Thursday, December 31, 2009


Making the Festive Season complete, the New York Times’ top (but race-avoidant) science columnist Nicholas Wade published a new book saying that belief in religion probably had a genetic basis (24 xii) – though apparently not mentioning that this had been reported as an empirical finding by Eysenck & Eaves in Nature in 1977, nor pointing out that different religions had different advantages and encouragements for suitable groups (e.g. Confucianism for hyperconformist rice growers, Mahommedanism for promiscuous wife-beaters, Judaism for elitists, Catholicism for the paedophilically inclined etc.).


Despite MSM’s efforts to tell America that the Detroit pants bomber (see previous) was “British,” the good folk of Kansas, at least, began to be apprised that the USA’s 50-year policy of funding Mueslis (in Egypt, Saudi, Iraq, Gaza Strip, Afghaniland, Pakiland etc.) had been a colossal multi-trillion-dollar waste (Wichita Eagle, 27 xii). Having failed to back Britain (and France and Israel) at Suez (1956), the USA had taken on imperial responsibility for the Middle East but had shot itself in the foot quite as badly as had the Russians in their own doomed failure to appreciate the racial realities and fraternal and Oedipal* hatreds of Muslim lands.

The difficulty that the slave-labour, slave-voter West had in bringing even the maddest Mueslis under control was illustrated as a 12-year-old girl was killed by hit-and-run driver Mohammed Ibrahim, after a judge had ruled that sending this Iraqi home to his West-protected country would ‘breach his human rights’ – given the murderous proclivities of his fellow-countrymen.

In London, the wretched ‘authorities’ did not even arrest the Principal [aka President, Provost] of University College,**** Kiwi ‘environmental lawyer’ Malcolm Grant, for questioning as to how his college staff could have failed over three years to detect pants-bomber** Mutallab’s lunacy. Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister and pals whinged on behalf of “British” drug dealer Akmal Shaikh, a Pakistani minicab driver whose “bipolar disorder” was meant to excuse his smuggling 4kg of heroin into China, which country was in the process of executing the Muesli (Sun, 28 xii).

* As in many cases of youths turning to terrorism in the West of the 1980’s (Germany, Italy, Ireland), Mutallab had fallen out with his (70-year-old) father and thought to impress his (step-?) mother (a young Arab from the Yemen***) that he was more true to family ideals (in this case Islam) than was the greying and compromising papa.

** Mass-murderous Black rich boy Mutallab (a graduate in engineering and business studies from Britain’s top fee-snatching college, UCL) had in fact strapped his bomb near his groin, beneath his underpants, reckoning that peecee ‘security’ personnel would be unlikely to search him in that area for fear of being called insensitive, homo, racist, Islamophobic etc.

*** By late-2009, the Yemen (together with its terrible twin, across-the-Gulf-of-Aden neighbour Somalia) was BinLiner’s base of choice – opening a new front that would probably require Peace Prize Nobelist Obarmy to reintroduce conscription. "Only Pakistan's tribal regions rival Yemen as a terrorist Shangri-La", the Wall Street Journal said in 2009, citing American estimates that up to 1,500 Al-Qaida-linked fighters were already based there – America having failed to terrify Mueslis to stop their murderous nonsense. In August, a suicide bomber had crossed from Yemen into officially pro-western Saudi Arabia, passed two security checks, and blown himself up only yards from Prince Mohammad bin Nayef, the Saudi ‘counter-terrorism chief.’

**** American Thinker provided a full account of how PeeCee had (as with the Fort Hood psychiatrist) allowed Mutallab to slip through the security net, especially mentioning that UCL was “a known center for Islamist recruitment” (29 xii). One correspondent summed up the views of others: "We had better wake up and profile or be dead.”


Relief was brought to the Christian world as Muslims turned on each other in the streets of both Iran and Pakistan (e.g. Khaleej Times, 29 xii), giving America and/or Israel a final rationale for destroying these mad-Muesli countries’ nuclear bomb-making facilities. In further Muslim mayhem, 30+ were killed by suicide bombers in the streets of Ramadi, in the west of US-‘pacified’ Iraq; and a judge and his wife were blown sky-high in Kirkuk, in the north (Voice of America, 30 xii).


As US President Obarmy realized he was being accused of the lax, peecee-dominated security that had almost allowed disaster at Detroit, he moved swiftly to pin the blame for not following leads about Bongo-Bongo Mutallab, UCL’s president of its Islamic Society (which had openly run anti-Western propaganda on its website), on police, CIA, airport staff etc. – who thus learned their lesson for years of time-serving jobsworthy co-operation with the diktats of PeeCee.

In Britain, too, the small fry who had gone along with PeeCee for money, seemed likely to get it in the neck. Anthony Glees, professor of security and intelligence studies at the University of Buckingham, said UCL had no excuse for failing to root out extremism on campus (Daily Telegraph, 30 xii). Douglas Murray, of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: “UCL has not just failed to prevent students being radicalised, they have been complicit. If any other society at UCL invited someone to speak who encouraged killing homosexuals, that society would be banned immediately, but academics are afraid of taking action when it involves Islamic societies in case they are accused of Islamophobia.”

Among the other terrorists who had graduated from Britaon’s money-grubbing ‘liberal’-left ‘universities’ were former London School of Economics student Omar Sheikh, who beheaded the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002, and former Kings College London students Asif Hanif and Omar Khan Sharif, who carried out a suicide bomb attack on a bar in Tel Aviv in 2003. Abdullah Ahmed Ali, the leader of the 2006 liquid bomb plot to blow up transatlantic airliners, was a graduate of City University in London.

The Telegraph’s Middle East expert, Con Coughlin, wrote (30 xii): “It is easy to imagine that the authorities at UCL took quiet pride in the fact that they had a radical Nigerian Muslim running their Islamic Society. You can’t get more politically correct than that? They would therefore have had little interest in monitoring whether he was using a British university campus as a recruiting ground for al-Qaeda terrorists such as himself. The authorities at UCL should hang their heads in shame – or better than that, perhaps they should resign?”

The idea of blaming the state’s minions for the follies of PeeCee also appealed to Labour’s ‘Justice Minister,’ Jack Straw. Asked why there were so few police on England’s streets, he denied this resulted from the endless form-filling which Labour had imposed on them (so as to ensure Black youths were not inordinately arrested etc.). No, replied Jack, quite a few police just liked sitting in offices for hour filling forms since it kept them out of the cold (BBC, 31 xii).


Times, 31 xii: “[Following the Detroit crotch bomb scare,] 15 scanners at Schiphol airport, where Mr Abdulmutallab boarded his flight, were on trial. The Dutch Government agreed to extend their use, but some aviation experts questioned whether the response was little more than window dressing. “I fear that what we are doing today is to placate the general public rather than have effective security,” Philip Baum, the editor of Aviation Security International, said. “I would say, if we are going to use the technology let’s use the technology that could detect not only what happened on Christmas Day, but what might happen in 2010 or after that.” He said that profiling should be used to determine which passengers should be subjected to specific screening methods.” Israel had used strict profiling of potential terrorists for years, ensuring the safety of its aircraft. By contrast, the US ‘watch list’ contained half a million names, meaning that little effective watching would be done on any of them and that ‘watching’ of White grandmothers etc. would waste time and resources that could have been spent watching young male Arabs, Blacks and Mueslis.

Meanwhile, as Obarmy’s peecee foreign policy collapsed (since his year in office had nothing to reduce Muesli hostility and terror) and the internet was awash with claims that British Intelligence had told the CIA to watch out for a Nigerian flying in with a bomb at Christmas on an American plane, primed from the Yemen by two Mueslis whom Obarmy had released from Guantanamo Bay, the President continued to luxuriate on holiday in Hawaii (patting himself on the back for passing free-ish health care through the Senate, thus completing the process of bankrupting the country which had been begun by President Clinton’s multiculti boom and bust).


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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Not content with having given the vote to propertyless, unemployable welfare-dependents, criminals and lunatics, Britain’s ‘liberal’-lefties continued their scrabble for votes, signing on one immigrant every minute into Britain’s free-gratis-and-for-nothing National Health Service {itself notorious for its filthy mixed-sex-ward hospitals and its routine employment of incomprehensible third-world ‘doctors,’ incompetent yags and power-mad, sociologified lesbian nurses} (Sun, 22 xii).

Adding to the general merriment for the poor and wretched of the earth, Anglican ‘Father’ ‘Tim’ Jones of St Lawrence Church, York, advised any hard-up parishioners to steal from supermarkets – since ‘God’s love for the poor outweighed the property rights of the rich’ (Sun, 22 xii; leader – Nickers, Vicar!).


As the “castrated serfs” of the multiculti West took their Christmas dinners (in much candlelight at Sth Clerk St. Mansions, thanks to the incompetence of British electricians), they were startled to learn that a “Swiss-Italian” woman had felled the Pope in St Peter’s Basilica and that a “British” man had tried to blow up a plane flying from Amsterdam to Detroit.

However, the peecee evasions of the West’s mainstream media (MSM) were soon exposed as it turned out that the Pope’s assailant was surnamed Maiolo (not the most Swiss of names but the journos could not bring themselves to say whether she was Black or White*) and that the Detroit self-exploder was helpfully called Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab and was of Nigerian origin.

(Mutallab, a son of a top Nigerian banker,** had been admitted in 2005 to study engineering at University College London – host to the bizarre professor Eric Barendt, the ‘expert on academic freedom’ who accepted uncomplainingly that there could be no free speech for academics who had lost the endorsement of ‘liberal’-left colleagues [i.e. cultural-Marxist postmodernist fellow-travellers].)

* In fact she was White, but with a history of mental derangement and attacking the Pope that should have been perfectly well known to the authorities and journos.

** The father had actually reported his son to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria because of the child’s extreme anti-Americanism. But the West’s authorities and MSM managed to keep Mutallab’s propensities a secret while he relocated to Egypt, trained with Islamists in the Yemen, and boarded the Detroit-bound plane on which his faulty ‘leg bomb’ was mercifully extinguished by an alert fellow passenger, a Dutch film producer.


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Monday, December 21, 2009


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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Italian soccer crowds continued to embarrass the great-and-good by throwing bananas at Black-as-the-ace-of-spades footballer Mario Balotelli – even though his birth (to Ghanaian parents) in Sicily had qualified him for Italian citizenship (Guardian, 13 xii).


Your family beats up a burglar who has terrorized them. Two family members go down for 30 months each. The burglar (with 54 previous convictions) walks free. Yes, this is what happened as British ‘justice’ considered a Muesli-on-Muesli case (Sun, 15 xii; Guardian, 15 xii). No wonder Mueslis wanted Sharia law!


‘Black roll ooops role model’ and ‘embodiment of the American Dream’ Tiger Woods (see previous) found yet more gorgeous White gals (esp. delectable beauty Cori Rist -- above) coming (sometimes tearfully) out of the cupboard to explain how they had cheated on Tiger’s wife and each other – while the wife, nifty Swedish Elin, prophesied by lawyers to get $100M out of billionaire ‘family man’ Tiger for his naughtiness, appeared in public without her engagement or wedding rings (Sun, 15 xii) and accompanied by removal vans.


As half-bearded Albanian Krenar Lusha, 30, was jailed for seven years at Preston Crown Court for bomb-making, it transpired that his bomb factory had been funded by a 100% mortgage from ‘bank’ NatWest – though the ‘bank’ claimed to make “robust checks” on applicants for its cash (Sun, 16 xii).


Two Black (or at least half-Black) girls bullied another Black girl, a vicar’s daughter, to hurl herself to her death from a third-floor window (over an argument about a boy) (Sun, 15 xii).


Young Muslims of Paris were told to talk properly and wear their baseball caps the right way round by Government minister Nadine Morano – sparking predictable ‘outrage’ (Reuters, 15 xii).

{Whether Nadine new that France’s north-African youf routinely sang songs rejoicing in the raping and killing of White women was unknown. An amused Huguenot pointed out that the French had once (1592) expelled their high-quality Huguenots but could not bring themselves to expel even the most welfare-dependent Mueslis.}


Jews cannot decide who is a Jew – so said Britain’s loopy anti-ethnic new Labour-created ‘Supreme Court,’ ruling that oversubscribed Jewish schools could not discriminate in favour of kids whose mothers were Jewish by birth (rather than by conversion) (Guardian, 16 xii). (British ‘law’ had also made it impossible for Israel’s former foreign minister, blonde Tzipi Livni, to visit London – lest she be detained for ‘war crimes.’ – Even Labour goonboy ‘Foreign Secretary’ David Milliliter admitted the laws of his 12-year-too-long peecee Government might need to be ‘reviewed’(Guardian, 15 xii).)


A ringing denunciation of the multicultural, “totalitarian,” “Marxist” West and its “hate crimes” (used to charge Whites, but never ethnic minorities) was provided in Pravda (10 xii) by plainly assiduous West-watcher Stanislav Mishin (apparently a loyal Orthodox Christian, elitist, Russian patriot, columnist and blogger) – eliciting whoops of approval from AmRen readers (17 xii).


Even the blizzards caused by ‘global warming’…. could not prevent the happy arrival in Edinburgh (from his Lincolnshire home) of the genial Johnsonian figure of the BNP’s ‘The Doc’ – from time to time in demand as the party’s highly successful Press Officer. So how was the day passed? Well, not much on the AfPak War (which the BNP rather opposes but which the West may just actually, at last, be winning – National Post, 19 xii)!

No, as befitted revellers in a city of culture (supplied for Christmas by its Council with a Big Wheel and Helter-Skelter, though not, of course, with Mother Mary, Santa, Snowman or Crib) we sank some Guinness at the favourite pub of journalists, intellectuals and lesbians, The Doric, then gravitated to the National Gallery of Scotland to admire Titian, Ruisdael, Cuyp, Vermeer and Belotto and of course the newly recaptured (from thieves) ‘Madonna of the Yarnwinder’ in which the Christ-child foresees His own future in the cross made by his mama’s yarnwinder (triggering in us reflections on martyrdom that were much alleviated by substantial consumption of delicious Merlot together with Scotch beef, sea bass and venison in the Gallery’s congenial restaurant (allowing a view of Avercampian ice-skating and of nubile nymphettes zooming up and down from trampolines).



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Monday, December 14, 2009


As 500 English Defence League supporters demonstrated noisily in central Nottingham against Pakistan-flag-waving Unite Against Fascism crazies, they were not joined by the BNP, UKIP or the Conservatives; nor would they confess racism or even race realism, saying they were only opposing Islamic extremism (Guardian, 5 xii).)


After half a century of behaviourists and communist sidekicks desperately arguing for the centrality of ‘training’ to performance (e.g. the late M.J.A. Who of Exeter University), the English football team was on the verge of deciding that it was *Viagra* that was crucial – expanding lung capacity and inducing the desired match-winning tendencies (News of the World, 6 xii, ‘The World Cup’s got harder’).


As Black (well, “Cablinasian” [Caucasian/Black/{Red}Indian/Asian] one-quarter-White) golfer Tiger Woods (up with the Pope and BinLiner as one of the world’s best known people and specially chosen by Blacks as a ‘role model’) struggled to maintain the ‘privacy’ which he had always sought as a wondrous, clean-living, family man (see previous), a fifth busty waitress came forward to say he was a sex-mad wildman who loved nothing better than spanking her and pulling her hair (News of the World, 6 xii). ‘Mindy’ said: “"He had such a big sex drive and wanted it fulfilled. I guess I was giving him what his wife wasn't. Tiger is so used to getting his way. What Tiger wants, Tiger gets. I want his wife to know what a cheat he has been. He does not care for her otherwise he would not be having sex with me and these other women. I am so glad that I am no longer involved with him. He is just another cheating husband who has been caught out." The Times reckoned no less than six birdies had been in play (6 xii) – mainly dating from Woods’ wife’s pregnancy in 2006.

By 8 xii, at least eight (White, Barbie-lookalike) playmates were claimed (Daily Mail – with visual aids, including of a busty porn star), together with a possible ninth, a British TV presentress. Tiger was said to have been rushed to hospital after his ‘car accident,’ having taken the (prescription) drugs Vicodin and Ambien (the last, a sedative, having been used to fuel his sex life according to some girls). Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren, had apparently left home and bought a property together with her sister on a small island near Stockholm.

By 11 xii (Sun), Tiger, embarrassed as a tenth White birdie came forward and a love-child was rumoured, seemed to be deciding on a holiday from golf and on a lengthy world cruise on his private yacht (called ‘Privacy’) together with his shapely wife Elin. TV advertising featuring Tiger had ceased since 29 xi (Guardian, 10 xii).

By 12 xii (Sun) a high-class brothel madam ooops directress of an escort agency stepped forward to claim she had supplied Tiger with up to fifteen girls at a time (over one weekend -- he loved to see and join in girl-on-girl action) including stunning Playboy model Loredana Jolie.


After five years of persecution, with his University of Aarhus colleagues slurring him as a possible KKK member and, of course, paedophile, robust Professor Helmuth Nyborg, 70, sporting a 30-yr-younger wife, fought back in Jyllandposten (7 xii), against charges of right-wing naughtiness – arising merely because he had repeated the 40-year-known fact that males have a wider standard deviation in IQ (and thus produce more geniuses – and more mental defectives). Helmuth rightly concluded of his boss: “The Rector has endangered the right of a scientist to freely and, without risk of punishment, select a method and a research topic. The Rector told a newspaper: “My primary duty is to care for the good reputation of the university, but I will also go far to defend freedom of research as expression”. Precisely this order of priorities kills free research and freedom of expression, and should never stand unchallenged.” {I had written to Aarhus to support Helmuth 7 xii 2005 – see previous; but evidently to no avail.}


Loopy Poole Council, Dorset, were forced to provide a proper Christmas Tree in their town centre after protests against a peecee conical ‘tree’ which they had supplied with no red and green colours, crib or fairy – it had soon been vandalized by irate townsfolk (Sun, 9 xii).


Shunning the paedohysteria of the tabloid Anglo-Saxons (who wildly thought to spare their young from paedophilia while exposing them recklessly to socialism, egalitarianism, miseducation, incomprehensible bureaucracy, third-world immigration, Muesli terror, girl drunkenness, filthy hospitals and increasingly agrammatical BBC broadcasters), Athens mounted a display of the charms of the ancient world (including discussion, bravery, philosophy, beauty, athleticism and passable democracy). The Guardian reported (9 xii):

….in three rooms reserved for artistic renditions of sexual congress, pederasty (socially accepted in ancient times), homoerotic love, and the quaintly named "bucolic love affair", viewers are bombarded with what the ancients were clearly good at: being bawdy. From scenes of anal copulation to mutual oral sex, to lucky charms of giant phalluses and engravings of frenzied sex with the half-man, half beast satyrs and silens, Eros is depicted in all its glory.

"I delight in the prime of a boy at 12," one scribe declares in a text highlighted on a wall. "One of 13 is much more desirable. He who is 14 is a still sweeter flower of the lovers. And one who is just beginning his 15th year is yet more delightful. The 16th year is that of the gods. And as for the 17th, it is not for me but for Zeus to seek it."

Aristophanes, the 5th century BC comic, who embraced the obscene, devising 106 ways of describing the male genitals and 91 those of the female, would not have been disappointed.


As the good-looking (and braided through her trial, to resemble a 17th-century Puritan or modern Mormon woman) Italy-convicted murderess Amanda Knox, 21, was loyally defended by much of the American press, the Daily News Tribune [Massachusetts] provided (9 xii) the most comprehensible and sympathetic account of her conviction – understandable personologically in view of Amanda being a promiscuous, Black-mixing druggie who had plainly contradicted herself (i.e. lied) as well as performing cartwheels at the police station and smooching publicly with her boyfriend (a nice boy who soon dumped her) in the aftermath of her flatmate’s (Meredith’s) half-clothed body being discovered (after prolonged attempts to scrub away evidence of what had happened at the crime scene). A psychological analysis of America’s reluctance to accept the guilt of the (pretty but narcissistic/histrionic/hysterical – the victim of one of the West’s countless broken families) girl next door was offered in The First Post (11 xii). Italian newspapers and British liberals pointed out that Amanda was much luckier as a convicted murderess to be facing life in Italy rather than death row in America (Guardian, 11 xii).


Less than half of South Africans believed that race relations in the country had improved since the end of apartheid, a nationwide survey found (Guardian, 10 xii). On a typical day, the survey discovered, one in four people never spoke to others of different races, and two in five generally found other races "untrustworthy". The report suggested there was waning confidence in the ideal of the "rainbow nation". The belief that relations between racial groups had been improving had declined in recent years, the study showed, saying that social and geographic divisions persisted, fifteen years after the end of white minority rule. In 2006, 61% of South Africans had agreed that "the relationship between the various races" was improving; but this had fallen to 49% by 2009. Confidence in a "happy future for all races", which peaked at 86% in 2005, had fallen to 62%. The findings of 2009's South African Reconciliation Barometer Survey were a blow to a country seeking to present an image of harmonious multiculturalism as it prepared to host the 2010 World [footie] Cup.


As the Spectator’s Rod Liddle attributed “the overwhelming majority” of violent crime in London to “young men from the Afro-Caribbean community”, he promptly met criticism from Black lefties Diane Abbott (‘overwhelming’ was an exaggeration), Bonnie Greer (most paedophilia is White) and scores of others (New Statesman, 8 xii); but Speccie editor Fraser Nelson robustly said his writers were free to give offence and, in the Times (10 xii), Antonia Senior rehearsed the London crime figures (e.g. 58% of robberies were by Blacks) and deplored the shooting of messengers – on both counts carrying almost all her correspondents with her. Thus the affair blew over – and Antonia even mentioned the possible involvement of genetic factors and the fact that men range more widely than women in intelligence (“the more dumb-bells, more Nobels effect”). {A welcome breakthrough for sanity, though neither Rod, Fraser or Antonia saw fit to mention the London School’s forty years of work on such topics.}


As a BBC 1 ‘Question Time’ panel (10 xii, including a bloated, crop-haired Labour Government goon minister, ‘Opposition’ spokesman William Hague and LibDim St Paddy Ashdown) could not between them explain why Britain and America were fighting ooops social-working in Afghanistan, being incapable of mentioning such concepts as Muesli terror and Shariah law, let alone Muslims or Mahomet, it was revealed that America’s great ally, Pakistan, the beneficiary of many billions of dollars of US largesse, was pursuing a “twin-track policy” of supporting the Taliban beardies in Afghanistan (in the hope they would repel Indian influence) while letting the Americans fly the occasional drone in the direction of Taliban positions in Pakistan itself (RediffNews, 11 xii).

Just as the West had got no grip on its home-grown Muesli traitors, it evidently had no coherent policy for exterminating loonies from the badlands of the Stans. No wonder the Wootton Bassett QT audience (familiar with coffins coming back from Helmand Province) gave by far the most applause to a pretty Muslimme (in George Galloway’s ‘Respect’ party) who urged that no more British lives be wasted in Afghanistan (which had already claimed 238 dead British soldiers and thousands of grievously physically and mentally injured).

Journaliste Robin Wright noted for the Washington Post (11 xii): “Failure by the world's mightiest military power, backed by the largest military alliance, to uproot the Taliban -- a force without an air force, armored corps, long-range artillery, satellite intelligence or powerful foreign backer -- would vividly illustrate the limits of U.S. power. The consequences could dwarf those of the defeat in Vietnam, even if the loss of life was smaller.” And that failure would have resulted not from lack of co-operation from Russia, China and India but simply from an unwillingness to address and reverse Muslim colonisation of the cowardly West.


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Sunday, December 06, 2009


Four years after the peak of car-burning (voitures flambées) by North African youth on the outskirts of French cities (‘sensitive urban zones’ – ZUS), and after the subsequent promises (esp. by President Sarkozy) of “Marshall Aid” for these areas, a government report found the socio-economic gap between the ZUS the rest of France had actually widened – and unemployment among young males had actually increased (to 42%) (American Renaissance, 1 xii). One AmRen correspondent who had been in Paris for Christmas, 2008, wrote: “The situation is approaching a dénouement. France is walking on thin ice, all the while in official denial; but eventually one of these riots that don’t officially exist is going to get out of control. Then all of Europe could be aflame.”


Libya (with which Britain had become pally despite its murderous ways [Lockerbie]) became the first Muslim country to take revenge on Switzerland for voting to outlaw minarets (see previous): it promptly sentenced two Swiss businessmen to sixteen months in jail for minor violations of visa regulations and labour laws – the two had originally been arrested in June in revenge for ‘Colonel’ Gaddafi’s son (lately seen dining and shooting in the English countryside along with yag ‘Deputy’ Prime Minister Lord Mandy Mandelbrot) and wife being arrested in a Geneva hotel for beating up their servants (ABC News, 1 xii).

The Jerusalem Post (1 xii) presented a robust defence of the decision of Swiss voters, particularly observing that thousands of mosques in the Middle East did without minarets which, never mandated in the Koran, only became specially treasured by Mueslis in Christian areas wanting to symbolize the superiority of Islam. The Spectator’s Rod Liddle was also strikingly robust, reckoning that some 60-65% of people in Europe resented the immigration foisted on them by their politicians (3 xii).

In France, a survey showed that the National Front’s ideas about Muslims and immigration were accepted by up to 73 per cent of voters, provided they didn’t know the ideas come from the FN: the same idea in the mouth of FN parliamentarian Marie Le Pen was approved by only 20 per cent of voters, but when attributed to other politicians it reached up to 73 per cent support (Turkish Weekly, 4 xii).

Adding fuel to the flames, Switzerland’s Christian Democratic People’s Party said there should not be separate cemeteries for Muslims, Jews and Christians (European Jewish Press, 4 xii) – thus stipulating integration in death even if Ms and Js made it impossible in life.


Italy’s small town of Coccaglio, east of Milan and led by the Northern League, announced it would spend the next two months checking identity papers and handing over all illegal immigrants to the authorities (American Renaissance, 2 xii).


As Conservative leader Daft Dave Cameron languished in the polls and Labour’s Pa Broon prepared to use the SAS to bring in the head of O.K. BinLiner as an election-winning breakthrough, even the usually above-it-all Spectator (1 xii) suggested desperately that the Tories would have to back FAMILY -- though the magazine did not couple this with backing FREEDOM, without which (e.g. the freedom to choose schools, speak frank opinions or [non-injuriously] slap children) most families were just castrate organs of the state. FAMILY, FREEDOM, FELLOWSHIP (everyone a member of a voluntary group) and FUN (hi tech for all) needed to be the policies for 21st-century Tories; but Tories had not listened to The g Factor Newsletter or the McDougall Newsletter, so were likely to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2010 General Election (due by June).


Having elected a nig-nog President with a Muslim father, a Marxoid mother and a long track record of largessing underdogs, Americans awoke to find – surprise! – that Washington (after three months of committee meetings decreed by Saint Barry Hussein Obarmy) had no plan at all to defend against Muesli terror and would abandon Afghanistan in 2011 – behind a smokescreen of pretended semi-surges, training of the Afghan army, rebuilding multiply bombed-out schools for Muslim girls etc. (Guardian, Simon Jenkins, 2 xii). Europe’s future was once more largely in the hands of Russia – as it had been in 1941.


As America began its retreat from AfPak (see previous) the normally non-racist New York Times allowed its columnists to consider whether the world of the future belonged to the Chinese (2 xii, ‘Western men are doomed’) – though not to consider whether genetic factors might be involved in Chinese high IQ and hyperconformity.


Supposedly squeaky-clean ‘gentleman’ Black footballer Thierry Henry, who had handballed France to a victory over Éire in the ‘World Cup’ (see 19 xi), was joined in the doghouse by Black (well, half-Black) superstar golfer Tiger Woods (the goody-goody face of the superfirms Nike and Gillette) who apologized for his “transgressions” after crashing his car, apparently because of an argument with his wife over his serial adultery with at least one cocktail waitress – though admittedly the tabloid-alleged girlfriends (all of them White) looked delectaby endowed (esp. in the legs department – D.Torygraph, 5 xii). {To add to ‘clean-cut’ Tiger’s embarrassment, one girlfriend rated his bedtime performance as “horrible” (Sun, 4 xii). The golfer who had introduced Tiger to his busty-blonde wife-to-be Elin said: "I have lost all respect for Tiger, especially as a father. It doesn't matter what he has done out there on the golf course."}

By 5 xii, a fourth White girl, a cute blonde model, was coming forward to claim a medal for her own slice of the action with Tiger (Hollywood Gossip). And a busty brunette White bank marketing manageress came to Tiger’s defence, saying he was “amazing” in the sack and had told her he would pack in his loveless and sexless marriage and go off with her if it were not for his children (World News, 5 xii).

African-American cheating also hit the front page of the usually peecee Wall Street Journal (4 xii) as a fraud trial of soldiers concluded with lengthy jail terms. “Reams of court documents from overlapping cases revealed a pattern of corruption [in connection with the Iraq war/occupation]. Army contracting officers, almost all of them African Americans, reached out to African-American businessmen, seeking bribes in exchange for contracting deals.” {Loved the ‘reaching out’!...}


Testifying to new enthusiasm for raciology in Moscow, the important work The Origin of the Aryans by philologist Canon Isaac Taylor (1829-1901) appeared in a Russian translation published by Beye Press. (The original 1890 book could be previewed and Taylor had an entry in the Columbia Encyclopaedia.) Taylor had argued (against Max Müller) that the Indo-European peoples originated in European Russia rather than central Asia – a view cited sympathetically in 1988 by Joseph Deniker in his The Races of Man. Taylor also provoked controversy by agreeing with the explorer Richard Burton that the disciplines of Islam made that religion more helpful than Christianity for Africa – see discussion. – William McDougall agreed with Taylor about Islam by 1904. Taylor especially maintained there was a clear connection between race and religion, with no European nation being “Mahommedan” except for Persia where the Shiah sect had “transformed the innermost tenets of Islam” in the direction of mysticism. {For better or worse, however one notable achievement of Islam in Africa, along with the suppression of superstition, was the suppression of infanticide. However, in allowing regulated polygamy, Islam was surely eugenic for the continent -- the Hausa people of Nigeria being a notably admirable product, respected by the British military.}


The nonsense of NuLabour’s immigration ‘policy’ was hilariously exposed as the be-turbaned, middle-aged son of a top Afghan politician, the son a regular beneficiary in his home country of personal round-the-clock protection by the British Army, sought asylum in Liverpool – where he could apparently claim accommodation, family health and education, ‘human rights,’ child benefit and a personal £35 per week (Sun, 4 xii).


Apparently a reader of this diary/blog…., Prime Minister Bean ooops Broon became the first Western politician to criticize Pakistan’s eight-year lack of effort in hunting down O.K. BinLiner and his merry men – by 2009 dispersed from the Afpak border across the entire Punjab and probably into other Stans. Pa Broon’s diplomatic Chinese whisper was: “I hope Pakistan will join us against al-Qaeda” – with the clear implication that (suicidally divided) Pakiland had not previously done any ‘joining.’

{The longstanding convention of the West’s basket-case politicos and MSM had been to leave any criticism of Pakiland to this diary/blog for fear of upsetting the West’s immigrant Pakis and their illiterate Pak wives and even more ignorant children. But apparently Pa Broon’s patience ran out after three months of Pres. Obarmy – faced with his top general’s demand for 40,000 more troops to build schools’n’ospitals and stamp out yet more poppy growing in Afghaniland…. -- failing to decide what on earth he should decide on as American policy.}


Defying most of their pathetic peecee politicians, 58% of Swiss people – surely speaking for Europe – said in a referendum they objected to minarets (triumphalist Muesli phallic symbols, housing muezzins calling Mueslis to prayer*) (EuroNews, 29 xi; RiaNovosti, 29 xi; Guardian, 29 xi; VDare, 29 xi), thereby mandating that no more than the existing four would be built in Switzerland. Right-wing Swiss People’s Party leader, Walter Wobmann, told Reuters: "People may practise their religion, that is no problem," while adding that his group just wanted to stop "political Islam" from gaining ground in Switzerland.

Just two weeks prior to the referendum, only 34% had been prepared to tell doorstep pollsters that they wanted minarets banned. The number of Muslims in Switzerland had reached 400,000 – 6% of the population (up from 1% in 1980); and though very few of them wore traditional Muesli dress or made a nuisance of themselves, the Swiss had plainly seized the opportunity to tell their politicians that enough was enough. In 2005, the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan, a crypto-Islamist, had been unwise enough to issue a blanket defiance to Western countries: “Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets.” Swiss feminists had been prominent in opposing minarets – the first official feminists in Europe to appreciate what most people had seen for a generation, that Islamism posed something of a threat to Western women’s rights and privileges.

During the campaign, vandals had damaged Geneva’s main mosque by throwing stones and a pot of paint; on another occasion, a van pulled up outside the mosque early in the morning, loudly blaring a recording of the call to prayers through loudspeakers. Both the Protestant and Catholic churches had rallied to the defence of minaret building, along with most political parties, human rights experts and a number of cabinet ministers (notably France’s Bernard Kouchner – Spero, 30 xi). For the Guardian, Tariq Ramadan (Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University….), blamed the referendum result on insufficient militancy on the part of Swiss Muslims….

{The result boded well for Lord Pearson of Rannoch’s idea [following my own advocacy from 1994] that referenda should become a standard instrument of legislation in Britain. Telegraph blogger Gerald Warner and correspondents hailed the result as the beginning of a Europe-wide ‘peasant’s revolt’ that would sweep away PeeCee by 2015 (29 xi).}

Restrictions on church building in Muslim countries were summarized by the Christian Science Monitor (30 xi): in Saudi there were no churches at all, no religion other than Islam could be practised outside the home and Jews in injury cases received only 50% of the compensation levels applying to Muslims.

By contrast with the willingness of ordinary Europeans to be rid of minarets, the attitude of the West’s wretched multicultified ‘authorities’ was shown in hypersensitive reluctance to offend Mueslis:

Incredibly, it was official police policy in Britain to alert “Muslim community leaders” before raids on premises in the search for explosives and terrorists. Police even put little bootees on explosive-sniffing dogs so as “not to offend” suspected terrorists.

* Though not in well-regulated Switzerland, where such noisy and garish practices were forbidden.


A new Tory think-tank, ‘ResPublica,’ announced itself in London, headed by the intellectual Philip Blond and advocating that social problems be solved by civil society rather than by the state – recalling my own proposal in a Prison Psychological Service paper of 1966 that minor criminals (alcoholics were the special focus) should be spared prison if they registered and stayed in touch with a church, club or college that would be given 25% of their putative jail costs for keeping an eye on them and a further 25% if the criminals stayed out of trouble for a stipulated period.


Dismayed over the 58% of Swiss voters who had opposed Islamic phallic symbols (see previous), the Guardian’s Joan Smith quickly reached the conclusion that the result showed “the idiocy of referendums” (30 xi). But, not content with such apostatic abandonment of the left’s supposed commitment to democratic ideas, Joan went on to explain that many feminists and secularists would have felt obliged to vote against minarets – little appreciating that this admission undermined at a stroke the Left-Muslim coalition that loopies had been trying to orchestrate ever since the 1989 collapse of communism deprived the left of any useful role in public affairs.


As Baroness Warsi, Britain’s most powerful Muslim woman and the Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion, visited multiculti Luton, she was pelted with eggs (one breaking in her hair) by youthful Mueslis of the banned extremist group Al-Muhajiroun and told she was not a proper Muslim because she did not favour Sharia law (Daily Mail, 30 xi). No arrests were made, apparently because it was deemed as impolitic to arrest Mueslis for assault as to deport them for benefit dependency or try them for treason. In return, Baroness Fartsy linked her attackers to another loopy group that Britain had failed to get rid of, Islam4UK, and said such people were not proper Muslims (Sun, 2 xii).


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