘a minority of Asians’ who treated women as third-class citizens – controlling them and knocking them about (Daily Telegraph, 4 iv); and added that “a misplaced sense of political correctness” had prevented police and social workers from “properly investigating” the drugging, raping and pimping of White teenies in his home town of Rochdale.

He said: “Some of the values that certain people in some communities have, in their attitudes to women or on the question of freedom of expression, are just totally unacceptable in British society, and we do no one any favours when we don’t investigate or talk about them.”

SJ had previously told the Spectator that “we should recognize that Christianity is the religion of our country.” {Of course, such unusual courage was a bit easier for SJ than for most of Britain’s sorry politicos, he himself being of Muslim parentage – his father a Pakistani bus driver.)


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