Monday, April 18, 2016


In increasing fulfilment of realists’ predictions, A/A pumigrant males from the 11K encamped on the border of Greece with Macedonia made a sustained effort to breach the razor-wired border fences, hurling rocks at police and returning tear gas canisters as they did so (Sunday Mail, 10 iv). The authorities escalated from stun grenades to the use of plastic bullets and water cannon, and 250 A/As were finally reported by French medics as being injured—making this the most damaging battle to date with Europe’s saintly invaders.


 Two generations of ‘rainbow nation’ stuff – about all ‘minorities’ needing to work together – met a dramatic end as the ‘revived’ Labour Party of the Yukay turned out to have got itself stuffed full of youthful anti-Semites who preferred to pull in the ever-larger numbers of ‘British’ Muslim votes – at whatever cost of losing LGBT enthusiasts and left’s own largely faithful feminists.

Meantime, in Israel, members of ‘far right’ European groups were received with open arms – attesting to recognition that  multiculturalism had become a mess – and that Jews would need every Christian help they could get against muderous Mueslis.

Personification of the European civil war which Madcap Merkel had unleashed so as to establish the age-old ambition of an oil-rich Holy Germano-Turkic Empire was achieved in London, where electoral competition for the Mayoralty of London would bring head to head Jewish scion Zac Goldsmith (Con.) and Muesli-backing ‘human rights lawyer’ Sadiq Khan (Lab.).

(Sadiq Khan had shared a platform with a man convicted of terrorism and a militant who helped to train the ringleader of the July 7 London bomb attacks, raising serious questions about his approach to Islamist extremism. Labour’s candidate for London mayor spoke at a conference in the capital in 2003 alongside Yasser al-Siri, who had been sentenced to death in Egypt over a political assassination attempt that left a young girl dead. Another speaker was Sajeel Abu Ibrahim, better known as Sajeel Shahid, a member of al-Muhajiroun, a terrorist group later banned in the UK. He ran a camp in Pakistan which trained militants to fight for the Taliban.)


Visiting the Greek isle of Lesbos to express sympathy with the hundred thousand A/A victims of mid-East civil war, general incompetence and failure to settle down under opthalmologist Basher Assad or other strongmen, the Pope was moved to invite a grand total of twelve A/As to enjoy the splendours of the Vatican. Apparently in line with new Catholic proclamations, the lucky twelve were selected not by need or merit but by the egalitarian principle of lottery.


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Monday, April 11, 2016


 A year after twelve of its staff were gunned down by Islamic fanatics, the brave Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo came out with an editorial saying all Muslims were to some extent to blame for the horrors committed in the name of their religion (Daily Mail, 6 iv).

Equally, the magazine condemned the cowardly Western response to jihadic bloodlust, saying “....all of it is informed by some version of the same dread or fear...The dread of being treated as an Islamophobe or being called racist. Really, a kind of terror.”

Though Charlie did not identify anti-racism as merely the key component of the pseudo-egalitarian political correctness which so assisted slave-making globalization, its editorial made it the first well-known publication to break from the party line of the elite high priests of PeeCee that there was no general problem with Mohammedanism, ‘the religion of peace.’


As F├╝hrerin Merkel’s ‘solution’ to immigrant invasion problem she had created in Europe produced only a pathetic few score Mueslis agreeing to be ferried back from Greece to Turkey, the European Union’s plan to halt the migrant tide from Libya was also falling apart, with the naval operation in the Mediterranean failing to thwart traffickers and the desperate masses continuing to slip into Italy, officials told The Times (8 iv).

More than 19,000 migrants, mostly sub-Saharan Africans, had arrived in Italy from north Africa in the first three months of 2016, a huge increase on the same period in 2015. The surge raised fears in Rome that Italy would have to accommodate up to 270,000 new arrivals in 2016, particularly if Syrian refugees trapped in Turkey switched to the north African route.

    The EU’s naval operation, known as Sophia, was launched in 2015 with the aim of catching traffickers at sea with the help of a Royal Navy ship. Instead, it was spending most of its time rescuing migrants from the water, in effect making life easier for the traffickers, according to an Italian magistrate.

“The ships are patrolling very close to Libyan waters, allowing traffickers to send out unstable dinghies helmed merely by migrants because they know they will be picked up quickly,” said Carmelo Zucchero, who had prosecuted traffickers in Sicily. “We used to stop traffickers on the high seas escorting migrant boats, but we don’t see these organizers any more,” he added. “The EU is doing an important job saving lives; but if its primary mission is catching smugglers, it is not doing it — thanks to its own methods.”

    One Greek official, as angry as most of his countrymen with the A/A invasion, produced figures for the Mail (9 iv) of new arrivals to the camp on tiny Skiros island since the deportations began, and said that, for every migrant deported, at least three new arrivals were admitted after landing on beaches. ‘We sent 64 out by boat back to Turkey this week. Since then, we have had 152 new people coming in. The week before, we had 300 new arrivals. The numbers don’t add up. This whole exercise is a lot of garbage.’

    Further embarrassment for the traitorous, incompetent and authoritarian Mad Mutti was that Greek authorities had failed to persuade thousands of ‘refugees’ to leave their squalid conditions around the port of Piraeus for the relative comfort of frank detention camps where they could be prepared for shipping to Turkey (Daily Telegraph, 8 iv). Wishing to maintain appearances, the Greeks said they would wait at least a leisurely couple of weeks before using force.


Unremarked by cheerleaders for multiculti mixing, research by two Asian economists exploded the postmodern Western myth that nations should unfailingly be encouraged towards ethnic mixing.  While diversity of values was found positively associated with national levels of innovation in science and business, diversity of ethnicity had only a negative association (AmRen, 7 iv):

Bala Ramasamy and Matthew Yeung, Applied Economic Letters, February 12, 2016


Although the effect of culture on national innovation levels is well-established, previous literature assumes cultural homogeneity within a nation. In this article we analyse two aspects of diversity–ethnic and values–and their impact on national innovation output. We show that ethnic diversity or fractionalization and values diversity are distinct and while the former has a negative effect on innovation, the latter contributes positively. However, countries are bound to have both types of diversity. We find that countries that are ethnically homogenous but diverse in values orientation are the best innovators.

To which one AmRen correspondent helpfully added:

"It's FAR worse than that. Racial diversity reduces trust among the population, increases chaos and turmoil, creates disunity and inter-tribal hostility, but even more perilous than all those combined is the fact that no multicultural society in the history of mankind has existed for very long -- with most of them breaking up in bloody warfare"


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Monday, April 04, 2016


 It turned out that the Anglosphere’s groupings of non-psychotic race-realistic thinkers and writers (such as American Renaissance, VDare and TakiMag) had happily been joined by ‘Alternative Right’ (alt-right), headed by Richard Spencer (AmRen, 30 iii) and making up for the demise of the once-vibrant ‘Human Biodiversity’ (hbd). Apparently the new group stressed the value of culture, tradition, hierarchy and intelligence; and it had invented the useful concept of ‘cuckservatism’ which had so enraged America’s ignoracist Republicans.


  Germany’s pumigrants had moved from being a challenge to being a problem. This was allowed to be admitted in the Guardian (1 iv, by the personally once-‘welcoming’ Konstantin Richter). “The EU has struck a complicated deal with Turkey that is meant to reduce the influx. It may or may not work. But whatever happens in the coming months, Germany’s Willkommenskultur – the belief that we should welcome refugees with open arms – has arguably come to an end

What’s more, the nation that took in more than a million people seems irredeemably changed by the experience – and not for the better. Germany is bitterly divided on the refugee question. Neighbours and families are divided. The poisonous atmosphere has been fuelled by rightwing hatemongers. But the adherents of the Willkommenskultur, in my view, are also to blame.”

Among the lesser problems posed by rapefugees were apparently educational levels of age ten, denigration of Jews, expressions of sympathy for parents only having daughters, and inability to say ‘thank you.’


 While Yankee and Britoid luvvies were beating their breasts at the ‘under-representation’ of Blacks among Oscar, Bafta and Wooftah prizewinners, it turned out that South and Central America had been swept for fourteen years by a ‘telenovela,’ Rebelde, centred on an elite private school in Mexico City and featuring an almost-all-White cast.

The soap pop sensation had been released on television in some two dozen countries (including seven in Eastern Europe) – but not in Yukay and not till 2015 in USA.


 Enthusiasts for intersexuality were cautioned by acclaimed British author Ian McEwan (Daily Mail, 2 iv). In a lecture for the Royal Institute about the history of ‘selfhood,’ McEwan rejected the notion that identity could be chosen as if from a supermarket shelf, complained of the culture of victimhood that was so often cultivated by the self-styled transgendered, and deplored free speech about such matters becoming restricted by students on American and British university campuses.

Tackling the idea that people are free to choose their identities as they wish, he claimed that humans were constrained by other things, such as biology, experiences and social norms. “I think,” he said, “there is sweeping through American campuses a kind of strange sense of victimhood and a sense of purposeful identities that we can’t actually all of us agree with.

Of course sex and race are different, but they also have a biological basis. It makes a difference whether you have an X or Y chromosome.”

His comments were dismissed by tranny spokespersons as “hurtful,” “offensive” and “dangerous” (Times, 2 iv). But his feeling that philosophies of ‘sexual fluidity’ needed  full and fair discussion was supported by the Moderator of the Church of Scotland, who came out against the proposed imposition of biological unrealism by Scotland’s First Minister who wanted ‘gender’ on birth certificates to become a matter of personal choice, allowing unrecorded and unauthenticated change of classification at any time and including an option of ‘non-binary gender’ (Daily Telegraph, 2 iv).


The Muslim-Christian clash of civilizations which PeeCee dared not admit achieved official form as mortar and artillery fire erupted in the disputed Caucasus area of Nagorno-Karabakh, killing dozens in two days of fighting (BBC, 3 iv). Wanton neglect of the need for clear separation between rivalrous ethnic groups had left the southern strip of Christian Armenia between the pincers of Sunni Turkey and Shi-ite Iran, and N-K as a Christian outpost within Shi-ite Azerbaijan.


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